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Craigs Confession 


Thomas Willson born 1564 Sterlingshire, Sterling Co., Scotland married again #? Margaret Craig also of Scotland. The name "Craig," was originally spelled with a final "e," and some of the family still retain the "e," but most of them have dropped it. It is the euphonious name for "Cragg" or "Crag," which is pure Scotch and means a "mountain" or "hill" - "rough" or "rugged." The character and disposition of some of the older Craig's always seemed to me, to be well fitted to the name.

John Craig thought to be Margaret's father though unproven. It is a fact worthy of note, that the famous "Solemn League and Covenant," or the first "National Covenant of Scotland," of which the whole world has heard, and which has been the foundation of religious and civil liberty all over the world - this famous document was first framed and written by John Craig of Scotland. It was first called "Craigs Confession." It was signed by the people in 1557. It was signed by King James and his household in 1581. It was enlarged and signed again in 1588. It was again enlarged and resigned in 1638. It now consisted of three parts:

(1) The old Covenant by John Craig

(2) The enlarged edition by Mr. Johnston

(3) The again enlarged and revised edition by Alex Henderson.

This last edition was adopted and signed in 1642 by the English Parliament, and in the same year (1642) by the Westminster Divines. Thus it seems to me that the Standards and Symbols of the Presbyterian Church had their origin with John Craig.

Thomas Willson and Margaret Craig were the parents of my American ancestor's.

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