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Pigot's / Slater's Directories for 1821 - 1915

Incomplete set held at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.


Pigot's Directory of Ayrshire Towns 1837

List of towns and the complete directory.

County Directory of Scotland for 1862 - 1912

Incomplete set held at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

MacDonald's Scottish Directory for 1884 - 1973

Incomplete set held at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

Local Trade Directories

Kilmarnock Directories 1833-1957 are held at the Dick Institute. The directories were issued periodically between 1833 and 1957.  They include surrounding parishes from 1868 onwards. Most years include alphabetical lists of names, a rural directory, a street directory, and a trades directory together with lists of clubs, churches, councillors, and a history of the town.

Ayr Directories 1864-1956 are held at the Baird Institute.

Cumnock Directories 1882-1892 are held at the Baird Institute.

Glasgow Directories

The first Glasgow Directory was published in 1783 and was followed by others in 1787, 1789, 1790, 1792, and annually from 1792 to 1978.  The Mitchell Library  holds the complete set except for 1792, 1800 and 1802. A less complete set is available at the Glasgow City Archives.  The early volumes only have alphabetical lists of residents, but an alphabetical trades section was introduced in 1833 and an alphabetical streets section in 1845. It is worth noting, however, that in the main directory entries are restricted to merchants, manufacturers, traders, and shopkeepers. Directories before 1886 are available only on microfiche.


Glasgow Directory of 1787

Complete Directory







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