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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1857  (Part 1)    (Part 2)  (Part 3)

Transcribed by George M. McCaig [ ]


Info as follows:

Name, age, date and place of death Marital status, trade (if any)


Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)  


Henry McGarry, 15, December 14, 1857 at Dalry Single, Iron Miner

Daniel McGarry, Labourer, and Agnes McBride,

Thomas McBride, Uncle


James Richmond, 6, December 13, 1857 at Kirk Close, Dalry Single

James Richmond, Iron Miner, and Margaret Munn (deceased)

James Richmond, Father


Mary Sillars, 24, December 17, 1857 at Carsehead Row, Dalry Single

Hugh Sillars, Iron Miner, and Mary Risk

Hugh Sillars, Father


Mary Young, 21, June 6, 1857 at Birkhill, Galston Single, Housekeeper,

Andrew Young, Farmer (deceased) and Jane Aitcheson

William Young, Brother


Janet Baird, 13, June 9, 1857 at Henrietta Street, Galston Single

John Baird, Cotton Weaver, and Margaret Richmond

John Baird, Father


Abram Yendall, 77, June 14, 1857 at Church Lane, Galston Single (Widower)

Abram Yendall, Soldier (deceased) and Isabella Mitchell (deceased)

William Yendall, Son


Janet Wallace, 62, June 19, 1857 at Titchfield Street, Galston, Widow

Thomas Robertson, Cotton Weaver (deceased) - mothers name not listed

John Wallace, Son


Robert Drennan, 58, June 26, 1857 at Titchfield Street, Galston Married, Agricultural Labourer,

James Drennan, Woolen Weaver, mothers name not listed,

John Drennan, Son


John Paterson, 60 (could be anything from 60 - 64), July 4, 1857, at Greenholm, Galston,

Widower, Cotton Weaver,

William Paterson, Farmer (deceased) and Marion Richmond,

John Paterson, Son


Margaret Craig, 8 months, August 21, 1857 at Townfoot, Darvel Single

William Craig, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Mair,

William Craig, Father


John Allan, 75, August 24, 1857 at Back Street, Newmilns, Widower, Muslin Weaver,

James Allan, Wright (deceased) and Jean Brown (deceased)

John Allan, Son


William Reid, 2 years & 10 months, August 25, 1857 at Townfoot, Darvel, Single,

John Reid, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Richmond

John Reid, Father


Janet Wilson, 1 year and 3 months, September 1, 1857 at Grey Street, Newmilns Single

Thomas Wilson, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Richmond,

Thomas Wilson, Father (X)


John Porter, 36,  September 3, 1857 at Darvel Married, Muslin Weaver,

James Porter, Muslin Weaver (deceased) and Janet Wilson

William Porter, Brother (of Temple Street, Darvel)


Ellen McColl, 9 weeks, September 5, 1857 at Townhead, Darvel Single

Hugh McColl, Blacksmith (Master) and Jean Logan,

Hugh McColl, Father


Hugh Law, 11, November 18, 1857 at Townhead, Darvel Single, Muslin Cutter's Assistant,

William Law, Shoemaker (Master) deceased, and Catherine Woodburn

Gavin Laws(?), Uncle in law


Marion Richmond, 2 years and 9 months, December 3, 1857 at Isles Street, Newmilns Single

William Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Marion Morton

William Richmond, Father


Isobel Loudoun Mair, 1 year and 6 months, December 21, 1857 at Main Street, Newmilns Single

Thomas Mair, Mason (Journeyman) and Janet Morton

Thomas Mair, Father


Isabella Caughtrie, 12, August 16, 1857 at Mauchline Single

Nathan Caughtrie, Labourer, and Jean Smith Caughtrie (maiden name Candlish) deceased

Nathan Caughtrie, Father


James Howie, 30, August 17, 1857 at Padockburn, Mauchline Married, Labourer,

John Howie, Labourer, and Elisabeth Jamieson

Mary Howie, Sister


James Richmond, 74, August 19, 1857 at Mauchline Widower,

Charteris Richmond, Farmer (deceased) and Elizabeth McCandlish (deceased)

John Richmond, Son (of Glasgow)


Archibald Kennedy, 1, September 14, 1857 at Kirkport Single (illegitimate)

James Kennedy, Farm Servant, and Agnes Caldwell, Farm Servant

James Kennedy, Father


William Wilson, 75, September 14, 1857 at Duncanland Toll, Married, Grocer, late Road Contractor

James Wilson, Readmaker (?) (deceased) and Margaret Ferguson (deceased)

William Hend(?), Brother-in-law


Robert Richmond, 4 weeks, September 18, 1857 at Ballochmount Single

Robert Richmond, Ploughman, and Margaret McMeeken

Margaret Richmond, Mother


James Richmond, 54, March 18, 1857 at Hall, Muirkirk Widower, Military Pensioner

Andrew Richmond, Agricultural Labourer (deceased) and Catherine Purdie

James Purdie, Cousin


Agnes Gibson, 23,  March 21, 1857 at Muirkirk Married

James Murdoch, Coal Miner, and Janet Muir (deceased)

Robert Gibson, Husband (X)


Martha Park, 75, April 1, 1857 at Muirkirk Widow

Thomas Lisk, Farm Servant (deceased) and Agnes Ramsay (deceased)

Margaret Park, daughter


James Houston, 13 years and 8 months, September 7, 1857 at Townfoot, Cumnock Single

James Houston, Shoemaker, and Marion Wilson

James Houston, Father


Janet Johnson, 8 years and 5 months, September 14, 1857 at Ayr Road, Cumnock Single

William Johnson, Shoemaker and Isabella Brown

William Johnson, Father


Catherine Kerr, 26 1/2 years, September 14, 1857 at Townfoot, Cumnock Married, Wife of a Miner,

John Richmond, Weaver, and Catherine Wilson

John Richmond, Father


Robert Tait, 6, March 25, 1857 at Hurlford Single

George Tait, Coal Miner, and Margaret Aird

George Tait, Father


Elizabeth White, 80, March 25, 1857 at Old Street, Riccarton, Widow

?? McQueen, (deceased), and Margaret Richmond (deceased)

William White, Son


Anne Wallace, 2 years and 8 months, April 7, 1857 at  Barleith, Riccarton  Single

William Wallace, Coal Miner, and Margaret Reid,

William Wallace, Father


Jane Lindsay Templeton, 1 1/2 years, May 15, 1857 at  Hurlford, Riccarton Single

James Templeton, Iron Furnaceman, and Mary Richmond

John Templeton, Uncle


John McKnight, 53, May 15, 1857 at Lorrenzie, Riccarton Married, Labourer

George McKnight, (deceased) and Margaret Goldie (deceased)

Joseph McKnight, Brother


John McGregor, 17 1/2 years, May 20, 1857 at Campbell St., Riccarton Single, Wright

John McGregor, Wright, and Margaret Cochrane

John McGregor, Father


Mary Wardrop, 7 weeks, July 13, 1857 at West Gate, Caprington, Riccarton Single

Robert Wardrop, Gamekeeper, and Margaret Hunter

Robert Wardrop, Father


Elizabeth Crawford, 89, August 4, 1857 at Campbell St, Riccarton Widow

Ninian Auld, Miller (deceased) and Janet Dickie (deceased)

Robert Crawford, Son


Margaret Easton Richmond Templeton, 8 months, August 7, 1857 at Hurlford, Riccarton Single

David Templeton, Coal Miner, and Ann Richmond

James Richmond, Uncle


Thomas Johnston, 3 1/2 months, April 18, 1857 at Bridge Street, Catrine Single

Eliza Johnston, Server

Eliza Johnston, Mother (X)


William Hastie, 3 3/4 years, April 16, 1857 at Mill Street, Catrine Single

Hugh Hastie, Agricultural Labourer, and Jane McLachlan

Jane Hastie, Mother


Jean Richmond, 70, April 20, 1857 at Darnhay Married, Wife of a Farmer

Robert Howat, Farmer, (deceased) and Agnes Young (deceased)

William Richmond, Son


James Miller, 5 years, 1 month, November 25, 1857 at Burnside, Sorn Single

David Miller, Farmer-Agricultural Labourer, and Jean Richmond

David Miller, Father


Andrew Climie, 13 months, November 28, 1857 at Mill Street, Catrine Single

James Climie, Flesher and Farmer, and Helen Strathdee,

James Climie, Father


Agnes Wilson, 53, December 6, 1857 at Village of Montgarwood, Single ?, formerly domestic servant

Parents unknown

John Neil, Son  ( a sad commentary when son did not know grandparents names)


Agnes Baird, 85, August 21, 1857 at Barskimming Tile Work Widow

Thomas Wright, Weaver (deceased) and Jean Smith (deceased)

John Baird, Son


Janet Ramsay, 82, August 28, 1857 at Coalhart (?) Widow of William Ramsay

James Downie, Farmer (deceased) and Janet Thom (deceased)

Margaret Ramsay, Daughter


James Richmond, 88, September 20, 1857 at Coalhart Widower, Overseer

Alexander Richmond, Farmer (deceased) and Isabella Patrick

Alexander Richmond, Son


James McConnell, 18, July 3, 1857 at Tarbolton Single, Mason

John McConnell, Mason and Mary Morton,

John McConnell, Father


Margaret Wilson, 4 1/2, July 31, 1857 at Tarbolton Single

Hugh Hamilton Wilson, Farm Servant, and Helen Strathdee

Hugh H. Wilson, Father


Anne Fisher, 72, September 9, 1857 at Tarbolton Widow

John Campbell, Blacksmith, and Anne Richmond

Robert Fisher, Son  

  Continued in Part 2








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