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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1857 (part 2)

Transcribed by George M. McCaig [ ]


Info as follows:

Name, age, date and place of death Marital status, trade (if any)


Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)  

Jean Falconer, 50, September 4, 1857 at Henrietta Street, Galston Married, wife of a plasterer.
Charles Campbell, Bleacher (dec) and ?? Cumming (dec)
Kinloss Falconer, Husband.

James Richmond, 6, September 10, 1857 at Orchard Street, Galston, Single,
William Richmond, Coal Miner, and Anne Connell,
William Richmond, Father.

Robert Young Mair, 8 months, September 15, 1857 at Henrietta Street, Galston, Single,
James Mair, Cotton Weaver, and Jane Brown.
James Mair, Father.

Margaret Richmond, 84, October 1, 1857 at Barr Street, Galston, Widow of a Woolspinner.
John Dykes, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Williamson (dec)
James Richmond, Son.

Christina Balfour, 5, October 8, 1857 at Bentinch (?) Terrace, Galston, Single,
James Balfour, Shoemaker (Journeyman) and Elizabeth Reid.
James Balfour, Father.

Jean Wood Black, 8, October 11, 1857 at Burn, Galston, Single.
George Black, Farmer (dec) and Mary Bertram (dec)
John Bertram, Grandfather.

Matthew Goldie, 20, November 12, 1857 at Titchfield Street, Galston, Single, Cotton Weaver,
John Goldie, Butler (dec) and Margaret Richmond (dec),
Andrew Goldie, Brother.

Martha Govan, 2 1/2, November 14, 1857 at Cross Street, Galston, Single,
John Govan, Agricultural Labourer, and Elizabeth Mitchell.
John Govan, Father.

Janet Gebbie Daly, 7 weeks, November 14, 1857 at Orchard Street, Galston, Single,
Michael Daly, Cotton Weaver, and Janet Duncan,
Michael Daly, Father.

Robert Ferguson, 77, September 5, 1857 at Tanyard, Kilwinning, Widower, Coal Miner,
Alexander Ferguson, Coal Miner (dec) and Janet Ralston (dec)
Alexander Ferguson, Son.

Clarezia (?) Kelly, 40, September 10, 1857 at 48 Single Row, Ironworks, Kilwinning Married, wife of a Coal Miner,
John Logan, Cotton Spinner (dec) and Marrion Haw (dec),
Phillip Kelly, Husband (X)

Isabella Richmond, 30, September 16, 1857 at Bridgend, Kilwinning, Single, Muslin Sewer,
James Richmond, Cotton Weaver, and Martha Skeoch,
James Richmond, Father (X)

Janet Orr, 87, September 22, 1857 at Bridgegate Street, Irvine, Widow of a Sawyer,
John Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane Gibson,
Hugh Orr, Son.

James Hobart, 55, September 22, 1857 at Kirk Vennel, Married, Cotton Weaver,
Menchin Hobart, Collector of Town Customs, and Margaret Watters (dec)
Margaret Hobart, Wife (X)

Mary Patrick, 1 year & 3 months, September 23, 1857 at Annick Edge (?) Colliery, Irvine, Single,
James Patrick, Clerk, and Elizabeth Sinclair,
James Patrick, Father.


Mary McAtavy, 22, July 15, 1857 at Green, Kilwinning, Single, Domestic Servant,
Edward McAtavy, Farm Labourer, and Annette McAnaly,
Edward McAtavy, Father (X)

James Lynch, 67, July 19, 1857 at Green, Kilwinning,  Married, Cotton Weaver,
Daniel Lynch, Farm Labourer (dec) and Mary Richmond,
Domestic Servant (dec)
William Lynch, Son.

James Rowley, 15 months, July 20, 1857 at Abby Gate, Kilwinning, Single,
William Rowley, Coal Carter, and Elizabeth Gibson,
William Rowley, Father.

Robert Roe, 1, April 6, 1857 at 13 Double Row, Ironworks, Kilwinning, Single,
Thomas Roe, Coal Miner, and Mary Ann Jamieson,
Thomas Roe, Father (X)

Robert Donald, 42, April 4, 1857 at Broomhill, Kilwinning, Single, Farmer,
William Donald, Farmer, and Ann Craig (dec),
William Donald, Brother of Waukmill, Stewarton.

Baby Barr, 40 minutes, April 6, 1857 at Main Street, Kilwinning, Single,
William Barr, Coal Miner, and Agnes Richmond,
William Barr, Father.

Peter Ferrels, 20 months, March 7, 1857 at Byers, Kilwinning, Single,
Thomas Ferrels, Iron Dresser, and Janet Rilley,
Thomas Ferrels, Father.

Andrew White, 5 months, March 15, 1857 at Abby Gate Street, Kilwinning, Single,
John White, Coalpit Labourer, and Ann White (maiden name)
John White, Father.

Helen Wilson, 73, March 14, 1857 at Montgreenan House, Kilwinning, Widow, Portioner,
John Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Jane Steel (dec),
Thomas R. Wilson, Son.

William Gibb, 8 months, January 3, 1857 at Elderslie, Kilmaurs, Single,
Henry Gibb, Coal Miner, and Jane Stewart,
Henry Gibb, Father.

Alexander Richmond, 25, January 8, 1857 at Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Married, Engine Keeper,
Thomas Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Ann Law,
James Richmond, Brother.

Mary Ann McCluskie, 38, January 15, 1857 at Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Single, Hand Server,
Bernard McCluskie, Coal Miner, and Catherine McLaughland (dec)
Janet McCluskie, Sister (X)

Sarah McCormick, 2, November 27, 1857 at Welbeck Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
William McCormick, Quarryman, and Janet Richmond,
Janet McCormick, Mother (X)

John Smith, 11 months, November 28, 1857 at Shand Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
William Smith, Labourer, and Mary Ann Lochrey,
William Smith, Father (X)

James Bigars, 4, November 27, 1857 at West Shaw Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
James Bigars, Coal Miner, and Mary MacPherson,
John Baire, Uncle.


Thomas Richmond, 3 1/2, October 19, 1857 at High Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Richmond, Carpet Weaver, and Jean Dunn,
Thomas Richmond, Father (X).

George Wood, 9 weeks, October 19, 1857 at Back Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
George Wood, Carter, and Nicolas Baird,
George Wood, Father.

John Walker, 52, October 19, 1857 at India Street, Kilmarnock, Married, Grocer.
Alexander Walker, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Gemmell,
Alexander Walker, Son.

Jane Lithgow, 74, September 27, 1857 at West Netherton, Kilmarnock, Widow of a Carrier,
Joseph McCulloch, Carter (dec) and Elizabeth Richmond,
Hugh Millar, Son-in-law.

Agnes Deans, 45, September 28, 1857 at Low Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock, Widow of a Labourer,
Parents unknown,
Thomas Russell, Sick Inspector.

John Gillies, 67, September 28, 1857 at Waterloo Street, Kilmarnock, Married, Miller,
William Gillies, Porter, and Janet Dobbie,
John Gillies, Son.

John Richmond, 5 months, August 28, 1857 at Crookedholm, Parish of Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Richmond, Coal Miner, and Isabella Bogg,
Robert Richmond, Father (X).

George Fairlie Armstrong, 7 months, August 27, 1857 at Crookedholm, Parish of Kilmarnock, Single,
John Armstrong, Miner, and Janet Wilson,
Thomas Hendry, Sexton.

John Gibson, 27, August 27, 1857 at Clerk's Lane, Kilmarnock, Single,
James Gibson, Labourer (dec), and Jane Smith.
John Higgins, Step-father (X).

John William Shinnan, 3 months, June 2, 1857 at Robertson Place, Kilmarnock. Single,
John Shinnan, Stocker (dec) and Christina Stewart,
Christina Shinnan, Mother.

James Rose, 3 days, June 3, 1857 at Back Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
James Rose, Carpet Weaver, and Janet Armour,
James Rose, Father.

George Richmond, 35, June 3, 1857 at Princes Street, Kilmarnock, Married, Gardener,
William Richmond, Gardener (dec) and Agnes King,
William Templeton, Brother-in-law.

Isabella Craig,
No other information given.

James Richmond, 67, May 26, 1857 at Welbeck Street, Kilmarnock, Widower,
John Richmond, Quarryman (dec) and Helen Dunlop,
Janet Richmond, Daughter (X).

Robert Borland, 46, May 27, 1857 at Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, Married, Carpet Weaver,
Hugh Borland, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary McMillan,
John ??hir, Brother-in-law. (Could be McW or Ma - very hardto read)

James Richmond, 78, May 19, 1857 at Green Street, Kilmarnock, Married, Innkeeper,
John Richmond, Farmer, and Janet Jamieson (neither are noted as deceased)
James Richmond, Son.

Mary Bryden, 28, May 20, 1857 at Fowles (or Fowler) Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
Samuel Bryden, Sewing Agent, and Philadelphia Veitch Affleck,
Samuel Bryden, Father.

Mary Hood Adams, 2 1/2, May 20, 1857 at Waterside Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Adams, Blacksmith, and Mary Hood,
Robert Adams, Father.

Jean Graham, 68, April 30, 1857 at Moscow, Parish of Kilmarnock, Married,
Andrew Richmond, Game Keeper (dec) and Helen Alexander,
John Graham, Husband.

James Cairns, 33, May 2, 1857 at Church Lane, Kilmarnock, Married, Coal Miner,
James Cairns, Labourer, and Agnes Johnston,
Thomas Baird, Father-in-law.

Walter Mather, 72, May 4, 1857 at Garden Street, Kilmarnock, Married, Muslin Weaver,
Hugh Mather, Mason (dec) and Mary Orr (dec)
Hugh Mather, Son.

Flora Kelly, 34, April 20, 1857 at Morton Place, Kilmarnock, Married,
James Young, Exciseman, and Flora Sharp,
George Kelly, Husband.

Margaret Simpson Nisbet, 18 months, April 20, 1857 at Bonnieton Square, Kilmarnock, Single,
Andrew Nisbet, Boiler Maker, and Margaret Simpson,
Andrew Nisbet, Father.

Agnes Richmond, 18, April 21, 1857 at Crookedholm, Parish of Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Richmond, Coal Miner, and Ann Law,
James Richmond, Brother.

Martha Mitchell, 16 months, April 5, 1857 at Dean Lane, Kilmarnock, Single,
John Mitchell, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Nicholson,
John Mitchell, Father (X)

Margaret Andrew, 64, April 7, 1857 in Beansburn (?), Parish of Kilmarnock, Married,
John Gemmill, Labourer, and Jane Richmond,
William Wylie, Nephew.

Marion Hamilton, 3, April 6, 1857 at West Shaw Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Hamilton, Tailor, and Margaret Ferguson,
Robert Hamilton, Father.

James Orr, 2 1/2, January 28, 1857 at East Grange Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
James Orr, Joiner, and Elizabeth Richmond,
James Orr, Father.

Bernard O'Connor, 11 months, January 28, 1857 at Soules Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
Bernard O'Connor, Labourer, and Eliza McIlwane,
Barnet O'Connor. Father. (singed name definitely Barnet and registrar plainly is Bernard)

Marion Kirk Thomson, 8 months, January 27, 1857 at Bank Street, Kilmarnock, Single,
James Strang Thomson, Carpet Manufacturer, and Marion Annabella Hunter Crooks
Francis Dickie, Undertaker.










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