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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1858

Transcribed by George M. McCaig [ ]


Info as follows:

Name, age, date and place of death

Marital status, trade (if any)


Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)  


John Burns, 21, April 13, 1858 at Main Street, Auchinleck,

Single, Provision Warehouseman,

George Burns, Grocer, and Janet Richmond,

George Burns, Father,


Martha Wilson Templeton, 12, April 13, 1858 at Coal Road, Auchinleck,

Single, George Templeton, Boxmaker, and Jane Thomson,

George Templeton, Father (X)


Bernard McReavy, 29, April 13, 1858 at 39 Lugar, Auchinleck,

Single, Iron Miner,

Hugh McReavy, Mason, and Mary _______, Farm Servant,

Hugh McReavy, Father.


John Hunter, 73, June 29, 1858 at Troon,

Married, Stone Mason,

Kennedy Hunter, Silk Weaver (dec) and Janet Hood (or Wood) (dec)

Margaret Hunter, Daughter,


Thomas Brown, 78, July 1, 1858 at Dundonald,

Single, Master Stone Mason,

David Brown, Carter (dec) and Jean Brown (MS) (dec)

William Alexander, Nephew


Agnes Richmond, 58, July 4, 1858 at Dundonald


Ninian Richmond, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Sawyer (dec)

Elizabeth Richmond, Sister (X)


Isabella Sharpe, 62, July 4, 1858 at Oldrome (?)

Widow of Coal Miner,

Jonathan Hull, Coal Miner (dec) and Isabella Robb,

Jonathan Sharpe, Son, (X)


Margaret Hannah, 74, July 20, 1858 at Leithhill,

Widow of a Ploughman,

John Thom, Ploughman, and Jane Hutcheson,

James McCreath, Nephew


Elizabeth Dickie, 84, July 16, 1858 at Loans (?)


Robert Dickie, Blacksmith (dec) and Marion Wilson (dec)

Thomas Fullerton, Cousin.


George Willock, 75, March 5, 1858 at Titchfield Street, Galston,

Widower, Cotton Weaver,

Andrew Willock, Carter (dec) - no mothers name given

George Willock, Son


Jean Borland, 17 weeks, March 7, 1858 at Greenholm, Galston,


Thomas Borland, Cotton Weaver, and Agnes Mair (or Muir)

Thomas Borland, Father


Isabella Leitch Richmond (or Sim), 11 weeks, March 21, 1858 at Howiesland (?), Galston,


Isabella Richmond (or Sim), Mother,

William Richmond, Uncle of Barr Street, Galston,

(I believe the child was born out of wedlock and the father's surname was Sim)


Janet Wardrop, 64, September 27, 1858 at Old Manse Close, Galston,


John Reid, Agricultural Labourer (dec), and Janet Hyslop (dec)

Matthew Wardrop, Husband.


James Neil, 89, September 27, 1858 at Greenholm, Galston,

Widower, Coal Miner,

No parents listed.

James Richmond, Son-in-law.


Elizabeth Morton Young, 6 months, October 5, 1858 at Greenholm, Galston,


Thomas Young, Cotton Weaver, and Elizabeth Morton,

Thomas Young, Father.


Jean Barrie, 10 months, November 30, 1858 at Greenholm, Galston,


Gavin Barrie, Cotton Weaver, and Agnes Morton,

Gavin Barrie, Father.


Sarah Moore, 21, December 3 ,1858 at Henrietta Street, Galston,


Robert Moore, Machine and Engine Keeper, and Elizabeth McFedrice (writing very difficult to make out) (dec)

Robert Moore, Father.


Agnes Henderson, 7, December 5, 1858 at Cross Street, Galston,


Malcolm Henderson, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Agnes Brown, previously Henderson, MS Richmond,

Robert Richmond, Grandfather.


Mary Richmond, 76, January 14, 1858 at 63 Titchfield street, Kilmarnock,


James Richmond, Sawyer (dec) and Jean Smith (dec)

Robert McKinlay, Related.


Barbara Black, 65, January 13, 1858 at Cheapside, Kilmarnock,


James Gemmell, Tea Dealer (dec) and Jean McCrone,

James Black, Son.


William McKean, 9 months, January 15, 1858 at West Grange Street, Kilmarnock,


William McKean, Carpet Weaver, and Margaret Mc- - - - - (can not make out writing)

William McKean, Father.


Mary Gemmill Phillips, 17, January 17, 1858 at West Shand (?) Street, Kilmarnock,


John Gemmill Philips, Carpet Weaver, and Ann Kerr,

John G. Phillips, Father.


Ogle (?) Cairns, 9 months, January 18, 1858 at High Street, Kilmarnock,


Thomas Cairns, Coal Miner, and Maryann Campbell,

Maryann Cairns, Mother (X)


Margaret Rox (?), 3, January 19, 1858 at Low Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock,


Francis Rox, Labourer, and Catherine Linnen,

Francis Rox, Father,(X)


James Orr, 10 months, February 11, 1858 at East Grange Street, Kilmarnock,


James Orr, Joiner, and Elizabeth Richmond,

James Orr, Father.


Jane Brown, 23, February 9, 1858 at Gallahill (or hall), Kilmarnock,


John Brown, Merchant (dec) and Elizabeth Gilchrist,

Francis ? ? ?, Undertaker.


Helen Richmond, 88, February 12, 1858 at Low Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock,

Widow of a Grocer,

William Millar, Tailor (dec) and Mary McNicol,

Robert Robertson, Grand Nephew.


David Higgins, 6 months, September 30, 1858 at Boyd Street, Kilmarnock,


Nicholas Higgins, Carter, and Catherine Rankin,

Catherine Higgins, Mother (X)


Margaret McGill, 2, October 1, 1858 at Store (?) Street, Kilmarnock,


James McGill, Labourer, and Sarah Fulton,

Ann Fulton, Grandmother (X)


Janet Richmond, 9 months, October 1, 1858 at Robertson Place, Kilmarnock,


John Richmond, Labourer, and Margaret Paterson,

John Richmond, Father,


Robert Thomson, 11 months, November 2, 1858 at Soulis Street, Kilmarnock,


Robert Thomson, Skinner (?), and Jean Laughland,

Robert Thomson, Father (X)


Janet Young, 40, November 1, 1858 at Flemminghill, Parish of Kilmarnock,

Married, Wife of a Farmer

James Lennox, Carter, and Jean Richmond (dec)

Matthew Young, Cousin in law.


Peter Sands, 13, November 3, 1858 at New Street, Kilmarnock,


Peter Sands, Shoemaker, and Mary McKail (or McHail) very hard to read,

Peter Sands, Father.


Margaret Trainer, 10 months, December 18, 1858 at Strand Street, Kilmarnock,


John Trainer, Labourer, and Margaret McIvor,

Margaret McIvor, Mother (X)


Thomas Reid McDowle, 9 months, December 18, 1858 at Crookedholm (?), Parish of Kilmarnock,


James McDowle, Labourer, and Jean Reid,

James McDowle, Father (X)


Agnes Richmond, 19 months, December 18, 1858 at Welbeck Street, Kilmarnock,


George Richmond, Gardener (dec) and Ann Lambie,

Ann Richmond, Mother.


Agnes Paton, 5 hours, May 3, 1858 at ?ardalehill, Kilmaurs, Single,

James Paton, Engine Keeper, and Agnes Breckenridge,

William Breckenridge, Coal Miner, Grandfather (X)


James Messer, 1 1/2 yrs., May 5, 1858 at Thornton Row, Kilmaurs,


Hugh Messer, Coal Miner, and Isabella Muldoun,

James Messer, Coal Miner, Uncle (X)


Agnes Paton, 20, May 11, 1858 at ?ardalehill, Kilmaurs,

Married, Wife of an Engine Keeper,

William Breckenridge, Coal Miner, and Agnes Richmond (dec)

James Paton, Husband (X)


Janet Gemmell, 86, December 2, 1858 at Mosshill, Kilwinning,

Married, Farmers Wife, Pauper,

William Gemmell, Farm Labourer (dec) and Mary Stevenson (dec)

David Gemmell, Husband (X)


Martha Richmond, 69, December 4, 1858 at Bridgend Lane, Kilwinning,

Married, Weavers wife,

Gavin Skeoch, Carrier (dec) and Marrion McKay (dec)

James Richmond, Husband (X)


Robert Dyet, 6 months, December 6, 1858 at 36 Byrehill Row, Kilwinning,


Robert Dyet, Coal Miner, and Fanny Patterson,

Robert Dyet, Father (X)


Allan McPherson, 17, April 17, 1858 at Loudoun Tile Works,

Single, Farm Servant,

John McPherson, Agricultural Labourer, and Annabella McIntyre (dec)

John McPherson, Father.


Richard Morton, 2, April 18, 1858 at Main Street, Newmilns,


Robert Morton, Agricultural Labourer, and Marion Pollock,

Robert Morton, Father.


John Kennedy, 61, April 23, 1858 at Back Street, Newmilns,

Married, Master Tailor,

Robert Kennedy, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Janet Richmond,

Charles Nairn (or Main), Brother-in-law.


Gavin Alston, 21, June 22, 1858 at Loudoun Hill Farm, Loudoun Parish,

Single, Landed Proprietor's son,

Gavin Alston, Landed Proprietor, and Agnes Morton,

Gavin Alston, Father.


Helen Campbell, 68, July 10, 1858, at Alton, Loudoun Parish,

Widow of an Agricultural Labourer,

Alexander Wright, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Isabella McNeil (dec)

James McGill, Grandson.


John Smith, 55, July 13, 1858 at Doitburn (?) Street, Newmilns,

Married, Muslin Weaver,

John Smith, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)

William Connell, Neighbour.


Alexander Miller, 24, September 19, 1858 at Glaisnock Road-side (Cumnock)

Married, Master Tailor,

Alexander Miller, Labourer, and Agnes Ronald (dec)

James Wilson, Brother-in-law.


James Smith, 2 yrs. and 5 months, September 22, 1858 at Gibb's Close, Cumnock,


James Smith, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Ann Whiteford,

Mary Ann Smith, Mother (X)


Helen Richmond, 53, October 13, 1858 at Bridgend, Cumnock,

Widow of a Labourer,

James Glencorse, Miner (dec) and Janet Hair (dec),

Andrew Richmond, Son.


John Bell, 16 months, May 4, 1858 at Bridgend, West Kilbride,


James Bell, Carter, and Agnes Richmond,

James Bell, Father.


William McCleod, 55, May 28, 1858 at Miller's Row, West Kilbride,

Married, Weaver,

William McCleod, Grocer (or Drover) (dec) and Margaret McDonald (dec)

Ellen McCleod, Wife (X)


Robert Law (or Harvey), 37, June 3, 1858 at Miller's Row, West Kilbride,

Married, Weaver,

David Harvey, Dyke Builder, and Margaret Law

Catherine Law (or Harvey) Wife, (X)









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