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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1859

Transcribed by George M. McCaig [ ]


Info as follows:

Name, age, date and place of death

Marital status, trade (if any)


Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)  


Edward Carvell, 40, March 8, 1859 on ship "Colin Campbell" of Belfast,

Married, Ships Cook,

Hugh Campbell, Nailer (dec) - no mothers name given,

J. McNabb, Master of the ship.


Janet Deaghin, 20 months, March 13, 1859 at Chappell Well Street, Saltcoats,


John Deaghin, Railway (?) Servant, and Hannah Miller,

John Deaghin, Father (X).


Martha Richmond, 24, March 15, 1859 at Glasgow Street, Ardrossan,

Single, House Servant,

James Richmond, Formerly Weaver (Pauper) and Martha Skeoch (dec)

Jane Richmond, Sister (X).


Mary Blair, 78, August 17, 1859 at Bankfoot, Coylton,


Alexander Drinnan, Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Nichol (dec)

Alexander Blair, Son.


John Richmond, 6, August 26, 1859 at Woodside, Coylton,


Hugh Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary Hay,

Hugh Richmond, Father.


Henry Scully, 66, September 4, 1859 at Bankend, Coylton,

Married, Labourer,

Henry Scully, Labourer (dec) - no mothers name given,

Thomas Williams, Informant not related.


Jeannie Scott, 4 months, March 29, 1859 at Dennyholm, Kilbirnie,


Turner Scott, Blacksmith, and Jane Richmond.

Jane Smith, Grandmother (X).


Robert Riddel, 75, April 1, 1859 at Balgray, Parish of Kilbirnie,


Robert Riddel, Farmer, (dec), and Agnes McCall,

George Allan, Nephew.


Mary Allan, 54, April 2, 1859 at Holmhead (?), Parish of Kilbirnie,


Samuel Wright, Weaver (dec), Marion McHail, (dec).

James Allan, Widower.


Janet Siller (or Suller), 48, January 18, 1859 at Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock,

Married, Wife of a Baker,

John Richmond, Shoemaker, and Janet Brown (dec).

Edwin Floss (?), Son-in-law.


Robert Barbour, 21, January 21, 1859 at Tannahill, Parish of Kilmarnock,

Single, Farm Servant,

Robert Barbour, Labourer, and Christina Reid,

David Dick, Farmer.


David James Osborne, 19 1/2 years, January 19, 1859 at Rinces Street, Kilmarnock,


William Osborne, Teacher, and Isabella McEwan,

James Goldolphin (?) Osborne, Brother.


Mary Ann Hay Brown, 42, March 14, 1859 at Strand Street, Kilmarnock,

Widow of a Carter,

Adam Andrew, Miller (dec) and - - - - Hay (dec),

Alexander Speirs, Lodger.


Robert Dryburgh, 13 months, March 13, 1859 at 6 Green Street, Kilmarnock,


Robert Dryburgh, Blacksmith, and Ann Richmond,

Robert Dryburgh, Father.


Charles Miller McIntyre, 8 months, March 15, 1859 at 2 West Shaw Street, Kilmarnock,


David McIntyre, Block Printer, and Mary Hussey.

Mary McIntyre, Mother (X) 


Margaret Murray, 70, April 11, 1859 at 39 Bank Street, Kilmarnock,

Widow of a Wheelwright,

Matthew Templeton, Weaver (dec) and Margaret Clark (dec),

William Hunter, Neighbour,


Mary Jack, 81, April 11, 1859 at Douglas Street, Kilmarnock,

Single, Domestic Servant,

Richard Jack, Custom Weaver (dec) - no mothers name given)

Andrew Jack, Nephew.


George Scott, 20, April 13, 1859 at 26 Boyd Street, Kilmarnock,

Single, Weaver,

James Scott, Calico Printer, and Janet Richmond,

James Scott, Father.


Jean Dunn Richmond, 22 months, August 29, 1859 at High Street, Kilmarnock,


Thomas Richmond, Carpet Weaver, and Jean Dunn,

Thomas Richmond, Father (X)


Thomas Thomson, 4 years, 2 months, August 30, 1859 at Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock,


Hugh Thomson, Shoemaker, and Mary Kerr,

Hugh Thomson, Father.


Peter McNaughton, 2 years, 7 months, August 30, 1859 at 8 West Shaw Street, Kilmarnock,


Daniel McNaughton, Calico Printer, and Janet McCrae,

Daniel McNaughton, Father.


John Cassells, 70, September 7, 1859 at Douglas Street, Kilmarnock,

Widower, Muslin Weaver,

James Cassells, Customer Weaver, (dec) and Elizabeth Jones (dec),

Edward Cassells, Son.


George Lambie Richmond, 5 years and 8 months, September 13, 1859 at Welbeck street, Kilmarnock,


George Richmond, Gardener (dec) and Ann Lambie,

Ann Richmond, Mother.


Ann McCrae, 64, September 15, 1859 at Fore (?) Street, Kilmarnock,

Widow of a Cooper,

Robert Young, Labourer (dec) and Janet Greenlees (?) (dec),

Robert McCrae, Son.


Elizabeth Ramsay, 7 weeks, September 7, 1859 at Kirkmichael House Stables,


James Ramsay, Coachman, and Anne Burns,

James Ramsay, Father.


John Richmond, 49, September 22, 1859 at Culroy (?),

Married, Ploughman,

Andrew Richmond, Labourer (dec) and Margaret Drennan (dec),

Andrew Richmond, Son.


Andrew Lennox, 5 months, September 27, 1859 at Pinwherry,


Andrew Lennox, Farmer, and Margaret Symington,

Andrew Lennox, Father.


Robert Flemming, 3 months, January 6, 1859 at Darvel,


Thomas Fleming, Carrier, and Agnes Mair,

Thomas Fleming, Father,


Margaret Anderson, about 75, January 21, 1859 at Darvel,

Widow of a Mason (Master),

James Findlay, Customer Weaver (dec) and Christian Wilson (dec),

James Anderson, Son.


James Richmond, 8 years and 3 months, January 15, 1859 at Townfoot, Darvel,


Hugh Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Isabella Mair.

Hugh Richmond, Father. 


Allan Andrew, 7 days, January 18, 1859 at Bayers (?) of Bankhead Farm, Loudoun Parish,


James Allan, Landed Proprietor, and Elizabeth Struthers,

James Allan, Father.


John Richmond, 4 years and 3 months, January 24, 1859 at Townfoot, Darvel,


Hugh Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Isabella Mair,

Hugh Richmond, Father.


Marion Connell, 6 months, January 31, 1859 at Main Street, Newmilns,


John Connell, Muslin Weaver, and Jean Cuthbertson (dec),

John Connell, Father (X).


Hugh Richmond, 2 years and 2 months, February 2, 1859 at Townfoot, Darvel,


Hugh Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Isabella Mair,

Hugh Richmond, Father.

(Note: This was the third child lost in 18 days to this family from Scarlet Fever.)


Helen Richmond, 3 Weeks, February 7, 1859 at Knevocklaw Farm, Loudoun Parish,


John Richmond, Gamekeeper, and Janet Meikle,

John Richmond, Father.


Anne Howat, 6 weeks, February 6, 1859 at Alton, Loudoun Parish,


Robert Howat, Labourer in the Woods, and Elizabeth Alston,

Robert Howat, Father.


- - - Scott, 5 minutes, March 11, 1859 at Main Street, Newmilns,


William Scott, Muslin Weaver, and Janet McKay,

William Scott, Father (X).


Janet Scott, 38, March 13, 1859 at Main Street, Newmilns,

Married, Wife of a Muslin Weaver,

James McKay, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Margaret Campbell (dec),

William Scott, Husband (X)


Janet Richmond, 3 years, March 7, 1859 at Townfoot, Darvel,


James Richmond, Carrier, and Janet Rankine,

James Richmond. Father.


James Richmond, 1 year, March 11, 1859 at Townfoot, Darvel,


James Richmond, Carrier and Janet Rankine,

James Richmond, Father.


- - - Young, 15 minutes, March 14, 1859 at :Union Street, Newmilns,


James Young, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Love.

James Young, Father (X)


Margaret Mair, 18 days, March 20, 1859 at Back Street, Newmilns,


James Mair, Mason (Apprentice) and Mary Wilson,

James Mair, Father.


Hugh Richmond, 1 years and 6 months, August 23, 1859 at Loudoun Tile Work.


Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker (Journeyman) and Isabella Smith,

Hugh Richmond, Grandfather.


James Cleland, 89, August 27, 1859 at Darvel,

Widower, Muslin Weaver.

John Cleland, Customer Weaver, (dec) and Agnes Breckenridge (dec),

John Cleland, Son.


James Brown, 55, August 30, 1859 at Darvel,

Married, Muslin Weaver,

Hugh Brown, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Janet Morton (dec),

Mathew Brown, Brother (X) 


Janet Muir, 8 months, November 19, 1859 at Main Street, Newmilns,


William Muir, Labourer at Tile Works, and Mary McPherson,

William Muir, Father.


Marion Hutchison, 45. November 18, 1859 at Church Lane, Loudoun Parish

Married, Wife of Slater (Journeyman)

David Howie, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Shannon (dec)

James Howie, Son-in-law.


Isabella Richmond, 25, November 20, 1859 at Loudoun Tile Work, Loudoun Parish,

Married, Wife of a Shoemaker (Journeyman)

William Smith, Coal Miner (dec) and Barbara Thomson, formerly Smith, M.S. McDougall,

Hugh Richmond, Husband (X).


Adam Reid, 93, December 16, 1859 at West Glaister Farm, Loudoun Parish,

Single, Farmer.

Hugh Reid, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Thomson (dec)

Andrew Morton, Neighbour on Broomhill Farm.


Margaret Richmond, 79 years and 10 months, December 19, 1859 at Drygate Street, Newmilns,

Widow of a Muslin Weaver,

Thomas Jackson, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Margaret Borland (dec),

Hugh Thomson, Son-In-Law


Stephen McColl, 40, December 20, 1859 at Main Street, Newmilns,

Single, Agricultural Labourer,

Patrick McColl, Linen Weaver (dec) and Eleanor Harvey (dec)

Francis McColl, Brother (X)


Agnes Richmond, 20, June 19, 1859 at Mauchline,

Single, Dressmaker,

David Richmond, Boxmaker, and Janet Steven,

David Richmond, Father.


Helen Hanna, 78, June 17, 1859 at Mauchline,


Thomas Howat, Weaver (dec) and Clementine Findlay (dec)

Marion Howat, Sister.


Owen Log (?) Connell, 43, June 23, 1859 at Mauchline,

Married, Labourer.

Bernard Connell, Labourer (dec) and Margaret McGinty,

Margaret Connell, Wife (X)


William Thornton, 19, July 31, 1859 at Drumellan Street, Maybole,

Single, Tailor,

Arthur Thornton, Cotton Weaver, and Margaret Gibson,

Arthur Thornton, Father.


Alexander Richmond, 2, August 5, 1859 at Laigh Cullian, Colhouse(?)


Andrew Richmond, Ploughman, and Janet Wallace,

Andrew Richmond, Father.


Agnes Bone, 36, August 8, 1859 at Greenan,

Married, Farmers Wife,

Peter Robertson, Farmer, and Henrietta MacLaren,

John Wylie, Schoolmaster.


Thomas Neill, 5, September 27, 1859 at Old College, Maybole,


Elizabeth Neill, Domestic Servant,

Elizabeth Neill, Mother.


John Richmond, 48, September 22, 1859, on the road between Maybole and Ayr,

Marital status and parentage unknown, died from a fall from a cart on the road.

J.T.Murdock, Procurator Fiscal,


William Irvine, 65, October 9, 1859 at Iron Rails, Weavers Vennal, Maybole

Widower, Cotton Weaver,

Alexander Irvine, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Martha Stein (dec),

John Irvine, Son. 


John Campbell, 88, April 1, 1859 at Stair,

Married, Farmer,

Andrew Campbell, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Miller (dec)

Andrew McGill, Son-in-law.


Martha Craig, 1, May 1, 1859 at Stair,


William Craig, Labourer, and Ann Smith,

William Craig, Father.


David Richmond, 17, May 20, 1859 at Redhiln (?), Stair,

Single, Clerk,

Alexander Richmond, Forester, and Janet Muir (Moor)

Alexander Richmond, Father.


Elizabeth Wilson, 13 months, April 30, 1859 at New Street, Riccarton,


Gavin Wilson, Joiner, and Elizabeth McEwen,

Gavin Wilson, Father.


James McCormick, 5 years, May 4, 1859 at Academy St., Riccarton,


William McCormick, Quarryman, and Janet Richmond,

Janet McCormick, Mother (X).


Janet Neill Young, 11 months, May 7, 1859 at Hurlford, Riccarton,


David Young, Clerk, and Jean Richmond,

John Young, Second Cousin.


Agnes McDonald, 5 years and 6 months, July 17, 1859 at Hurlford, Riccarton,


Michael McDonald, Coal Miner, and Rosanna Lynch,

Michael McDonald, Father.


John Richmond, 7 months, July 26, 1859 at New Street, Riccarton.


David Richmond, Mason, and Janet Richmond Anderson

David Richmond, Father.


Mary Campbell, 17, July 31, 1859 at Hurlford, Riccarton,


William Campbell, Coal Miner, and Martha Thomson,

William Campbell, Father.


John White, 3 months, July 31, 1859 at Hurlford, Riccarton,


James White, Coal Miner, and Jean Graham,

James White, Father.


Hugh Anderson Richmond, 5 years and 6 months, July 31, 1859 at New Street, Riccarton,


David Richmond, Mason, and Janet Richmond Anderson,

David Richmond, Father.


John Smith, 82, August 8, 1859 at Church Yard Lane, Riccarton,

Widower, Labourer,

Parents not known by informant.

Alexander Black, Church Officer.










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