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Some Ayrshire Deaths  1864 - 1877


Many thanks to Margaret Dowling for transcribing these  Margaret Dowling warrior@world-net.co.nz 


1864 St Quivox & Newton

Entry 28: William JACK, aged 1,died 28 September 1864 at Bellrock Cottage, Newton Parish; parents Thomas JACK, Railway Surfaceman & Margaret JACK ms McCORMICK. Informant father.

Entry 29: James FERGUSSON, Coal Miner aged 66 married to Ann HAMILTON, died 15 October 1864 at Low Mainholm, St Quivox Parish; parents Allan FERGUSSON decd, Pit Manager & Mary FERGUSSON ms JACK decd. Informant Samuel Taylor, neighbour.

Entry 30: Mary FERGUSSON aged 93 widow of Allan FERGUSSON, Pit Manager, died 22 October 1864 at Low Mainholm, St Quivox Parish; parents William JACK decd, Carrier & Jane JACK ms JAMIESON decd. Informant William FERGUSON, grandson.

Beith 1865

Entry 103: William FERGUSON aged 66 widower of Janet FLEMING, died 12 August 1865 at Burnside parish of Beith; parents Robert FERGUSON, Farmer & Elspeth FERGUSON ms PATON. Informant Elspeth FERGUSON, daughter.

Entry 104: Robert STEVENSON aged 6 & 3/4 years, died 6 August 1865 at Cross, Beith; parents Robert STEVENSON, Provision merchant & Martha STEVENSON ms TANNAHILL. Informant father.

Entry 105: Stewart HAMILTON aged 6 & 10/12 years, died 21 August 1865 at Gateside, Beith; parents Andrew HAMILTON, Iron Miner & Jane HAMILTON ms TODD. Informant William HAMILTON, brother.

New Cumnock 1875

Entry 10: Peter McANALLY aged 18 months, died 18 January 1875 at Path head, New Cumnock, parents Peter McANALLY, Coal Miner & Rosann McANALLY ms McLAUCHLAN. Informant father.

Entry 11: James HITT? single Farmer aged 74, died 13 January 1875 at Burnfoot, New Cumnock, parents Michael HITT? decd, Farmer & Janet HITT? ms SOMMERVILLE. Informant William HOWAT, Brother in law.

Entry 12: Janet THOMSON aged 53 married to William THOMSON, Shoemaker, died 23 January 1875 st Castle, New Cumnock; parents Matthew RIGGANS, Master Blacksmith & Agnes RIGGANS ms ARTHUR. Informant James THOMSON, son.

Kilmarnock 1876

Entry 46: Elizabeth Duncan SILLARS aged 5, died 23 January 1876 at 4 Inkleman Place, Kilmarnock; parents William SILLARS, Spring Maker & Mary SILLARS ms DUNCAN. Informant father.

Entry 47: Helen THOMSON aged 87, widow or Peter THOMSON, Engine Pattern Maker, died 21 January 1876 at St Marnocks Manse, Kilmarnock; parents William ANDERSON decd, Portioner? & Mary ANDERSON ms McFARLANE decd. Informant John THOMSON, son.

Entry 48: John GRAY aged 1 3/4 years, died 23 January 1876 at Mill Lane, Kilmarnock; parents John GRAY, Coal Miner & Elizabeth GRAY ms PIGEON. Informant father.

Old Cumnock 1877

Entry 52: Crawford McLETCHIE aged 75 widow of William McLETCHIE, Joiner, died 2 July 1877 at Waterside Place, Cumnock; parents William McCALL decd & Marion McCALL ms McLETCHIE decd. Informant William McLETCHIE, step-son.

Entry 53: Hugh GORDON aged 2 years 3 months, died 19 July 1877 at Glengivon Row; parents David GORDON, Iron Miner & Janet GORDON ms INNES. Informant father.

Entry 54: John RIGGANS, Carter aged 51 married to Margaret BRYDEN, died 16 July 1877 at Tanyard Lane, Cumnock. parents Matthew RIGGANS, Blacksmith & Agnes RIGGANS ms ARTHUR decd. Informant Matthew RIGGANS, brother.

Riccarton 1877

Entry 97: William THOMSON, Foreman Shoemaker aged 55 widower of Janet RIGGANS, died 29 October 1877 at Riccarton, parents William THOMSON decd, Letter Carrier & Janet THOMSON ms KERR decd. Informant William THOMSON, son.

Entry 98: Jeremiah Nisbet McCRINDLE aged 4, died 31 October 1877 at Riccarton Moss?; parents Robert McCRINDLE, Coalminer & Mary McCRINDLE ms NISBET. Informant John McCRINDLE, brother.

Entry 99: Annie Muir ROSS aged 1, died 1 November 1877 at Hurlford; parents John ROSS, Coalminer & Christina ROSS ms DAVIDSON. Informant father.





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