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The Robert Burns Index Page


Rabbie Burns




Robert Burns was born in Alloway, Ayr, Scotland, 25th of January, 1759. He was the son of William Burnes, or Burness, at the time of the poet's birth a nurseryman on the banks of the Doon in Ayrshire. His father, though always extremely poor, attempted to give his children a fair education, and Robert, who was the eldest, went to school for three years in a neighbouring village, and later, for shorter periods, to three other schools in the vicinity.......MORE

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Descendants of Robert Burns

Paternal Ancestors of Robert Burns

Maternal Ancestors of Robert Burns

Wellwood - The Burns Museum in Irvine

Books about Robert Burns and Books containing his Songs and Poems

Burns Family DNA Project

Norma Burns Farmilo <norma@naples.net>


I'm starting a Burns DNA Project (mainly of Americans who came to Pennsylvania in the late 1600's and early 1700's).
Many of us believe we might be descendants of Robert Burns through his Uncle or some other relative.
Could you, please, identify some male descendants of Walter Burness who might be willing to take a simple DNA test to help us out.
The test consists of swabbing the inside of your cheek and sending the kit in.  You must sign in order to share your results with others (through the "Family Tree DNA Project").  The cost is $99 for the first test (12 marker).  If you desire a 24 marker or 37 marker test later it will cost more.  This is not required for our purposes.
This test is only for males who still have the Burns family name (direct descendants).  If other Burns males from Scotland want to be included they could be if they submit to me their genealogy.
You will be assigned a number for the purpose of sharing data on the internet.  I will be the only one who has your name and genealogy.
Norma Burns Farmilo, Administrator, Burns Family DNA Project




To join our Burns DNA study go to this website:






and .co.uk


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