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Descendants of George Dickie

 Researched by Bill Richardson - please contact Bill at wrichmond@sirtex.com for further information


Generation No. 1  

        1.  George Dickie.  He married Elizabeth ? ………. ?

        Children of George Dickie and Elizabeth are:

        2                 i.               Mary Dickie, born 16 October 1763.

       3                ii.               George Dickie, born 30 December 1765 in Talbolton, Ayrshire.

        4               iii.               James Dickie, born 11 April 1768 in Tarbolton, Ayrshire.

        5               iv.               Janet Dickie, born 12 April 1770 in Tarbolton, Ayrshire.

        6                v.               Elizabeth Dickie, born 13 June 1771 in Tarbolton Ayrshire.

        7               vi.               Janet Dickie, born 8 April 1773 in Tarbolton Ayrshire.

       8              vii.               Robert Dickie, born 14 July 1776 in Tarbolton Ayr.

        9             viii.               Agnes Dickie, born 17 April 1779 in Tarbolton Ayrshire.

  Generation No. 2  

        3.  George Dickie   was born 30 December 1765 in Talbolton, Ayrshire.  He married Margaret McClatchie 5 March 1791 in St Quivox Ayr, daughter of Charles McClatchie and Agnes Orr.  

        Children of George Dickie and Margaret McClatchie are:

 +     10               i.               Charles Dickie, born 24 December 1791.

 +     11              ii.               George Dickie, born 1793 in Heathall, St Quivox, Ayrshire.

        12             iii.               Agnes Dickie, born 23 November 1795.

 +     13             iv.               Robert Dickie, born 4 November 1798 in St Quivox Ayr.

        14              v.               John Dickie, born 29 December 1800.

        15             vi.               James Dickie, born 16 October 1803.

        16            vii.               Margaret Dickie, born 13 July 1805.

        17           viii.               Elizabeth Dickie, born 11 May 1807.

        18              ix.               Agnes Dickie, born 10 January 1809.

        19               x.               Mary Dickie, born 25 March 1812.

        20              xi.               Jane Dickie, born 15 March 1814.

        21             xii.               Richard Alexander Oswald Dickie, born 9 November 1815.


        8.  Robert Dickie   was born 14 July 1776 in Tarbolton Ayr.  He married Anne Milligan 6 June 1821 in Tarbolton, Ayrshire, daughter of Andrew Milliken and Marianne Kerson.  

More About Robert Dickie:

Fact 1: 1851, Occupation : Blacksmith  

        Children of Robert Dickie and Anne Milligan are:

 +     22               i.               George Dickie, born Abt. 1827 in Tarbolton, Ayshire.

 +     23              ii.               Elizabeth Dickie, born Abt. 1827.  

Generation No. 3  

        10.  Charles Dickie  was born 24 December 1791.  He married Margaret Guthrie 2 July 1815 in St Quivox Ayr.  

        Children of Charles Dickie and Margaret Guthrie are:

        24               i.               Alexander Dickie, born 26 March 1824.

        25              ii.               Margaret Dickie, born 24 April 1816.

        26             iii.               Jane Dickie, born 25 March 1818.


        11.  George Dickie   was born 1793 in Heathall, St Quivox, Ayrshire.  He married Janet Laverty 7 July 1814 in St Quivox, Ayrshire.  

        Children of George Dickie and Janet Laverty are:

        27               i.               George Dickie, born 11 January 1815.

        28              ii.               James Dickie, born 24 December 1816.

        29             iii.               Richard Alexander Oswald Dickie, born 3 March 1835 in Irvine Ayr.


        13.  Robert Dickie   was born 4 November 1798 in St Quivox Ayr.  He married Anne Richardson 28 May 1820 in St Quivox Ayr.  

        Children of Robert Dickie and Anne Richardson are:

        30               i.               Mary Dickie, born 8 June 1822.

        31              ii.               Margaret Dickie, born 15 November 1828.

        32             iii.               James Dickie, born 29 September 1831.

        33             iv.               John Dickie, born 9 February 1834.

        34              v.               Ann Dickie, born 17 November 1836.

        35             vi.               Richard Alexander Oswald Dickie, born January 1840.


        22.  George Dickie  was born Abt. 1827 in Tarbolton, Ayshire.  He married Christina Kirk 12 July 1867 in Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland, daughter of John Kirk and Ann Cumming.  

 Notes for George Dickie:

 Occupation : Blacksmith

Married late (aged 40) and is reputed to have had a liason with a "lady" on an estate where he worked. As a blacksmith, George also did some makeshift veterinary work and his working life was ended after he was gored by a bull. Lived with his son Robert and family in his old age and is said to have cried out on his deathbed "I'm coming Eleanor, I'm coming." No idea who Eleanor was.   

 Notes for Christina Kirk:

Had two sisters who left grandfather clock with “pot of gold” pendulum.  

        Children of George Dickie and Christina Kirk are:

 +     36               i.               Margaret Dickie.

 +     37              ii.               Robert Dickie, born 25 August 1867 in Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland; died 7 August 1930 in Perth, Australia.

        38             iii.               John Dickie, born 30 November 1868.

        39             iv.               Ann Cummings Dickie, born 12 September 1870.  

More About Ann Cummings Dickie: Fact 1: went to America  

        40              v.               George Dickie, born 24 September 1872.

        41             vi.               Charles Murdoch Dickie, born 17 December 1873.  

        23.  Elizabeth Dickie  was born Abt. 1827.  She married Charles Murdoch 27 July 1848 in Tarbolton Ayr.

        Children of Elizabeth Dickie and Charles Murdoch are:

        42               i.               William Murdoch, born 15 October 1848.

        43              ii.               Robert Murdoch, born 29 September 1850.  

Generation No. 4  

        36.  Margaret Dickie   She married Matthew Hamilton.  

More About Matthew Hamilton:

Fact 1: Mayor of a town in Scotland.  

        Child of Margaret Dickie and Matthew Hamilton is:

        44               i.               George Hamilton.  

        37.  Robert Dickie  was born 25 August 1867 in Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland, and died 7 August 1930 in Perth, Australia.  He married Ann Jones 5 August 1891, daughter of John Jones and Elizabeth Anderson.  

More About Robert Dickie: Fact 1: Occupation : Coal miner  

        Children of Robert Dickie and Ann Jones are:

 +     45               i.               Ann Dickie, born 1891.

 +     46              ii.               George Dickie, born 1894.

 +     47             iii.               Elizabeth Jones Dickie, born 17 February 1896 in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland; died 27 December 1976 in Perth, Australia.

 +     48             iv.               John Jones Dickie, born 1899; died 24 June 1973 in Perth, Australia.

 +     49              v.               Robert Dickie, born 1900.

        50             vi.               Thomas Dickie, born 1903; died September 1973.  

Notes for Thomas Dickie: Played the bagpipes   Fact 1: 1927, Arrived in Perth on the" Himalaya"  

 +     51            vii.               Christina Kirk Dickie, born 7 June 1905 in 6 Nimmos Rows, New Stevenson, Holytown,Lanark, Scotland; died 13 July 2000 in 37 Enfield St, Lathlain W.A..

        52           viii.               Jeanie Jones Dickie, born 21 December 1907 in 6 Nimmos Rows, Newstevenson, Holytown,Lanark, Scotland; died 1921.  

More About Jeanie Jones Dickie: Fact 1: 1921, Cause of death : apendicitis  

 +     53              ix.               Matthew Hamilton Dickie, born 7 April 1912 in Bathgate, Scotland.

 +     54               x.               Hugh Dickie, born 1915.

        55              xi.               David Anderson Dickie, born 11 November 1918.  He married Beth.

        56             xii.               George McNair, Foster child.  He married Ellen.  

Notes for George McNair:

Geordie McNair lived next door to the Dickies in Scotland (in Hill 'O Beath ?) and was beaten by his parents when young, he was taken in by the Dickie family and raised with their children. Geordie migrated to Perth with his wife Helen a year or so before George and Thomas Dickie. He went to Karridale as part of the Group Settlement scheme, but returned to Perth after only a short time. Lived in Cornwall St, Rivervale when the Dickies arrived, but moved to Orrong Rd, Rivervale later.

Generation No. 5  

        45.  Ann Dickie  was born 1891.  She married (1) Matthew Rushford.  She married (2) Willaim Craigie.

        Child of Ann Dickie and Matthew Rushford is:

        57               i.               Alice Rushford.  

        Children of Ann Dickie and Willaim Craigie are:

        58               i.               James Craigie.

        59              ii.               Anita Craigie.

        60             iii.               Marjory Craigie.

        61             iv.               Bille Craigie.  

        46.  George Dickie  was born 1894.  He married Annie McConnell.  

 Notes for George Dickie:

Migrated to Australia in 1920's with his brother Thomas. Initially lived in Cornwall St Rivervale with with George and Helen McNair. The McNairs were friends who had migrated earlier and settled in Karridale under the group settlement scheme. The hardships of Karridale were too much and they had moved back to Perth. Also, Helen McNair was Elizabeth Dickie's bridesmaid. When Geordie & Tam got work at the cement works in Rivervale they bought the house at 37 Enfield St and sent for the rest of the family, who arrived in 1929.

Geordie was quite musical. He played the violin in an orchestra in Scotland as did his brother Robert.  

More About George Dickie:

Fact 1: Bef. 1929, Arrived in Perth on the Himalaya Fact 2: 1916, Fought in WWI with Black Watch regiment  

        Child of George Dickie and Annie McConnell is:  

        62               i.               Mary Dickie.  She married Len Randall.  

        47.  Elizabeth Jones Dickie  was born 17 February 1896 in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and died 27 December 1976 in Perth, Australia.  She married William Ramsay Fowler Deas 14 March 1919 in Hill'O Beath, Fife, Scotland, son of Peter Deas and Mary Fowler.  

More About Elizabeth Jones Dickie: Cause of Death: stroke  

 Notes for William Ramsay Fowler Deas: 1918-1929 Occupation : Coal miner.  

More About William Ramsay Fowler Deas: Fact 1: 1916, Fought at the Somme Fact 2: 13 November 1916, Wounded (Gas) Fact 3: 1946, Went to Japan with Australian Occupational forces  

        Children of Elizabeth Dickie and William Deas are:

        63               i.               Peter Deas, born 1920 in Cowdenbeath Fife Scotland; died 1922 in Cowdenbeath Fife Scotland.  

Notes for Peter Deas: Cause of Death : Not exactly known. Apparently Peter developed a lump on his neck and a red inflamed stripe from his neck and down his back.  

        64              ii.               Ann Jones Deas, born 26 February 1924 in Cowdenbeath Fife Scotland; died September 1977 in Perth, Australia.  She married Lindsay Blacklock 30 March 1951 in Perth, Australia.

        65             iii.               Robert Dickie Deas, born 7 August 1928 in Cowdenbeath Fife Scotland; died October 1971 in Perth Australia.  He married Coral Bond 28 July 1951 in Perth, Australia.  

More About Robert Dickie Deas: Cause of Death: Leukemia  

More About Coral Bond: Cause of Death: Lung Cancer  

        66             iv.               Mary Fowler Deas, born 19 March 1931 in 35 Midgely St Rivervale Perth Australia.  She married Ron Ricketts 21 November 1953 in Perth, Australia.

        67              v.               Christina Joan Deas, born 15 May 1934 in 35 Midgely St , Rivervale, Perth Australia.  She married William John Richmond 6 September 1958 in St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Pier St, Perth Australia.  

        48.  John Jones Dickie   was born 1899, and died 24 June 1973 in Perth, Australia.  He married Ann Smith.  

        Children of John Dickie and Ann Smith are:

        68               i.               Nancy Dickie, born Abt. 1923.

        69              ii.               Robert Dickie, born Abt. 1926.

        70             iii.               Benjamin Dickie, born Abt. 1936.  He married Marcia.

        71             iv.               George Dickie, born 23 January 1941; died 1998 in London, U.K..  

More About George Dickie: Fact 1: Changed his name by deed-poll to Jonathan Laine  

        49.  Robert Dickie  was born 1900.  He married Sapporah Walker.  

 Notes for Robert Dickie: Played the violin  

 Notes for Sapporah Walker: Sapporah was supposedly Jewish, or at least very religious, and of English origin.  

        Children of Robert Dickie and Sapporah Walker are:

        72               i.               Alice Dickie.

        73              ii.               Joe Dickie.  

        51.  Christina Kirk Dickie was born 7 June 1905 in 6 Nimmos Rows, Newstevenson, Holytown,Lanark, Scotland, and died 13 July 2000 in 37 Enfield St, Lathlain W.A..  She married John Smart 1934 in Rivervale Congregational Church.  

        Children of Christina Dickie and John Smart are:

        74               i.               Gloria Ann Smart.

        75              ii.               Jean Arnott Smart, born 15 May 1938.  

        53.  Matthew Hamilton Dickie was born 7 April 1912 in Bathgate, Scotland.  He married Mamie Redfern 14 August 1948 in Victoria Park Methodist Church, Perth, W.A..  

 Notes for Matthew Hamilton Dickie:

Matthew migrated to Australia in 1929 and worked on Rottnest Island until 1934, milking the cow and unloading luggage from the ferry. He then worked in labouring type jobs, including a stint at Wiluna until WW2 when he joined up and fought in North Africa. After the war did his junior exam (year 10) and then worked as a public servant until retirement.  

More About Matthew Hamilton Dickie: Fact 1: 1942, Fought at Tobruk  

        Children of Matthew Dickie and Mamie Redfern are:

        76               i.               Graeme John Dickie, born 30 May 1949.  He married Marlene Cousins 28 December 1973.

        77              ii.               Margaret Dickie.  She married David Turpin 29 December 1972.  

        54.  Hugh Dickie   was born 1915.  He married Dorothy Smith.  

 Notes for Hugh Dickie:

Worked as a gardener at Karrakatta Cemetary with his brother Tom. Also at one time fired the "midday gun" at The Perth Observatory.  

        Children of Hugh Dickie and Dorothy Smith are:

        78               i.               Lawrence Dickie.

        79              ii.               Thomas Dickie.


Notes for Thomas Dickie: Changed his name by deed-poll to Tom Fletcher






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