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Descendants of John Kirk 

  Researched by Bill Richardson - please contact Bill at  wrichmond@sirtex.com for further information  

Generation No. 1


        1.  John Kirk.  He married Ann Cumming

        Children of John Kirk and Ann Cumming are:

 +     2                 i.               Christina Kirk, born Abt. 1833 in Wigtown, Kirkcubright.

 +     3                ii.               Agnes Kirk, born 1834 in Inch, Wigtown.

 +     4               iii.               Elizabeth Kirk, born Abt. 1830.     

Generation No. 2    

        2.  Christina Kirk   was born Abt. 1833 in Wigtown, Kirkcubright.  She married George Dickie 12 July 1867 in Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland, son of Robert Dickie and Anne Milligan.  

 Notes for Christina Kirk: Had two sisters who left grandfather clock with “pot of gold” pendulum  

 Notes for George Dickie:  Occupation : Blacksmith

Married late (aged 40) and is reputed to have had a liason with a "lady" on an estate where he worked. As a blacksmith, George also did some makeshift veterinary work and his working life was ended after he was gored by a bull. Lived with his son Robert and family in his old age and is said to have cried out on his deathbed "I'm coming Eleanor, I'm coming." No idea who Eleanor was.  

        Children of Christina Kirk and George Dickie are:    [See George Dickie]

          3.  Agnes Kirk was born 1834 in Inch, Wigtown.  

 Notes for Agnes Kirk: 1881 Census - New Luce, Wigtownshire   Dwelling:   Main St Private Ho     Census Place:   New Luce, Wigtown, Scotland     Source: FHL Film 0224062     GRO Ref    Volume 893    EnumDist 5    Page 12     Marr    Age Sex Birthplace Agnes KIRK  U   47  F   Inch, Wigtown, Scotland     Rel:    Head     Occ:    Outdoor Worker William KIRK        2   M   New Luce, Wigtown, Scotland     Rel:    Grand Son  

        Children of Agnes Kirk are:

 +     11               i.               Susan Kirk, born 17 February 1855 in New Luce Wigtown.

 +     12              ii.               William Kirk, born 9 May 1858 in New Luce Wigtown.  

        4.  Elizabeth Kirk   was born Abt. 1830.  She married Samuel Waugh 13 June 1850 in New Luce Wigtown.  

More About Elizabeth Kirk: Fact 1: 1856, immigrated to Launceston Tasmania  

        Children of Elizabeth Kirk and Samuel Waugh are:

        13               i.               John Waugh, born Abt. 1851.

        14              ii.               William Waugh, born Abt. 1853.

        15             iii.               Samuel Waugh, born Abt. 1855.

        16             iv.               Agnes Waugh, born Abt. 1857 in Launceston Tasmania.  


Generation No. 3    

        5.  Margaret Dickie  She married Matthew Hamilton.   [See George Dickie] 

        6.  Robert Dickie   was born 25 August 1867 in Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland, and died 7 August 1930 in Perth, Australia.  He married Ann Jones 5 August 1891, daughter of John Jones and Elizabeth Anderson. 

 [See George Dickie] 

        11.  Susan Kirk  was born 17 February 1855 in New Luce Wigtown.  

        Child of Susan Kirk is:

        30               i.               William Kirk, born 1879.  

        12.  William Kirk   was born 9 May 1858 in New Luce Wigtown.  He married Jane.  

        Child of William Kirk and Jane is:

        31               i.               Thomas C Kirk, born 1881.  





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