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Richmond Deaths from the Loudoun Parish Records

 Many thanks to Bill Richmond for this transcription. Bill Richmond [wrichmond@sirtex.com]


All the RICHMOND burial records from the Loudoun parish.  This parish register started 1811 and ended 1857.  The data for each entry are Date and Entry Extract.


Aug 28, 1811               Janet Ritchmont Wife to John Smith Newmills         

Dec 19, 1812               Jannet Ritchmont Wife of James Nesbet Sinr Smith in Newmilns

Sep 3, 1813                 A Child of James Ritchmond Darvel 

Sep 10, 1813               A Child of James Ritchmond Darvel 

Jul 8, 1818                   Jean Richmond Daughter of Alexr Richmond Weaver Newmills

Jul 16, 1818                 Andw Richmunt Son of Alexr Richmunt Weaver Newmills         

Jul 23, 1819                 Jean Ritchmond Wife of James Lenox at Sornbeg          

Apr 14, 1821                Alexr Ritchmond Weaver Newmills         

May 2, 1821                 Ritchmond Son of the Decest Alexr Ritchmond Weaver

May 7, 1822                Hugh Richmond Son of Alexr Richmond weaver in Darvel 

Feb 26, 1824               James Richmond weaver Tonteen Neumilns         

Jun 15, 1825                Matthew Richmond Son of Jas Richmond weaver or Barbuer  Neumilns        

Jul 29, 1825                 a Young Child of James Richmond Son of Jas Richmond leat in Tonteen Cross Neumilns  

Feb 2, 1826                 Jean Richmond Dawghter of Matthew Richmond weaver in Newmilns.  

Feb 26, 1827               Mary Richmond Wife of Andw Goldie weaver in Newmilns     

May 9, 1827                Margret Richmond Weddow of Walter Pringle Shoemaker in  Newmilns        

Aug 2, 1827                 Miss Mary Richmond Daughter of Major Richmond She Dyed at Cammelton & was Burried in the South most Graff but one in there oun lair in Neumilns Church yard which is Called the little Loudoun hill lair  

Mar 25, 1829               A new born Child of Robt Richmond Shoemaker in Darvel 

Apr 23, 1829               James Richmond a Child of Andw Richmond weaver Darvel 

Apr 29, 1829               Eleseabeth Knox Mother in Law to John Richmond Leate in Carleath Came from near Loudoun hill.      

May 8, 1829                Mary Wyllie Wife of James Richmond weaver in Darvel 

May 30, 1829              James Richmond weaver in Darvel burried in the Same Graff with his wife who was burried 3 weeks before as above.         

Dec 23, 1829               Margt Richmond Wedow of the decessed John Lambie tounfoot Neumilns.  

Jul 20, 1830                 Agnes Richmond Wife of John Millar farmer in Bowhill

Oct 13, 1830               Janet Richmond Darvel Weddaw of the leat John Ge? in Darvel Aged 95 years  

Apr 20, 1835               Hugh Richmond weaver in Neumilns Comonly Called the Maunk

Jun 28, 1835                Jean Richmond Daughter of William Richmond weaver tounhead Newmilns     

Jan 11, 1836                James Richmond Son of James Richmond Junr weaver in Darvel & Son of James Richmond Sinor Barbour in Neumilns.

Aug 7, 1837                 A Still Born Child of William Richmond Weaver in Neumilns & son of Andw Richmond        

Apr 24, 1838               A Still Born Child of James Richmond Junr weaver in Greenholm Son of Jas Richmond Sinr fifer or Barbour

Apr 13, 1839                         Sauers Wife of Mathew Richmond weaver in Haddaw place in Newmilns

Apr 28, 1839               John Richmond late Baker in Newmilns who Dyed in Glasgow and his Corps was brought out from Glasgow and Intered in Newmilns Church yard

Jun 19, 1839                Mathew Richmond weaver in Haddaw place Neumilns he was Intered in his Wifs Graff Who was intered on the 13th April  last

Feb 14, 1840               Jean Howie Wife of John Richmond marchant in Darvel she Dyed in Glasgow and She was brought out & intered in Neumilns Church yard in Crost Heade Burring Ground

Mar 18, 1840               Mathew Richmond weaver Son of the late Mathew Richmond weaver in Haddow place Neumilns

Apr 8, 1840                 John Richmond weaver in Neumilns son of the Decessed  Mathew Richmond weaver in Haddaw place Neumilns         

Sep 4, 1840                 Sarah Richmond or Young Weddaw of the Decessed Sargant Young in Neumilns & Mother in Law to Thomas Young weaver in Neumilns

Mar 8, 1841                 Mathew Richmond Son of James Richmond Junr weaver in Greenholm son of James Richmond Barbour in  Neumilns        

Nov 18, 1841              Hugh Richmond from Galston Son of Robert Richmond  shoemaker & Marchant at the Cross of Galston he is intered in  the Lair belonging to Andw Findlay mason in Darvel the Graff from the Dyke 

Feb 9, 1842                 Margaret Richmond Daughter of James Richmond Junr weaver in Greenholm son of Jas Richmond Sinr Barbour and weaver in Neumilns        

Jan 11, 1843                A Still Born Child of George Richmond weaver in Newmilns Comonly Called the Maunk

Apr 15, 1843               Jean Richmond Daughter of the Decessed Mathew Richmond weaver in Neumilns      

Mar 11, 1844               Janet Reid Daughter of John Reid weaver in Darvel Son of Weddaw Reid yard heade Neumilns & Son in Law of James Richmond weaver in Darvel 

Apr 5, 1844                 Andw Richmond weaver at Tounheade of Newmilns        

Sep 2, 1844                 a Still Born child of James Richmond weaver Neumilns Son of the desessed James Richmond Called tonteen Neumilns         

Feb 25, 1845               Mary Richmond or Morton Wedow of the Decessed Mathew Morton of  Gawrsbreaheade She is intered in the northmost  Graff in the Lair belonging to John Broun in dyke & Morton Writer in Glasgow on the east end of the Lair She was above 90 years old

Mar 18, 1845               ........................ or Richmond Weddow of the decessed Hugh Richmond weaver in Neumilns Comonaly Called the Mounk for a Destineon of the  person  

Mar 23, 1845               Mrs Sallay Portor or McKane Wedaw of the Decessed Thomas McKane weaver she is intered in the Same Groff with the  above mentoned Weddaw Richmond being on a Saboth day      

May 29, 1845              James Richmond weaver and Barbaur in Neumilns         

Jan 1, 1847                  ................. Richmond .................... of James Richmond Weaver in Greenholm Son of the decessed Mathew Richmond Neumilns        

Jan 26, 1847                John Wilson an Infant natrel Child of a Janet Wilson reciding in Darvel She is Some realation of Alexr Richmond Weaver in  Darvel 

Apr 2, 1847                 Mrs Jean Mair or Richmond Weddow of the Decessed Andrew                                    Richmond weaver at tounhead of Neumilns She was upwards of 90 years of Age She was intered in the Some Graff with her husband the Said Andw Richmond in there aun Lair the Southmost graf but one

Jul 26, 1847                           Paton Son of Alexr Paton Sealsman in the vitulting Society in Neumilns he is intered in the northmost Graff in Major Richmonds lair in Neumilns Church yard he dyed with the Small Pox.      

Nov 5, 1847                Janet Richmond Daughter of William Richmond weaver at Tounhead Neumilns    

Feb 10, 1848               James Richmond Son of William Richmond weaver at Tounhead of Neumilns he is intered in the Graff with his Grand  Father & Grand Mother in there own Lair in Neumilns church yard.  

Feb 20, 1848               Christina Richmond Dawghter of George Richmond weaver in Neumilns Son in Law to Christan Connal Greenside Neumilns  This being the Saboth day      

Apr 7, 1848                 Mrs            or Richmond Wife of William Richmond weaver at tounhead Neumilns      

Apr 8, 1848                 James Richmond an Infant Son of James Richmond weaver in Greenholm Son of the late Mathew Richmond weaver who dyed in Haddow place 

Aug 16, 1848               Christan Richmond Sister of John Richmond marchant in Darvel & to Mathew Richmond Toll Keeper Newmilns        

Jul 22, 1848                 John Richmond Son of James Richmond weaver in Neumilns & son of the desessed James Richmond weaver and Barbour in Neumilns

Nov 6, 1848                James Richmond Junr weaver in Neumilns Son of James Richmond Sinr weavr late & Barbour in Neumilns he Dyed with the Thyphus fiver   

Jan 23, 1849                James Richmond weaver in Greenholm Son in Law of George Smith weaver in Dykeburn he Dyed with Cholera           

May 10, 1849              Jean Richmond Dawghter of John Richmond Reciding in Darvel & has a Grocer Shop in Neumilns She Dyed with a Sore throt

Jul 17, 1849                 Janet Richmond or Allan Wife of John Allan Sinr weaver at Tounhead Neumilns She is Intered in the Southmost Graff but  one in John Allans & James Richmonds own Burring Ground in Newmilns Church yard.   

Feb 9, 1850                 Mathew Richmond Son of the decessed James weaver Neumilns & grand Son of George Smith weaver in Dykeburn Neumilns he dyed with Scarlet Fiver

Apr 4, 1850                 Mrs        Fifhir or Richmond Wife of James Richmond weaver at tounhead of Neumilns Son of the late Andw Richmond  Propriton Tounhead Neumilns         

Apr 11, 1850               Robert Richmond Son of Hugh Richmond Shoemaker Neumilns he Dyed with the Scarlet fiver     

Sep 23, 1850               Jean Richmond Daughter of Wm Richmond weaver & Grocer Tounhead Neumilns & his Wife Mirion Morton

Mar 31, 1851                         Morton Wife of George Richmond weaver in Neumilns & daughter of Christon Connal Greenside Neumilns         

Apr 13, 1852               Mrs Helen Richmond or Polloch in the Tonteen at Cross Newmilns She was Weddow of James Richmond at Cross Newmilns        

Aug 21, 1852               Mary Richmond Daughter of Andrew Richmond weaver  & labrourer Darvel         

Oct 9, 1852                 Robert Richmond weaver Neumilns Son of the Decessed James Richmond weaver & Agnes Clelland at Tounfoot Neumilns & Step Son of George Morton heddle Carter Newmilns        

Dec 6, 1853                 John Richmond weaver in Darvel Son of Alexr Richmond weaver Darvel he is intered in the Southmost Graff in there own Lair in Newmilns Church yard    

May 16, 1853              An Infant Child of Mr         Fulton late Baker with Robert Richmond in Neumilns

Jun 7, 1853                 Richmond Daughter of James Richmond weaver in Greenholm formely Polise man       

Aug 15, 1854               John Henderson Son of Malcolm Henderson Labrourer Galston son in Law of Robert Richmond his Sons that Keeps the Hottel & Makirs tounfoot Neumilns         

Jan 3, 1854                  Margrat Richmond Sister of John Richmond Marchant in Darvel & Mathew Richmond toll Keeper at toun foot Newmilns She is intered in a Graff in the Mickles lair at the head Stone  

Aug 26, 1854               Malcolm Henderson Labourer in Galston Son in Law to Mr Robert Richmond there he Dyed with the Smal Pox   

Mar 15, 1855               Janet Richmond or Young Wife of James Young weaver Greenholm son of old William Young weaver in Greenholm       

Jan 7, 1856                  Andw Richmond a child of David Richmond Weaver in Darvel & Son of Andw Richmond weaver & labrourer Darvel intered in Alexander Richmond lair on the South Sige of the lair on the march.  

May 14, 1856              John Richmond late Cloth marchand and Innkeeper Darvel 

May 15, 1856              Hugh Richmond Son of James Richmond shoemaker Neumilns Son of Hugh Richmond Shoemaker Dyke Burn Neumilns         

Nov 20, 1856              Hugh Richmond weaver toun heade Neumilns Comonly Called Mounh for destinean of name he is intered in Wm Richmonds  tounhead Lair in the northmost Graff           

Oct 4, 1856                 a young Child of Andw Richmond weaver at yard Heads Son of Wm Richmond Sinr weaver ot Toun head Newmilns






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