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The Ross family of Hanyng





The lands of Hanyng, Co. Ayr, 1496 and 1593. researched by Walter Farwell farwellwalter@hotmail.com

Researched by Walter Farwell  farwellwalter@hotmail.com


REGISTER OF THE GREAT SEAL OF SCOTLAND. Volume 2 (1424 - 1518), page 513. "Apud Striveling, 6 June 1498".--REX--tanquan senescallus Scotie--confirmavit cartam Georgii Ros domini de Hanyng,--(qua,--zelo dilectionis naturalis, &c.,--concessit filio suo GEORGIO ROS--terras de Hanyng, in baronia de Kile-Stewart, vic. Air:--TENEND. dicto Geo. et heredibus ejue masculis de corpore ejus legitime procreatis, quibus deficientibus, Johnanni R. ejus germano et heredibus, &c. ("ut supra"), quibus def., Gawino R. germano dicto Geo., et heredibus, &c. ("ut supra"), quibus def., Jacobo R. filio dicti Geo. senioris, quibus def., Karolo R. filio ejusdem Geo. et heredibus, &c. ("ut supra"), quibus def., Waltero R. filio ejusdem Geo. et heredibus, &c. ("ut supra"), quibus def., dicto Geo. seniori et heredibus ejus quibuscunque iterum reversuras, a dicto Geo. de rege tanquan senescallo Scotie:--REDDEND. unum par alborum calcarium pretio 4 den. nomine albe firms: RESERVATIS libero tenemento dict!
o Geo. seniori ac rationabili tertia sponse sue cuicunque, quecumque fuerit, si contingeret:--TEST. Matheo Wallas de Crago, Wil. Wallas filio ejus et herede apparente, Jac. Auchnylek de Gelt, Gilb. Kennedy de Coif, D. And. Makcormyll vicario de Stratoune ac notario, Ulfrido Culquhone, Tho. Steynsoun burgen, de Air, et Joh. Inglis clerico:--Apud burgum de Aire, 7 Sept. 1496):--Test. 'ut in carta 1383'."

When on June 20, 1593, the King gave his consent for George Ross to enter the lands of Hanyng as the heir of John Ross of Hanyng, the above 1498 confirmation, which was "done in the burg of Ayr on September 7, 1496", was cited. This is the reason for trying to understand what it says. (I say "try" because my two Latin classes date from 1940 - 1942.)

This is the Ross family of Hanyng in 1496 as I have interpreted what the above says:

GEORGE ROSS, Senior: He and his wife reserve a free tenement, with a widow's third included.
1. George Ross, Junior
...a. James Ross, his son
...b. Charles Ross, his son
...c. Walter Ross, his son
2. John Ross, brother of George Ross, Jr.
3. Gavin Ross, brother of George Ross, Jr.

Gavin Ross, the third brother, has had his protocol books published by the Scottish Record Society, beginning with their March 1907 magazine. His records begin in 1512 and end in 1532. In an effort to establish a time line for him, I am putting his birth circa 1475.

George Ross, Junior, had three sons by 1496. It the first son were born by 1490, I am thinking George, Jr., was probably born circa 1465.......I translate this consent by the King to say that IF George's masculine, legitimate heirs fail (are deficient), then the lands of Hanyng are to go John Ross whose parents are the same as George Ross, Junior's. If John's masculine heirs are deficient, then Hanyng was to go to Gavin Ross......Gavin's protocol books contain much information about the marriage of his brother's George's offpsring. (Upon rereading what I have written, it dawns upon me that I have not searched these protocol books to see if a "John Ross" is ever mentioned.)

This leaves John Ross, the second brother; I am putting his birth as circa 1470.......My research leaves a problem: When one George Ross received the King's consent to the lands of Hanyng in 1593, he cited the above 'infeofamenti' of 1498, and stated that he, George, was the grandson of John Ross, who had not entered the lands of Hanyng as required by law from the month of Feb. 1540 until Jan. 23, 1592........Easily, one can see that George, Jr., in 1498 DID NOT HAVE A SON NAMED "John"!

I now hold the opinion that the George Ross (of 1593) could NOT have been a grandson of the John Ross who was the brother of George Ross, Jr., of 1496. I believe the John Ross he is speaking of, to be the John Ross who just died about 1593, and that he, George Ross, is the son of George Ross (the one who fought at Langside in 1568, but predeceased his father about 1592.)

Does anyone have an idea? You speculations are welcomed. Better yet, a source which would answer the problem would be MOST WELCOMED!

N.B.: I have not looked at the charter numbered as 2383 in order to see who attested for the King in 1498.--W.F.

REGISTRUM SECRETI SIGILLI REGUM SCOTORUM. Volume IV (1548 - 1556), page 195. May 29, 1551.--"Ane Lettir maid to JAMES CAMPBELL of Louchle and DAVID HAMILTOUN of Bothuilehauch, thair airis and assignais, ane or ma, -- of the gift of the nonentres (etc.) of all and hale the tuenty pund land of Hanyng, Ovirlone, Nethirlone, Browis, Reding and Wraithis with touris, fortalices, mylnis, multuris, woddis, fischingis, tennentis (etc.), lyand in the baillierie of Kyle-Stewart within the schirefdome of Air, of all yeris and termes bigane (etc.) sen the deceis of umquhile George Ros of Hanyng or ony uthir (etc.), or be reductioun of quhatsumevir infeftmentis, retowris or sesingis of ony allegit possessouris thairof; and siclike of all yeris and termes tocum ay and quhill (etc.); with the releif thairof quhen it salhappin. With power, etc. (Compositio): ii c markis. Per Signaturam."

N.B.: This record assures us that the long run of years when no one entered (claimed) possession of the twenty pound land of Hanyng began upon the death of George Ross. The question becomes one of "When did George Ross die?"......According to the posting above, "The lands of Hanyng, Co. Ayr, 1496 and 1593", it appears to have been in February 1540. Could the government of Scotland have been that far behind in keeping track of its income?--W.F.

REGISTER OF THE PRIVY COUNCIL OF SCOTLAND. Vol 1 (1545 - 1569), page 406. November 21, 1565.--"Anent the complaintis maid be Johnne Ross of Hanyng, Robert Craufurd of Smidyschaw, Robert Makmillane in Air, Johnne Millar in Alloway, and Johnne Murray in the barony of Uchiltre, makand mentioun that quhair thai wer laitlie chargeit be vertew and at command of the King and Quenis Majesteis lettres, past undir thair subsriptioun and signet, to compeir personalie befoir thair Majesteis and Lordis of thair Secreit Counsall, upoun the sext day nixt eftir the charge, to answer to sic thingis as salbe laid to thair charge, undir the pane of rebellioun and putting of thame to the horne; and gif thair failyeit thairin, the saidis sex dayis being bipast, to put thame to the horne, lyke as at mair lenth is contenit in the saidis lettres; and albeit thai, as guid and obedient subjectis, come to the burgh of Edinburgh within the saidis sex dayis, and that the samyn sex are bipast, and that t!
hai haif awaytit upoun thair calling continewalie sensyne; nevirtheles as yit thai ar nocht callit, bot constrenit to remane thairupoun to thair havie dampnage and skayth; the saidis lettres being producit, dewlie execut and indorsat upoun the saidis personis and diverse utheris, comperit personalie the personis abone nemmit; in repect of quhais comperance the Lordis of Secreit Counsall findis the command of the saidis lettres realie and with effect obeyit, and thairfoir decernis and ordanis the samyn lettres to be put to no forder executioun, and suspendis the effect thairof and horning contenit thairin simpliciter, in all tyme cuming."


REGISTER OF THE GREAT SEAL OF SCOTLAND. Vol. V (1580 - 1593), page 812; June 20, 1593:


The lands of Hanyng, Co. Ayr, 1496 and 1593: The King's 1593 consent

Researched by Walter Farwell  farwellwalter@hotmail.com


"Apud Edinburgh, 20 June 1593.--REX concessit GEORGIO ROS apparenti de Hanyng (filio et heredi apparenti quondam Joannis R. apparentis de H.), heredidam ejus et assignatis, -- terras de Hanyng, Paroche, Ovir-Lone, Nethir- Lone, Bruceroddingis et Wraichis, cum fortalicio, molendinis, silvis, piscationibus, extendentes ad 20 libratas antiqui extentus (reddentes annuatim 2000 merc.), in balliatu de Kile-stewart, vic. Air; -- que in manibus regis fuerant ratione nonintroitus per 52 annos a decessu Joannis Ros avi dicti Geo. (mense Feb. 1540) ad 23 Jan. 1592, prout compertum erat in actione ad instantiam M. Davidis Makgill de Cranstoun-Riddill advocati regis, et
1.--Roberti Ros de Thornetoun donaterii dicti nonintroitus, contra dictum Georgium pretensum hereditarium possessorem, et
2.--Jo. Nemoch,
3, 4.--Jo. et Hugonem Patrikis,
5.--Adamum Cristesoun (vel Chistane),
6.--Joannem Adame,
7.--Jo. Ros,
8, 9.--Jac. Ros seniorem et juniorem,
10.--Nic. Simpsonn,
11.--Wil. Purveyance,
12.--Alex Cott (vel Colt)
13.--Joannem Tailyeour,
14.--Jo. Allane,
15.--Tho. Holmes,
16.--Arch. Harper,
17.--Jo. Geddes,
18.--Jo. Mure,
19.--And. (vel Alex.) Ros,
20.--Steph. Tailyeour,
21.--Hugonem Ros,
22.--Wil. Andersoun,
23.--Gilb. Willok,
24, 25.--Wil. Schaw seniorem et juniorem,
26.--Jac. Sawer et
27.--And. Johnnestoun,

pretensos occupatores earundem, prout in decreto per Alex. Hay de Eistir Kennat registri clericum subscripto, de data 10 Mar. 1592, plenius contentum est; et 25 Apr. 1593 appreciate fuerunt pro firmis preteritis, cum 20 mercis pro expensis litis et 5 lib. collectori dominorum concilii solutis, in toto 38950 lib. 5 sol. 6 den., et pro feodo Joannis Scherar nuncii vicecomitis in hac parte; et dicto Georgio vendite pro 42000 lib. ei debitis per dict. Rob.: -- REDDEND. regi tanquam senescallo Scotie unum par alborum calcarium (pretii 4 den.) nomine albe firme, juxta tenorem antiqui infeofamenti de data apud Striviling, 6 Jun. 1498: -- Test 'ut in aliis cartis &c' ."

N.B.: In the above quote, one reads "reddentes annuatim 2000 merc." A footnote for this says the annual profits were as follows:

1.--The lands of Hanyng within the Ward, 30 bolls meal, 14 bolls bear;
2.--The lands of Hanyng without the Ward, 38 bolls meal, 38 bolls bear;
3.--Gawines-fauld, alias Nemochis-fauld (a pendicle of Hanyng), 6 firlots meal;
4.--Brigend, alias Wobsteris-maling (a pendicle of Hanyng), one boll bear;
5.--Urisbank (a pendicle of Hanyng), 3 bolls meal;
6.--Wodsyde (a pendicle of Hanyng); 5 bolls 2 firlots meal;
7.--The meadows of Hanyng, viz. Dubbis-medow, Paroche-medow and Langboig, 10 bolls bear;
8.--Lands of Paroche, 10 firlots meal;
9.--Five-merk lands of Ovir-Lone, with the pendicles of Mossyde and Clauchraif, 71 bolls meal;
10.--Quhithill (a pendicle of Hanyng), 6 bolls meal, 2 bolls bear;
11.--The mill of Hanyng called the Craig-mylne, 23 bolls meal;
12.--The Toun-end of Nethir-Lone, 6 bolls bear;

----All the above lands, 6 bolls 'multur-beir', 40 merks 'silvir-maill', 15 dozen 'maill-foullis';
----All the above (except the Mains within the Ward), the cutting and ploughing of 24 acres, with 48 harvest-days (money value, including arriage, carriage and service 40 merks);
----The gardens of Hanyng, 20 pounds from 1540 to 1566, and 50 merks from 1565 to 1592
----Grassum and entries for the whole period, 5000 merks;
----Profits of the woods of Hanyng for the whole period (viz. Hanyng-wod, Dummuysdaill, Urisbankis, Craiginconner, Dowbank, Milnbank, Garrochmurebank, and the trees growing on the banks of the streams), 3000 merks.

PRICES from 1540 to 1566, meal 20s., bear 26s. 8d. per boll, fowls 13s. 4d. per dozen; from 1565 to 1592, meal 3 pounds, bear 5 merks per boll, fowls 26. 8d. per dozen.






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