Ayrshire Towns and Parishes

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Due its proximity to Lochranza the history is closely linked to it.



Catacol Hotel The 'Twelve Apostles' View southwards View from the south

The picturesque row of cottages at Catacol 'the twelve apostles (above) were built in the time of the 11th Duke (died 1863) and were completed around the middle 1860s. The cottages were intended for the inhabitants of the old clachan at the head of the small burn (Abhainn Bheag), who were displaced by the clearances. But the people would not live in them and dispersed to other parts of the island. The houses remained empty, known as 'hungry row' for at least two years, until tenants appeared. The clearances were to make way for deer not sheep brought about by the fashion for deer-stalking at the time.







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