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Loch an Eilean (The loch of the island) - Kirktown of Kilbride

The earlier Gaelic name for Holy Isle was Eilean Molaise, Molaise's Island. This became corrupted to Elmolaise, Limolas, and finally Lamlash the name now associated with the adjacent bay and town.  




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Lamlash's population was 1,010 in the 2001 Census. The only secondary school and only hospital in Arran are located in Lamlash.

Lamlash Village lies to the east of the island. The remains of the pre-Reformation Chapel of St Bride, dating from the 14th century, still stand in the Kilbride burial ground in Lamlash. The oldest stone in the churchyard is dated 1603. The present parish Church of Kilbride was built by the 12th Duke of Hamilton and presented to the village in 1884. The former United Free Church ' St George's ' ceased to be used for church services in 1946 but its graceful spire is still a landmark.

In the days of sailing ships, vessels of all sizes sheltered in Lamlash Bay, sometimes several hundred of them.

It was from Lamlash on 25th April 1829, that 12 families, mainly from Sannox (86 in number) sailed on the brig 'Caledonia' for Canada. They were later joined by 4 more families who sailed in the brig 'Albion'. They settled in Megantic County, about 50 miles south of Quebec. The mound on the village green is said to be the spot on which their minister preached his farewell service. In front of Hamilton Terrace is a rock monument, erected by descendants of those who left for Canada, dedicated to the memory of those uprooted by what is better known as 'The Clearances'.






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