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Some Fenwick Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions

Contributed to the Ayrshire Rootsweb mailing List by Bonnie Suchan [suchan@sk.sympatico.ca


I have the Fenwick Churchyard Inscriptions and there are 147 stones. In the Fenwick Cemetery there were only the two. It says in the churchyard that it was in use until the late 19th/early 20th century.and some older stones that had fallen seem to have been removed. (Not good) I'll send you the names here for Dunlop and Craig:


#17. CT by Robert Lindsay, Gardrum, da Marion L d 29.8.1826 1y8m, da Janet L d 5.5.1833 5y,mo Janet CRAIG d 25.9.1833 80y, fa Robert L, late of Gardrum, d Horslybrae, Stewarton, 24.10.1834 76y bro James L, late of ..., d Caldhame, Stewarton 11.9.1835 50, abv Robert L d 27.2.1848 58y da Janet Craig L (h Hugh Dunlop, Clifton)d Clifton 21.10.1869 31y int Worsley Church Yard England, w Mary Hay d 10.5.1870, youngest son John L....Will County, Illinois, America 24.12.1871 33, 1s Robert L d Gardrum 26.1.1876 45.


#19. by Matthew Dunlop j, fm Craigendunton, w Margaret Graham d 31.5.1854 59y, chn Marg D d 14.9.1842 19y, Wm D d Melbourne Australia 7.11.1863 30, Mary D (hus Wm Bicket) d 19.6.1865 46y, ab Matthew D d 13.2.1871 79y, chn Geo D d 4.7.1884 59, James D d 16.12.1895 60y, Jean D (wid of Robert Craig) d 27.8.1898 82y, John D d 18.5.1899 78, Alex D d Holmwood, Victoria 7.2.1902 70, Matthew D d 21.3.1910 83, Martha D (h James McKerrow) d 17.12.1910 81. #20. Crucifix. by Matthew & Agnes Dunlop, late Craigendunton, chn Matthew D d 16.4.1880 7mths, Janet Taylor D d 8.7.1895 12y.


#23. William Dunlop, Benthouse, Marg D d 29.3.1758 4y, Peter d 2.1767 21y, Mary d 20.10.1778 17, James 10.2.1782 17, w Marg Tod d 4.1782 60y. 


#24. by John Dunlop, Benthouse, fa Alex D d 3.4.1863 70y, sis Janet d Meadowhead 17.7.1873 26y, Jane (h John Shaw) d Limekilns 22.6.1896 40; ab John D d Milncroft 25.10.1900 48; Janet Taylor (wid of ab Alex )d Keldrum 19.9.1904 91y, Agnes (wid of Matthew D, Rysland)d 23.8.1912 71.


page missing with plots 43-52


#99 by Andrew Dunlop, farmer Thorn, bro Thomas d 26.7.1855 41, fa Adam d 25.8.1851 85, sis Mary 31.5.1829 17, sis Agnes 24.1.1854 34,, mo Janet Millar 12.7.1858 80; ab Andrew 6.12.1859 43.


#103. by Alexander Watt, fa Rob W, fm Creelaw, 5.11.1853 68, da Agnes W b 8.1823 d inf, s Matthew W d 23.2.1847 16, mo Janet Craig d 27.6.1878 85, w Marg Orr d Greelaw, Fenwick 4.6.1886 51y; ab Alex W d Hollybush Mains, Dalrymple (residence of s Matthew W) 28.10.1906 82.


#106. TS James Dunlop, farmer Brierbush d 22.6.1791 (51)y, w Janet D d 21.6.1831 76, only da Janet d 30.6.1807 19, s James D, fm Brierbush, d 2.3.1835 50, (chn Jane 11.5.1834 15, Mary 7.12.1840 19, Julia Orr D d 24.3.1848 18y, James D, late fm Brierbush, 26.5.1846 30y (chn Veronica Bruce D d 29.4.1848 3 d inf)


#120 by Hugh Craig, Raithburn, chn James C d 9.3.1836 9mths, j Wm Boyd C 7.9.1858 19, Agnes 5.7.1863 22, Marg 1.4.1867 22, John M.B.Craig 5.12.1870 19, abv Hugh 21.7.1881 73, w Marg Boyd 16.3.1885 72, by James Craig, Damhead, chn Andrew C d 14.8.1873 8, Hugh 5.1.1881 17.



#121. James Craig, late fm Riathburn, d 17.3.1806 82. da Jean 19.5.1774 1y, da Barbara 10.1.1789 23, da Agnes 11.4.1790 22, w Ann Pollock d 25.11.1808 76,; James C, late fm Raithburn, d 10.8.1850 88, w Marg Paton 30.7.180 82y, chn Mary 12.12.1856 59y, James 19.12.1856 61.


#125. by James Dunlop, Raithhill 1913 in memory of his forefathers and his family; John Raithhill 11.1723 44y, w Marion Currie 23.141.1750 74y, chn Rob 4y, Wm 1y, Marion 4y, Eliz 16, David 29y (w Martha Wallace d 1798 78y), Marg 25y, John of Laighmuir, 12.6.1798 78; Ann Craig d 18.6.179131y, (hus John D, Raithhill & proprietor Laighmuir, d 1830); John D d 1840 12y, (fa David D, Raithhill, d 1859 74y(fa John D, Laighmuir, s William D a 22y, s Robert d 1860 28y, w Marg Currie d 1886 81y)); James D, Raithhill & Raithburn, chn David 1866 3mths, Andrew 1869 3mths, Wm 1886 5y2m, Lizzie 1887 7y10m.


#126 FS. John Dunlop, Laighmoor, d 12.6.1798 78y; Ann Craig d 18.6.1791 31y (h John D, Raithhill & proprietor Laighmuir, d 1830) [inscription continues with blanks but complete wording is repeated above in No 125, continuing down to Marg Currie]


Listed by Surname


#118. by James Stevenson, Fenwick, chn Jeanie S b 1818 d 1836, Agnes S b 1820 d 1850, John S b 1822 d 1870, Janet S b 1835 d 1875, w Sarah McDougall d 10.11.1875 80y; abv James S d 23.6.1878 89y, s James S d 13.1.1906 93y, s David S d 8.3.1906 81y.

Fenwick Cemetery- modern with only these 2 pre 1855 insc.

#1. Robert Stevenson d at Damback, Fenwick 26.10.1875 79y, w Marion Watson d 24.12.1876 79y, chn Janet inf, Marion d 24.9.1853 25y, Agnes d at East Overhill, Stewarton 18.6.1900 74y, Mary (wid of William Kirkwood, Stanley Moor, Paisley) d at Main Street, Stewarton 24.6.1901 72y, Robert S d at East Overhill, Stewarton 2.9.1901 79y, William S d at Illinois, America 26.6.1905 79y, John farmer East Overhill, d 28.11.1910 78y, Margaret S d at Chelsea Cottage, Stewarton 20.11.1923.

#2. Simon Dalgety Black b 1.1842 d 1.1905.


#109. by Robert Orr, farmer Balgray Mill, fa Robert Orr d 15.2.1826 80y, (1w Janet Man d 1796 50y), mo Helen Young d 19.6.1850 77y, sis Martha O d 1803 2y, w Agnes Vallance d 6.7.1854 44y, da Agnes O d 29.3.1850 4y, s John O d 21.1.1867 16y; abv Robert O d 25.10.1881 in 74y, w Elizabeth Stevenson d 7.12.1918 86y.

#130. Double Headstone. Ellen Dow Orr (h Francis Brown) b 7.3.1839 d 28.11.1866, twin s James Brown b 18.8.1866 d 13.6.1874; William Orr, min of United Presbyterian Church here, b 7.9.1799, ord 2.2.1830, d 15.5.1882, w Eliza Workman b 29.2.1816 d 29.4.1853, chn John O b 22.10.1843 d 23.9.1846, John O b 19.5.1847 d 14.8.1847, Agnes O b 28.8.1848 d 20.3.1850, Mary O b 15.4.1853 d 18.2.(1853).

#132. By John Orr Fulton, uncle John Fulton, constructor of the Orrery now in the Kelvingrove museum, Glasgow, d 18.5.1854 a 54y, mo Agnes Jamieson Orr d 24.5.1860 53y, fa Thomas Fulton d 1.12.1867 60y; ab John Orr Fulton d Orange Free State, S Africa, 14.9.1873 27y.

#102. James Boyd, late farmer Raithmuir, d 3.1.1760 48y; William Fulton, late shoemaker, Fenwick, d 20.4.1810 66y.

#68. John Mackintosh d Kilmarnock 5.6.1870 80y, w Ann Fulton d Kilmarnock 1.4.1877 80y, by chn.

#69. by Daniel McIntosh, South Australia, fa Samuel McIntosh, Bridgend Craufurdland, d 11.3.1851 58y, mo Janet Howie d 16.8.1867 65y, bro ? d 18.2.1868 30y, sis Agnes M (wid of Robert Gemmell) d 11.2.1917 88y.


#113. John Fairlie, for upwards of 55y schoolmaster of this par & elder of this church, d 29.5.1859 82y, w Margaret Burns d 2.1853 77y, chn Margaret F d 26.12.1816 2y6m, Mary Anne F d 19.4.1837 17y, Marion Pollock F d 3.10.1842 33y.


#101. Double Headstone. William Taylor, late fm Dalraith, d 5.2.1840 63y, w Isabella Stevenson d 20.4.1849 68y, s John d 15.2.1854 43y, s Matthew d 18.5.1854 29y,; James T d 18.12.1891 82y, w Agnes Fulton d Dalraith 13.3.1879 67y, s James T, Millwright, d 28.4.1893 41y, (da Jeanie Gilmour Taylor d 25.4.1893 8y).

#34. Jean Taylor (h James Tannahill, (Aikenh---)) d 4.1.1727 57y.


#136. TS. Burial Place of John Tannahill, port Fenwick kirk, s John d 6.7.17?2 a 6m, James T b 7.2.1797 d 22.2.1797, John T b 7.4.1793 d 30.4.1806, w Janet Dykes d 3.1808 ---, Janet T b ?.1.1802 d 12.7.181?; ab John T d 13.1.1857 88y, da Margaret T Anderson d 5.2.1884 80y.

#33. by Jean Armour, h Alexander Murdoch d 24.6.1887 67y, fa Hector Armour d 1853 79y, mo Jean Tannahill d 1848 67y; ab Jean A d 7.10.1899.

#146. Wall Plague in Church. John Nimmo, Elder of Fenwick Kirk, gifted to this parish 3.11.1738 six communion cups which cost 621 merks. He also left to the poor at his death 16.11.1741, 1200 merks, a 78y.

#147. WP on church wall. WM 1649.  


#1 James Howie d 1744 a ---s to James---& Agnes Wilson.

#105. TS (Fenwick Covenanter)(confusing inscription) John Howie, Lochgoin d 9.4.1754 a 54y, s John H, 1w & 2chn, s John H, Lochgoin, author of the Scots Worthies and other publications, d 5.1.1793 57y (w Janet H. d 1.4.1815 76y, s John H d 9.1792 a (30)y, chn d inf).

#111. 1846 by James Howie, Burnhouses, fa James H, Burnhouses, b Drumtee 13.1.1766 d Burnhouses 3.5.1843 (w Elizabeth Lindsay b 1776 d 3.10.1860) s Hugh H d 5.2.1848 4y; ab James H d Burnhouses 15.5.1850 a 52y, w Agnes Young b 30.9.1807 d 16.2.1872, s John H b 18.1.1833 d near Cambridge, Auckland, New Zealand 15.8.1868.

#112. TS (Fenwick Covenanter) James Howie, Lochgoin, d 19.5.1691, 1s John H d 29.6.(1795(?)) a 90y (gs James H, Drumtee, d 21.9.1802 60y, (s William H, Craignuntors, d 27.1.1802 62y, s John H, (Rush---), d 18.1.1859 78y, s Sammuel H, Drumtee, d 14.5.1862 90y (wid Jane Lindsay d 4.1867 80y)).


#107. (Fenwick Covenanter) Reerected by the Christian Public 1853-
Captain John Paton, late in Meadowland of this parish, who suffered martyrdom in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh 9.5.1684. He was a honour to his country; on the continent, at Pentland, Drumclog and Bothwell his heroic conduct truly evinced the gallant officer, brave soldier and true patriot. In social and domestic life he was an ornament. A pious Christian and a faithful witness for truth in opposition to the encroachments of tyrannical and despotic power in church and state. Int Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh, this is burying place of family and descendants.

#108. by James Paton and Agnes Young, late farmer Hillhouse, Kilmarnock, fa John P. fm Hillhouse, d 18.4.1855 a 47y, mo Margaret Morton d 2.9.1889 80y, bro John P d inf, s William Stewart P d 11.8.1866 a 2y, s James P d 3.3.1871 a 3y, s William Stewart P d 28.12.1887 a 19y.


#110. TS James Fowlds, Laighmuir, d 13.2.1748 69y, w Mary Taylor (gda of Capt Paton, Meadowhead), s Matthew F, Mason & Wright, Greystone-knowe, d 1791 (w Sarah Brown d Greystoneknowe 7.1806, s Matthew F, weaver Greystonknowe, d 1820 58y (w Mary Smith d 13.6.1849 a 66y, s George F d 26.11.1830 a 18y)) William Craig, farmer Lowerbridgend, Mauchline, d Greystoneknowe, 22.1.1876 86y.

#144. by John Fowlds, senior, late fm Heirla---; fa James F d a in 78y, mo Jane Boyle d a in 52y; Janet Gemmell d 2.8.1808 a 77y, h John Fowlds d 5.?.?---.


#2. by Matthew Gemmell, Wyllieland, chn William G d 2.1.1836 a 4y, David G d 1.2.1846 a 3y, Marion G d 1.3.1849 a 3y, Janet G d 20.12.1853 a 13y, Jean G d 12.6.1855 a 25y; ab Matthew G d 14.2.1866 a 69y, w Jean Dickie d 28.7.1884 a 82y.

#3. by William Gemmell, fm Wyllielands, s John G d 6.11.1809 a in 21y, David G d 23.11.1825 a 22y, w Jean Muir d 2.2.1835 a 74y; ab William G d 9.11.1837 a 76y.

#4. James Dickie, Horsehill, d 14.6.1773 a 45y, w Margaret Gemmell d 10.12.1810 78y.

#6. by Alexander Gemmell, Muirside, w Mary McTaggart d 22.8.1821 63y, da Mary G d 6.4.1814 15y; ab Alexander G d 23.5.1832. Stone restored 1897 by grt gs John Leiper G, Writer, Glasgow.

#7. ---s John d 9.1787 19y, s Hugh d 28.8.1786 17y.

#11. TS. Thomas Gemmill, Dalsraith, d 8.4.1695 38y (initials - TG MG)

#31. by John Gemmell, w Margaret Frazer d 1812 58y, s David G d Rio de Janeiro 1822 29y.

#38. 1692 IG EH. (maybe Gemmells)

#39. Flat stone. 1684 DG (maybe Gemmell)

#40. by Peter Gemmell, (Natchez) North---, bro William G d 1.1830 30y, bro & siss 2 Johns, Janet & Ann G all d inf.

#53. Andrew Gemmell, fm High Gainford, d 11.7.1880 80y, w Christina Whyllie d 8.2.1888 80y, s John G d 6.1845 3y.

#54. (Fenwick Covenanter)
Here lies the corps of Peter Gemmell who was shot to death by Nisbet and his party 1685 for bearing his faithful testimony to the cause of Christ. aged 21 years
This man like holy Auchorits of old For conscience sake was thrust from house and hold Blood thirsty redcoats cut his prayers short And ev'n his dying groans were made their sport Or blood they crime will be thy punishment.
(on reverse) David Gemmell, Wyllieland, d 19.1.1758 62y, w Mary Young d 1.1.1774 70y, s David G d 4.7.1767 24y, s Matthew G d Midtown 14.5.1791 48y, (da Agnes G d 16.7.1806 near 17y, s Matthew G d 1.12.1814 23y).

#135. John Gemmell, Dumboy, d 1.175? 8?y.---

#139. Peter Gemmell, fa John G, late fm High Todhill, Fenwick, d 14.12.1833 76y, bro Hugh G d 9.1.1812 7mths, mo Elizabeth G d 7.7.1856 76y, w Janet Orr d 20.5.1872 a 75y,; Janet Young (h Alexander G, Tannacrieff) d 24.8.1879 68y, Alexander G, late fm HighTannacrieff, d 11.9.1882 85y; ab Peter d 29.10.1882 79y.

Fulton   Galt   Beencroft 


#5. Robert Boyd Fulton d 24.8.1838 25y.

#26. William Cuthbertson, farmer Toponthank, Kilmarnock (fa the late William C, farmer Burnfoot, Fenwick) d 23.4.1833 67y, two s d inf, s George C d 27.12.1845 45y, s William C d 6.3.1853 59y int Kilmaurs, da Jean C d 9.1.1853 ?8y int Riccarton, w Barbara Galt d 16.5.1853 84y int here.

#72. Allan Galt d 5.2.1873 84y, 1w Margaret Galt d 26.3.1842 46y, da Margaret G d 26.11.1856 5y, 2w Mary Rose d Manchester 23.8.1881 72y.

#73. John -----

#85. Thomas ---; James Beancroft d 1.3.1805 21y int Stewarton; Beancroft family burial place.




#13. by James Lindsay, farmer Pokelly, fa John L, late Auchentiber, d Broadland, Stewarton 26.2.1844 76y, mo Agnes Craig d 16.5.1842 67y.

#14. by James Lindsay, late farmer Craigends, s John L d 18.2.1854 34y, w Agnes L d 15.12.1855 59y; ab James L d 21.7.1860 75y.

#15. Thomas Lindsay d Kilmarnock 25.10.1825 80y, w Janet L d 1.5.1811 50y, chn Ann d 12.6.1822 21y, Janet d 8.7.1822 31y, James d 17.10.1856 63y, Elizabeth d 1.4.1862 63y.

#16. James Lindsay, farmer High (Clarsh---), d 1.7.1778 8?y, w Janet Gemmel d 8.3.1754 45y, chn Jean, Andrew, John & Andrew L.

#17. (already posted) by Robert Lindsay

#18. TS John Lindsay, lived in ---1645, d 1700, descendeant Robert L, fm Brunland, d 1768 (2s James L, fm (Broderland), Stewarton, d 1.1795 78y, 1s David L d Tryburn 6.1795 80y (1s John L, late farmer Tryburn, d 9.1827 82y (w Janet Mason d 3.1828 79y)) Inscribed by Robert L. Gardrum, & John L, Tryburn (1s of John L).

#64. Ob by John Gilmour, Townhead, fa James G d 25.11.1871 71y, mo Agnes Calderwood d 5.8.1847 39y (3 chn d inf), w Jeannie Lindsay d 18.3.1916 62y, s James G d Glenleitch 2.12.1883 9mths.




#9. by Jean Brown, fa John Brown d 1776 48y, bro John B d 1786 22y, h George Graham d 1830 62y, da Christian G d 1824 26y, da Martha G d 1813 6y.

#21. Matthew Brown (fa Andrew Brown, Brierbush) d Craigie Mains 7.11.1827 74y.


#94. by Mary Cameron, h John Brown 1820 - 1859, s John Brown 1854-1874; ab Mary C 1816-1892; Jean Brown 1795-1845, h William Cameron 1789-1868, s William C 1829-1895 ( w Agnes Wall 1843-1920) of Langside and Townend of Fenwick.

#92. WP 1822, by James Love, Moorend, mo Elizabeth Kerr d 7.1.1804 77y, aunt Marrion K d 29.7.1807 75y, uncle-in-law Robert Brown, Moorend, d 20.4.1815 90y, s Robert L d 5.2.1851 26y.

#74. Ob. Mary Brown b 26.9.1800 d 5.6.1879, h Andrew Watson d 12.11.1853 63y int Riccarton; Isabella Watson b 14.6.1840 d 27.9.1900; James Ritchie b 10.9.1799 d 18.3.1881; Marion Brown b 25.10.1805 d 28.7.1870; Andrew Watson d Torquay 23.7.1916; John Brown b 4.9.1807 d 28.10.1808; Gavin Brown b 1.3.1817 d 25.3.1823; John Brown b 16.4.1778 d 2.7.1857; Jean Tod b 1.1.1779 d 14.9.1852; Jeanie Watson b 27.9.1834 d 29.11.1894.


#28. by John Bicket, farmer Bruntland, s Robert B, MA, Preacher of the Gospel, d 30.8.1871 26y; ab John B d 29.7.1882 82y, 1w Elizabeth Picken d 10.1.1840 37y, 2w Martha Paton d 15.3.1886 83y.

#84. Ob Jean Wilson d 24.2.1858 27y, h Robert Borland (s Robert B d 1.11.1864 10m, s James B d 24.1.1883 23y, s John B d 9.6.1891 36y); Alexander B, merchant Fenwick, d 25.12.1875 74y, w Janet Bicket d 18.8.1883 80y, da Margaret B d 9.3.1846 10y, 6 chn d inf.

#124. David Muir, Skerneland, d 1824 74y, w Janet Brown d 1842 72y, s David M d 1886 94y (w Jean Bicket, w Janet Geffen, da Janet M d 11m); David M junr d Low Rushaw, Kilmarnock, 26.4.1895 63y chn Jane M, Robert M, Agnes M & Janet M (h W Cunningham, da Jessie) w Agnes Currie int Mouswald.


##70. TS IM MG (1711); William Mithchell, Beaucroft, w & chn; William M, Darwhilling, d 14.1.1797 42y.

#71. TS Alexander Mitchell, Darwhilling, d 2.2.1817 25y.

#96. Headstone & FS Alexnder Mitchel, Darwhinlling, d 29.1.1795 80y, 1w Janet Wyllie d 6.1758 33y. (FS) WW1685TW JF1699HS 1722 WW1727 MB17??
Alexander McCredie (young - s of Thomas M) int (Glasgow) d Darwhinlling 29.5.1830 19y, w Sarah Gemmel (fa Peter G)


#75. FS by James Wallace, fa Stephen W---

#76. CT by William Wallace, portioner Blackslaw, Stewarton, 1w Agnes Faulds d 21.2.1753 56y, s John W d 10.6.1754 28y; John F d 15.9.1758 91y; Agnes W (h John Young) d 29.6.1761 31y; Agnes Brown (2w to ab William W) d 18.12.1770 60y; ab William W d 13.3.1774 71y; Ann Alexander d 10.8.1827 31y, h James W, farmer Damhead, d 29.6.1835 56y, da Mary W (h James Dickie, Horsehill) d 28.1.1854 31y; Annie Wylie d 9.4.1854 28y, h William Wallace (fa ab James W) d Donald, Victoria, Australia, 16.11.1893 70y, da Agnes W d 29.11.1922 70y.

#79. Stephen Wallace, late mason, Fenwick, d 4.2.1833 80y, w Elizabeth Tannahill d 24.3.1829 66y, da Jean W d 10.1790 2y, s George W d 4.1799 4y, s James W int Paisley d there 11.1831 a 49y, s Robert W d 21.2.1841 ---,

#80. John Wallace, Glashough, elder in par, d 26.4.1770 78y, w Janet Young d 4.4.1784 77y, s Alexander W d Neilston 8.11.1795 63y, 1s Matthew W d 27.12.1805 75y.

#81. TS William Wardrop, late fm Newton, Loudon, d Galston 24.8.1822 81y, w Mary Walker d 18.1.1831 86y; James W late fm Pokelly, d 26.10.182(5) 80y, w Mary Lyle d 12.11.18(3)1 82y; Mary Wallace (h John Wardrop) d 15.12.1859 67y, s James W d 12.6.1815 7y, by John L W, fa John W, late fm Pokelly, d 9.9.1816 68y.


#114. Matthew Howat d 9.10.1784 91y, w Jean Finlay d 27.12.1761 70y; John Muir d 1775 93y, Matthew M, shoemaker, d 26.12.1813 75y.

#116. WP by Jasper Howat, fa Robert H d 13.12.1797 60y, mo Elizabeth Wyllie d 21.1.1773 (23), 2 chn d inf; ab Jasper d 13.4.1849 80y, w Elizabeth Young d 27.11.1862 69y.







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