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Galston Old Views

Galston Barr Castle 1890.jpg (83115 bytes) Galston Milrig House 1890.jpg (134164 bytes) Galston Cessnock Castle.jpg (131986 bytes) Galston Dale St 1890.jpg (1115052 bytes) Galston Orchard St .jpg (831971 bytes)
Barr Castle 1890 Milrig House 1894 Cessnock Castle Wallace Street and Polworth Street Orchard Street
Galston Bridge St .jpg (777571 bytes) Galston Holmes 1900.jpg (1131871 bytes) Galston Longhouse 1894.jpg (986307 bytes) Galston Parish Church.jpg (1186305 bytes) Galston Tichfield St.jpg (1129542 bytes)
Bridge Street Holmes 1900 Longhouse 1894 Parish Church Tichfield Street








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