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Old Views of Newmilns 

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Newmilne_COOP_fire.jpg (33434 bytes)

Newmilns_1894.jpg (44198 bytes) Newmilns_Angel_Inn_Corner.jpg (20721 bytes) Newmilns_Angel_Inn.jpg (33633 bytes) Newmilns_auld_toonfuit.jpg (19226 bytes)
  Co-op Fire 1908  1894  Angel Inn Corner The Angel Inn   Auld Toonfuit

Newmilns_Bedlam.jpg (21245 bytes)

Newmilns_Commercial_Hotel.jpg (32215 bytes) Newmilns_Cross.jpg (34455 bytes) Newmilns_Horse__Cart.jpg (25270 bytes) Newmilns_Loudoun_Parish_Kirk.jpg (35443 bytes)
  Bedlam 1895 Commercial Hotel   The Cross   Horse & Cart  1890s  Parish Kirk 1850

Newmilns_Morton_Hall.jpg (35538 bytes)

Newmilns_railway_hotel.jpg (20923 bytes) Newmilns_The_long_entry.jpg (30032 bytes) Newmilns_wincey_mill.jpg (38961 bytes) Newmilns_Darvel_Road.jpg (15573 bytes)
  Morton Hall Railway Hotel  The Long Entry Wincey Mill 1880s Darvel Road 1890s



This link goes directly to the OLD MAPS website for a detailed old map of the town around 1860. You can explore out to all sides by using the arrows at the top of the page. These maps are ideal for finding the locations of areas such as farms.








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