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Some deaths in Stevenston mainly between 1747 1820 in OPR

Transcribed by Mairi Frew  mairifrew@aol.com 


AULD James son to Thomas Auld cooper in Stev. D. 19 April 1762

AULD Jane in Townhead of Saltcoat d. 18 March 1748

AULD Janet daughter to Alex Auld coalheaver d. 19 April 1770

AULD Janet daughter to Michael Auld  Townhead of Saltcoats d. 14 Feb 1749

AULD Janet spouse to Robert ESDALE d. 30 Aug 1772

AULD Janet spouse to Thos JOHNSTONE d. 22 Jan 1764

AULD Mathew son to Mathew Auld sailor d. 29 March 1770

AULD Thos. Son to Thos Auld cooper in Stev. D. by accident 28 May 1750

AULD William son to Alex Auld coalheaver d. 24 April 1770

AULD William son to Mathew Auld sailor d. 12 April 1770

AULD Alex d. 24 Sept 1792

AULD Ann in Boglemart d. 27 May 1778

AULD David in Corsecraigs? D. 19 March 1788

AULD David son to Robert Auld and Janet Howie d. 4 Dec 1786

AULD David son to Robert Auld coalheaver d. 7 Nov 1782

AULD George sailor in Saltcoats d. 23 Feb 1795

AULD George son to Michael Auld in Townhead d. 3 Nov 1774

AULD Isabel daughter to Robert Auld coalheaver d. 28 Oct 1782

AULD Jane daughter to Mathew Auld sailor d. 27 Nov 1791

AULD Robert son to Alexander Auld d. 19 Jan 1788

AULD Robert son to James Auld wright d. 25 Nov 1774

AULD George merchant in Saltcoats d. 4 Aug 1776


Robert Bicket / Janet Jeffery's son Robert d. 26/9/1902 age 35 the above Robert Bicket. d. 27/3/1912 in his 69th year and Jane Jeffery d. 19/12/1927


CUNNINGHAM Margaret daughter to John Cunninghame salt officer d. 26 Sept 1750

CUNNINGHAME Frances son to John Cunninghame Salt officer? D. 23 Sept. 1749

CUNNINGHAME George son to George Cunninghame sailor in Stev. D. 13 Jan 1768

CUNNINGHAME Hugh, sailor d. 28 May 1765

CUNNINGHAME Janet daughter to John Cunninghame salt officer d. 21 Feb 1754

CUNNINGHAME Janet spouse to Alex WRIGHT sailor d. 27 Jan 1761

CUNNINGHAME John son to David Cunninghame shipmaster d. 9 June 1758

CUNNINGHAME Margaret widow in Saltcoats d. 15 May 1762

CUNNINGHAME Mary daughter to David Cunninghame shipmaster in Saltcoats d. 17 Feb 1754

CUNNINGHAME Robert sailor in Saltcoats d. 17 September 1749

CUNNINGHAME William shoemaker in Saltcoats d. 22 Sept 1763

CUNNINGHAME, Adam d. 26 April 1747

CUNNINGHAM Helen daughter to George Cunningham d. 14 July 1778

CUNNINGHAM John saltwatchman? In Saltcoats d. 25 Jan 1777

CUNNINGHAM William son to David Cunningham d. 13 March 1795


DYET Elizabeth spouse to John Dyet a brazer d. 20 Nov 1760

DYET John brazer d. 26 Dec 1772

DYET John son to John Dyet d. 23 Feb. 1770

DYET Robert natural son to Robert Dyet and Janet PINKERTON d. 17 March 1761

DYET Robert son to Robert Dyet d. 24 July 1772

DYET John weaver in Stev. D. 5 March 1816

DYET Magdalen daughter to Thomas Dyet d. 16 Dec 1799

DYET Robert brazer d. 12 April 1774


ESDALE James son to William Esdale coalheaver in Stevenston d. 1 March 1762

ESDALE David son to William Esdale coalheaver in Stev. D. 2 Oct 1787

ESDALE John son to William Esdale Jnr. Coalheaver d. 6 May 1782

ESDALE Robert son to Robert Esdale coalheaver d. 29 Jan 1781

ESDALE Robert son to Robert Esdale coalheaver d. Dec 1787

ESDALE William coalheaver in Stevenston d. 26 Feb 1790

ESDALE William collier in Stev. D. 22 April 1820


FREW Alex son to John Frew servant in Grange d. 26 Aug 1812

FREW John coalheaver in Stevenston killed by accident 27 Oct 1812

FREW Agnes spouse to David Marshall coalheaver d. 10 Jan 1774

FREW Catherine daughter to David Frew d. 7 May 1818

FREW David coalheaver in Stev. D. 13 March 1814

FREW James son to William Frew a smith d. 14 Oct 1781

FREW John son to deceased John Frew in Stev. D. 2 May 1816

FREW Mary daughter to John Frew coalheaver d. 28 March 1810

FREW Robert coalheaver d. 7 April 1799

FREW Thomas coalheaver in Stevenston d. 26 April 1773

FREW William son to David Frew Stev. D. 7 May 1807

FREW William son to William Frew smith d. Apr 1782


HOWIE Euphamie daughter to Anthony Howie coalheaver d. 22 Jan 1751

HOWIE John son to John Howie workman in Stevenston d. 26 Jan 1749

HOWIE Margaret daughter to Hugh Howie coalheaver d. 24 July 1752

HOWIE Margaret relect of Mathew GREY d. 29 Aug 1764

HOWIE Peter in Stevenston d. 10 Sept. 1763

HOWIE, Marian and Euphamie daughters of Anthony Howie coalheaver d. July 1747

HOWIE Alexander wright in Stevenston d. 14 Jan 1798


JAMPHRA Andrew son to David Jamphra coalheaver d. 16 March 1766

JAMPHRA Jane daughter of Robert Jamphra Coalheaver d. 22 Jan 1770

JAMPHRA William son to David Jamphra d. 8 Jan 1770

JAMPHRA Andrew son to Andrew Jamphra d. 9 Aug 1787

JAMPHRA Robert coalheaver d. 12 Feb 1792

JAMPHRA Robert son to David Jamphra d. 22 March 1795


JEFFREY Alex son to Andrew Jeffrey d. 30 Nov 1818

JEFFREY Alexander son to Andrew Jeffrey d. 30 Nov 1818

JEFFREY Isabel spouse to John Watchman d. 9 Jan 1812


Jeffery, Andrew coalheaver in Stevenston d. 30 March 1780

Jeffery, Andrew Jeffery's child d. 14 April 1812

Jeffery, Andrew Jeffery's child d. 24 May 1802

Jeffery, Andrew Jeffery's child d. 5 July 1816

Jeffery, Ann widow in Stevenston d. 5 Jan 1803

Jeffery, Anne daughter to Joseph Jeffery d. 23 Oct 1790

Jeffery, Anne Jeffery's child d. 1 Jan 1802

Jeffery, David in Muirhouse d. 13 Sept 1820

Jeffery, Isobel d. 27 March 1837

Jeffery, James son to Andrew Jeffery coalheaver in Stevenston d. 26 May 1748

Jeffery, James son to Isabel Smith d. 25 Dec. 1801

Jeffery, Janet child of David Jeffery d. 23 May 1779

Jeffery, John son to Robert Jeffery coalheaver d. 2 August 1757

Jeffery, Joseph coalheaver d. 17 March 1815

Jeffery, Robert Jeffery's child d. 24 Decv 1820

Jeffery, Robert son to Isabel Smith died by accident at Glasgow May 12 1798

Jeffery, son of David Jeffery died by accident 12 Dec 1795

David Jeffery d. 31/12/1903 age 73 and his niece Mary Jeffery d. 25/12/1916 age 51.


Kilpatrick, Lilias spouse to D. McDonald d. 23 Feb 1810


Lochrigg, John son to Lyon Lochrigg d. 5 November 1779

Lochrigg, Lyon d. 15 July 1830

Lochrigg, Mary daughter of Lyon Lochrigg shoemaker d. 17 April 1785


LOVE Jane widow in Stevenston d. 8 Feb 1770

LOVE Robert natural son to Robert Love and Margaret KING d. 6 Dec 1758


Mackie, Ann daughter to Robert Mackie collier d. 1 Sept 1765

Mackie, Mary daughter to Robert Mackie collier d. 8 May 1762


RAESIDE Jane died in Dreghorn buried here July 20 1756


REID Janet spouse of John CUNNINGHAME d. 8th Aug 1748


SERVICE George in Bogend son to James Service d. 10 May 1749

SERVICE George in Longford in Kill d. 17 April 1749

SERVICE John son to Alex Service and Janet BARCLAY in Stevenston d. 6 June 1749

SERVICE Margaret daughter to George Service shipmaster in Saltcoats d. 13 Jan 1754


SKEOCH Thomas son to William Skeoch in Glen???? 14 Nov 1752


SPENCE Isabel spouse to Andrew JAMPHRA coalheaver in Stevenston d. 15 April 1749             


THOM William weaver in Stevenston d. 13 Jan 1814


Watchman, Archibald coalheaver d. 14 July 1815

Watchman, Archibald coalheaver d. 23 April 1829

Watchman, Archibald son to John Watchman d. 16 July 1814

Watchman, Archibald Watchman's child d. 21 April 1818

Watchman, Robert son to Archibald Watchman d. 14 Sept 1821








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