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  The Scotch-Irish

(note that various people highlight that this should really by Scots - but that is the book title)

Hanna, Charles A. The Scotch-Irish: The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland, and North America Vol.1 New York, NY: G. P. Putnam, 1902.

This large and informative overview of the history of the Scots-Irish outlines the most noteworthy events of Scottish history. This database acquaints you with this group as they appear in North Britain, North Ireland, and North America. The record mentions many prominent Scots-Irish individuals in the revolutionary war and other parts of American history, as well as lengthy discussions of the Great Plantation of Ulster

Searches carried out for the following words in the book:-


Ayr and Ayrshire    Wallace    Castle  

Eglinton    Glencairn    Boyd    Bruce  

Kennedy    Burns    Covenanters  

Emigrants    Reformation    Vikings






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