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The International Genealogical Index (IGI)

Compiled by the Church of the Latter day Saints ( Mormon Church)

The IGI is an index to pre-1900 (approx) of birth, christening and marriage records, taken mainly from the Old Parish Registers (OPR) and other statutory registers.

It is arranged in shires e.g. Ayrshire, then alphabetically by name, then by the date of the event.

Each entry indicates type of event (i.e. B=birth, C=christening, and M=Marriage), and the place of the event. For births and christenings the parents' names are given, for marriage the spouce's name is listed.

The IGI for Scotland contains over 5,000,000 entries, unfortunately it contains no death or burial information.


Entries  for Scotland on Microfiche held at various locations. The Dick and Baird Institutes, North Ayrshire Local Library ( complete GB and Ireland).  The Mitchell Library has Family Search made up of 33 CDs covering the world, it also has Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales on Microfiche.


Internet web site - Search for ancestors:- http://www.familysearch.org./


Internet Sites to help with your Searching

1 - Scottish Parishes with Parish Numbers and IGI Batch Numbers. This list is produced by the Perthshire FHS and is one of the best for all of Scotland. It provides the both the Parish number and Batch. Also, check out the home page - it has lots of goodies.



2 - The Forbes Family History Group Inc. This is an absolute MUST for EVERYBODY! Even if you are not interested in Batch Numbers. Without doubt one of the finest genealogical sites on the Net today. The title of the page is NEWBIES HELPING NEWBIES and has loads of free technical advice including amazing free (you don't have to pay Al!) useful software. Ya gotta go there! Leave it to the Land of Oz to produce a real winner :-)



3 - The LDS FamilySearch© Website: Using The Batch Numbers. An excellent article by Fawne Stratford-Devai from the Global Gazette. There are other articles which can be found by doing a search from the Home Page.





You may find the following of interest when checking entries on the IGI.......Thanks to Jenny Myers for posting this on the Ayrshire Mailing List


Batch numbers beginning with A, L, M17, M18,T0, T90, 69409- indicate LDS Temple records and have limited access.

Batch numbers beginning with C, E, J, K, M (except M17 and M18), P, T5, 725, 744, 745, 754- indicate extracted birth, christening or marriage record.

E- Batches: Replace the "E" with an " M" and find the "M-" batch number in the IGI Batch Number Index.

T-5-Batches: Just above the IGI entry with a "T-5-" batch number, you will find a nearly identical IGI entry with a different batch number. Use that
batch number to find the source.

725-, 745-, and 754- Batches: These batches are extracted indexes, usually with no more information. Names may be listed alphabetically ...Surnames A -
O are on film 543896. P - Z are on film 543897."

Batch numbers beginning with F, T96, T998, T9990, and all digit numbers such as 8434961 [except beginning with 725-, 744-, 745-, 754- as above] are forms
submitted to the Ancestral File by individuals. They may be a Family Group Record, an Individual Entry or Marriage Entry. The microfilms can be ordered
and photocopies can be made. Submitters' names and addresses may be outdated.

F- Batches: Check the forms to understand the data. Some information is estimated or added and may be different from what you expect.

T96- Batches: This is a correction to an existing record. 




Tips for searching :-

1. " Quite by accident I came across another way of searching the IGI. I was looking for an ancestor who was born in 1848 but no combination of child orchild+parents or +mother's name etc gave any results. Quite by accident I typed a given name but only the first letter of the Surname followed by a full stop (don't ask me how I did it - I was getting crossed eyed by this time) but low and behold I came up with a whole lot of Andrew's with only the first letter of the surname. It would appear that the rest of the surname was not legible. All of the entries contained dates and places of birth. I then tried the same format on a few other given names - same result, lots of names and information. This method was new to me and maybe others don't know of it either. I viewed a couple of records and those that I did contained either a father's given name or a mother's name. As I knew the year of my ancestor's birth I was able to isolate one which could possibly be my ancestor. It's worth a try. Nothing else had worked up to this point. "


** Many of the Scottish OPR baptismal entries have only the father's name, so that if you do a search on the combined father and mother, the computer search will not find those solely under the father. That is one of a number of ways in which a search can miss people. Others include first name errors, variant spellings of surnames (the IGI treats Craigmile and Craigmyle as two different surnames when in Scotland they are two spellings of the same name!), and so on. If you know where a family were living, it is often best to view the OPR film for yourself and look for a child approx. every two years. the father's occupation and residence may help pin them down, though farm workers tended to move around a lot. Hope that helps.

Gordon Johnson.





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