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Some Ayrshire Births in 1855

Some Births transcribed from Birth Certificates 

Many thanks to George M. McCaig , in Dwight, Ontario, Canada. For transcribing these. 


They are displayed in the following format :- 

Name of Child and date of birth

Where born

Father's name, trade, age, place of birth

Mother's name, trade (if any), age, place of birth

Year and place of marriage




Isobel Russell, March 4

Darvel, Loudoun

John Russell, Master Shoemaker, 37, Darvel

Barbara Mair, 32, Whiteside, Galston

1842, Darvel


Mary Boyd, January 20

Alstonpopple, Loudoun

William Boyd, Cotton weaver, 23, Galston

Margaret Paterson, 22, Newmilns, 1 st child

1855 Alstonpopple


William Archibald, February 18

Newmilns, Loudoun

William Archibald, Cotton Weaver, 31, Strathaven

Agnes Morton, 31, Newmilns

1844, Newmilns


Alexander Abbott, March 9


Joseph Abbott, Overseer, 31, Galston

Jean Mair, 29, Galston

1841, Galston


Marion Richmond, February 28


William Richmond, Muslin Weaver, 54, Newmilns

Marion Morton, 37, Newmilns

1848, Newmilns (2 nd marriage for him)


William Wagstaff, June 23

Greenhead, Newmilns

Agnes Wagstaff, Housekeeper, 32, Isles, Newmilns


John McColl, July 7


Hugh McColl, Blacksmith, 31, Lanarkshire,

Jean Logan, 32, Strathaven

1845, Strathaven


Hugh Richmond, June 23


James Richmond, Shoemaker Journeyman, 32, Newmilns

Helen Young, 20, Greenholm, Galston, Her 1st child

1855, Greenholm, Galston


Andrew Muir, July 4

High Street, Newmilns

William Muir, Muslin Weaver, 39, Galston

Mary Howie, 39, Newmilns

1836, Newmilns


Michael Lumsden, July 5

Main Street, Newmilns

Michale Lumsden, Ag. Lab., 24, Newmilns

Janet Fairservice, 27, Stonehouse

1851, Lesmahagow


Alexander Torbett, November 29

Church Lane, Loudoun

Alexander Torbett, Coal Miner, 39, Ballylomin (?) Ireland

Mary Greenwood, 32, Ballylomin, Ireland

1845, Ballylomin


James Pollock, November 20,


John Pollock, Coal Carter, 26, Newmilns

Jean Young O'Connell, 22, Kilmarnock

1852, Newmilns


Andrew Richmond, December 14


David Richmond, Carrier's Carter, 23, Darvel

Mary Cook, 19, Arran, 1st child

1855, Darvel


Marion Mackie, December 1

Square, Darvel

Hugh Mackie, Sawyer Saw Mill, 36, Hamilton

Marion Walker, 46, Lesmahagow

1848, Darvel




June McClimont, May 13


James McClimont, Merchant, 29, Mauchline

Mary Farra, 28, Yorkshire

1851, Hampshire


Janet Wyllie Richmond, May 25

Darkefield (?) Mauchline

William Richmond, Farmer, 28, Mauchline

Janet Nairn, 28, Stewarton

1849, Mauchline


Robert Nisbet, June 3

Glenhall, Mauchline

Hugh Nisbet, Labourer, 31, Kilmarnock

Elizabeth Lambie, 39, Craigie

1845 Craigie


Jane Connel Kilgour, June 8


Hugh W. Kilgour, Teacher, 36, Monaghan, Ireland

Mary McQueen, 24, Mauchline

1855 Kilmarnock


Helen Cook, June 6


George Cook, Wright, 35, Sorn

Jean Strathdee, 30, Tarbolton

1844 Tarbolton




John Howat, May 12

Rottenrow, Ochiltree

Mungo Howat, Farmer, Diseton (?), Auchinleck

Jane Richmond, 30, Bilbow, Mauchline

1844 Bilbow


John Reid, May 12

Gibston, Ochiltree

Thomas Reid, Farmer,65,Creoch-Hill, Ochiltree

Wilhelmina Inglis, 29,Capelhall, Bothwell

1848, Gibston, Ochiltree


Sarah Vallance, June 11

Loudonston, Ochiltree

John Vallance, Farmer, 40, Ochiltree

Jane Robb, 40, Hindsward, Old Cumnock

1850, South Palmerston, Ochiltree


Jane Telfer Black, June 10

Laigh Mains, Ochiltree

James Black, Mason, 40, Cairnford, Ochiltree

Anna Kirk, 25, Light-house,Island of Pladda

1848, Sunnyside, Ochiltree


Margaret McIlraith Clark, June 18


Thomas Clark, Farm Servant, 37, Dalmellington

Martha Wilson, 29, Lorg Dalry (?) Kirkcudbrightshire

1853 Dalry, Kirkcudbrightshire


Old Cumnock


Janet Howat Wilson, May 15

Townfoot, Cumnock

James Wilson, Weaver, 52, Cumnock

Mary Stewart Mitchell, 40, Sorn

1850 Catrine, Sorn


Jane McLymont Merry, May 28

Townhead, Cumnock

John Merry, Blacksmith, 19, Cumnock   

Jane Richmond, 21, Cumnock, 1st child

1855 Cumnock


Margaret Mullany, June 2

Townhead, Cumnock

Andrew Mullany, Labourer, 25, Chaghuagh, Tyrell, Sligo

Mary Mulligan, 18, Chaghaugh, Tyrell, Sligo

1855, Knacknaib


Janet Gemmell, June 5

Townfoot, Cumnock

John Gemmell, Quarryman, 45, Cumnock

Elizabeth Andrew, 45, Ayr

1834 Cumnock


Isabella Wilson, May 26

Tanyard, Cumnock

George Wilson, Baker, 20, Cumnock

Janet Lammie, 18, Cumnock,

unmarried - Informants were both parents.




James Richmond, February 12


John Richmond, Carter, 29, Girvan

Margaret Patterson,29, Sorn

1849 Kilmarnock


John Gibson, February 9


Thomas Gibson, Collier, 22, Dalry

Janet McCrindle, 22, Kilmarnock, 1st child

1854, Kilmarnock


Hugh Howie, February 19


John Howie, Collier, 38, Riccarton

Catharine Hendrie, 34, Arran

1842, Irvine Halfway


William McKay, February 11


Agnes McKay, 20, Old Cumnock, 1 st child



Janet Millar Mitchell, February 26

Castlehill, Kilmarnock

Thomas Mitchell, Farmer, 30, Blackshill

Ann Lindsay, 28, Loudoun

1851, Loudoun


Adam Young, August 20

Portland Row, Hurlford

David Young, Time-Keeper, 29, Kilmarnock

Jane Richmond, 27, Kilmaurs, 1st Child

1854 Kilmarnock


John Wilson, August 21

Greenhead, Riccarton

John Wilson, Miner, 31, Dundonald

Mary Ann French, 27, Muirkirk

1845 Rutherglen


William White, August 16


James White, Collier, 25, Hurlford

Jean Grahame, 28, Dundonald

1852 Hurlford


Christina Guthrie McColl, Aug 20

Mount Lodge, Kilmarnock

John McColl, Coachman, 39, Newmilns, Loudoun

Margaret Farquhar, 40, Riccarton

1848 Riccarton


William Campbell, August 28,


William Campbell, Collier, 34, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire

Martha Thomson, 30, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire

1843 Paisley


Elizabeth Niven, November 2,


William Niven, Collier, 43, St. Quivox, Ayr

Ann Foulds (I think), 36, St. Quivox, Ayr

1835 Johnstone (I would think Renfrewshire)


Ann Thomson, November 9


Benjamin Thomson, Iron Furnace Man, 41, Antrim, Ireland

Catherine McIlroy, 36, County Derry, Ireland

1835, County Derry, Ireland


Daniel McNaughtan, November 22


David McNaughtan, Collier, 34, Muirkirk

Catherine McGill, 37, Monaghan, Ireland

1840, Kilmarnock


Jean Lindsay Templeton, November 19


James Templeton, Iron Furnace Man, 28, Auchenleck

Mary Richmond, 28, Sorn

1850, Old Cumnock


William Young Hepburn, November 9


James Hepburn, Joiner, 50, Ipswich, England

Mary Mason, 42, Loudon

This is confusing. It states William is Mary's 7th child.

Under marriage is states" 1st marriage, 1826 Loudon, 2


5 boys living, 1 girl, 3 boys dead.

2nd marriage, 1848 Kilmarnock, 2 girls living

Your guess is as good as mine as to who married twice.


John Smith, December 4

Cambus Reeth (or Keeth) Kilmarnock

Hugh Smith, ?? work labourer, 28, Kilmarnock

Jean Kyle, 29, Donegal, Ireland

1846, Kilmarnock


Mary Gibson, December 17


William Gibson, Coachman, 31, Coylton

Fanny Thomson, 27, Tarbolton

1852, Monkton


Agnes Lynn Cook, December 24


James Cook, Collier, 42, Glasgow

Margaret Steel, 41, St. Quivox (her 13th child)

1833, Barony Parish of Glasgow


David Robertson, December 13,

Peace & Plenty

Robert Robertson, Collier, 42, Lasswade (?)

Margaret Smith, 40, Town of Dumfries (her 14th child)

1835, Dundonald

Note: 5 girls and 5 boys still living, 1 boy, 2 girls dead.


Roxburgh Black, December 14


George Black, Collier, 26, Riccarton,

Margaret Richmond, 26, Kilmarnock

1849 Riccarton




Williamina Walker, February 12

Ayr Street, Catrine

William Walker, Carrier, 33, Galston (dec)

Margaret Strachan, 29, Mearns, Renfrewshire

1845 Bean's Burn, Fenwick


Isabella Baird Lymburner, Feb 22

Mid-Heateth, Sorn

Archibald Lymburner, Ploughman, 36, Whiteflatt, Sorn

Janet Baird, 33, Cumnock

1845 Cumnock


Margaret Robertson, Feb 28

Ford Street, Catrine

John Robertson, Iron Miner, 36, Kilmarnock

Margaret McKab, 36, Blackhill, Tarbolton

1847 Catrine, Sorn


William Howat, Jan 27

Darnhay, Sorn

Jasper Howat, Woodcutter, 33, Sorn

Elizabeth Richmond, 26, Sorn


Informants: William Richmond - Uncle, and Jasper Howat -



Matthew Stirling, Feb 26

Mill Square, Catrine

George Stirling, Mill Worker, 30, Catrine

Mary Shaw, 30, Mauchline

1843 Catrine


Christina-Forrest Lees, August 15


Thomas Lees, Cotton Weaver, 33, Catrine

Margaret Borland, 35, Mauchline

1847 Catrine


George James Gibson, Aug 13

Knowe Cottage, Sorn

James Gibson, Wood Forester, 29, Tarbolton

Rachel Imrie, 25, Cummertrees Parish, Dumfries

1850, Tailford, Tarbolton


David Miller, Aug 11

Burnside, Sorn

David Miller, Farmer and Ag. Lab., 36, Galston

Jane Richmond, 37, Sorn

1852, Darnhay, Sorn


Margaret McMillan, Aug 15,

Sorn Village

William McMillan, Innkeeper, 33,  Old Cumnock

Elizabeth Kay, 37, New Cumnock


Samuel Smith, Aug 22

Glenlogan Cottages, Sorn

James Smith, Iron Miner, 25, Dumbarton Parish

Isabella McMillan,, 25, Woodside, Barony Parish, Glasgow

1855 Glasgow - Her 1st child


#16 - Mary DRAIN, 7 May, 3:30am at Coalstone, Carnochan, Patna to Henry
DRAIN, Miner 32y born Collinshie?, County Down & Jane DRAIN ms McCLELLAN
34y born Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire. They married 1844, Port Logan, 
Wigtownshire and had 2 boys, 3 girls living.  Informant was the father.
#17 - John Henry BLAIR, 23 May 2:30am at Manse, Straiton to John BLAIR,
Clergyman, 34y born Colmonell & Jane BLAIR ms MACADAM, 24y born
Straiton. They married 1847, Straiton and had 2 boys & 2 girls living. Informant was the father.
#18 - Elizabeth Alexander RAMSAY [female] 2 June, 6:30am at Shankstone?
Patna to James RAMSAY, Coal Cutter, 30y born [blank] and Elizabeth
RAMSAY ms McKILLEN 30y born West Kilbride. They married 1853,
Lochwinnoch and had 1 girl livng.  Informant was the mother.
#19 - Andrew BONE, 5 June, 8pm at Patna to Duncan BONE, Grocer, 39y born
Dlamellington & Margaret BONE ms WILLIAMSON 38y born New Cumnock. They
married 1835, Dalmellington and had 6 boys & 3 girls livng, 1 boy and 1
girl deceased.  Informant was the father.
#20 - Andrew ARTHUR, 20 June, 2pm at Patna illegitimate birth to
Catherine ARTHUR, 36y born Patna. Informant was David ARTHUR, 'Brother'.
[Not known if this is a brother to the new child, Arthur, or a brother to the mother, Catherine.]


St. Quivox and Newton


John McDonald, Jan 8

Whitletts, St. Quivox

John McDonald, Collier, 25, Ireland

Mary Currans, 24, Ireland

1852 Whitletts, St. Quivox


John Gibson McHutchison, Jan 10,

New Barns, St. Quivox

Samuel McHutchison, Mason, 27, Coylton

Margaret Gibson, 26, Coylton

1848 Laigland, Coylton


James Richmond, Jan 19

Prestwick Road, Newton

John Richmond, Labourer, 25, Kirkoswald

Agnes Robb, 24, Newton

1851 Newton


Andrew Stewart, Jan 11

Shaw Cottage, St. Quivox

John Stewart, Ploughman, 25, Maybole

Agnes Mitchell, 25, Auchinleck

1852 Tarbolton


Agnes Sheffington, Feb 11

Whitletts, St. Quivox

William Sheffington, Collier, 38, Ireland

Margaret Storey, 36, Ireland

1836 Ayr Parish


West Kilbride


Jean Donaldson, June 3

Main Street, West Kilbride

Thomas Donaldson,Weaver, 35, West Kilbride

Janet Talbot, 35, West Kilbride

1848 West Kilbride


John Richmond, May 6

Seamill (?) West Kilbride

Jean Richmond, 23, Dalry



William Muir, June 5

Underbank (?) West Kilbride

George Muir, Farmer, 40, West Kilbride

Agnes Barbour, 34, West Kilbride

1847 West Kilbride


Elizabeth McIntyre, May 30

Main St., West Kilbride

Alexander McIntyre, Labourer, 28, ??? Argyllshire

Isabella Hogarth, 36, West Kilbride

1848 West Kilbride


John Hendry,June 12

Village of West Kilbride

John Hendry, Millwright, 27, West Kilbride

Mary Montgomery, 24, West Kilbride


Grace (?) Hendry, July 30

West Kilbride

John Hendry, Farmer, 49, West Kilbride

Jean Crawford, 32, Largs

1844 Largs


Thomas Walls, August 1

Coldstream, West Kilbride

Thomas Walls, Labourer, 25, Co. Antrim, Ireland

Margaret McCourt, 27, West Kilbride

1849 West Kilbride


Jessie Wilson, August 26

Main Street, Village of West Kilbride

William Wilson, Ag. Lab., 32, West Kilbride

Janet Richmond, 29, Dalry

1846 West Kilbride


James Malcolm, September 8

Newton, Parish of West Kilbride

Gilbert Malcolm, Ag. Lab., 32, West Kilbride

Elizabeth Pollock, 32, West Kilbride

1849 West Kilbride


Margaret Baillie, August 31

Bawler (?) West Kilbride

Robert Baillie, Farmer, 48, West Kilbride

Isabel McKeig, 32. Parish of Belmore, Islay

1852 West Kilbride


(Female - No first name given) McGown, Oct 29

Main Street, Village of West Kilbride

Agnes McGown, 24, West Kilbride,



Janet Speirs, Nov 13

Seamill, West Kilbride

Robert Speirs, Weaver, 22, West Kilbride

Elizabeth Richmond, 19, West Kilbride (her 1st child)

1855, Seamill, West Kilbride


Barbara Lindsay, Nov 9

Ritchie Street, West Kilbride

William Lindsay, Weaver, 44, Paisley

Christina Taylor, 40, West Kilbride

1834, West Kilbride


Robert Craig, Nov 12

Meadowfoot, West Kilbride

Bridget Craig, 19, Muirkirk



George Armstrong, Oct 31

Woodside, West Kilbride

George Armstrong, Labourer, 26, Co. Tyrone, Ireland

Agnes Gemmell, 28, Balliemonnet(?) Ireland

1848, West Kilbride










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