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Some Ayrshire Marriages in 1855

Some Marriages transcribed from Marriage Certificates 

Many thanks to George M. McCaig , in  Canada. For transcribing these.


They are displayed in the following format :- 

Date & place of marriage - what church

Groom, residence, age, trade, status

When and where born,

Father, trade, Mother

Bride, residence, age, trade, status

When and where born,

Father, trade, Mother 


February 23, 1855 at Darvel, C. Of S.

David Richmond, Darvel, 22, Quarry Man, Bachelor

October 12, 1832 at Newmilns

Andrew (I think) Richmond, Weaver, and Mary Young

Mary Cook, Arran, 19, Dairy Maid, Spinster

April 16, 1835 at Kilmorie

James Cook, Farmer, and Mary McKim


March 9, 1855 at Alstonpopple, C. of S.

William Boyd, Junior, Galston, 23, Cotton Weaver, Bachelor

March 31, 1831 at Galston

William Boyd, Cotton Weaver, and Elizabeth White (dec)

Margaret Paterson, Alstonpopple, 22, Cotton Weaver, Spinster

August 12, 1832 at Newmilns

Thomas Paterson, Cotton Weaver, and Mary Jamie  


November 6, 1855 at West Kilbride, C. of S.

Robert Speirs, West Kilbride, 22, Weaver, Bachelor

February 1, 1833 at West Kilbride

William Speirs, Weaver, and Elizabeth Bannister, House Servant

Elizabeth Richmond, West Kilbride, 19, Miller's Daughter, Spinster,

June 1, 1836 at West Kilbride,

Thomas Richmond, Miller, and Janet Craig, Farmers Daughter


November 23, 1855 at West Kilbride, C. of S.

James Henry, Little Kingston, 21, Farm Servant, Bachelor

September 1, 1834, Antrim

John Hendry (dec), Farm Servant, and Sarah McDowall (dec)

Catherine Stewart, Caddell, 19, House Servant, Spinster,

December 2, 1836 at West Kilbride

John Stewart, Cotton Weaver, and Catherine Lynch


June 4, 1855 at Newton-on Ayr, C. of S.

Thomas English, Newton-on Ayr, 46, Labourer, Widower (2nd Marriage)

1807, Dromore, Ireland

Thomas English, Blacksmith, and Jean Eleanor,

Jean Ramsay, Newton-on Ayr, 42, Widow (2nd Marriage)

1811, Drumgallan, Ireland,

John Ramsay, Farmer, and Jean Blakely


June 5, 1855 Ayr (Church not stated)

Robert Husband, Gellet, Dunfermline, 47, Bachelor

February 4, 1808, Torryburn, Fifeshire

John Husband (dec) Farmer, and Margaret Thomson (dec)

Hannah Richmond, Ayr, 21, Spinster,

(date not given) Coylton

William Richmond, Farmer, and Hannah Orr,  


April 13, 1855, Priestland Parish, Galston (No church listed)

James Scade, Henryton, Loudoun, 20, Farm Servant, - - -

No date, Darvel, Loudoun

John Scade, Weaver, and Janet Henry

Grace Smith, Avondale, 20, Farm Servant, - - -

Robert Smith, Weaver, and Jean Paterson,


May 18, 1855 at Galston, C. of S.

James Sim, Galston, 21, Coal Miner, - - -

October 1833, Barony,Glasgow

Robert Sim (dec), Mason, and Jane Wilson

Isabella Richmond, Galston, 17, Bonnet Maker

January 4, 1837 in Galston

Alexander Richmond (dec), Bonnet Maker, and Isabella Leitch


March 9, 1855 at Galston, C. of S.

James Richmond, Loudoun, 22, Shoemaker, Bachelor

No date given, Loudoun

Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker, and Margaret Boyd

Helen Young, Galston, 20, Cotton Weaver, Spinster

No date given, Galston

Robert Young, Cotton Weaver, and Margaret Evans


April 13, 1855 at Galston, C. of S.

John Lambie, Galston, 36, Cotton Weaver, Bachelor

October 11, 1818 at Galston

James Lambie (dec), Ag. Lab., and Agnes Howat (dec)

Janet Martin, Galston, 34, Widow (2nd Marriage)

February 15, 1821, Abbey Parish, Paisley

John Martin (dec) Stone Quarrier, and Janet McMicking


June 8, 1855 at Wickenfield, Loudoun

Thomas Dunning, Galston, 34, Farmer, Bachelor

May 1821, Galston

James Dunning (dec), Farmer, and Margaret Gilchrist

Marion Borland, Loudoun, 21, Dairy Servant, Spinster

1834, Lanark

Robert Borland (dec), Innkeeper, and Isabella Paton (dec)


June 11, 1855 at Darvel

James Richmond, Darvel, 38, Carrier, Bachelor

October 28, 1817 at Darvel

James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Miller

Janet Rankine, Darvel, 29, Domestic Servant, Spinster

August 12, 1826, Port-Appin, Argyleshire

Peter Rankine (dec), Farmer, and Janet McLauchlan


June 19, 1855 at Darvel, C. of S.

William Morton, Galston, 40, Ag. Lab., Bachelor

January 15, 1815 at Galston

Hugh Morton (dec), Farmer, and Grizal Stirling (dec)

Jane Richmond, Darvel, 29, Domestic Servant, Spinster

January 26, 1826 at Darvel

Andrew Richmond, Ag. Lab. and Mary Young


June 22 ,1855 at Newmilns, C. of S.

James Morton, Newmilns, 24, Muslin Weaver, Bachelor

August 14, 1830 at Newmilns

William Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Brown

Janet Shaw, Newmilns, 24, Muslin Weaver, Spinster

James Shaw, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Jackson


February 16, 1855 at Cumnock, C. of S.

John Merry, Cumnock, 18, Blacksmith, Bachelor

No date given, at Cumnock

Henry Merry, Blacksmith, and Isabella Crawford

Jane Richmond, Cumnock, 21, Spinster

John Richmond (dec), Mason, and Jane McClymont


February 19, 1855 at Knocknaib (?) Cumnock, Roman Catholic

Andrew Mullany, Knocknaib, 25, Labourer, Bachelor

No date given, Cumnock

Patrick Mullany (dec), Farmer, and Margaret Luby (or Leeby)

Mary Mulligan, Longmore, 18, Farm Servant, Spinster

No date given, Tyrell, Sligo

Thomas Mulligan (dec), Farmer, and Ann(I think) Ross


June 1, 1855 at Kilmarnock, C of S.

William Mulholland, Kilmarnock, 23, Tanner, - - -

No date given, Campsie

John Mulholland, Labourer, and Janet Kennedy,

Janet Blair, Kilmarnock, 19, Dress Maker

No date given, Newton-on Ayr

James Blair, Weaver, and Janet Bell


June 1, 1855 at Kilmarnock, C. of S.

William Lauder, Kilmarnock, 21, Boot Closer, Bachelor

No date given, Kilmarnock,

James Lauder, Wright, and Ann Templeton,

Jessie Richmond, Kilmarnock, 22, Server, Spinster

John Richmond, Calico Printer, and Janet Millar


June 22, 1855 at Dundonald, Free Church of Scotland

John McAlpine, Gulliland, 25, Farm Servant, Bachelor

June 13, 1830 at Clachan, Argyllshire

John McAlpine, Surfaceman, and Marion McAlpine (maiden name

same as married name)

Janet Richmond, Dundonald, 22, Spinster

May 12, 1833 at Dundonald

John Richmond, Cotton Weaver, and Mary Murray


June 28, 1855 at Troon, Free Church

Robert Hamilton, Irvine, 39,  Shipmaster, Widower

August 21, 1816 at Irvine

James Hamilton, Shipmaster, and Jane Smith (dec)

Ann Currie, Troon, 40, Spinster

November 27, 1815 at Dundonald

James Currie, Ropemaker, and Catherine Greive (?)


June 1, 1855 at Kilmarnock, United Presbyterian

John Richmond, Waterside, 23, Boot Closer, - - -

Date not given, Kilmarnock

William Richmond, Shoemaker, and Janet Allan

Helen Gemmill, Titchfield Street, 20, Spinster

Date not given, Kilmarnock

James Gemmill, Warper, and Janet Farquhar


June 1, 1855 at Kilmarnock, C. of S.

John Hamilton, Kilmarnock, 22, Blacksmith, - - -

Date not given, Catrine

Andrew Hamilton, Shoemaker, and Marion Kirkland

Isabella Laidlaw, Kilmarnock, 24, Servant, - - -

Date not given, Craigie

William Laidlaw, Country Servant, and Janet Boyd


November 19, 1855 at Mauchline, United Presbyterian

Alexander Aird, Glasgow, 40, Carpet Weaver, Widower

Date not given, Kilmarnock

Charles Aird, Spirit Dealer, and Janet Wyllie

Margaret Richmond, Mauchline, 39, House Servant, Spinster

September 25, 1816 at Mauchline

John Richmond, Weaver, and Elizabeth Newlands


November 20,1855 at Mauchline, United Presbyterian

Joseph Walker Davidson, Mauchline, 31, Snuff Box Maker, Widower

May 30, 1824 at Dailly

Joseph Davidson, Collier, and Agnes Walker

Martha Grier, Mauchline, 30, Box Polisher, Spinster

John Grier, Farmer, and Margaret Young


December 1, 1855 at Kilmarnock, C. of S.

John McCall, Riccarton, 23,  Carter, Bachelor

June 3, 1832 at Kilmarnock

John McCall, Labourer, and Elizabeth Guthrie, Farm

July 3, 1835 at Newmilns

Margaret Richmond, Symington, 20, Farm Servant, Spinster

John Richmond, Weaver, and Elizabeth Ritchie, Farm Servant (both dec)



December 21, 1855 at Kilmarnock, Episcopal

George Adams, Kilmarnock, 21, Collier, Bachelor,

December 14, 1834 at Stevenston

Robert Adam, Collier, and Agnes Biggar (both dec)

Mary Forler, Kilmarnock, 18, Mill Girl, Spinster,

January 14, 1837 at Donegal, Ireland

Andrew Forler, Labourer and Jean Morris


Following are 1874,

date & place of birth are not recorded.


December 31, 1873, at Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, C. of S.

Hugh Richmond, Hurlford, Riccarton, 22, Coal Miner, Bachelor

Hugh Richmond, Coal Miner, and Ann Beveridge (dec)

Marion Fulton, Crosshouse, 21, Domestic Servant, Spinster

James Fulton, Coal Miner, and Margaret Garven


January 13, 1874 at Kilmaurs, C. of S.

James Mitchell, Kilmaurs, 19, Iron Stone Miner, Bachelor

James Mitchell, Ironstone Miner (dec) and Mary Jane Sarroch

Sarah Steel, Kilmaurs, 23, Farm Servant and Bonnet Knitter, Spinster

Alexander Steel, Roadman (dec) and Margaret Baird


March 27, 1874 at Elderslie, C. of S.

George Reid, Kilmarnock, 30, Coal Miner, Bachelor

George Reid, Colliery Engine Keeper and Agnes Glasford

Agnes Richmond, Elderslie, Kilmaurs, 28, Dressmaker, Spinster

William Richmond, Colliery Engine Keeper and Agnes Wilson


March 27, 1874 at Kelt Place, Free Church

John Richmond, Elderslie, Kilmaurs, 24, Colliery Engine Keeper,

Brother of Agnes Richmond above

Margaret Rorison, Kelt Place, Kilmaurs, 19, Spinster

William Rorison, Colliery Manager and Margaret McFarlane



#11 - At Auchenflower, the 6th day of Dec, 1855 the following parties were lawfully married by the Rev. Doctor Laing of the Free Church Congregation of Colmonell. Signed John HUNTER residing Invergowrie, Longforgan, 27y a Minister of the Free Church of Scotland. He was born at Maybole, Registered in Ayr to Adam HUNTER, Banker & Sarah DICK. Signed Mary McILRAITH residing Auchenflower, Ballantrae, usual residence was Straid, Colmonell, 27y, a Spinster born Auchenflower, registered in Ballantrae to James McILRAITH of Auchenflower & Agnes CALDWELL. Signed B. Laing, Minister. Witnesses were David HUNTER & Robert McILRAITH. Reg d Dec 7 at Ballantrae. Robert Temple, Reg'r.









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