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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1856

Transcribed by George M. McCaig


Info as follows:

Name, age, date and place of death

Marital status, trade (if any)


Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


Jane Gray, 3 3/12 years, November 2, 1856 at High Street,  Ayr  Single

Andrew Gray, Shipwright, and Jane Richmond

Andrew Gray, father


Agnes Logan, 1 month, November 5, 1856 at Wallace St.,  Wallacetown, St. Quivox  Single

Agnes Logan, mother, domestic servant

Agnes Logan, mother, "X"


Richard Picken, 7 months, November 5, 1856 at Mill Street,  Ayr  Single

Richard Picken, Slater Journeyman, and Elizabeth McNeil

Charles Picken, brother


Moses Burns, 9 months, January 12, 1856 at Borsten, Dalry  Single

Moses Burns, Iron Miner, and Catherine Burns (also maiden  name)

Moses Burns, father, "X"


William Galt, 4 weeks, January 11, 1856 at Aitken Street, Dalry Single

James Galt, Mill Wright, and Janet Fleming,

James Galt, father.


William Hamilton Richmond, 6 months, January 11, 1856 at Kirk Close, Dalry Single

James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Margaret Munn,

James Richmond, father.


Mary Dempster, 2 1/2 years, November 13, 1856 at Peasweep, Dalry Single,

Robert Dempster, Iron Miner, and Margaret McPherson,

Robert Dempster, father, "X"


Agnes Allan, 84, November 12, 1856 at Vennel Street, Dalry

Widow (Pauper)

James Kerr, labourer (deceased) and Janet Orr (deceased)

Duncan Brodie, Occupier


William Hamilton Richmond, 10 days, November 18, 1856 at Kirk Close, Dalry, Single,

James Richmond, Coal Miner and Margaret Munn,

James Richmond, father.


Margaret Richmond, 28 years, November 18, 1856 at Kirk Close, Dalry Married

Alexander Munn, Silk Weaver, and Janet Crawford

James Richmond, husband.


Catherine Holmes Bone, 18 months, November 20, 1856 at New Street, Dalry Single

David Bone, Currier (Master) and Jane Jamieson

David Bone


Agnes McKellar, 37, November 19, 1855, at Sharon Street, Dalry Widow

George Wolfe, Tailor (Master) and Janet Robertson (deceased)

George Wolfe, father


Margaret Nelson (or Wilson) Buchanan, 22 months, October 20, 1856 at Troon Single

Thomas Buchanan, Seaman - Merchant Service, and Catherine

Buchanan (also maiden name)

Catherine Buchanan, mother.


Martha Hodge, 84, October 27, 1856 at Troon Widow

Hugh Lambie, Shoemaker (deceased) and Agnes Templeton,

formerly Lambie, maiden name Richmond (deceased)

Elizabeth Hodge, daughter.


Jane McFarlane, 6, October 28, 1856 at Troon Single

Daniel McFarlane, Shipmaster - Merchant Service, and Jane Crawford

Jane McFarlane, mother.


William Sinclair, 46, January 8, 1856 at Galston

Widower, Cotton Weaver,

Alex Sinclair, Cotton Weaver,(deceased) and Elizabeth Neil (deceased)

Andrew Murdoch, Occupier


Thomas Richmond, 25, January 11, 1856 at Greenholm, Galston Married,

James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Janet Neil

John Richmond, Brother


John Clark, 4, January 16, 1856 at Galston Single

Thomas Clark, Coal Miner and Anne Wilson,

Thomas Clark, father


William Brown, 32, March 14, 1856 at No.1 Pit of Holmes Colliery, Galston

Married, Coal Miner

Alexander Brown, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Bell

Alexander Brown, father


Isabella Brown, 24, March 15, 1856 at Wallace Street, Galston Single

John Brown, Cotton Weaver, and Elizabeth Richmond

John Brown, father


James Hamilton, 67, March 16,1856 at Brewland Street, Galston

Married, Cotton Weaver,

Robert Hamilton, Mason (deceased) and Agnes Dunlop (deceased)

Robin Abbott, Son-in-law


Elizabeth Brodie, 38, January 22, 1856 at Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock Married,

Francis Bain, Shoemaker, and Mary Richmond

Robert Brodie, husband


Jane Creelman, 33, January 21, 1856 at Welbeck Street, Kilmarnock Married

Matthew Wilson, Weaver, and Mary Gemmil

William Creelman


James Brown, 16, January 23, 1856 at Glencairn Square, Kilmarnock Single

James Brown, Calico Printer, and Sarah Dempster,

James Brown, father


Christina Fenton, 9 months, February 10, 1856 at Robertson Place, Kilmarnock Single

Thomas Fenton, Calico Printer, and Sophia Park,

Thomas Fenton, father


James Richmond, 9 months, February 11, 1856 at Strand Street, Kilmarnock Single,

John Richmond, Tanner, and Jean Martin,

John Richmond, father, "X"


Joseph Fletcher, 14 months, February 12, 1856 at Strand Street, Kilmarnock Single

Andrew Fletcher, Surfaceman, and Jane Sloss (or Stoss)

Andrew Fletcher, father.


Janet Park, 45, March 14, 1856 at Langland Street, Kilmarnock Single (?)

Alexander Park, Quarryman, and Elizabeth Richmond

John Maple (?) son


William Smith, 17, March 14, 1856 at High Street, Kilmarnock Single, Dyer

William Smith, Carpet Weaver, and Elizabeth Ferguson,

Elizabeth Smith, Aunt ("X")


Richard Blackwood, 43, March 14, 1856 at Park Street, Kilmarnock Married, Coal Miner,

Thomas Blackwood, Coal Miner, and Margret (?) Johnstone,

Hugh Blackwood, Brother


Andrew Carnduff, 43, April 3, 1856 at Soulis Street, Kilmarnock Married, Shoemaker,

James Carnduff, Nailer, and Elizabeth Templeton,

Elizabeth Carnduff, Sister ("X")


William Dearie, 30, April 3, 1856 at Low Glencairn Street, Kilmarnock Single, Calico Printer,

Archibald Dearie, Shoemaker, and Mary Donahie,

Archibald Dearie, Father


John Orr, 15 weeks, April 4, 1856 at Grange Street, Kilmarnock Single,

James Orr, Joiner, and Elizabeth Richmond,

James Orr, Father


George Dyer, 4, May 7, 1856 at Welbeck (?) Street, Kilmarnock Single

George Dyer, Calico Printer, and Maryann (not given)

George Dyer, Father


Jean Taylor, 36, May 8, 1856 at East Netherton Street, Kilmarnock Married

Allan Beattie, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Richmond (deceased)

William Taylor, Husband


Mirran Sillars, 44, May 8, 1856 at Mill Lane, Kilmarnock, Married

Arthur Dick, Shoemaker (deceased) and Elizabeth Wilson

Matthew Sillars, Husband


Marion Ferguson, 62, July 16, 1856 at Borland, Parish of Kilmarnock Married

James Rankin, Farmer, and Helen Ferguson,

George Littlejohn, relationship not noted.


John Richmond, 8 months, July 23, 1856 at High Street, Kilmarnock Single

John Richmond, Carpet Weaver, and Mary Leary

John Richmond


James McGraw, 11 months, July 24, 1856 at Shand Street, Kilmarnock Single,

James McGraw, Shoemaker,  and Maryann McGraw (noted as maiden name also)

James McGraw, Father


John Barclay, 84, July 25, 1856 at Bank Street, Kilmarnock Widower, Engineer,

William Barclay, Dyke Builder, and Janet Wilson,

Andrew Barclay, Son


Margaret Findlay, 13, July 26, 1856 at Crooksholm (?), parish of Kilmarnock Single,

Alexander Findlay, Coal Miner, and Janet Richmond,

Alexander Findlay, Father


Ann Galloway, 2, July 30, 1856 at Robertson Place, Kilmarnock, Single,

Michael Galloway, Shoemaker, and Jean MacIntosh,

Michael Galloway, Father,


George Jamieson, 17, August 23, 1856 at King Street, Kilmarnock Single,

James Jamieson, Nail Maker, and Agnes Wilson,

James Jamieson, Father,


Janet Allan Richmond, 5 months, August 24, 1856 at West George Street, Kilmarnock Single

John Richmond, Boot Closer, and Ellen Gemmill (believe this should be Helen)

John Richmond, Father,


George Nelson, 2, August 24, 1856 at Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, Single,

James Nelson, Joiner, and Margaret Reid

James Nelson, Father


Ellen Muir, 2 1/2 years, November 20, 1856 at Sonley (?) Street, Kilmarnock Single (Illegitimate)

Catherine Muir, Mother

Catherine Muir, Mother "X"


James Dunlevy, 6 months, November 21, 1856 at Soulis Street, Kilmarnock Single

John Dunlevy, Labourer, and Jean Kennedy

John Dunlevy, Father "X"


Janet Stewart, 6 months, November 20, 1856 at High Street, Kilmarnock Single

Andrew Stewart, Carpet Weaver, and Margaret Richmond

Andrew Stewart, Father


Hugh Richmond, 8 1/2 years, June 22, 1856 at Crossbrae. Kilwinning Single

Hugh Richmond, Coal Miner, and Helen Scott

James (?) Richmond, Uncle


Thomas Wilson Greig, 3, June 19, 1856 at Main Street, Kilwinning Single

Robert Greig, Tailor & Clothier, and Janet Lindsay

Robert Greig, Father


Patrick Agnew, 5 months, June 25, 1856 at Corsehill (?), Kilwinning Single

Rosana Agnew, Dressmaker

Margaret Reid, Nurse


Jean Templeton, 70. July 29, 1856 at Byers, Kilwinning, Single, Domestic Servant

Matthew Templeton, Farmer (deceased) and Janet Small (deceased)

John Blair, Hawkhill, Stevenston (no relationship noted)


George White, 15 months, July 20, 1856 at Green, Kilwinning Single

Cunningham White, Coal Miner, and Mary Cunningham

Mary White, Mother "X"


Mary Hay, 11 weeks, August 4, 1856 at Crossbrae, Kilwinning, Single

John Hay, Coal Miner, and Martha Richmond

John Hay, Father


Margaret Richmond, 10, September 3, 1856 at Five Roads, Kilwinning Single

James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Agnes Dick

James Richmond, Father


Janet Stewart, 78, September 4, 1856 at Corsehill, Kilwinning, Widow

James Service, Agricultural Labourer (deceased) and Agnes

Cunningham (deceased)

William Service, Nephew


Unnamed Morton, 2 hours, September 5, 1856 (no location given) Single

Robert Morton, Coal Miner, and Mary McLaughlan,

Robert Morton, Father


Alexander Paton, 76, December 13, 1856 at Crossbrae, Kilwinning

Widow, Cotton Weaver,

James Paton, Dyer & Wooling Manufacturer (deceased) and Margaret Gibson (deceased)

James Paton, Son


Elizabeth Richmond, 75, December 22, 1856 at Dovecott Lane, Kilwinning, Widow (pauper)

David Frew, Coal Miner (deceased) and Jean Reid (deceased)

John Harwood, Brother-in-law


John Miller, 78, December 25, 1856 at Woodwind, Kilwinning, Widower, Agricultural Labourer,

Robert Miller, Farmer (deceased) and Mary Lymeburn (deceased)

James Caldan (?) Son-in-law


David Pollock, 2, December 31, 1855 At Main Street, Newmilns Single

Robert Pollock, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Connell

Robert Pollock, Father "X"


Jean Easdon, 38, January 3, 1856 at Darvel Married

Robert Muir, Muslin Weaver, and Christian Lawson,

James Muir, Brother "X"


Andrew Richmond, 3 weeks, January 6, 1856 at Darvel Single

David Richmond, Carriers Carter, and Mary Cook

David Richmond, Father "X"


William Gray, 3, April 14, 1856 at Main Street, Newmilns Single

William Gray, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes McGregor

William Gray, Father


James Richmond, 70, April 17, 1856 at Loudoun Kirk

Married, Ordnance Pensioner and Muslin Weaver

John Richmond, Landed Proprietor (deceased) and Sarah

Jamieson (deceased)

John Richmond, Son


Robert Shields, 2 months, April 17, 1856 at Main Street, Newmilns Single

Hugh Shields, Joiner Master, and Janet Borland.

Hugh Shields, Father


Isobel Mair, 2, May 4, 1856 at Grey Street, Newmilns Single

John Mair, Muslin Weaver (deceased) and Margaret Dunning

Alena (?) Wallace, Neighbour


Matthew Smillie, 6 months, May 10, 1856 at Main Street, Newmilns Single

James Smillie, Baker Master, and Fanny Smith

James Smillie, Father


John Richmond, 72, May 9, 1856 at Richmonds Lands, Darvel

Widower, Draper and Spirit Dealer

John Richmond, Landed Proprietor (deceased) and Sarah

Jamieson (deceased)

Matthew Richmond, Brother


Alexander Wood, 8 months, May 12, 1856 at Main Street, Newmilns Single

David Wood, Shoemaker Master, and Agnes McLatchie

David Wood, Father


Hugh Richmond, 10 months, May 14, 1856 at Doitburn (?) Street, Newmilns Single

James Richmond, Shoemaker Journeyman, and Helen Young

Hugh Richmond, Grandfather


Robert Keirs, 7, May 27, 1856 at High Street, Newmilns, Single

James Keirs, Coal Master, and Jean Smith

James Keirs, Father


Janet Parker, 10, June 7, 1856 at Main Street, Newmilns Single

Alexander Parker, Weavers Card Cutter, and Elizabeth Morton

Alexander Parker, Father


Susannah Alston, 78, June 14, 1856 at Newlands Farm, Loudoun Parish Widow

James Hunter, Farmer (deceased) and Christian Logie (deceased)

David Alston, Son


Andrew Gebbie, 80, July 1, 1856 at Darvel Single, Flax Dresser

John Gebbie, Iron and Flax Merchant (deceased) and Janet Richmond (deceased)

Nicol Gebbie, Nephew


Margaret Kerr, 22, October 18, 1856 at Greenhead, Newmilns Single, Muslin Weaver,

Kenneth Kerr, Muslin Weaver (deceased) and Margaret McIntosh

Angus Kerr, Brother


Unnamed Richmond, 2 days, October 23, 1856 at Back Street, Newmilns Single

Andrew Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Nicholson

Andrew Richmond, Father


James Steel, 2, October 29, 1856 at Daygate Street, Newmilns Single

Hugh Steel, Web Mounter, and Bethia Richmond

John Walker, Uncle-in-law


Martha Brown, 92, November 14, 1856 at Darvel Widow

Hector Campbell, Farmer (deceased) and Elizabeth Borland (deceased)

William McNair, Grandson


Hugh Richmond, 62, November 19, 1856 at Union Street, Newmilns

Married, Muslim Weaver

Hugh Richmond, Muslin Weaver (deceased) and Helen Welch (deceased)

Andrew Rihm, Neighbour


James Garret, 77, November 27, 1856 at Main Street, Newmilns Widow, Coal Miner,

Hugh Garret, Agricultural Labourer (deceased) and Margaret Jenkine (deceased)

John McNaughton, Son-in-law


Alexander White, 24, January 7, 1856 at Ayr Road, Cumnock Single, Muslin Weaver

Alexander White, Muslin Weaver, and Jane Clark,

William White, Brother


Jane Richmond, 1 1/2 years, January 17, 1856 at Glaisnock Street, Cumnock Single,

William Richmond, Shoemaker (Master) and Margaret Kay

William Richmond, Father


James Halliday, 33, January 14, 1856 at Craighead, Cumnock Married, Innkeeper

James Halliday, Farmer, and Janet Renwick (deceased)

John Baird, Father-in-law


Daniel Richmond, 80, June 12, 1856 at New Street, Riccarton Married

Hugh Richmond, Labourer (deceased) and Jean McCall

Margaret Wotherspoon, his widow


John Templeton, 2 1/2 years, June 19, 1856 at Riccarton Single

James Templeton, Calico Printer and Mary Kelly

James Templeton, Father


Michael Muir, 1 1/2 years, June 24, 1856 at New Street, Riccarton Single

High Muir, Coal Miner, and Ann Hunter

Hugh Muir, Father


Agnes Briton, 36, July 21, 1856 at Campbell St., Riccarton Married

Robert Gibson, Ploughman (deceased) and Catherine Picken

John Briton, Husband


Andrew Young Lambie, 26 months, August 2, 1856 at Sunnyside, Riccarton Single

James Lambie, Farmer, and Elizabeth Young

James Lambie, Father


Hugh White, 75, July 31, 1856 at Riccarton Married

William White and Janet Richmond

James White, Son


Catherine Turner, 70, January 27, 1856 at Cowan Place, Catrine Married

William Taylor, Mill-Worker (deceased) and Mary Richmond (deceased)

Bruce Taylor, Nephew


Hugh Ronay, 3 months, February 2, 1856 at Laigh, Gilmillscroft, Sorn Single

James Ronay, Iron Miner, and Rosanna Harvey,

James Ronay, Father "X"


Ivie Piper, 25, February 4, 1856 at Wealth-o'-Waters, Sorn Married, Blacksmith

William Piper, Blacksmith (deceased) and Janet Mitchell

John Piper, Brother


Margaret Richmond Markland, 5 weeks, April 5, 1856 at Townhead, Stewarton Single

James Markland, Shoemaker, and Agnes Richmond

James Markland, Father


Margaret McGuire, 65, April 8, 1856 at Townhead, Stewarton Widow

Robert Black, Customer-Weaver (deceased) and Mary Currie (deceased)

David McGuire, Son "X"


Margaret Connell, 18, April 10, 1856 at Main Street, Stewarton Single

Archibald Connell, Bonnet Dresser, and Mary Dicken

Archibald Connell, Father










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