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Some Ayrshire Marriages in 1858

Some Marriages transcribed from Marriage Certificates 

Many thanks to George M. McCaig , in  Canada. For transcribing these.


They are displayed in the following format :- 

Date & place of marriage
Groom, age, occupation, status, where born
Father, trade, Mother
Bride, age, occupation, status, where born
Father, trade, Mother 


March 8, 1858 at Beith,
Robert Stewart, 45, Widower, Ironstone Labourer, of Bunswynd, Beith
Son of Alexander Stewart, Weaver (deceased) and Janet Clark (deceased)
Catherine Warden, 35, Spinster, Sewer, Main Street, Beith
Daughter of James Warden, Tin-Smith, and Catherine Murray.

March 19, 1858 at Beith,
Robert Anderson, 57, Widower, Maker of House Shoes, of Wilson Street, Beith,
Son of William Anderson, Agr. Labourer (deceased) and Jean Anderson,
Jean Richmond, 57, Sewer, of Wilson Street, Beith,
Daughter of John Richmond, Baker, and Christina Miller.

July 9, 1858 at Dalry,
Francis Cassels, 22, Bachelor, Iron Miner, of Love's Lane, Dalry,
Son of John Cassels, Coal Miner (deceased) and Margaret Robison (deceased),
Agnes Richmond, 18, Spinster, of Love's Lane, Dalry,
Daughter of James Richmond, Spirit Dealer (deceased) and Janet Mair.

July 13, 1858 at Dalry,
Hugh Speirs, 43, Bachelor, Sinker, of Drakemire, Dalry,
Son of Robert Speirs, Manufacturers Agent (deceased) and Jean Steel,
Jean Galloway, 47, Spinster, of Drakemire, Dalry,
Daughter of Walter Galloway, Blacksmith (deceased) and Elizabeth McCosh (deceased)

February 19, 1858 at Galston,
Robert Brown, 34, Bachelor, Carter, of Church Lane, Loudoun,
Son of David Brown, Carter (deceased) and Margaret Templeton,
Agnes Richmond, 30, Widow, of Cross Street, Galston,
Daughter of Robert Richmond, and Agnes Findlay,

March 5, 1858 at Galston,
James Nisbet, 39, Widower, Cotton Weaver, of Greenholm, Galston,
Son of Matthew Nisbet, Cotton Weaver (deceased) and Jean Kyle,
Margaret Torrance, 37, Widow, Cotton Weaver, of Greenholm, Galston,
Daughter of James Torrance, Cotton Weaver (deceased) and Marion Morton,

June 4, 1858 at Kilmarnock,
Hugh Richmond, 21, Bachelor, Block Printer, of Bentick Street,
Son of John Richmond (deceased) and Janet Millar,
Margaret McCrone, 22, Spinster, Sewer, of Robertson Place,
Daughter of Andrew McCrone, Weaver, and Elizabeth Gilchrist,

June 4, 1858 at Kilmarnock,
David McClelland, 23, Bachelor, Signal Man, of West Shaw St.,
Son of David McLelland, Labourer (deceased) and Mary Gray, (Note: Both Spellings on record)
Mary Ann Porter, 21, Spinster, of West Shaw Street,
Daughter of John Porter, Calico Printer, and Rachel Nisbet.

January 22, 1858 at Kilwinning,
Hugh Ramsay, 19, Bachelor, Engine Maker, of Byers, Kilwinning,
Son of John Ramsay, Portioner, and Janet Kirkwood (deceased)
Jean White, 20, Spinster, Muslin Sewer, of Byers, Kilwinning,
Daughter of James White, Plate Layer, and Mary Kennedy (deceased)

February 5, 1858 at Kilwinning,
Colin Haddow, 30, Widower, Coal Miner, of Kilwinning,
Son of John Haddow, Coal Miner, and Mally Murphy,
Ann Orr Richmond, 20, Spinster, Muslin Sewer, of Kilwinning,
Daughter of John Richmond, Coal Miner (deceased) and Margaret Easton.


February 12, 1858 at Darvel,
Andrew Richmond, 25, Bachelor, Muslin Weaver, of Townfoot, Darvel,
Son of Alexander Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Young (deceased)
Ann Russell, 20, Spinster, Muslin Weaver, of Townfoot, Darvel,
Daughter of Thomas Russell, Muslin Weaver, and Jean Montgomery.

February 19, 1858 at Newmilns,
Archibald McGee, 19, Bachelor, Coal Miner, of Hurlford Parish of Riccarton,
Son of Robert McGee, Coal Miner (deceased) and Agnes McNaughton,
Helen Richmond, 23, Spinster, Muslin Weaver, of Main Street, Newmilns,
Daughter of Mathew Richmond, Muslin Weaver (deceased) and Janet Sawers (deceased)

June 25, 1858 at Darvel,
Hugh Morton, 23, Bachelor, Muslin Weaver, of High Street, Newmilns,
Son of James Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Elizabeth Ormeston,
Mary Richmond, 21, Spinster, Muslin Weaver, of Townfoot, Darvel,
Daughter of John Richmond, Mason (Journeyman) and Jean Granger.

July 15, 1858 at Newmilns,
Robert Auld, 24, Bachelor, Muslin Weaver, of Isles Street, Newmilns,
Son of James Auld, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Mair (deceased)
Agnes Morton, 22, Spinster, Muslin Weaver, of Back Street, Newmilns,
Daughter of Thomas Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Neilson.

July 12, 1858 at Muirkirk,
John Weir, 21, Bachelor, Roller(?) of Muirkirk,
Son of James Weir, Farmer, and Janet Johnston,
Ann Ferguson, 31, Widow, of Muirkirk,
Daughter of Thomas Ferguson, Teacher, and Ann Frame.

August 6, 1858 at Muirkirk,
John Angus, 23, Bachelor, Coal Miner, of Wellwood Row, Muirkirk,
Son of James Angus, Coal Miner (deceased) and Grace Dempster,
Janet Richmond, 26, Spinster, of Wellwood Row, Muirkirk,
Daughter of James Richmond, (deceased) and Janet McIlwraith (deceased)

October 10, 1858 at Cumnock,
John Adereen, 29, Agricultural Labourer, of Sinderstown Parish of Auchiltree,
Son of Thomas Adereen, Labourer, and Catherine Fitzpatrick (deceased)
Mary McCulloch, 26, Farm Servant, of Catrine,
Daughter of William McCulloch, Weaver, and Jane McKie.

October 19, 1858 at Cumnock,
Hugh Park, 24, Bachelor, Iron Miner, of Cumnock,
Son of Robert Park, Miner, and Helen Muir.
Margaret Richmond, 22, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of Cumnock,
Daughter of John Richmond, Weaver, and Catherine Wilson.

November 26, 1858 at Cumnock,
Robert Richmond, 26, Bachelor, Labourer, of Cumnock,
Son of John Richmond, Weaver, and Catherine Wilson.
Mary Bryden, 26, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of Cumnock,
Daughter of Montgomerie Bryden, Wright, and Margaret Row.

December 9, 1858 at Cumnock,
Hugh Morton, 34, Bachelor, Mason, of Ochiltree,
Son of Hugh Morton, Mason (deceased) and Margaret Hair.
Elizabeth H. Kerr, 22, Spinster, Dressmaker, of Kirkconnell,
Daughter of James Kerr, Miller, and Ann Currie.








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