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Some Ayrshire Marriages in 1861

Some Marriages transcribed from Marriage Certificates 

Many thanks to George M. McCaig , in  Canada. For transcribing these.


They are displayed in the following format :- 

Date & place of marriage
Groom, age, occupation, status, where born
Father, trade, Mother
Bride, age, occupation, status, where born
Father, trade, Mother 



July 31, 1861 at Dalry,
James Muir, 20, Bachelor, Iron Miner, of Peesweep,
Son of William Muir, Iron Miner, and Elizabeth Smith,
Margaret Richmond, 18, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of Peesweep,
Daughter of Colin Richmond, Tailor (dec) and Ann Thomson.

July 31, 1861 at Dalry,
Thomas Beggs, 20, Bachelor, iron Miner, of Peesweep,
Son of John Beggs, Labourer, and Martha McNeilly.
Mary White, 24, Spinster, Dressmaker, of Highfield,
Daughter of Andrew White, Coal Miner (dec) and Mary Cunningham.
(If only all the records were this neat and legible!)

December 31, 1860 at Newton, Ayr.
James Rose, 26, Widower, Carpet Weaver, of Newton Ayr,
Son of James Rose, Carpet Weaver and Margaret Clark,
Christina Richmond, 26, Spinster, Sewer, of Eglinton Law, Gorbals, Glasgow,
Daughter of Adam Richmond, Carpet Weaver, and Christina Adams.

December 31, 1860 at Ayr,
William Chapman, 22, Bachelor, Blacksmith, of Anderston, Glasgow,
Son of William Chapman, Farm Servant, and Margaret Malcom,
Mary Irvine, 24 Spinster, Sewer, of High Street, Ayr.
Daughter of John Irvine, Labourer, and Agnes Jenkinson.

May 27, 1861 at Ayr.
James Richmond, 40, Bachelor, of Ayr, (no trade given)
Son of James Richmond, Gardener (dec) and Mary Campbell (dec)
Ratchel Keirs, 28, Spinster, Sewer, of Ayr.
Daughter of John Kerr, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Campbell (dec)
(Spellings as given in the record)

June 1, 1861 at Wallacetown,
Hugh McLean, 27, Bachelor, China Merchant, of Maybole,
Son of Daniel McLean, Dyer (dec) and Mary McEwen,
Eliza Downie, 19, Spinster, of Wallacetown, St. Quivox,
Daughter of Alexander Downie, Ropespinner (dec) and Helen Mellon.

March 22, 1861 at Dailly,
William Barten, 29, Bachelor, Farm Servant, of Waukmill,
Son of Samuel Barten, Weaver, and Sarah Allison,
Agnes Wallace, Spinster, Labourer in Tilework, of Drumburle Cottage,
Daughter of James Wallace, Stone Breaker, and Elizabeth Graham.

June 14, 1861 at Dailly,
John Wason, 39 Widower, Garden Labourer, of West Gate, Bargamy,
Son of Alexander Wason, Carter (dec) and Elizabeth Craig,
Jane Richmond, 40,Spinster, Housekeeper, of Dailly,
Daughter of James Richmond, Ploughman (dec) and Ellen Hunter.

December 31, 1861 at Galston,
John Ramage, 24, Bachelor, Pitheadman, of Galston,
Son of William Ramage, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Catherine Bryden (dec)
Jean Richmond, 23, Spinster, Darner, of Galston,
Daughter of David Richmond, Shoemaker, and Jane Smith.

December 31, 1861 at Galston,
John Frew, 30, Bachelor, Muslin Cutter, of Newmilns, Loudoun,
Son of John Frew, Cotton Weaver, and Margaret Dykes,
Margaret Dick, 37, Spinster, Muslin Darner, of Galston,
Daughter of Robert Dick, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Margaret Barber.

October 7, 1861 at Kilmarnock.
William Richmond, 54, Single, Farm Servant, of Sandler St.,
Son of Ninian Richmond, Ploughman (dec) and Elizabeth Sawers (dec)
Elizabeth Grier, 59, Widow, of Sandler St.
Daughter of John Grier, Weaver (dec) and Mary McCulloch.

October 10, 1861 at Kilmarnock,
Henry Johnston, 23, Single, Coal Miner, of High Street,
Son of Samuel Johnston, Furnace Man, and Mary Millar,
Isabella Marshall, Single, Mill Worker, of Glencairn Square,
Daughter of Alexander Marshall, Calico Painter, and Agnes Dunn.
June 4, 1861 at Corsehill,
Andrew Smith, 24, Bachelor, Coal Miner, of Kilwinning,
Son of Andrew Smith, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane Snodgress (dec)
Jean Richmond, 34, Widow, Grocer, of Kilwinning,
Daughter of William Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret McConnochy (dec)

June 4, 1861 at Corsehill,
James Andrew, 21, Bachelor, Carter, of Kilwinning,
Son of David Andrew, Stone Mason (dec) and Susan Watt,
Janet McCorkindale, 25, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of Weirston, Kilwinning,
Daughter of Hugh McCorkindale, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Mary Black.

June 24, 1861 at Kilwinning,
David Waterson, 29, Bachelor, Railway Surfaceman, of Kilwinning,
Son of William Waterson, Farm Labourer (dec) and Margaret Pantland.
Ann Lamon, 26, Widow, Muslin Sewer, of Donaghadee, Ireland,
Daughter of Allen Lamon, Muslin Sewer (dec) (no mothers name given)

June 21, 1861 at Kilwinning,
John Richmond, 40, Bachelor, Stone Quarrier, of Kilwinning,
Son of William Richmond, Farm Labourer (dec) and Sarah Reid.
Jean Allan, 30, Spinster, Muslin Sewer, of Kilwinning,
Daughter of John Allan, Silk Weaver (dec) and Jean Watson (dec)

April 5, 1861 at Newmilns,
James Richmond, 31, Widower, Muslin Weaver, of Newmilns,
Son of James Richmond, Muslin Weaver and Jean Brown,
Mary Young, 23, Spinster, Muslin Weaver, of Newmilns,
Daughter of Thomas Young, Muslin Weaver, and Mar Jean (?) Young

April 12, 1861 at Newmilns,
Alexander Calderwood, 21, Bachelor, Coal Miner, of Newmilns,
Son of James Calderwood, Muslin Weaver, and Euphemia McCrone (dec)
Anne Robertson, 23, Spinster, Cotton Weaver, of Newmilns,
Daughter of Andrew Robertson, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Kay.
(Loudoun's records are the very worst to read)

December 13, 1861 at Mauchline,
William Wyllie, 29, Single, Stationer, of Dalmellington,
Son of William Wyllie, Farmer (dec) and Ann Mackay (dec)
Janet Richmond, 26, Single, of Mauchline,
Daughter of William Richmond, Labourer (dec) and Sarah Reid.

December 20, 1861 at Mauchline,
John Mitchell, 23, Single, Railway Labourer, of Catrine, Sorn,
Son of John Mitchell, Weaver (dec) and Jean Gilmour.
Ann Boyd, 23, Single, Dairymaid, of Mauchline,
Daughter of Robert Boyd, Baker, and Margaret Howie.

March 22, 1861 at Mansfield Village, New Cumnock,
Daniel Dow, 21, Bachelor, Farm Servant, of Old Cumnock,
Son of Daniel Dow, Boot & Shoemaker, and Agnes Shearer,
Hannah Richmond, 22, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of New Cumnock,
Daughter of James Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Hannah Johnstone.

April 26, 1861 at Coalburn, Parish of New Cumnock,
William Hardy, 40, Widower, Coal Miner, of New Cumnock,
Son of William Hardy, Coal Miner, and Hanna Austin,
Marion Robertson, 39, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of New Cumnock,
Daughter of John Robertson, Cotton Weaver, and Isabella Semple.

July 12, 1861 at Cumnock,
John Stodart Richmond, 31, Bachelor, Mason (Journeyman) of Cumnock,
Son of John Richmond, Mason (dec) and Jane McClymont,
Agnes Walter Kerr, 26, Spinster, Domestic Servant, of Cumnock,
Daughter of Alexander Kerr, Tailor, and Janet Crawford.

July 16, 1861 at Cumnock,
John Blackburn, 33, Bachelor, Iron Miner, of Auchinleck,
Son of William Blackburn, Iron Miner, and Margaret Wells (dec)
Elizabeth Young, 24, Spinster, Dressmaker, of Cumnock,
Daughter of James Young, Box Painter (dec) and Elizabeth Gibb.

April 25, 1861 at Muirkirk,
James Taylor, 21 (or 26), Single, Flesher (Journeyman) of Muirkirk,
Son of Alexander Taylor, Shepherd and Marion Findlay,
Margaret Kirkhope, 24, Spinster, of Muirkirk,
Daughter of Francis Kirkhope, Labourer in Woods (dec) and Janet Greenshields.

April 30, 1861 at Muirkirk.
Charles Lindsay, 23, Single, of Lanark,
Son of Alexander Lindsay, Farmer, and Amelia Murray (dec)
Margaret Richmond, 25, Spinster, of Lanark,
Daughter of John Buchan and Janet Richmond.








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