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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1862 and 1863

Transcribed by George M. McCaig


Info as follows:-

Name, age, date and place of death  

Marital status, trade (if any)


Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)  


Jane Dalziel, 68, March 11, 1862 at Auchinleck,
Widow of John Dalziel, Farmer.
William Murdock, Mason (dec) and Agnes Campbell (dec)
James Murdock Dalziel, Son, Joiner of Auchinleck.

Hugh Park, 28, March 18, 1862 at Rodinhead Pit, Auchinleck,
Iron Miner, Married to Margaret Richmond,
Robert Park, Iron Miner (dec) and Ellen Muir (dec)
John Richmond, Brother-in-law, Woollen Weaver, Cumnock

Hugh Caldow, 20, March 20, 1862 at Auchinleck,
Single, Cotton Weaver,
John Caldow, Cotton Weaver, and Margaret Hall,
John Caldow, Father.

Robert Orr, 1, September 8, 1862 at Low Fenwick,
James B. Orr, Shoemaker, and Margaret Fulton,
James Boyd Orr, Father.

Agnes Richmond, 72, October 2, 1862 at Kirktown,
Widow of James Richmond, Gamekeeper,
Archibald Borland, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Janet McGavan (dec)
Hugh Derby, Son-in-law.

Elizabeth Young, 84, October 10, 1862 at Low Fenwick,
Widow of Robert Young, Carrier,
Thomas Boyd, Ploughman (dec) and Margaret Boyd (M.S.) (dec)
William Young, Son.

Robert Richmond, 64, August 12, 1862 at Galston,
Widower of Agnes Findlay,
Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker (dec) - no mothers name listed.
Robert Brown, Son-in-law.

Isabella White, 63, August 23, 1862 at Galston,
Married to John White, Woodman,
Robert Taylor, Farmer (dec) and Isabella Hamilton (dec)
John White, Husband.

James Wallace, 16, August 26, 1862 at Galston,
Single, Cotton Weaver,
Samuel Wallace, Cotton Weaver (dec), and Margaret Torrance,
James ???, Neighbour,

John Morton, 80, November 18, 1862 at Galston,
Landed Proprietor, Married to Mary Mair,
Matthew Morton, Landed Proprietor (dec) and Mary Richmond,
John Morton, Son.

John Woodburn, 84, November 28, 1862 at Galston,
Farmer, Widower of Agnes Gebbie,
John Woodburn, Farmer (dec) and Janet Vallance (dec)
John Woodburn, Son.

Bernard McVance, 1 yr & 10 months, November 23, 1862 at Galston,
Bernard McVance, General Dealer, and Anne Devine
Bernard McVance, Father - This name could be McVamce??

William Robertson, 3, June 7, 1862 at Girvan,
James Robertson, Ploughman, and Margaret Richmond,
James Robertson, Father.

Unnamed Murray, 16 hours, June 1, 1862 at Girvan,
William Murray, Seaman, and Fanny Brown,
Fanny Murray, Mother (X)

John Allan, 63, June 7, 1862 at Girvan,
Cotton Weaver, Married to Mary McFadzean,
James Allan, Cotton Weaver (dec) and - - - McMillan (dec)
James Allan, Son.


Mary Thomson, 79, January 21, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
Married to John Thomson, Weaver,
John Fife, Flax Dresser (dec) and Janet Logan (dec)
John Thomson, Grandson.

Isabella Richmond, 7 months, January 25, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
James Richmond, Iron Miner, and Jane Givens,
James Richmond, Father.

Agnes Adams, 77, January 11, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
Widow of William Adams, Labourer,
No parents names given,
Elizabeth Adams, Daughter (X)

John Neil, 13, January 24, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
James Neil, Blacksmith, and Margaret Richmond,
James Neil, Father.

Dennis Bonar, 1, January 29, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
Neil Bonar, Labourer, and Mary Menailes,
Neil Bonar, Father (X)

Elizabeth Irvine, 80, February 2, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
Widow of James Irvine, Farmer,
No parents names given,
Bartley Cory (?), Son-in-law (this box very hard to read on my copy)

Rachel Mitchell, 47, December 4, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
Married to John Mitchell, Iron Drawer,
Clark Greig, Nailmaker (dec) and Jane Chambers (dec)
John Mitchell, Husband.

Elizabeth Deans, 6, December 11, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
Robert Deans, Iron Miner, and Elizabeth Hood (or Wood)
Elizabeth Hood (or Wood) Mother.

John Richmond, 3 yrs & 8 Months, December 24, 1862 at Kilbirnie,
James Richmond, Iron Miner, and June Gemmill,
James Richmond, Father.

Elizabeth Logan, 18, March 19, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Single, Weaver,
George Logan, Handloom Weaver, and Jean Love,
George Logan, Father.

Agnes Gebbie, 77, March 20, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Francis Gebbie, Shoemaker (dec) and Elizabeth Campbell (dec)
Matthew Young, Nephew.

Thomas Johnston, 39, March 20, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Coal Miner, Married to Euphemia Richmond,
William Johnston, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes Brown.
George Johnston, Brother.

George Gregg, 65, September 27, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Cabinet Maker, Married to Jean Richmond,
George Gregg, Carter (dec) and Elizabeth Howie (dec),
Benjamin Gregg, Brother.

Robert Gray, 25, September 29, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Single, Coal Miner,
James Gray, Coal Miner (dec) and Mary Black,
John Gray, Brother.

Janet Shaw, 3, October 1, 1862 at Kilmarnock,
Thomas Shaw, Flower Drawer(?) (dec) and Isabella McGregor,
Isabella Shaw, Mother.

John Brown,79, September 20, 1862 at Kilwinning,
Cart Wright, Married to Isabella D- - - - (cannot read the writing)
Thomas Brown, Carrier (dec) and Janet Steven (dec)
William Brown, Son.

David Templeton, 3, September 25, 1862 at Kilwinning,
John Templeton, Farmer, and Ann Dinning,
John Templeton, Father.

Agnes Gallacher, 3 yrs & 7 mos., December s27, 1862 at Newmilns
Parents names not given,
F. G. Gross, Proc. Fiscal,

Ellen Gebbie, 79, January 14, 1862 at Darvel,
John Gebbie, Blacksmith (Master)and ??? Merchant (dec) and Janet Richmond
John Stirling, Nephew.

James Brown, 2 yrs & 10 weeks, January 15, 1862 at Newmilns
George Brown, Muslin Weaver, and Susannah Hunter.
George Brown, Father.

Georgina Morton, 8 months, January 19, 1862 at Newmilns,
John Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Wilson,
John Morton, Father.

Mary Morrison Richmond, 26, January 23, 1862 at Newmilns,
Married to Mathew Richmond, Muslin Weaver,
Thomas Young, Muslin Weaver, and Jean Young (M.S.)
Mathew Richmond, Widower (X)

Isabella Steell, 29, January 26, 1862 at Newmilns,
Single, Domestic Servant,
William Steell, Muslin Weaver, and Isabella Connell.
William Steell, Father.

Jean Sym, 1, March 29, 1862 at Newmilns,
Robertson Sym, Muslin Weaver, and Jean Brown,
Robertson Sym, Father (X)

William Wyllie, 78, March 30, 2863 at Loudoun,
Coal Carter, Widower of Ann Hillhouse,
- - - Wyllie, Farm Servant (dec), and Margaret Aird (dec)
William Baird, Nephew.

Isabella Richmond, 1 yr & 7 mos., March 31, 1862 at Newmilns,
Matthew Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Janet McKelvie,
Matthew Richmond, Father.

George Goldie, Senior, 42, March 26, 1862 at Bankhead Coal Pit, Loudoun,
Not given,
No parents names given,
F. F. Murdoch, Proc. Fiscal.

Sarah Wyper, 1 yr & 9 mos., April 7, 1862 at Loudoun,
Thomas Wyper, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Richmond,
Elizabeth Wyper, Mother (X)

Jean Jack, 59 yrs & 8 months & 3 days, April 17, 1862 at Newmilns,
Married to Andrew Jack, Muslin Weaver,
Andrew Allan, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Ann Morton (dec)
Andrew Jack, Son.

James Wyper, 10 days, July 25, 1862 at Loudoun,
Thomas Wyper, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Richmond,
Janet Wyper, Grandmother (X)

William Cox, 7 days, July 31, 1862 at Darvel,
Single, Illegitimate,
William Cox, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Scade, Muslin Weaver,
William Cox, Father (X)

Elizabeth Nisbet, 27, August 6, 1862 at Loudoun,
Alexander Nisbet, Farmer, and Jean Richmond,
Alexander Nisbet, Father.



William White, 1 yr & 3 mos., October 22, 1862 at Loudoun Kirk,
Robert White, Coal Miner, and Agnes Findlay,
Robert White, Father.

Andrew Cochran, 12, October 24, 1862 at Darvel,
Hugh Cochran, Muslin Weaver, and Helen Richmond,
Hugh Cochran, Father.

Sarah Richmond, 64, February 28, 1862 at Mauchline,
Widow of William Richmond, Labourer,
Thomas Reid, Weaver (dec) and Margaret Reid (M.S.) (dec)
John Richmond, Son.

Andrew McIlvean, 21, March 3, 1862 at Mauchline,
Single, Boxchecker,
William McIlvean, Boxchecker, and Elizabeth Brown,
William McIlvean, Father.

Janet McCulloch, 44, March 22, 1862, at Mauchline,
Widow of Hugh McCulloch, Labourer,
Hamilton Cherry, Labourer (dec) and Martha Hamilton (dec)
James McCulloch, Son.

Janet Richmond, 7 mos., June 9, 1862 at Muirkirk,
Single, Illegitimate, 
Elizabeth Richmond,
James Richmond, Uncle, Coal Miner, (X)

Janet Thomson, 8 mos., June 9, 1862 at Muirkirk,
Single, Illegitimate,
Mary Thomson, Domestic Servant,
Catherine Muir, Grandmother (X)

Michael Kilmartin, 21, June 13, 1862 at Muirkirk,
Michael Kilmartin, Furnace Filler, and Bridget Begley,
Michael Kilmartin, Father (X)

Anne Keegan, 2, September 19, 1862 at Cumnock,
Francis Keegan, Pit Drawer, and Mary Devany,
Francis Keegan, Father (X)

Agnes Penman McMillan, 7, September 21, 1862 at Cumnock,
William McMillan, Mason (dec) and Barbara Findlay,
Robert McMillan, Grandfather.

Margaret Rankine Richmond, 65, September 30, 1862 at Cumnock,
Widow of William Richmond, Grocer,
John Howatson, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Gemmell (dec)
Charteris Richmond, Son, 102 Govan Place, Glasgow.

Marion Templeton, 4 mos., January 27, 1862 at Hurlford,
James Templeton, Furnace Man, and Mary Richmond,
James Templeton, Father.

Robert Hillhouse, 4 mos., January 29, 1862 at Hurlford,
Robert Hillhouse, Coal Miner, and Mary Reid,
Robert Hillhouse, Father (X)

Agnes Campbell, 72, January 31, 1862 at Mossback,
Widow of Thomas Campbell, Farm Servant,
David Paterson, (dec) and Margaret Trainer,
??? Paterson, Nephew.

Hannah Richmond, 17 mos., August 2, 1862 at Hurlford,
Robert Richmond, Coal Miner, and Isabella Boag,
Robert Richmond, Father (X) (This is one of my family line)

John Irvine, 7, August 7, 1862 at Riccarton,
Thomas Irvine, Pauper, and Catherine Kelly,
Thomas Irvine, Father (X)

Jane McMurtrie or Wright, 61, August 21, 1862 at Riccarton,
Widow of John Wright,
Andrew McMurtrie, (dec) and Jane McFedries,
Andrew McLeish, Cousin.

Margaret Watson, 88, May 6, 1862 at Auchincloich School House, Sorn,
Widow of John Watson, Agricultural Labourer,
Daniel Speirs, Farmer (dec) and Ann Richmond (dec),
James Watson, Son.

Mary Henderson, 2, May 14, 1862 at Catrine,
Single, Illegitimate,
Mary Henderson, Factory Worker,
Mary Henderson, Mother (X)

James Alcorn, 51, February 10, 1862 at Auchinleck,
Coal Miner, Married to Mark Park,
John Alcorn, Weaver (dec) and Sarah Lindsay,
F. F. Murchoch, Procurator Fiscal. (Killed in rock fall in mine)





Eliza Jane McIntyre, 15, May 15, 1863 at Dalry,
Single, Millworker,
George McIntyre, Iron Miner and Elizabeth Hawthorn,
George McIntyre, Father (X)

John Young, 22 mos., May 16, 1863 at Dalry,
John Young, Iron Miner, and Mary Colquhoun,
John Young, Father (X)

John Richmond, 18 mos., May 17, 1863 at Dalry,
James Richmond, Iron Miner and Martha More (Moore)
James Richmond, Father.

George Langlands, 2 mos., September 11, 1863 at Dalry,
George Langlands, Mercantile Clerk (dec) and Agnes Richmond,
William McD - - - -, Poor copy

James Holmes, 70, September 10, 1863 at Dalry,
Blacksmith, Married to Jean Barclay,
John Holmes, Blacksmith (dec) and Mary Gavin (dec)
Peter Holmes, Son.

William Hamilton, 15 mos., September 11, 1863 at Dalry,
William Hamilton, Iron Miner, and Agnes Brown,
William Hamilton, Father.

Janet Derbie, 14, May 8, 1863 at Kirkton, (Fenwick)
Hugh Derbie, Shoemaker, and Janet Richmond,
Hugh Derbie, Father.

Mary Dunlop, 66, May 27, 1863 at Midland (Fenwick)
Married to Francis Dunlop, Farmer,
George Graham, Farmer (dec) and Jean Brown (dec)
George Dunlop, Son.

Mary Ann Gemmill, 9, June 3, 1863 at Fenwick,
John Gemmill, Grocer, and Janet Bicket (or Bickel)
John Gemmill, Father.

Unnamed Lennox, 9 hours, July 27, 1863 at Galston,
William Lennox, Farmer, and Elizabeth Mitchell,
William Lennox, Father. (This entry very faint - hard to read)

Isabella Morrison, 46, August 8, 1863 at Galston,
Widow of George Morrison, Engineer,
Hugh McPhee (dec) and Annabella Campbell (dec)
John Hend - - -, Son-in-law (Poor Copy)

John Ramage, 26, August 29, 1863 at Galston,
Coal Trimmer, Married to Jean Richmond,
William Ramage, Blacksmith (dec) and Ann Bryden,
David Richmond, Father-in-law.

John Brown, 63, October 20, 1863 at Galston,
Woollen Manufacturer, Married to Elizabeth Richmond,
Peter Brown, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Elizabeth Paterson (dec)
John Brown, Son.

James McMinn, 4, October 24, 1863 at Galston,
Francis McMinn, Pitheadman, and Ann Rankin,
Francis McMinn, Father (X)

Jean Richmond, 55, October 27, 1863 at Galston,
Married to David Richmond, Shoemaker,
John Smith, Wright (dec) and Jean Cunningham (dec),
David Richmond, Husband.


Thomas Sawers, 66, March 29, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
Muslin Weaver, Widower of Margaret Galt,
James Sawers, Country Servant (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)
Elizabeth Wyllie, Daughter.

Martha Brownlee, 72, March 29, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
Widow of William Brownlee, Shoemaker,
James Willock, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Crawford (dec)
James Brownlee, Son.

John Clark, 18, March 28, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
Robert Clark, Watchmaker, and March McFedries,
John Clark, Grandfather.

Jean Dunlevy, 27, September 22, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
Married to John Dunlevy, Labourer,
Kennedy, (dec) mother unknown,
James Dunlevy, Brother-in-law.

Agnes McLintock, 6, September 23, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
John McLintock, Carpet Weaver, and Marion Richmond,
John McLintock, Father.

Elizabeth Boyd, 15, September 23, 1863, at Kilmarnock,
John Boyd, Bonnet Dresser, and Margaret Brown,
Robert Brown, Friend.

Jessie Lauder, 8 mos., October 25, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
William Lauder, Boot Closer, and Jessie Richmond.
William Lauder, Father.

Agnes Carson, 49, October 26, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
Wife of John Carson, Labourer,
Edward Smith, Blacksmith (dec) and Mary Smith (M.S.) (dec)
John Carson, Widower (X)

Robert Tonner, 1 mo., October 29, 1863 at Kilmarnock,
Robert Tonner, Coal Miner, and Jeanie Dick,
Jeanie Tonner, Mother (X)

Alexander Hendry, 60, June 10, 1863 at Kilwinning,
Coalpit Labourer, Married to Mary Neill,
No parents names listed.
John Hendry, Son.

Jean Fletcher, 72, June 12, 1863 at Kilwinning,
Widow of George Fletcher, Shoemaker,
James Richmond, Tailor (dec) and Mary Wylie (dec)
Mathew Richmond, Brother.

Samuel McFee, 35, June 18, 1863 at Kilwinning, 
Single, Soldier, Private 74 Foot,
Thomas McFee, Coal Miner, and Mary McConnell,
Thomas McFee, Father (X)

Janet Robertson, 44, February 27, 1863 at Darvel,
Married to Andrew Robertson, Muslin Weaver,
Thomas Granger, Miller (dec) and Helen Bryce,
Andrew Robertson, Widower.

Samuel Jamieson, 3 mos., March 4, 1863 at Newmilns,
James Jamieson, Muslin Weaver and Sarah Wallace,
James Jamieson, Father.

William Richmond, 1, March 13, 1863 at Newmilns,
Matthew Richmond, Muslin Weaver and Janet McKelvie,
William Richmond, Grandfather. 

Mary Mitchell Young, 25, July 10, 1863 at Darvel,
Single, Dressmaker,
Andrew Young, Builder (Master) and Agnes Mitchell,
Andrew Young, Father.

Marianne McDonald, 14, July 29, 1863 at Alton, Loudoun,
Donald McDonald, School Teacher, and Anne McDonald (M.S.) (dec)
John McDonald, Brother.

Andrew Allan Jack, 16 mos., August 1, 1863 at Newmilns (usual residence 521
Gallowgate, Glasgow)
James Jack, Shoe Manufacturers Clerk, and Agnes Crane,
Andrew Jack, Junior, Uncle.

Helen Richmond, 2 yrs. & 10 mos., August 2, 1863 at Darvel (usual residence 3
Cavendish Place, Glasgow)
Andrew Richmond, Green Store Man, and Helen McNair,
Andrew Richmond, Father.

Isabella Morton, 3 weeks, August 7, 1863 at Newmilns,
Andrew Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret McCallum,
Andrew Morton, Father (X)

Isobel Lawson, 24, August 17, 1863 at Darvel,
Married to Robert Lawson, Muslin Weaver,
Ninian Jamieson, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Cleland,
Robert Lawson, Widower.

Janet Runcie, 5, September 22, 1863 at Newmilns,
Alexander Runcie, Tailor (Master) and Mary Jamieson,
Alex Runcie, Father.

Jane Montgomerie Richmond, 1 yr & 3 mos., September 25, 1863 at Newmilns,
Francis Findlay Richmond, Draper, and Mary Gemmell,
F. F. Richmond, Father.

Elizabeth Roxburgh, 7 mos., October 1, 1863 at Darvel,
John Roxburgh, Muslin Weaver, and Euphemia Wilson,
John Roxburgh, Father.

Janet Crawford, 37, January 2, 1863 at Mauchline,
Married to Andrew Crawford, Dryer,
James Andrew, Miller (dec) and Margaret Cowan (dec),
Andrew Crawford, Husband.

Elizabeth Wilson, 91, January 13, 1863 at Mauchline,
Widow of Charles Wilson, Cooper,
John Richmond, Weaver (dec) and Isabella Aird (dec)
James Gibb, Neighbour.

Mary Johnston, 21, January 18, 1863 at Mauchline,
Married to David Johnston, Gardener,
Hugh Tannock, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Drinnan (dec)
David Johnston, Husband.

David Smith, 5, December 5, 1863 at Cumnock,
James Smith, Baker (dec) and Agnes Hamilton,
David Smith, Grandfather.

Peter Richmond, 11 mos., December 25, 1863 at Cumnock,
Andrew Richmond, Engine Keeper, and Catharine Findlay,
Andrew Richmond, Father.

Margaret Fergusson, 2, December 20, 1863 at Cumnock,
John Fergusson, Iron Miner, and Elizabeth Pollock,
John Fergusson, Father (X)

William Templeton, 7 weeks, February 19, 1863 at Riccarton,
William Templeton, Railway Labourer, and Janet Richmond,
William Templeton, Father.

John Guthrie, 2, February 19, 1863 at Hurlford,
Michael Guthrie, Coal Miner, and Margaret Connary (or Convary)
Michael Guthrie, Father.

Andrew Kirkland, 86, June 19, 1863 at Shawsmill, Riccarton,
Quarry Labourer, Married to Margaret Hopkin,
Parents not known,
Robert Kirkland, Son.

Hugh Lambie, 6 mos., June 27, 1863 at Dykehead Row, Riccarton,
James Lambie, Carter, and Janet McMichen,
James Lambie, Father.

Janet McCall, 20 mos., July 2, 1863 at New Bridge End, Riccarton,
John McCall, Carter, and Margaret Richmond,
John McCall, Father (X)

Jane Mitchell, 18, June 26, 1863 at Catrine,
Single, Mill Worker,
John Mitchell, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Jane Young (dec)
William Mitchell, Brother.

Joseph Standering, 22 mos., June 13, 1863 at Glenlogan Cottages, Sorn,
Benjamin Standering, Ironstone Miner, and Ann Darington,
Benjamin Standering, Father (X)

John Richmond, 74, July 3, 1863 at Darnhay,
Retired Farmer, Widower of Jean Howat,
William Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Miller (dec)
William Richmond, Son.

Mary Currie, 21, July 28, 1863 at Gateside, Stair,
Single, Seamstress,
John Currie, Labourer (dec) and Jean McGee
John Currie, Brother.

Jane Ferguson, 2, August 21, 1863 at Crosshill,
Matthew Ferguson, Tile Burner, and Jane Clark,
Matthew Ferguson, Father.

Isabella Richmond, 61, September 20, 1863 at Coalhall, Stair,
Single, Shopkeeper,
James Richmond, Land Steward (dec) and Ann Tarbet
James McWhirter, Nephew.

Mary Stewart, 77, May 30, 1863 at Stewarton,
Widow of Thomas Stewart, Farmer.
Alexander Gemmell, Farmer (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
John Miller, Son-in-law.

Mary Dean Weir, 5, June 5, 1863 at Stewarton,
John Weir, Surfaceman, and Mary Dean (dec)
James Weir, Grandfather,

Matthew Barbour, 1, June 8, 1863 at Stewarton,
William Barbour, Builder, and Elizabeth Loudon,
William Barbour, Father.









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