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Some Ayrshire Deaths in 1865

Transcribed by George M. McCaig, Burlington, Ontario. 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


William Shedden, 9 months, November 24, 1865 at Kilbirnie, Single, Illegitimate,
Janet Shedden, Domestic Servant,
Janet Shedden, Mother.

Jean Richmond, 57, November 27, 1865 at Kilbirnie (Note: I have her name as Jane in my database)
Married to John Richmond, Iron Miner,
Robert Smith, Joiner (dec) and Jane Paton (dec)
Robert Richmond, Son.

William Donaldson, 5 months, November 26, 1865 at Kilbirnie, Single,
Robert Donaldson, Flax Dresser, and Elizabeth Richardson,
Robert Donaldson, Father.

John Stevenson, 3 1/2, April 24, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Stevenson, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes McNair,
William McNair, Grandfather (X)

Jessie Lauder, 1, April 26, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Single,
William Lauder, Boot Closer, and Jessie Richmond,
William Lauder, Father.

Isabella Craig, 66, April 26, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Widow of Hugh Craig, Draper,
James Portious, Clergyman (dec) and Catherine Kinnen (dec)
Isabella Young, Grand-daughter.

Helen Noble, 60, October 4, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Widow of John Noble, Labourer,
William Swan, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Rebecca Dalrymple (dec)
William Swan, Brother.

Mary Frazer, 82, October 4, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Widow of William Frazer, Muslin Weaver,
John Morton, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Sarah Richmond (dec)
John Frazer, Son.

Thomas McKie, 4 1/2, October 5, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Maxwell McKie, Farm Servant, and Jean Dempster,
Maxwell McKie, Father (X)

Mary McNally, 40, October 31, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Married to Alexander McNally, Nail Maker,
Patrick Corrigan, Seaman, and Elizabeth Conway,
Alexander McNally, Widower (X)

Agnes Glasgow, 58, October 31, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Married to Hugh Glasgow, Muslin Weaver,
James Gilchrist, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Jean Russell (dec)
James Dreghorn, Acquaintance.

Robert Richmond, 13, November 1, 1865 at Kilmarnock, Single, Coal Miner.
John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Agnes Hutcheson,
John Richmond, Brother (X)

Ann Connachie, 9 months, August 10, 1865 at Kilwinning, Single,
James Connachie, Coal Miner, and Isabella Walker (formerly Richmond)
James Connachie, Father (X)

Ann Calderwood, 8, August 27, 1865 at Kilwinning, Single,
John Calderwood, Stone Breaker, and Mary Arnott,
John Calderwood, Father.

Agnes McBride, 9 months, August 30, 1865 at Kilwinning, Single,
Lawrance McBride, Coal Miner, and Agnes McMillan,
Lawrance McBride, Father.

Agnes McKechnie, 9, December 20, 1865 at Kilwinning, Single,
Alexander McKechnie, Coalpit Oversman (dec) and Jane Richmond (formerly Smith)
Andrew Smith, Step Father.

Joseph Brown, 15 days, December 26, 1865 at Kilwinning, Single, Illegitimate,
Agnes Brown, Domestic Servant,
Janet Brown, Grandmother.

Mary Gray Dale, 32, December 23, 1865 at Kilwinning, Married to William Dale, Stationer,
James Wilkie, Brewery Oversman (dec) and Mary Gray (dec)
William Dale, Widower. 

The following are all from the Loudoun register from which it was very
difficult to get a good copy. Even the film was tough to read, not because
of the handwriting, but because of the ink, or the pen, used by the
registrar. Possibly the filming could have been better, but we have to take
what we can get.

Jean Sawers, 8 weeks, January 2, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
John Sawers, Muslin Weaver, and Jean McKelvie,
John Sawers, Father (X)

William Richmond, 15 minutes, January 5, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Mair,
James Richmond, Father.

Janet Torrance, 17, January 11, 1865 at Loudoun, Single, Dairy Maid,
Robert Torrance, Farmer, and Jane Young,
Robert Torrance, Father.

Thomas Turnbull, 7 months, March 5, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
James Richmond, Weaver (dec) and Mary Wyllie (dec)
James Richmond, Son.

Margaret Brown, ?, June 6, 1865 at Loudoun, Widow of David Brown, Carter.
William Templeton, (cannot make out trade)(dec) and Elizabeth (no maiden name given)(dec)
John Taylor, Son-in-law.

Christina Cameron ?, June 8, 1865 at Loudoun, Widow of William Cameron, Landed Proprietor,
Andrew Strange, Farmer, and Isabella Baird (dec),
John Cameron, Son.

Jean King, 63, June 17, 1865 at Newmilns, Married to William King, Mason (Journeyman),
William Smith, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Richmond (dec)
William King, Widower.

Robert Steel, 6 weeks, June 24, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
William Steel, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Muir,
William Steel, Father.

Margaret Hamilton, 73, July 4, 1865 at Darvel, Widow of Thomas Hamilton, Muslin Weaver,
Thomas Robertson, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Jean Crooks (dec)
Hugh Miller, Nephew.

Agnes Paton, 67, July 6, 1865 at Newmilns, Widow of William Paton, Muslin Weaver,
Robert Scouler, Miller (dec) and Annabella Lauchlan (dec)
Matthew Brown, Son-in-law.

Agnes Richmond, 3 months, July 9, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker (Master) and Agnes Alexander,
Hugh Richmond, Father.

George Watson, 12 days, July 9, 1865 at Newmilns, Single, Illegitimate,
Betsy Watson, Cotton Winder,
Janet Dunlop, Aunt (X)

Jane Anderson, 22, September 28, 1865 at Loudoun, Single,
James Anderson, Farmer, and Jane Ross,
Robert Wilson, Brother-in-law.

Ellen Ross Smith, 26, October 22, 1865 at Darvel, Married to Robert Smith, Muslin Weaver,
James Bryce, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Wiseman (dec)
Robert Smith, Widower.

Marion Richmond, 1, October 30, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
Mathew Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Weir,
Mathew Richmond, Father (X)

Robert Campbell, 55, October 24, 1865 at Newmilns, Gas (?) Manager, Married to Agnes Wilson,
Robert Campbell, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Gebbie (dec)
Robert Campbell, Son.

Isabella Richmond, 3 hours, November 2, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Mair,
James Richmond, Father.

Agnes Morton, 5 days, November 15, 1865 at Newmilns, Single,
Hugh Morton, Auctioneer, and Amelia Smith,
Hugh Morton, Father.

Jean Wilson Gibb, 31, August 5, 1865 at Mauchline, Single, Dressmaker, 
(Note: the age looks like 51, but I have her parents marriage in 1826)
James Gibb, Spirit Dealer, and Ann Richmond,
James Gibb, Father.

Robert Hay, 53, August 16, 1865 at Mauchline, Shoemaker, Married to Sarah Gibson,
James Hay, Labourer (dec) and Helen Kirkham (dec)
James Hay, Son.

William Smith, 23, August 19, 1865 at Mauchline, Letter Carrier, Single, Illegitimate,
James Smith, Merchant (dec) and Christian Wilson, Domestic Servant (dec)
Bruce Taylor, Neighbour.

Anne Jane Campbell, 70, October 24, 1865 at Maybole, Widow of John Campbell, Labourer.
- - - Wallace, and Mary Henderson, (presumably both deceased)
Peter Harvie, son-in-law (X)

Alexander Findlater, 47, October 29, 1865 at Maybole, Labourer, Widower of Sarah Hewit,
Thomas Findlater, General Dealer (dec) and Mary Bone (?) (dec)
John Brown, Nephew.

James Robertson, 15, October 30, 1865 at Milton, Maybole, Single,
James Robertson, Ploughman, and Margaret Richmond,
James Robertson, Father.

Alexander Gillespie, 67, November 4, 1865 at Maybole, Officer of Customs, Widower of Catherine McKellar,
Alexander Gillespie, Carrier (dec) and Margaret McDowal (dec)
Cannot read informant, but it appears to be a son.

Helen Robertson, 12, November 7, 1865 at Maybole, Single,
James Robertson, Ploughman, and Margaret Richmond,
James Robertson, Father. (both these children died of Typhoid Fever)

Mary Howie, 26, November 7, 1865 at Maybole, Married to William Howie, Shoemaker.
Andrew Hamilton, Cotton Weaver, and Fanny Logan,
William Howie, Widower.

Janet Armour, 34 hours, June 3, 1865 at Muirkirk, Single,
Richard Armour, Pitheadsman, and Barbara McNish,
Richard Armour, Father.

John Angus, 36, June 16, 1865 at Muirkirk, Coal Miner, Married to Janet Richmond,
James Angus, Coal Miner (dec) and Grace Dempster,
Janet Angus, Widow.

David Ross, 72, June 19, 1865 at Muirkirk, Farmer, Married to Mary Kerr,
Malcolm Ross, Brick Maker (dec) and Margaret Bryden (dec)
Malcolm Ross, Son.

Grace Lammie, 2 weeks(?), August 12, 1865 at Muirkirk, Single,
James Lammie, Shepherd, and Elizabeth Sloan,
James Lammie, Father.

Mary Kelly, 62, August 12, 1865 at Muirkirk, Married to Michael Kelly, Stone Breaker,
Hugh Richmond, Soldier (dec) and Helen Welsh (dec)
Mary Pettigrew, grand-daughter (X)

Unnamed Miller, 9 hours, August 17, 1865 at Muirkirk, Single,
John Miller, Baker Journeyman, and Jane Calton (or Callen)
John Miller, Father.

Janet Downie,
53, February 9, 1865 at Ochiltree, Married to James Downie, Shoemaker,
John Lymburner, Farmer (dec) and Mary Steel (dec)
Ann Mitchell, Niece.

John Hair, 18, February 14, 1865 at Ochiltree, Agricultural Labourer, Married to Agnes Kay,
William Hair, Dealer in Oat Meal (dec) and Margaret Simson (dec)
Hugh Morton, Nephew.

George Elliott, 1 hour, February 17, 1865 at Ochiltree, Single,
John Elliott, Agricultural Labourer, and Jane McVey,
John Elliott, Father.

James Richmond, 7 months, October 8, 1865 at Ochiltree, Single,
William Richmond, Nailer, and Ann McInally,
William Richmond, Father (X)

Quintin Brown, 16, October 18, 1865 at Barquharrie, Single,
David Brown, Farmer, and Mary Kennedy,
David Brown, Father.

Agnes Watson, 9 months, November 26, 1865 at Ochiltree, Single,
Thomas Watson, Agricultural Labourer, and Agnes Hair,
Thomas Watson, Father.

Daniel McCafferty, 6 hours, March 8, 1865 at Old Cumnock, Single,
Peter McCafferty, Mason, and Elizabeth Small
Peter McCafferty, Father (X)

Andrew Cuthbertson, 36, March 18, 1865 at Old Cumnock, Single, Miner,
Hugh Cuthbertson, Miner (dec) and Jane Richmond (dec)
William Cuthbertson, Brother.

Jessie McCrindle, 7 weeks, March 23, 1865 at Garallan, Single,
David McCrindle, Collier, and Elizabeth Brydan,
David McCrindle, Father.

John Brown, 2 1/2, September 29, 1865 at Old Cumnock, Single,
James Brown, Weaving Overseer, and Isabella Richmond,
James Brown, Father.

Agnes Thomson, 63, October 12, 1865 at Douglaston Cottage, Married to Adam Thomson, Mason,
Hugh McCowan, Weaver (dec) and Agnes Richmond, (dec)
Adam Thomson, Widower.

James Donaghy, 2 years, 4 months, October 12, 1865 at Old Cumnock, Single,
Bernard Donaghy, Miner, and Bridget Foley,
John Foley, Grandfather (X)

Agnes Shaw, 83, May 22, 1865 at Catrine,
Widow of Matthew Shaw, Cotton Weaver,
James White, Baker (dec) no mothers name given,
George ???, Son-in-law.

Isabella Park, 22, May 28, 1865 at Sorn, Married to Hugh Park, Iron Miner,
Adam Begg, Coal Miner (dec) and Isabella Heron,
Hugh Park, Widower.

Joseph Galt, 95, May 29, 1865 at Sorn, Muslin Weaver, Widower of ??? Richmond,
No parents names given.
George Porter, Neighbour.

Robert Molyneux, 16, May 20, 1865 at Symington, Single, Farm Servant,
John Molyneux, Labourer (dec) and Mary Thompson,
Mary Molyneux, Mother.

John McKerrow, 82, August 13, 1865 at Symington, Widower, Farmer.
John McKerrow, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec),
Thomas McKerrow, Son.

Andrew Watson, 9 months, August 27, 1865 at Symington, Single,
William Watson, Blacksmith, and Isabella Carnie,
William Watson, Father.  


George Barrie
, 65, January 1, 1865 at Ardrossan, Seaman (Merchant Service) Widower of Margaret Riddoch,
John Barrie, Millwright (dec) and Janet Mann (dec)
Janet Mann Barrie, Daughter.

Thomas Gibson, Age illegible, January 1865, at Ardrossan, Single,
John Gibson, Labourer, and Jane Richmond,
Jane Gibson, Mother (X)

Janet Kerr Boyd, 2, January 26, 1865 at Ardrossan, Single,
John Boyd, Railway Engineman and Mary Currie,
John Boyd, Father.

Janet Boag, 28, December 12, 1865 at Beith, Single, Printfield Worker,
John Boag, Draper, and Janet Biggart,
John Boag, Father.

Elizabeth Stewart, 23, December 7, 1865 at Beith, Single, Bleachfield Worker,
William Stewart, Iron Miner (dec) and Elizabeth Paterson,
George Stewart, Brother.

Agnes Richmond, 76, December 16, 1865 at Beith, Married to George Richmond, late Postmaster,
John Smith, Proprietor and Farmer (dec) and Mary Shedden (dec)
George Richmond, Widower.

John Harbison, 57, July 31, 1865 at Coylton, Agricultural Labourer, Married to Agnes McHutcheon,
John Harbison, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Mary Sloan,
John Harbison, Son.

John Shepherd, 9 months, August 12, 1865 at Coylton, Single, Illegitimate,
William Shepherd, Farm Servant, and Mary McWhirter,
Peter McWhirter, Maternal Grandfather.

Hugh Richmond, 1, August 24, 1865 at Coylton, Single,
Hugh Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary Hay,
Hugh Richmond, Father.

James Howat, 71, January 12, 1865 at Galston, Woodman,Married to Annas Richmond ( have name as Ann) John Howat, Woodman (dec) and Mary Shaw (dec)
William Howat, Son.

Margaret Marr, 65, January 12, 1865 at Galston, Married to Alexander Marr, Engine Keeper,
William Hodge, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret Hunter (dec)
Alexander Marr, Husband (X)

Agnes Smith Brown, 21 months, January 13, 1865 at Galston, Single,
Allan Brown, Coal Miner, and Christina Love,
Allan Brown, Father.

Elizabeth Cunningham, 2 3/4, January 30, 1865 at Galston, Single,
John Cunningham, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Orr,
John Cunningham, Father (X)

Allan Wyper, 11 days, January 30, 1865 at Galston, Single,
Thomas Wyper, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Richmond,
Elizabeth Wyper, Mother (X)

John Miller, 53, February 1, 1865 at Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Mary McMillan,
William Miller, Nailer (dec) and Jean Kennedy (dec)
William Miller, Brother.

John Shaw, about 60, February 22, 1865 at Galston, Married to Margaret McCormick,
John Shaw, Coal Miner (dec) and Jean Shedden (dec)
Mathew Brown, Inspector.

Thomas Wyper, 2 1/2, February 26, 1865 at Galston, Single,
Thomas Wyper, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Richmond,
Elizabeth Wyper, Mother (X)

Andrew Steel, 26, March 6, 1865 at Galston, Coal Miner, Married to Jane Paton,
Alexander Steel, Surfaceman, and Margaret Baird,
Alexander Steel, Father.

Alexander Corbett, 20, September 2, 1865 at Galston, Single, Pointsman,
James Corbett, Stone Quarrier, and Helen Ballantyne (dec)
William Corbett, Brother.

Alexander Pollock, 89, September 1, 1865 at Galston, Farmer, Widower of Jane Crooks,
Robert Pollock, Farmer (dec) and Mary Wilson (dec)
William Pollock, Son.

Agnes Richmond, 28, September 12, 1865 at Galston, Married to Hugh Richmond, Shoemaker,
David Alexander, Cotton Weaver, and Agnes Clymont (dec)
Hugh Richmond, Husband.









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