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Some Ayrshire Deaths 1866

Transcribed by George McCaig 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and place of death
Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)

Margaret Richmond, 13, March 24, 1866 at Newton, Ayr. Single,
John Richmond, Engine Driver, and Agnes Robb,
John Richmond, Father.

Margaret Currans, 50, March 25, 1866 at Kyle Union Poorhouse, Ayr. Widow, Pauper.
John Blair, Mason (dec) and Jean Kirkland (dec)
A (or S.) Blair, Brother of Dailly,

Andrew Fulton, 44, May 27, 1866 at St. Quivox,
Carter, Married to Agnes Ramsay,
John Fulton, Mason (dec) and Mothers name not recorded,
John Fulton, Son.

Elizabeth Cook Allan, 14 months, February 18, 1866 at Dalry, Single,
Andrew Allan, Iron Miner, and Sarah Hawthorn,
Andrew Allan, Father.

Janet Cassels, 12 months, February 20, 1866 at Dalry, Single,
Francis Cassels, iron Miner, and Agnes Richmond,
Francis Cassels, Father (X)

John Millen, 40, February 17, 1866 at Dalry,
Iron Miner, Married to Bridget Murdoch,
Peter Millen, Weaver (dec) and Mary McIlroy,
Bridget Millen, Widow (X)

Jane Small, 18, July 27, 1866 at Dalry, Single,
John Small, Blacksmith, and Janet Richmond,
John Small, Father.

Mary Michael, 41, August 6, 1866 at Dalry,
Married to James Michael, Labourer,
James Black, Labourer, and Janet Cook,
James Michael, Widower.

William Robb, 61, August 10, 1866 at Dalry,
Labourer, Married to Mary Sutherland,
John Robb, Farmer (dec) and Jane Galbraith (dec),
Robert Robb, Son.

Janet Graham, 76, March 2, 1866 at Fenwick,
Married to John Steven, Farmer.
George Graham, Farmer (dec) and Jean Brown (dec)
William Steven, son. (writing very faint)

McLeod Barr, 87, March 2, 1866 at Fenwick,
Farmer, Widower of Marion Sheddon,
John Barr, Farmer (dec) and Ann Ogilvie (dec)
John Barr, Son.

Alexander Gemmill, 84, March 6, 1866 at Fenwick,
Farmer, Widower of Mary Calderwood,
Alexander Gemmill, Farmer (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
William Gemmill, Son.

Thomas Morton, 81, January 11, 1866 at Galston,
Married to Margaret Wilson,
Matthew Morton, Farmer (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)
Mathew Morton Son.

William White, 3 1/2, January 13, 1866 at Galston, Single,
John White, Coal Miner, and Annie Steven,
John White, Father.

Agnes Galloway, 83, January 16, 1866 at Galston,
Widow of Hugh Galloway, Farmer.
William McWhinnie, Farmer (dec) and Martha McKissock (dec)
Robert Simpson, So-in-law.


Margaret Currans, 50, March 25, 1866 at Kyle Union Poorhouse, Ayr,
Pauper, Widow,
Parents names not give.
Robert Carr, Governor,

William Thom, 41, March 24, 1866, at St. Quivox,
Surfaceman, Widower of Janet Brown,
James Thom, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Campbell (dec)
David Thom, Son.

Jane Richmond Love, 1, May 26, 1866 at Ayr, Single,
David Love, Baker, and Mary Kerr,
David Love, Father.

Mary McMillan, 75, May 25, 1866 at Ayr,
Widow of Ezekiel McMillan, Weaver,
John Blair, Mason (dec) and Jean Kirkland (dec)
A. (or S.) Blair, Brother. 


Robert Wales, 10 months, January 13, 1866 at Irvine, Single,
Robert Wales, Cotton Weaver, and Jane Richmond,
Robert Wales, Father (X)

Martha McPike, 3 days, January 18, 1866 at Irvine, Single,
Peter McPike, Coal Miner, and Sarah Watson
Peter McPike, Father (X)

Margaret Wilson, 56, January 18, 1866 at Irvine, Single,
David Wilson, Blacksmith (dec) and Jean Boyd (dec)
David Wilson, Half-brother.

Catherine Leggat, 2 1/12, October 28, 1866 at Irvine, Single,
Catherine Glen, Mother.
Catherine Glen, Mother (X)

Unnamed Wales, 6 hours, October 27, 1866 at Irvine, Single,
Robert Wales, Weaver, and Jane Richmond,
Robert Wales, Father (X)

Elizabeth Cook Miller, 27, October 30, 1866 at Dundonald,
Married to William Miller, Draper,
Daniel Cook, Tailor, and Mary McAlister,
WM. Miller, Husband.

Jean Robertson, 41, February 20, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Married to George Robertson, Hammerman,
- - - - Pearson, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes Lumsdale,
George Robertson, Widower.

George Hill, 62, February 21, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Hair Dresser, Widower of Martha McCreath,
George Hill, Brush Maker (dec), and - - - -,
Alexander Hill, Son (X)

Elizabeth Hill, 51, February 22, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Married to Charles Hill, Wool Sorter,
- - - - Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Catherine Higgins (dec)
Charles Hill, Widower (X)

Mary Paton, 49, March 30, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Wife of John Paton, Muslin Weaver,
John Millar, Shoemaker (dec) and Elizabeth Reyburn (dec)
James Paton, Son.

John Bunten, 95, March 30, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Residenter, Widower of Margaret Fiindlay,
William Bunten, Quarryman (dec) and Jean Richmond (dec)
James Bunten, Son.

Margaret Coffey, 2, March 31, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Daniel Coffey, Furnaceman, and Margaret McQuade,
Margaret Coffey, Mother (X)

John Campbell Borland, 18 1/2 months, April 20, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
William Borland, Shoemaker, and Elizabeth Muir,
William Borland, Father.

George Wishart, 35, April 19, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Single, Carpet Weaver,
David Wishart, Hand Loom Weaver, and Elizabeth Richmond,
D. Wishart, Brother.

Thomas Colvin, 8, April 21, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
John Colvin, Carpet Weaver, and Mary Gilchrist (dec)
John Colvin, Father.

Margaret Campbell, 82, July 8, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single, Sewing Agent,
Alexander Campbell, Mason (dec) and Unknown,
? ? Smith, no relationship noted.

William Wilson, 54, July 11, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Shoemaker, Married to Isabella Allan,
William Wilson, Shoemaker (dec) and Unknown,
Joseph Wilson, Son.

Robert Richmond, 55, July 10, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Muslin Weaver, Married to Mary Reyburn,
John Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Good (dec)
William Stewart, Nephew-in-law.

Agnes Cunningham, 26, September 13, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single, Hand Server,
John Cunningham, Coal Miner, and Mary Arthur,
John Hay, Friend (X)

James Purvis, 54, September 13, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Commission Agent, Married to Elizabeth Brown,
Robert Purvis, Gardener (dec) and Margaret Cullen (dec),
James Purvis, Son.

Jessie Richmond, 6, September 15, 1866 at Kilmarnock (I have her as Janet in my database) Single,
James Richmond, Coal Miner and Margaret Thomson,
James Richmond, Father.

Grace Kelly, 5, September 25, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
John Kelly, Boot Closer, and Jane McIlroy,
John Kelly, Father (X)

William Deans, 49, September 24, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Carpet Weaver, Married to Jean Kirkland,
John Deans, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Janet Calderwood (dec)
John Deans, Son.

Unnamed Messer, 17 hours, September 25, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Messer, Coal Miner, and Ann Richmond,
Robert Messer, Father (X)

James Gallin, 70, October 2, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Hawker, Married to Mary Devlin,
James Gallin, Labourer (dec) and Margaret McDade (dec)
James Gallin, Son.

Jessie McCulloch, 6, October 1, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert McCulloch, Coal Miner, and Margaret Scott,
John (?) Scott, Great Grandfather.

William Templeton, 44, October 1, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Muslin Weaver, Married to Janet Richmond,
Robert Templeton (dec) and Mary Andrew,
Thos. Gunn, Friend.

Catherine Sprott, 52, November 25, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Widow of William Sprott, Nail Maker, Late of Ayr,
Nathaniel Richmond, Writer (dec) and Annie Ferguson (dec)
Robert Grant, Son-in-law.

Grace Biggars, 11 days, November 26, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
William Biggars, Coal Miner, and Sarah Wallace,
William Biggars, Father.

John Douglas Hislop, 8 months, November 27, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
William Hislop, Boot Closer, and Elizabeth Dunlop,
William Hislop, Father (X)

Christina Rose, 5 months, December 1, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
James Rose, Carpet Weaver, and Christina Richmond,
James Rose, Father.

James Harper, 83, December 1, 1866 at Kilmarnock,
Plasterer (?), Married to Jane Allison, Widower of Ann Stobbs(?) and Mary Irvine,
Stephen Harper, Quarryman (dec) and Jean Bryce (dec)
Hugh Nodger (or Rodger), Grandson-in-law.

Marion Cameron, 24, November 30, 1866 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Nicol Brown Cameron, Clothier, and Fanny Morton (dec)
N.B.Cameron, Father.

Robert Steell, 91, March 10, 1866 at Kilmaurs,
Farmer, Widower of Margaret Malcom,
John Steell, Farmer (dec) and Mary Andrew (dec)
John Steell, Son.

Jane Richmond, 12 weeks, March 13, 1866 at Kilmaurs, Single,
James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Jane Miller,
James Richmond, Father (X)

Marion Fulton, 13 months, March 18, 1866 at Kilmaurs, Single,
William Fulton, Coal Miner, and Ann Smith,
William Fulton, Father (X)

William Owens, 14 months, April 16, 1866 at Kilmaurs. Single,
William Owens, Coal Miner, and Barbara Richmond,
John Richmond, Uncle, of Boxside.

James Paterson, 68, April 15, 1866 at Kilmaurs,
Cotton Weaver, Married to Jane Kennedy,
Robert Paterson, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Janet Knox (dec)
James Maxwell, Minister of Free Church.

John Campbell, 18, April 19, 1866 at Kilmaurs, Engineer, Single.
Donald Campbell, Blacksmith, and Margaret Galbraith,
Donald Campbell, Father (X)

Jessie Johnston, 83, September 15, 1866 at Kilwinning,
Widow of James Johnston, Weaver,
Alexander Baillie, Woollen Weaver (dec) and Elizabeth Small (dec)
John Johnston, Son.

Unnamed Lawson, 4 days, September 19, 1866 at Kilwinning, Single,
James Lawson, Coal Miner, and Janet McQueen,
James Lawson, Father.

Ann Richmond, 10, September 19, 1866 at Kilwinning, Single,
John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Jean Pollock,
John Richmond, Father.

Jane Richmond, 10 weeks, May 25, 1866 at Newmilns, Single,
Mathew Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Weir,
Mathew Richmond, Father (X)

Janet Richmond, 9, May 24, 1866 at Newmilns, Single,
William Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Marion Morton,
William Richmond, Father.

John Aiton, 5, May 29, 1866 at Darvel, Single,
John Aiton, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Cleland,
John Aiton, Father.

James Young Richmond, 7 months, September 13, 1866 at Newmilns, Single,
James Richmond, Shoemaker Journeyman, and Helen Young,
James Richmond, Father (X)

George Somervel (?), 3 years and 10 months, September 14, 1866 at Loudoun Mill, Single,
William Somervel, Muslin Weaver, and Marion Wagstaff,
William Somervel, Father (X)

Margaret McCartney, 68, September 21, 1866 at Darvel,
Married to David McCartney, Agricultural Labourer,
John Allison, Farmer (dec) and Isobel Barrie (dec)
William McCartney, Son.

James Campbell, 11, October 21, 1866 at Newmilns, Single,
John Campbell, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Nisbet,
John Campbell, Father.

William Richmond, 6, October 20, 1866 at Newmilns, Single,
William Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Marion Morton,
William Richmond, Father.

Catherine Cash, 2 years and 11 months, October 28, 1866 at Loudoun, Single,
Patrick Cash, Coal Miner, and Catherine Ohear,
Bridget Bramagan, formerly Ohear, Grandmother (X)

Jean Piper, 40, January 9, 1866 at Mauchline,
Married to James Piper, Blacksmith,
William Wilson, Weaver, and Jean Abot (?)
James Piper, Husband,

John Richmond, 47, January 15, 1866 at Mauchline,
Time Keeper, Married to Jean McKinon,
James Richmond, Weaver (dec) and Elizabeth Newlands (dec)
John Richmond, Son.

Alexander Hyslop, 6 months, January 16, 1866 at Mauchline, Single,
Alexander Hyslop, Mason, and Margaret Train,
Alexander Hyslop, Father.


John Ferguson, 80, March 11, 1866 at Mauchline,
Sergeant, Late of 95 Regiment, Married to Margaret Hillhouse,
John Ferguson, Weaver (dec) and Margaret Muir (dec)
Thomas Ferguson, Son.

Agnes Meikle, 79, March 5, 1866 at Mauchline,
Married to John Meikle, Labourer,
David (unable to read writing) (dec) and Agnes Walker (dec)
John Meikle, Husband.

Jean Wyllie, 85, March 10, 1866 at Mauchline,
Widow of William Wyllie, Farmer.
John Richmond, Proprietor (dec) and Janet Jamieson (dec)
Hugh Wyllie, Son.

David Bell, 71, October 17, 1866 at Mauchline,
Nailer, Widow of Helen McLeod,
Donald Bell, Nailer (dec) and Margaret Lenox (?) (dec)
Margaret Cunningham, Daughter (X)

William Richmond, 18, November 4, 1866 at Mauchline, Single, Turner,
John Richmond, Time Keeper (dec) and Jean McKinnon,
John Richmond, Brother.

John Miller, 3, November 4, 1866 at Mauchline, Single,
Hugh Miller, Baker (dec) and Mary Lambie,
Robert Lambie, Grand Uncle.

John Carruthers, 14, November 18, 1866 at Maybole, Single,
Moses Carruthers, Cotton Weaver, and Elizabeth Edgar,
Moses Carruthers, Father (X)

Helen McKee, 19, November 24, 1866 at Maybole,
Married to William McKee, Ploughman,
Robert Jamieson, Ploughman, and Elizabeth Richmond,
William McKee, Husband.

Agnes Livingstone, 77, November 24, 1866 at Maybole,
Widow of John Livingstone, Labourer,
James Murdoch, Carter (dec) and Margaret Mitchell (dec)
John Livingstone, Son.

Michael Kelly, 73, December 9, 1866 at Muirkirk,
Widower of Mary Richmond,
No parents listed.
Richard Pettichow (?), Neighbour.

Isabella Hastings, 2, November 11, 1866 at Muirkirk, Single,
William Hastings, Stone Quarrier, and Margaret Howat.
William Hastings, Father.

George Murdoch, 8, December 15, 1866 at Muirkirk, Single,
Thomas Murdoch, Coal Miner, and Isabella Mathieson.
Thomas Murdoch, Father.

Jane Richmond, 3 weeks, September 1, 1866 at Old Cumnock, Single,
David Richmond, Labourer, and Elizabeth Auld,
David Richmond, Father.

Agnes Duggry, 10 months, September 4, 1866 at Old Cumnock, Single,
John Duggry, Miner, and Gibson Miller,
John Duggry, Father (X)

William Hutchison, 46, September 12, 1866 at Old Cumnock,
Blacksmith, Widower of Helen Johnston,
John Hutchison, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Finlayson,
James Hutchison, Brother.

Jane Turnbull, 30, January 15, 1866 at Riccarton,
Married to James Turnbull, Coal Miner,
James Cook, Coal Miner, and Margaret Steel,
James Turnbull, Husband.

Donald Cunningham, 9 days, January 16, 1866 at Riccarton, Single,
Alexander Cunningham, Coal Miner, and Isabella Livingstone,
Alexander Cunningham, Father.

James Richmond, 41 1/4, January 18, 1866 at Hurlford,
Coal Miner, Married to Janet Young,
James Richmond, Inn Keeper, and Agnes Richmond (M.S.)
John Wright, Brother-in-law.

Margaret Richmond, 38 days, March 11, 1866 at Riccarton, Single - Illegitimate,
Agnes Richmond, Bonnet Worker,
Agnes Richmond, Mother. (X)

Thomas Dice Hood, 2 days, March 17, 1866 at Hurlford, Single,
William Hood, Coal Miner, and Janet Frew,
William Hood, Father.

Francis Martin, 14, March 17, 1866 at Hurlford, Single,
Francis Martin, Coalpit labourer, and Mary Douglas,
Francis Martin, Father (X)

Mary Findlay, 4 5/12, April 17, 1866 at Hurlford, Single,
William Findlay, Coal Miner, and Janet Hart,
William Findlay, Father.

Patrick McIvor, 9 months, April 17, 1866 at Hurlford, Single,
Patrick McIvor, Coal Miner, and Jean Richmond,
Patrick McIvor, Father.

George Wallace, 9 1/4, April 20, 1866 at Hurlford, single,
John Wallace, Coal Miner, and Margaret Borland,
John Wallace, Father (X)

Robert Ewing, 12 1/4, November 1, 1866 at Riccarton, Single,
Joseph Ewing, Engine Keeper, and Harriet Eaglesham,
John Ewing, Father.

George Black, 8 1/2, November 3, 1866 at Hurlford, Single,
George Black, Coal Miner, and Margaret Richmond,
George Black, Father.

Agnes Craig, 3, December 2, 1866 at Hurlford, Single,
James Craig, Coal Miner, and Margaret Aird,
James Craig, Father.

Jane Orr, 60, January 30, 1866 at Stewarton,
Married to John Orr (cannot make out his trade)
John Aitken, Farmer (dec) and Helen Richmond (dec)
William Orr, Son.

Helen Currie, 42, February 7, 1866 at Stewarton,
Married to William Currie, Farmer.
James Ramsay, Farmer (dec) and Ann Watson (dec)
William Currie, Widower.

Agnes Allan, 52, February 4, 1866 at Stewarton,
Married to John Allan, Shoemaker,
John Ferguson, Weaver (dec) and Agnes Dixon (dec)
John Allan, Son.









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