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Some Ayrshire Deaths 1867

Transcribed by George McCaig 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)

Hineford (?) Cann, about 2 years, September 28, 1867, aboard ship "
Josephine" in Harbour of Ardrossan, Single, native of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Cause of Death Diphtheria, 5 days.
Harvey Cann, Ship Master (Merchant Service) and Elizabeth Churchill,
Hiram Hooper, Chief Mate (on board)

Matthew Allan, 11, October 13, 1867 at Ardrossan, Single,
Matthew Allan, Railway Engine-driver, and Mary Fulton,
Matthew Allan, Father.

Margaret Currie, 7 weeks, October 13, 1867 at Ardrossan, Single,
Hugh Currie, Seaman (Merchant Service) and Elizabeth Kelso,
Hugh Currie, Father.

Harvey Cann, 35, October 13, 1867 on board ship "
Josephine" of Yarmouth in Ardrossan Harbour, Cause of Death, Brights disease of Kidney, about 5 years, Acute Pneumonia 10 days. Shipmaster (Merchant Service), Married to Elizabeth Churchill,
Harvey Cann, Farmer, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and Susan Kelam,
Hiram Hooper, Chief Mate (on board ship)

James Connell, 1 day, October 27, 1867 at Ardrossan, Single,
Thomas Connell, Railway Guard, and Margaret Clerk,
James Connell, Uncle.

Jamima Cook Stirling, 8 weeks, October 25, 1867 at Ardrossan, Single,
Robert Stirling, Shipmaster (Merchant Service) and Ann Cook,
Robert Stirling, Father.

Catherine Dignan, about 30, January 25, 1867 at Ayr, Married to Peter Dignan, Labourer.
Martin Maguire, Fiddle Maker (dec) and Mary Campbell,
Bernard Maguire, Brother (X)

Alexander Hill, D.D., 81, January 27, 1867 at Ayr, Married to Margaret Crawford,
George Hill D.D., and Harriet Scott, both deceased,
Crawford Hill, Son.

Catherine Laidenham, 9, January 30, 1867 at Ayr, Single,
Henry Laidenham, Labourer, and Agnes McWhirter,
Henry Laidenham, Father (X)

Robert Orr, 19, February 9, 1867 at Ayr, Single, Clerk,
Thomas Orr, Blacksmith (dec) and Elizabeth Brown (dec)
Thomas Orr, Brother.

Anthony Richmond, 10, February 9,. 1867 at Ayr, Single,
------ Richmond, Reputed Father, and Margaret McWhirter, Domestic Servant,
Agnes Laidenham, Aunt (X)

Jane Gilchrist, 22, February 9, 1867 at Newton, Ayr, Widow of Dan Gilchrist, labourer,
Andrew Bryan, Reputed Father, and Charlotte McGeachie, Domestic Servant,
James Paton, no relationship shown.

Samuel Wallace McGregor, 5 days, March 11, 1867 at Ayr, Single, Illegitimate,
Isabella McGregor, Sewer,
Isabella McGregor, Mother (X)

Henry Laidenham,38, March 10, 1867 at Ayr, Labourer, Married to Agnes McWhirter,
James Laidenham, Labourer (dec) and Charlotte Shaw (dec)
Agnes Laidenham, Widow (X)

William McDonagh, 5 months, March 11, 1867 at Ayr, Single,
James McDonagh, Shoemaker, and Margaret Fulton,
James McDonagh, Father.


Isabella McLean, 4, January 2, 1867 at Hillhead, Auchinleck, Single,
James McLean, Farm Labourer, and Ann Kirkhope,
James McLean, Father.

Thomas Richmond, 14, January 2, 1867 at Holmhead, Auchinleck, Single, Timekeeper,
James Richmond, Miner (dec) and Agnes Timpany, formerly Richmond, M.S. Lindsay,
John Timpany, Moulder. (Would be step-father)

James Devlin, 22, January 5, 1867 at Auchinleck, Single, Private in 70th Foot,
Patrick Devlin, Agricultural Labourer, and Bridget McVey (dec)
John Devlin, Brother (X)

Mary Pollock Reid, 1, June 15, 1867 at Auchinleck, Single,
David Reid, Blacksmith, and Ann Millan,
David Reid, Father (X)

Alexander Steele, 28, June 15, 1867 at Auchinleck, Collier, Married to Catherine Richmond,
James Steele, Collier (dec) and Mary Hunter,
James Scott, Neighbour.

George Falconer, 64, June 18, 1867 at Auchinleck, Miner, Widower of Jane Bone,
George Falconer, Carrier (dec) and Ann Findlay (dec)
Peter Falconer, Son (X)

Robert Eccles, 63, April 23, 1867 at Coylton, Farmer, Widower.
Gilbert Eccles, Farmer (dec) and Jane Mitchell (dec)
John Blair, Son-in-law.

John Gilmour, 10 months, May 8, 1867 at Coylton, Single,
William Gilmour, Agricultural Labourer, and Jane Richmond (married 1865, December, Mauchline)
William Gilmour, Father.

Mary Cunningham, 11, May 20, 1867 at Coylton, Single, Illegitimate.
George Cunningham, Farmer (reputed father) and Robina Alexander, M.S. Cowan,
James Alexander, Stepfather (X)

John Paton, 63, February 3, 1867 at Dalry, Manufacturer, Widower of Margaret McDonald,
George Paton, Tailor (dec) and Margaret McCulloch (dec)
Alex Paton, Son.

Margaret Richmond, 38, February 6, 1867 at Dalry, Married to James Richmond, Blacksmith,
Allan Wyllie, Weaver (dec) and Jane Auld (dec)
James Richmond, Widower.

James McHarg, 35, February 7, 1867 at Dalry, Coal Miner, Married to Elizabeth Fleck,
Moses McHarg, Labourer (dec) and Mary Gracie.
Elizabeth McHarg, Widow (X)

Agnes Leitch, 47, July 25, 1867 at Galston, Single, Cotton Weaver,
James Leitch, Cotton Weaver, and Agnes Mitchell (dec)
Thomas (?) Parker, Brother-in-law.

Christina Stevenson, 65, July 25, 1867 at Galston, Pauper, Single.
John Stevenson, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Margaret Cunningham (dec)
John Morton, Nephew.

Marion Richmond, 17, August 1, 1867 at Galston, Single,
James Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary Anderson,
James Richmond, Father (X)

Janet Donald, 63, December 30, 1866, at Galston, *note the year Married to William Donald, Farmer, Alexander McWhirter, Woollen Weaver (dec) and Agnes Kay (dec)
William Donald, Husband.

Margaret Walker, 53, January 1, 1867 at Galston, Married to John Walker, Cotton Weaver,
Douglas Dunn, Shoemaker (dec) and Barbara Richmond,
John Walker, Husband.

Helen Paterson, 7 months, January 1, 1867 at Galston, Single,
Andrew Paterson, Wright, and Helen Boyd.
Andrew Paterson, Father.

Jean Allan, 15 months, March 18, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Joseph Allan, Iron Moulder, and Euphemia Richmond, Sewer,
Jane Ferguson, Neighbour (X)

Jean Mochan, 1 year and 9 months, March 19, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single,
William Mochan, Coal Miner, and Agnes Petrie,
William Mochan, Father.

Mary Ferguson, 4 1/2, March 20, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single,
John Ferguson, Labourer, and Rosanna Murray,
Rosanna Ferguson, Mother (X)

Unnamed Good, 3 days, April 16, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Agnes Good, Steam Loom Weaver,
Alexander Stewart, Friend.

Margaret Horner, 5 months, April 17, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single,
John Horner, Engine Keeper, and Margaret Shearer,
John Horner, Father.

Mary Bain, 90, April 16, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Widow of Francis Bain, Shoemaker,
John Richmond, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec) M.S.
John Bain, Son.

Robert King, 33, September 4, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Plasterer, Married to Catherine Richmond,
Thomas King, Labourer, and Isabella Sou-y (cannot read) (dec)
John Richmond, Brother-in-law.

Agnes Advina ? McGregor, 3 months, September 5, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas McGregor, Baker, and Mary Wilson,
Thomas McGregor, Father.

John Kelly or Dunn, 3, September 5, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Helen Kelly or Dunn, Hand Sewer,
Helen Kelly or Dunn, Mother (X)

Elizabeth Gibson, 2 years and 5 months, September 20, 1867 at Kilmarnock Single,
David Gibson Tailor, and Elizabeth Findlay (dec)
David Gibson Father.

Margaret Edgar, 71, September 20, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Married to John Edgar, Stone Mason,
John Gord, Shoemaker (dec) and Christina Douglas (dec),
John Edgar, Weaver (relationship not given)

Agnes Lennox, 76, September 22, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Widow of John Lennox, Farmer.
William Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Millar (dec)
James Lennox, Son.

James Young Douglas, 3, October 20, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Single,
James Douglas, Sledgeman (?) and Margaret (?) Young,
James Douglas, Father,

Elizabeth Jamieson, 65, October 22, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Married to William Jamieson, Carpet Weaver,
John McCallum, Flesher (dec) and Elizabeth Dick (dec)
William Jamieson, Widower.

Robert McKinlay, 59, October 21, 1867 at Kilmarnock, Spirit Dealer, Married to Ruth Richmond,
Walter McKinlay, Block Painter (dec) and Janet McVicar (dec)
Walter McKinlay, Son.

John Findlay, 67, September 15, 1867 at Kilmaurs, Hand Loom Weaver, Married to Elizabeth Smith,
John Findlay, Hand Loom Weaver (dec), and Jane Wilson (dec)
John Findlay, Son.

Jane Orr, 66, September 20, 1867 at Kilmaurs, Married to William Orr, Farmer.
John Robertson, Farmer (dec) and - - - Muir (dec)
William Orr, Husband.

Barbara Smith, 1 day, September 22, 1867 at Kilmaurs (looks like Windyedge) Single,
John Smith, Farmer, and Margaret Richmond,
John Smith, Father.

Euphemia Welsh, 28, August 15, 1867 at Kilmaurs, Married to Thomas Welsh, Cotton Weaver,
John Findlay, Cotton Weaver, and Elizabeth Smith,
Thomas Welsh, Husband.

Mary Lamberton, 77, August 17, 1867 at Kilmaurs, Widow of George Lamberton, Shoemaker,
John Cuthbertson, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Muir (dec)
James Stewart, Son-in-law.

William Sym, 14, August 26, 1867 at Kilmaurs, Single, Scholar,
James Sym, Coal Miner (dec) and Margaret Richmond (now spouse of John Smith)
John Richmond, Uncle.

George Taylor, 70, September 26, 1867 at Kilmaurs, Clerk, Married to Margaret Kerr,
Alexander Taylor, (dec) and Mary McChegue (or McClegue - very hard to read) (dec)
G. Taylor, Son.

Margaret Smith, 36, September 27, 1867 at Windyedge, Married to John Smith, Farmer,
John Richmond, Inn Keeper (dec) and Agnes Richmond, M.S.
John Smith, Husband.

Martha Armour, 16, October 1, 1867 at Kilmaurs, Single, Illegitimate, Bonnet-Knitter,
Agnes Armour, (dec)
John Moyer, Mason (no relationship given)

Agnes Rodger, 2 9/12, January 6, 1867 at Kilwinning, Single,
William Rodger, Coal Contractor, and Agnes Richmond,
William Rodger, Father.

Jean Gairdner, 73, December 28,
1866** at Kilwinning, Single, Washer Woman,
William Gairdner, Forrest Labourer (dec) and Mary Ferguson (dec)
Robert Gairdner, Brother (X)

Catherine King, 76, January 2, 1867 at Kilwinning, Widow of John King, Engine Maker,
John Haddow, Coal Miner (dec) and Jean Campbell (dec)
John King, Son (X)

James Richmond, 5 months, January 26, 1867 at Kilwinning, Single,
John Richmond, Stone Quarrier, and Jane Allan,
John Richmond, Father.

Archibald Blaney, 17 months, January 26, 1867 at Kilwinning, Single,
John Blaney, Furnace Filler, and Mary Hannigan,
John Blaney, Father (X)

William Dean, 3, January 21, 1867 at Kilwinning, Single,
James Dean, Stone Miner, and Sarah Beggs,
James Dean, Father (X)

James Hannah, 33, May 15, 1867 at Kilwinning, Furnace Filler, Married to Helen McClure,
Dennis Hannah, Farm Servant (dec) and Jane Kean (dec)
John Hannah, Brother (X)

Colin Haddow, 16 months, July 20, 1867 at Kilwinning, Single,
Colin Haddow, Coal Miner, and Ann Orr Richmond,
Colin Haddow, Father (X)

Euphemia McLean, 71, July 26, 1867 at Kilwinning, Widow of James McLean, Labourer,
Thomas Wilson, Cooper (dec) and Janet Boyd,
Alexander Wilson, Son.

Hugh McConnell, 65, February 17, 1867 at Crosshill Village, Kirkmichael, Weaver, Widower of Helen Chalmers, James McConnell (dec) and Elizabeth Montgomerie (dec)
Hugh McConnell, Son.

Catherine McKie, 3, February 27, 1867 at Drumore (?), Kirkmichael, Single,
James McKie, Ploughman, and Mary Hutchison,
James McKie, Father.

John Andrew, 72, February 22, 1867 at Bamshear, Kirkmichael, Farmer, Married to Margaret Richmond,
John Andrew, Farmer (dec) and Jane Stirling (dec)
Robert Andrew, Son.

Andrew Richmond, 35, January 11, 1867 at Darvel, Muslin Weaver, Married to Ann Russell,
Alexander Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Young (dec)
George Richmond, Uncle.

Henry Hawton
, 2, January 13, 1867 at Loudoun, Single,
Thomas Hawton, Coal Miner, and Betsy Lamprey,
Thomas Hawton, Father (X)

William Campbell, 1 month, January 13, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
John Campbell, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Findlay,
John Campbell, Father.

Isabella Richmond, 4 weeks, January 13, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Gordon Mair,
James Richmond, Father.

Janet Aiton, 14, January 17, 1867 at Newmilns, Single, Muslin Darner,
John Aiton, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Anne Wylie,
James Wylie, Uncle.

William Mitchell, 1, January 19, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
Archibald Mitchell, Joiner (I think) Journeyman, and Janet Kirkland,
Archibald Mitchell, Father.

The writing by the registrar in Loudoun is really very difficult to make out in many instances.

John Lindsay, 2, January 27, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
William Lindsay, Labourer, and Margaret Robertson,
Margaret Lindsay, Mother (X)

Alexander Bryce, 72, January 29, 1867 at Darvel, Muslin Weaver, Married to Martha Aiton,
James Bryce, Shoemaker (Master) (dec) and Agnes Mair (dec)
James Bryce, Son.

Hugh Morton, 85, January 29, 1867 at Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Widower of Mary Smith,
Alexander Morton, Mason (Master) (dec) and Margaret Richmond (dec)
Alex Morton, Son.

James Bonse (?), 1 day, January 31, 1867 at Newmilns, Single, Illegitimate,
Ann Bonse, Cotton Pin Winder,
Robert Bonse, Grandfather (X)

Robert Bonse, 2 days, February 1, 1867 at Newmilns, Single, Illegitimate,
Ann Bonse, Cotton Pin Winder,
Robert Bonse, Grandfather (X)

Jeanie Richmond, 2 weeks and 4 days, February 7, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
John Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Morton,
John Richmond, Father (X)

Christina Aird, 9 months, October 26, 1867 at Darvel, Single,
Hugh Aird, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Young,
Alex Young, Grandfather.

William Borland, 15 minutes, October 27, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
James Borland, Muslin Weaver, and Rachel Howie,
James Borland, Father.

Unnamed Richmond, 10 days, October 29, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Nicolson,
Andrew Richmond, Father.

Elizabeth Boyd, 69, November 20, 1867 at Loudoun, Married to John Boyce, Farm Overseer,
James Picken, Farmer (dec) and Marion Stewart,
John Boyd, Widower.

Alexander Richmond, 23, November 20, 1867 at Darvel, Muslin Weaver, Single.
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver and Mason (Journeyman) and Catherine Cochran,
James Richmond, Father.

William Campbell Gray, 1 year and 3 months, November 24, 1867 at Loudoun, Single,
John Gray, Coal Miner, and Jane Finickam,
John Gray, Brother (X)

Janet Mair, 89, November 27, 1867 at Newmilns, Widow of Archibald Mair, Muslin Manufacturer,
William Woodburn (dec) and Agnes Mitchell (dec)
Flora (cannot make out middle name) Mair, Daughter.

Mary Isabella King, 2 years and 5 months, December 6, 1867 at Newmilns, Single,
George King, Church Officer, and Jane Hunter,
George King, Father.

Agnes Richmond, 6 months, December 8, 1867 at Darvel, Single,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Brown,
James Richmond, Father (X)

Catherine Barr, 27, May 13, 1867 at Muirkirk, Single,
William Barr, Mineral Burner, and Sarah Johnston,
William Barr, Father.

John Ferguson, 57, April 4, 1867 at Muirkirk, Masons Labourer, Married to Jane Johnston,
John Ferguson, Shepherd (dec) and Janet Gray (dec)
Jane Ferguson, Widow (X)

William Richmond, 24, May 28, 1867 at Muirkirk, Single, Coal Miner,
James Richmond, Stone Quarrier (dec) and Janet McIlraith (dec)
Robert Richmond, Brother (X)

Janet Milwrick, 75, August 20, 1867 at Roseburn, Old Cumnock, Widow of John Milwrick, Shepherd (dec)
William McCutcheon, Shepherd (dec) and Margaret Findlay (dec)
Edward Milwrick, Son.

Thomas Ramage, 8 weeks, August 2, 1867 at Old Cumnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Thomas Ramage, Police Constable (reputed father) and Jane Richmond, Domestic Servant,
William Richmond, Uncle.

Peter Torrance, 19, August 28, 1867 at Old Cumnock, Single, Warehouseman,
John Torrance, Weaver's Agent (dec) and Jane Mitchell,
Andrew Mitchell Torrance, Brother.

John Hill, 11 months, May 20, 1867 at Hurlford, Single,
James Hill, Labourer in Coalpit, and Jane Brownlee,
James Hill, Father (X)

James Bell, 3 1/2, May 21, 1867 at Hurlford, Single,
John Bell, Labourer in Coalpit, and Mary Bell (M.S.)
John Bell, Father (X)

Roxburgh Richmond, 27, May 22, 1867 at Hurlford, Single, Ship Chandler,
Roxburgh Richmond, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Janet Thomson (dec)
George Black, Brother-in-law.

John Richmond Young, 8, August 5, 1867 at Hurlford, Single,
James Young Dairyman, and Helen Richmond,
James Young, Father.

Susan Strachan, 1 1/4, August 8, 1867 at Hurlford, Single,
Peter Strachan, Coal Miner, and Lillias Findlay,
Peter Strachan, Father.

James Fulton, 57 1/6, August 12, 1867 at Hurlford, Mason (Journeyman), Married to Hannah Baird,
William Fulton, Mason (Journeyman), and Jean Boyd,
John Fulton, Son.

James Young McAlpine, 3 1/2, July 16, 1867 at St. Quivox, Single,
John McAlpine, Dairyman, and Janet Richmond,
John Richmond, Brother (?)

Jane Ray, 5 weeks, July 24, 1867 at St. Quivox, Single,
William Ray, Ploughman, and Margaret Wilson,
William Ray, Father.

Mary Wills, 7 months, August 21, 1867 at St. Quivox, Single,
David Wills, Waggon Driver, and Margaret Hart (I think)
David Wills, Father (X)


Further 1867 Deaths

Transcribed by Ailsa Petrie


Parish Reference:
Dalmellington - 586 entry 58
Name/Age: Mary McMurdo aged 79yrs married
Date/Time/Place:28 July 1867, 11.30am at
51 Waterside, Dalmellington
Cause of Death:Inflammation, 3 days
Spouse/Occ:George McMurdo, coalminer
Father/Occ: Thomson
Mother/m.s. not known
Informant:John McMurdo, son, signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Dalry - 587 entry 54
Name/Age: Robert Craig, aged 52, iron miner, married
Date/Time/Place:22 Feb 1867, 12 noon at
Burnside, Dalry.
Cause of Death: Chronic Bronchitis, Disease of the Heart, Dropsy, 3 months.
Spouse/Occ: Margaret Frew.
Father/Occ: Robert Craig (deceased) engine keeper.
Mother/m.s: Isabella m.s. Kerr
Informant: Francis Craig, Son, present, signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Dunlop - 591 entry 18
Name/Age: Janet Craig, aged 67, single, muslin sewer.
Date/Time/Place:20 November 1867, 4.30pm at
Alton, Dunlop.
Cause of Death: Bronchitis, 4 weeks.
Father/Occ: John Craig (deceased) cheese merchant.
Mother/m.s: Jean m.s. Logan (deceased)
Informant: Jane Craig, sister, present, signed by her.

Parish Reference:
Fenwick - 592 entry 5.
Name/Age: John Craig, aged 23, single.
Date/Time/Place:9 March 1867, abt 3pm at
Netherraith (?)
Cause of Death: "injuries received by being knocked down and run over by a horse and cart of which he was in charge"
Father/Occ: John Craig, farmer.
Mother/m.s: Margaret m.s. Dalrymple.
Informant: John Craig, Father. Not present, signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Fenwick - 592 - entry 7
Name/Age: Margaret Craig, aged 22, single.
Date/Time/Place: 1 April 1867, 8.30am at
Cause of Death: Hydrocephalus, 15 days.
Father/Occ: Hugh Craig, Farmer.
Mother/m.s: Margaret m.s. Boyd.
Informant: James Craig, brother. Present, signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Beith - 581 entry 90.
Name/Age: Mary Craig aged 72, single. Lately farmer.
Date/Time/Place: 9 October 1867, 4.45am. At
Cause of Death: Valvular enlragement of the aorta, 1 year.
Father/Occ: James Craig (deceased) farmer,
Mother/m.s. Mary m.s. Fife (deceased).
Informant: William Peebles, 2nd cousin, present, signed by him. Of
Burnside, Kilbirnie.

Parish Reference:
Dailly - 585 entry 15.
Name/Age: Catherine Craig, aged 43, single, occ Flowerer.
Date/Time/Place: 4 May 1867, 10.30pm at
Cause of Death: Phythsis Pulmonalis, 10 months.
Father/Occ: Neil Craig (deceased) Mason.
Mother/m.s. Mary Craig m.s. McClelland.
Informant: Thomas Craig, brother,
Hurlford. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Coylton - 583 entry 2.
Name/Age: Mary Thom, aged 47, married.
Date/Time/Place: 7 January 1867 at 3pm at
Corsehill, Coylton.
Cause of Death: Dyspepsia, 2 years.
Spouse/Occ: James Thom, Proprietor and Farmer.
Father/Occ: Charles Symington (deceased), Farmer.
Mother/m.s. Mary Symington m.s. Cuthbert (deceased)
Informant: James Thom, husband, present. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Auchinleck - 577 entry 86.
Name/Age: James Wales, 3 days.
Date/Time/Place: 4 October 1867 at 9am at
Cause of Death: Hives in the bowels, 36 hours.
Father/Occ: Andrew Wales, Farmer.
Mother/m.s: Sarah Wales m.s. Johnston.
Informant: Andrew Wales, father. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Ayr - 578 entry 19.
Name/Age: Janet Rowan, aged 70, widow.
Date/Time/Place: 7 January 1867, 10.30pm at
George Street St. Quivox.
Cause of Death: age and debility.
Spouse/Occ: John Rowan (deceased) Shoemaker.
Father/Occ: Michael Agnew (deceased) gardener.
Mother/m.s. Mary Agnew m.s. McClure (deceased).
Informant: Michael Rowan, son, present. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Barr - 580 entry 6.
Name/Age: Alexander Rowan, aged 60, occ. ag. labourer, married.
Date/Time/Place: 11 February 1867, 8.25pm at
Barr Village.
Cause of Death: Phthisis, 6 months.
Spouse/Occ: Elizabeth Rowan m.s. McClure
Father/Occ: John Rowan
Mother/m.s. Stuart Rowan m.s. McWilliam
Informant: Hugh Rowan, son, not present. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Ayr - 578 entry 69.
Name/Age: James Aird, aged 80, married, shoemaker.
Date/Time/Place: 2 February 1867, 4.30pm at
James Street St Quivox.
Cause of Death: Influenza 6weeks. Age and general debility.
Spouse/Occ: Margaret Aird, m.s. Harrison.
Father/Occ: James Aird.
Mother/m.s. not known.
Informant: Jane Harrison, sister-in-law, present. Signed by her.

Parish Reference:
Ayr - 578 entry 69.
Name/Age: William Aird, aged 87, Hosier.
Date/Time/Place: 21 April 1867, 6am at
St Quivox.
Cause of Death: Paralysis, years.
Spouse/Occ: Mary Aird m.s. Brackenridge.
Father/Occ: William Aird (deceased) shoemaker.
Mother/m.s. Margaret Aird (deceased) m.s. Brown.
Informant: Jean Holmes, neighbour. Signed by her.

Parish Reference:
Auchinleck - 577 entry 52.
Name/Age: Aird, (no name), 4 days.
Date/Time/Place: 10 June 1867, 10.40pm at
Cause of Death: Eclampsia (1 day).
Father/Occ: Iver (?) Aird, ploughman.
Mother/m.s. Elizabeth Aird m.s. Young.
Informant: Iver(?) Aird, father. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
New Ardrossan - 675/2 entry 26.
Name/Age: Margaret Fullerton aged 80, widow.
Date/Time/Place: 14 April 1867, 3.30am at
26 Montgomerie Street Ardrossan.
Cause of Death: Old Age.
Spouse/Occ: John Fullarton, seaman.
Father/Occ: Archibald Russell (deceased) Farmer.
Mother/m.s. Mary Russell (deceased) m.s. McNicol.
Informant: Archibald Fullarton, son, of
9 Shaw Place Greenock. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Girvan - 594 entry 122.
Name/Age: John Fullarton aged 65, married, Cotton Weaver.
Date/Time/Place: 8 October 1867 45m pm at
Viccarton Street Girvan.
Cause of Death: Dropsy 9 months.
Spouse: Helen Fullarton m.s. McConnell.
Father/Occ: Robert Fullarton (deceased) woollen weaver.
Mother/m.s. Annople (?) Fullarton m.s. McNidder (deceased).
Informant: Elisabeth Fullarton, daughter, present. Signed by her.

Parish Reference:
Fenwick - 592 entry 17.
Name/Age: John Torrance aged 79, married, labourer.
Date/Time/Place: 19 August 1867 at 11.30pm at
Cause of Death: Old age, general debility.
Spouse/Occ: Margaret Torrance m.s. Alexander.
Father/Occ: John Torrance (deceased) Miller.
Mother/m.s. Margaret Torrance (deceased) m.s. Lindsay.
Informant: John Alexander, nephew. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Ayr - 578 entry 415.
Name/Age: Elizabeth Thomson aged 70, widow.
Date/Time/Place: 18 November 1867 at 11.30am at
Ayr & Galloway Inn Ayr.
Cause of Death: Debility.
Spouse/Occ: Thomas Thomson.
Father/Occ: Michael Brown (deceased) innkeeper.
Mother/m.s.: Martha Brown m.s. Graham (deceased)
Informant: James Brown, brother, present. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Dalry - 587 entry 197.
Name/Age: William Ferguson aged 27, single, mining clerk.
Date/Time/Place: 4 December 1867, 9am, at
Templelandmuir Dalry.
Cause of Death: Apoplexy 1st attack, 12 hours.
Father/Occ: John Ferguson (deceased) Iron miner.
Mother/m.s. Mary Ferguson m.s. Young.
Informant: Archibald Ferguson, brother.
Note in margin: "see Reg. of Cor. Ent. Vol 1 page 59 Dec 16 1867".

Parish Reference:
Beith - 581 entry 13.
Name/Age: Martha Crawford aged 44, married.
Date/Time/Place: 5 February 1867 at 9am.
Cause of Death: Tetanus 8 days.
Spouse/Occ: James Crawford, handloom weaver.
Father/Occ: not given.
Mother/m.s. not given.
Informant: James Crawford, widower X his mark, present. William Duff Registrar, witness.

Parish Reference:
Ayr - 578 entry 359.
Name/Age: Janet Higgins, aged 51, married.
Date/Time/Place: 4 October 1867 at 1.05am, at
Allison Street Newton Ayr.
Cause of Death: Dropsy 2 years.
Spouse/Occ: Charles Higgins, Cotton Weaver.
Father/Occ: Hugh Keall (deceased) engine driver.
Mother/m.s. Sarah Keall (deceased) m.s. Wilson.
Informant: Hugh Higgins, son, present. Signed by him.

Parish Reference:
Girvan - 594 - entry 55.
Name/Age: James McGowan, aged 3.
Date/Time/Place: 16 April 1867 at 2pm at
Viccarton Girvan.
Cause of Death: Measles 6 days.
Father/Occ: Dennis McGowan, surfaceman.
Mother/m.s. Mary McGowan m.s. Beham.
Informant: Dennis McGowan, father, X his mark.

Parish Reference:
New Ardrossan - 576/2 entry 58
Name/Age: Catherine Pettigrew, aged 43, married.
Date/Time/Place: 21 November 1867 at 8.40pm at
Princes Lane, Ardrossan.
Cause of Death: Enlargement of liver, jaundice, dropsy. 7 months.
Spouse/Occ: Robert Pettigrew, carter.
Father/Occ: John Stewart, occ. tea dealer.
Mother/m.s. Flora Stewart m.s. Cumming.
Informant: James Stewart, brother, of
Glenfoot West Kilbride. Signed by him.










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