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Some Ayrshire Deaths 1869

Transcribed by George McCaig 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


Unnamed Howie, 4 hours, May 14, 1869 at Auchinleck,  Single,

Malcolm Howie, Collier, and Margaret Davidson,

Malcolm Howie, Father (X)


Robert Telfer, 3 months, May 16, 1869 at Auchinleck, Single,

Robert Telfer, Miner, and Ellen Richmond,

Robert Telfer, Father (X)


 Patrick Conlin, 54, May 17, 1869 at Auchinleck, Miner, Married to Catherine Conner,

Hugh Conlin, Farm Labourer (dec) and Mary Conlin M.S. (dec)

Peter Conlin, Son (X)


Grace Rae, 14, January 30, 1869 at Newton Ayr, Single,

Alexander Rae, Seaman, and Roseann Neil,

William Rae, Grandfather (X)


William Richmond, 2, January 31, 1869 at St. Quivox, Single, Illegitimate,

Grace Richmond, Outdoor Worker,

 Grace Richmond, Mother.


James Neil, 12, January 31, 1869 at Newton Ayr, Single,

James Neil, Stoker in Railway, and Helen Milligan,

James Neil, Father.


William Matchet (or Mitchell) (This is the way the entry reads), 38, June 29, 1869 at Ayr, Labourer, Married to Agnes Stevenson,

Richard Matchet, Labourer (dec) and Jean Baillie,

 Agnes Matchet, Widow (X)


John Richmond, 2, July 2, 1869 at Ayr, Single, Illegitimate,

Grace Richmond, Outdoor Worker,

Grace Richmond, Mother.


William Brodie, almost 80, July 2, 1869 at Ayr, Bill Poster, Widower of Helen McHaffie,

John Brodie, Shoemaker (dec) and Helen -----, (dec)

Margaret Brodie, Daughter.


Helen Strickland, 6 months, October 15, 1869 at St. Quivox, Single,

William Strickland, Cotton Weaver,  and Mary Hannah,

Mary Strickland, Mother (X)


Robert Mathieson Gemmell Richmond, 5 months, October 15, 1869 at Ayr, > Single,

Andrew Richmond, Railway Porter, and Christina Gemmell,

Andrew Richmond, Father.


 Alexander Dunlop, 2 days, October 16, 1869 at Newton Ayr, Single,

William Dunlop, Labourer, and Janet Cuthbert,

Barbara Gribbin, Aunt (X)


William Lawrie, 47, October 23, 1869 at St. Quivox, Shoemaker (Journeyman), Single,

William Lawrie, Shoemaker (dec) and Martha Hastie (dec)

 John Lawrie, Brother (X)


William Murray, 10 months, October 23, 1869 at Ayr, Single, Illegitimate,

James Murray, Agricultural Labourer (Reputed Father) and Janet Henderson, Farm Servant,

Janet Henderson, Mother (X)


Mary Richmond, 2, October 25, 1869 at Newton Ayr, Single,

William Richmond, Yardsman at Station, and Margaret Christie,

William Richmond, Father.


David Richmond, 11 5/6, October 25, 1869 at Dalmellington, Single,

Matthew Richmond, Labourer, and Elizabeth McWhirter,

Matthew Richmond, Father.


Hugh Cox, 3 1/2, October 24, 1869 at Dalmellington, Single,

 William Cox, Furnace Keeper, and Margaret Carnie,

William Cox, Father (X)


Edward Bone, 4, October 26, 1869 at Dalmellington, Single,

Edward Bone, Labourer, and Elizabeth Smith,

 Edward Bone, Father.


William Gibson, 41, June 22, 1869 at Dalry, Stationer, Married to Margaret Middleton,

Thomas Gibson, Weaver and Margaret Johnstone,

Robert Gibson, Brother.


Jean Richmond, 17 months, June 23, 1869 at Dalry, Single,

James Richmond, Iron Miner, and Rachel Hare,

James Richmond, Father.


James Small Smith, 4, June 26, 1869 at Dalry, Single,

William Smith, Engine Keeper, and Janet Jeffrey,

Agnes Smith, Sister.


Unnamed Richmond, 5 hours, March 2, 1869 at Dalrymple, Single,

George Richmond, Farmer, and Margaret Main,

George Richmond, Father.


Margaret Russell, 9 weeks, March 8, 1869 at Dalrymple, Single,

William Russell, Railway Surfaceman, and Susan Nelson,

William Russell, Father.


Samuel McLean Bone, 7 days & 18 hours, April 16, 1869 at Dalrymple, Single,

William Bone, Powerloom Tenter, and Esther McLean,

William Bone, Father.


Elizabeth Cuthbertson, 3 hours, January 30, 1869 at Dundonald, Single,

Thomas Cuthbertson, Farmer and Elizabeth Richmond,

Thomas Cuthbertson, Father.


Agnes Shannon, 22, February 4, 1869 at Dundonald, Single,

Neill Shannon, Coal Shipper, and Margaret Renwick,

William Shannon, Brother (X)


Thomas Murray, 1, February 7, 1869 at Dundonald, Single,

Thomas Murray, Sailmaker, and Elizabeth Lang,

John Lang, Uncle.


Hugh Crawford, 63, January 4, 1869 at Galston, Innkeeper, Married to Mary Morton,

John Crawford, Farmer (dec) and Jane Gilchrist (dec)

David Smith, Nephew.


Jean Millar, 36, January 10, 1869 at Galston, Married to William Millar, Blacksmith,

William Jamieson, Farmer (dec) and Jean Bryson (dec)

William Millar, Widower.


George Campbell, 85, January 12, 1869 at Galston, Farmer, Widower of Helen Wright,

John Campbell, Blacksmith (dec) and Ann Richmond (dec)

John Campbell, Son.


Isabella Anderson, 89, February 7, 1869 at Galston, Widow of Andrew Anderson, Quarryman,

Mathew Wallace, Farmer (dec) and Martha Richmond (dec)

Hugh McHoull, Grandson.


James McGee Junior, 17 1/2, February 6, 1869 at Galston, Single, Coal Miner,

James McGee, Coal Miner, and Mary McCrae,

James McGee, Father.


Robert Kerr, 2 1/2, February 14, 1869 at Galston, Single,

Robert Kerr, Coal Miner, and Mary Steven,

Robert Kerr, Father (X)


Jonathan Roe, 14 months, April 16, 1869 at Galston, Single,

Thomas Roe, Coal Miner, and Mary Richmond,

Thomas Roe, Father.


Janet Steel, 2 3/4, April 19, 1869 at Galston, Single,

John Steel, Cotton Weaver, and Jeanie Robertson,

John Steel, Father.


Thomas Mair, 58, April 18, 1869 at Galston, Farmer, Married to Mary Baird,

Thomas Mair, Farmer (dec) and Mary Dunlop,

Andrew Mair, Brother.


David Pollock, 52, May 27, 1869 at Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Christina Stewart,

Robert Pollock, Stone Quarrier, and Elizabeth Duncan,

Thomas Pollock, Brother.


Matthew Steel, 77, June 1, 1869 at Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Barbara Dykes,

William Steel, Cooper Master, and Mary Richmond,

William Borland, Son-in-law.


Hugh Aird, 21 1/2, June 7, 1869 at Galston, Cotton Weaver, Single.

Alexander Aird, Cotton Weaver, and Christina Wallace,

Alexander Aird, Father.


Robert Richmond, 54, September 13, 1869 at Galston, Woollen Manufacturer, Married to Agnes Carlisle Dykes,

Hugh Richmond, Woollen Manufacturer (dec) and Margaret Dykes (dec)

Hugh Richmond, Son.


Alexander Dykes, 11 weeks, September 13, 1869 at Galston, Single,

James Dykes, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Agnes Murray,

Marion Dykes, Aunt (X)


Annie Mair, 10 3/4, September 26, 1869 at Galston, Single,

James Mair, Cotton Weaver, and Jane Brown,

James Mair, Father.


James Hay, 4, September 27, 1869 at Dundonald, Single,

James Hay, Iron Founder, and Helen Dean,

James Hay, Father.


Alexander Carr, 65, September 28, 1869 at Cunninghame Combination Poor House, Marital status or trade not given,

Parents not listed,

Arch M.R.Findlay, Governor.


Agnes Mills, 6, October 2, 1869 at Dundonald, Single,

Henry Mills, Fisherman, and Margaret Ann Richmond,

Henry Mills, Father (X)


Margaret Wilson, 76, April 9, 1869 at Kilbirnie, Widow of John Wilson, Farmer.

John Orr, Farmer (dec) mothers name not given,

James Wilson, Son.


Ann Fyfe, 82, April 14, 1869 at Kilbirnie, Widow of James Fyfe, Weaver,

James Caldwell, Carter (dec) and Margaret Barclay (dec)

Robert Fyfe, Son.


John Richmond, 7 months, April 18, 1869 at Kilbirnie, Single,

James Richmond, Iron Miner, and Jane Govan,

James Richmond, Father.


James Barclay Hutchison, 20 minutes, January 22, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Single,

John Hutchison, Engine Fitter, and Elizabeth Barclay,

John Hutchison, Father.


Agnes Wilson, 12 days, January 25, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Andrew Wilson, Pensioner, and Agnes Watson,

Andrew Wilson, Father.


Matthew Bain, 54, January 24, 1869 at Kilmarnock, (Cannot make out the writing, could be Spirit Merchant) Married to Susan Millar,

Francis Bain, Shoemaker (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)

Edward Laughland, Son-in-law.


Agnes McIlroy, 5, February 10, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Single,

William McIlroy, Pitheadsman, and Mary Donnohoe,

William McIlroy, Father (X)


Rosann Murphy, 62, February 11, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Widow of William Murphy, labourer,

John McIdowrie, Farmer(dec) and Mary McAlister (dec)

Ann Kellacher, Daughter (X)


David Wishart, 81, February 10, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Muslin Weaver, Married to Elizabeth Richmond,

John Wishart, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Donaldson (dec)

James Wishart, Son.


Elizabeth McAlister, 55, November 10, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Married to Ronald McAlister, Carter,

James Richmond, Muslin Weaver and Alice Walker (dec)

Mary McAlister, Daughter (X)


Mary Jones, 2 1/2, November 11, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Peter Jones, Coal Miner, and Jane Kennedy,

Peter Jones, Father.


Catherine Collins, 1 3/4, November 11, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Bernard Collins, Labourer, and Sarah McManus,

Bernard Collins, Father.


Janet Templeton, 20 months, December 22, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Single,

William Templeton, Labourer, and Janet Richmond,

William Templeton, Father.


Hugh Lynch, 20 months, December 21, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Single,

Hugh Lynch, Coal Miner, and Mary Morrison,

Mary Lynch, Mother (X)


Isabella Wills, 64, December 23, 1869 at Kilmarnock, Married to George Wills, Surfaceman,

William Allan, (dec) and Stewart McLachlan (dec)

James Wills, Son.


Mary Howie, 1 1/2, February 4, 1869 at Kilmaurs, Single,

John Howie, Coal Miner and Lillias Findlay,

John Howie, Father.


Mary Willoch, 10 months, February 15, 1869 at Kilmaurs, Single,

George Willoch, Soldier, and Jane Biggers,

Jane Willoch, Mother (X)


Lillias Howie, 38, February 18, 1869 at Kilmaurs, Wife of John Howie, Coal Miner,

Alexander Findlay, Coal Miner (dec) and Janet Richmond,

John Howie, Husband.


Margaret Rockleaf, 77, April 12, 1869 at Kilwinning, Pauper, Widow of William Rockleaf, Soldier,

Daniel McDonald, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane McDonald (M.S.) (dec)

Margaret Rockleaf, Daughter (X)


Archibald Allison, 6, April 14, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

John Allison, Coal Miner, and Mary Watson,

John Allison, Father.


William Connochie, 10 months, April 15, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

James Connochie, Coal Miner, and Isabella Walker, (formerly Richmond)

James Connochie, Father. (X)


Agnes Richmond, 30, May 14, 1869 at Kilwinning, Widow of George Richmond, Stone Mason,

Peter Heron, Farm Servant (dec) and Sarah McKee (dec)

Robert Allan, Brother-in-law.


John Kirkwood, 4 months, May 13, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

Robert Smith Kirkwood, Grocer, and Catherine Cunningham,

Robert Smith Kirkwood, Father.


Eliza Jane Niblock, 11, May 17, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

James Niblock, Brickwork Labourer, and Eliza Jane Clockie (I think, poor copy)

James Niblock, Father.


Martha Gamble, 5, October 5, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

Edward Gamble, Silk Weaver, and Jean Richmond,

Edward Gamble, Father.


Alexander Morrison, 14 months, October 9, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

Alexander Morrison, Coal Miner, and Margaret Reid,

Alexander Morrison, Father (X)


Elizabeth Muir Bunten, 14 months, October 14, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

John Bunten, Engine Keeper, and Isabella Muir,

John Bunten, Father.


Hamilton Kerr, 10 months, October 19, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

Hugh Kerr, Coal Miner, and Ann Bone,

Hugh Kerr, Father (X)


Mary Park, 41, October 19, 1869 at Kilwinning, Married to Hamilton Park, Coal Miner,

John Kerr, Cotton weaver (dec) and Jane McKenzie (dec)

Hamilton Park, Widower (X)


Andrew Smith, 5, October 19, 1869 at Kilwinning, Single,

Andrew Smith, Coal Miner, and Jane Richmond (formerly McKechnie)

Andrew Smith, Father.


Robert Richmond, 5 months, January 19, 1869 at Darvel, Single,

James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Brown.

James Richmond, Father.


John Deans, 9 months, January 20, 1869 at Loudoun, Single,

Hugh Deans, Coal Miner, and Margaret Young,

Hugh Deans, Father (X)


Helen Morton, 9 months, January 22, 1869 at Newmilns, Single,

James Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Marion McMillan,

Alex Morton, Uncle


Helen Muir, 22, March 17, 1869 at Darvel, Married to Robert Muir, Muslin Weaver,

Mathew Brown, Muslin Weaver, and Jean McMath (?) (dec)

Robert Muir, Widower.


Elizabeth Morton, about 77, March 18, 1869 at Newmilns, Widow of Hugh Morton, Cow Feeder,

Francis McCartney, Farmer (dec) and Janet Boyce (dec)

Francis Morton, Son.


Michael Richmond, 21, March 20, 1869 at Darvel, Single, Muslin Weaver,

James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Catherine Cochrane,

James Richmond, Father.


James Smith, 55, September 18, 1869 at Newmilns, Married to Mary Young, Muslin Weaver and Web ?????,

James Smith, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Jane Goldie (dec)

James Smith, Nephew.


Thomas Findlay Richmond, 39, September 14, 1869 at Newmilns, Single, Grocer.

Robert Richmond, Proprietor of Houses (dec) and Agnes Findlay (dec)

F.F.Richmond, Brother. (I believe this to be Francis Findlay Richmond)


Agnes Loudoun, 9 yrs and 11 months, September 21, 1869 at Newmilns, Single,

Robert Loudoun, Tailor (Master) and Janet Young,

Robert Loudoun, Father.


James Rose Black, 2, March 11, 1869 at Old Cumnock, Single,

Robert Black, Watchmaker, and Agnes Rose,

Robert Black, Father.


Thomas McGuggan, 40, March 19, 1869 at Old Cumnock, Single, Railway Labourer,

Parents names not listed

Peter Haining, Neighbour (X)


Hugh McCowan, 69, March 18, 1869 at Old Cumnock, Widow of Margaret Watson, Weaver,

Hugh McCowan, Weaver (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)

James Stewart, Son-in-law.


Annie Brown, 10, May 13, 1869 at Old Cumnock, Single,

James Brown, Weaving Overseer, and Isabella Richmond,

James Brown, Father.


Jessie Henderson Shanks, 10 months, May 30, 1869 at Old Cumnock, Single,

James Shanks, House Painter, and Jane Kirkwood.

James Shanks, Father.


James Crichton, 48, May 25, 1869 at Old Cumnock, Miner, Married to Mary Barrowman,

Lawson Crichton, Miner (dec) and Isabella White (dec)

Mary Crichton, Widow (X) 


Thomas Weir, 80, June 9, 1869 at Loganhill, Cumnock, Farmer, Widower of Mary Hamilton,

James Weir, Farmer (dec) and ?? Mitchell (dec)

John Weir, Son.


Annie Bowie Richmond, 2, June 16, 1869 at Cumnock, Single,

Andrew Richmond, Engine Keeper, and Catharine Findlay,

Andrew Richmond, Father.


Agnes Black, 1 year & 9 months, June 18, 1869 at Cumnock, Single,

William Black, Box Maker, and Elizabeth Haxton, Domestic Servant,

Mary Lees, Grand-Aunt (X)


William Gelston, 7 years & 11 months, December 15, 1869 at Cumnock, Single,

William Gelston, Ploughman, and Jane Shankland,

William Gelston, Father.


Mary McClelland, 76, December 19, 1869 at Cumnock, Married to James McClelland, Weaver,

Hugh McCowan, Weaver (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)

Cochrane White, Son-in-law.


Andrew Sym, 2 1/2, February 15, 1869 at Riccarton, Single, Illegitimate,

Janet Sym, Farm Servant,

Janet Sym, Mother.


Matthew Richmond, 3 1/12, February 18, 1869 at Hurlford, Single,

John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Jean Pollock,

John Richmond, Father.


Elizabeth Carl, 1 1/2, February 21, 1869 at Hurlford, Single,

George Carl, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Barbour,

George Carl, Father (X)


Andrew Gemmell, about 69, December 2, 1869 at Riccarton, Coal Weigher, Widower of Margaret Urie,

John Gemmell, Labourer (dec) and Jean Richmond (dec)

William Speirs, Son-in-law (X)


Hugh Hogarth, 10 weeks, December 10, 1869 at Riccarton, Single, Illegitimate,

Lillias Hogarth, Domestic Servant,

Lillias Hogarth, Mother (X)


Andrew Fleming, 73, December 10, 1869 at Riccarton, Toll Keeper, Married to Agnes Dickie,

Andrew Fleming, Tennant Farmer (dec) and Jane Steel (dec)

Andrew Fleming, son.


John Rae, 43, January 17, 1869 at St. Quivox, Ploughman, Widower of Agnes Harvey,

Robert Rae, Labourer, and Agnes McMaster (dec)

Beluna ? Rae, Daughter.


Sarah Hall, 48, February 27, 1869 at St. Quivox, Pauper, Widow of James Hall, Ploughman,

John Fergusson, Woodman (dec) and Margaret Hunter (dec)

Margaret Richmond, Daughter.


John Sweeton, 56, March 16, 1869 at St. Quivox, Fish Hawker, Married to Marion Crawford,

William Sweeton, Labourer (dec) and Susan Dunlop (dec)

Robert Cowrie, Neighbour.


Robert Mitchell, 21, February 24, 1869 at Catrine, Flesher, Single.

George Mitchell, Flesher (dec) and Margaret Brown,

Andrew Mitchell, Brother.


Hugh Climie, 32, February 25, 1869 at Catrine, Flesher, Married to Janet Morrison,

Hugh Climie, Flesher (dec) and Janet Finlay,

Thomas Climie, Brother.


James Parker, 75, February 26, 1869 at Catrine, Retired Farmer, Widower of Janet Richmond,

James Parker, Coal Miner (dec) and Janet Hamilton (dec)

William Parker, Son.


Alexander Reid, 32, May 19, 1869 at Catrine, Blacksmith, Married to Elizabeth Richmond,

Hugh Reid, Joiner, and Mary Pollock,

Alexander Richmond, Father-in-law.


Elizabeth Findlay, 17, May 22, 1869 at Sorn, Single, Domestic Servant,

James Findlay, Gamekeeper, and Margaret Richmond (dec)

James Findlay, Father.


William McGavin, 93, May 21, 1869 at Catrine, Miller, Widower of Catherine Drummond,

William McGavin, Miller (dec) and ? ? ? ? ?

William McGavin, Son.

Elizabeth Paterson, 4, February 27, 1869 at Dalry, Single,

John Paterson, Coal Miner, and Janet Irvine,

John Paterson, Father (X)

Agnes McBlane, 8, February 27, 1869 at Dalry, Single,

John McBlane, Engine Keeper, and Agnes Richmond,

John McBlane, Father.

Isabella Wiggam, 77, February 21, 1869 at Dalry, Widow of William Wiggam, Iron Moulder,

Maiden name Morrison, parents names not known,

James Stewart, Son-in-law (X)

Henrietta Borland, 1 day & 6 hours, April 8, 1869 at Newmilns, Single,

James Borland, Muslin Weaver, and Rachel Howie,

William Borland, Grandfather.

George Young, 14, April 8, 1869 at Newmilns, Single, Muslin Weaver,

George Young, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Pollock,

George Young, Father (X)

James Richmond, 66, April 15, 1869 at Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Married to Jean Brown,

James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Helen Pollock (dec)

Mathew Richmond, Son (X)

Thomas Barbour, 6 months, May 17, 1869 at Darvel, Single,

Thomas Barbour, Muslin Weaver, and Marion Lawson,

James Young, Uncle-in-law.

Margaret Brown, 27, May 19, 1869 at Newmilns, Married to Robert Brown, Muslin Weaver,

Andrew Jamieson, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Ann Inglis (dec)

Robert Brown, Widower.

Mathew Richmond, 28, May 21, 1869 at Newmilns, Single (Illegitimate) Tailor (Journeyman),

Elizabeth Richmond,(now Steel)

John Thomson, Cousin.

James Richmond, 14 months, January 17, 1869 at Muirkirk, Single,

Robert Richmond, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Hardie,

Robert Richmond, Father (X)

James Clark, 19 months, February 6, 1869 at Muirkirk, Single,

James Clark, Coal Miner, and Agnes Howatson,

James Clark, Father.

Sarah Wilson, 83, February 3, 1869 at Muirkirk, Widow of John Wilson, Stone Mason,

Francis Symington, Farrier (dec) and Ann Thomson (dec)

James Richard, Grandson.

John Kilpatrick, 56, September 30, 1869 at Muirkirk, Coal Miner, Married to Mary Mathieson,

Robert Kilpatrick, Blacksmith (dec) and Agnes Morran (dec)

Robert Kilpatrick, Son.

James Kirkhope Richmond, 2 1/4, October 3, 1869 at Muirkirk, Single, Illegitimate,

Ann Richmond, Housekeeper,

Ann Richmond, Mother (X)

Unnamed Blackwood, 10 hours, October 12, 1869 at Muirkirk, Single, Illegitimate,

Ann Weir Blackwood, Daughter of a Wright,

James Blackwood, Grandfather.
Barbara Findlay, about 64, December 21, 1869 at Hurlford, Widow of James Findlay, Coal Miner,

Andrew Taylor, Coal Miner (dec) and Janet Scoffle (dec)

George Clark, Son (X) (This would suggest she had married twice)

John Stirling, about 74, December 22, 1869 at Riccarton, Labourer, Married to Elizabeth Armstrong,

- - - - Stirling, Linen Weaver (dec) and Margaret Stevenson (dec)

James Stirling, Son.

Susan Goudie, 1/2 hour, December 28, 1869 at Riccarton, Single,

Thomas Goudie, Coal Miner, and Susan Heron,

Thomas Goudie, Father.

Anne Hart, 20 months, June 167, 1869 at Sorn, Single,

Michael Hart, Engine Keeper, and Sarah Story,

Michael Hart, Father (X)

Robert Cadies, 44, June 18, 1869 at Catrine, Collier, Married to Janet Hull,

William Cadies, Cotton Weaver, and Hannah McCulloch,

Janet Cadies, Widow (X)

Henry Richmond, 72, June 17, 1869 at Sorn, Farmer, Widower of 1st Catherine Buchanan, 2nd Agnes Murray,

James Richmond, Landed Proprietor (dec) and Janet Wallace (dec)

David Murdoch, Son-in-law.

Robert Richmond, 19 months, August 16, 1869 at Sorn, Single,

James Richmond, Ironstone Miner, and Martha Moore,

James Richmond, Father.

Margaret Milligan, 43, August 16, 1869 at Catrine, Married to Joseph Milligan, Woodcutter,

James Bone, Farmer (dec) and Margaret - - - - - - (dec)

Joseph Milligan, Widower.

William McGhee, 36, August 15, 1869 at Sorn, Ironstone Miner, Married to Elizabeth Donelly,

Henry McGhee, Labourer (dec) and Bridget Hamill (dec)

Patrick Donelly, Brother-in-law (X)

Agnes Beveridge, 1 year & 8 months, November 13, 1869 at Stevenston, Single,

Andrew Beveridge, Collier, and Mary Ann Ferguson,

Andrew Beveridge, Father.

William Burns, 69, November 9, 1869 at Stevenston, Handloom Weaver, Widower of Janet Gemmell,

John Burns, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Margaret Richmond (dec)

Janet Roadman, Daughter (X)

Francis Russell Gray, 2 years & 5 months, November 10, 1869 at Stevenston, Single,

John Gray, Farmer, and Agnes Wilson,

John Gray, Father.

The West Kilbride Copy is very faint.

Margaret Boyd, 33, August 20, 1869 at West Kilbride, Married to James Boyd, Weaver,

Robert (or Albert) Craig, Weaver, and Catherine Hamilton,

James Boyd, Husband,

Jean Caldwell McCallum, 5 years (I think), September 30, 1869 at West Kilbride, Single,

Francis McCallum, Farmer, and Margaret Hill,

Francis McCallum, Father.

Mary Richmond, 20, September 20, 1869 at West Kilbride, Married to John Richmond, Miller.

Donald McPherson, Farmer, and Mary - - - - -,

John Richmond, Husband.










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