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Some Ayrshire Deaths 1870

Transcribed by George McCaig 


I knew that Phthisis, what we now know as Tuberculosis, was a major cause of death in the 1800's so I did a tally on the cause of death for the 144 items I copied. Phthisis was the cause of death for 18, but surprisingly to me, 13 died from Bronchitis. 10 from Scarlet Fever, 7 from Measles, 6 from Consumption, and 3 from Cancer. I think this would fairly represent causes of death for all of Ayrshire. Just an interesting observation.


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


John Donaghy, 3 months, May 21, 1870 at Auchinleck, Single,
Cummings Maxwell Donaghy, Collier, and Jane Richmond,
Cummings Maxwell Donaghy, Father.

Hugh Lafferty, 10 months, June 22, 1870 at Auchinleck, Single,
John Lafferty, Iron Miner, and Elizabeth Harvey,
Margaret Lafferty, Sister.

James Peden, 2, May 23, 1870 at Auchinleck, Single,
William Peden, Rail Labourer, and Agnes Baird,
William Peden, Father.

David Brown Kerr, 3, October 23, 1870 at Auchinleck, Single,
Robert Kerr, Collier, and Janet Rae,
Robert Kerr, Father (X)

Samuel Baird, 50, October 24, 1870 at Auchinleck, Joiner, Married to Elizabeth Pollock,
James Baird, Horse Dealer (dec) and Rachael Campbell (dec)

Samuel Baird, Son.

Andrew Richmond, 58, October 28, 1870 at Auchinleck, Iron Miner, Married to Mary Hodge,
John Richmond, Quarry Man (dec) and Barbara McQueen (dec)

Andrew Richmond, Son.

Peter Robertson, 5, November 8, 1870 at Auchinleck, Single,
John Robertson, Miner, and Agnes Howden,
James Robertson, Brother.

Marion Donaghy, 2, November 10, 1870 at Auchinleck, Single,
Cumming Maxwell Donaghy, Collier, and Jane Richmond,
Cummings Maxwell Donaghy, Father.

John Sloan, 1 1/4, November 10, 1870 at Auchinleck, Single,
Hugh Sloan, Iron Miner, and Ruth Wilson,
Hugh Sloan, Father.

Christina Gemmell Richmond, 4, January 28, 1870 at Ayr, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Railway Porter, and Christina Gemmell,
Andrew Richmond, Father.

John Loudon, 2, January 30, 1870 at Ayr, Single,
Adam Loudon, Mason, and Sarah Bass,
Adam Loudon, Father.

Margaret Dalziel,, 5, January 29, 1870 at Ayr, Single,
John Dalziel, Dyer (Journeyman) and Margaret Cook,
John Dalziel, Father.

Peter Connacher, 70, May 12, 1870 at Ayr, Late of Inland Revenue, Married to Mary Ann Richmond,
Charles Connacher, Fishing Tackle Maker (dec) and Margaret McFarlane (dec)

Peter Connacher, Son.

Archibald McBride Erskine,1 (or 7), May 14, 1870 at St. Quivox, Single,
George Erskine, Cotton Weaver, and Christina McBride,
George Erskine, Father.

Catherine Clark, 5 weeks, May 16, 1870 at St. Quivox, Single, Illegitimate,
Elizabeth Clark, Sewer,
Elizabeth Clark, Mother (X)

Thomas Jamieson, 76, August 9, 1870 at Ayr, Watchmaker, Married to Rebecca Richmond,
Alexander Jamieson, Watchmaker (dec) and Jane Neil (dec),
John Richmond, Grand Nephew.

Joseph McEwen, 2 weeks, August 10, 1870 at Ayr, Single,
Charles McEwen, Hawker, and Lydia Henderson,
Charles McEwen, Father.

James Young, 2 weeks, August 10, 1870 at St. Quivox, Single,
William Young, Carter, and Elizabeth Seeling (or Snelling or Soulling)
William Young, Father.


Hugh Richmond, 2 months, May 22, 1870 at Beith, Single,
James Richmond, Carter, and Letitia Craig,
James Richmond, Father.

Margaret Thomson, 12, May 21, 1870 at Beith, Single,
John Thomson, Blacksmith (Journeyman) and Margaret Scrimgeour,
John Thomson, Father.

Richard Veitch, 39, May 19, 1870 at Beith, Gamekeeper, Widower of 1st. Margaret Cranston, 2nd Cuthbertson,
Richard Veitch, Farm Servant (dec) and Margaret White,
Dave Cuthbertson, Father-in-law.

William Wyllie, 7, February 11, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single,
William Wyllie, Druggist and Watchmaker, and Janet Richmond,
William Wyllie, Father.

David Whitefield, 7 weeks, February 13, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single,
Thomas Whitefield, Coal Miner, and Mary McClymont,
Mary Whitefield, Mother (X)

Alexander Tate, 14, February 13, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single, Iron Miner,
Alexander Tate, Iron Miner, and Jane Tate,
Alexander Tate, Father.

Margaret Kerr, 21, March 1, 1870 at Dalmellington, Married to William Kerr, Coal Miner,
Margaret Finlay, Dressmaker,
William Kerr, Widower.

James Richmond Wyllie, 1 7/12, February 25, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single,
William Wyllie, Druggist and Watchmaker, and Janet Richmond,
William Wyllie, Father. (Note: both these children died of Scarlet Fever)

Agnes Rennie, 5 weeks, February 25, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single,
Robert Rennie, Flesher, and Janet Welsh.
Robert Rennie, Father.

Margaret McLaughlan, 17 months, August 13, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single,
Isaac McLaughlan, Brusher, and Margaret Richmond,
Isaac McLaughlan, Father (X)

John Neilson, 7 months, August 14, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single,
Richard Neilson, Ironstone Miner, and Rachel Hyslop,
Richard Neilson, Father.

Robert Guthrie, 19, August 16, 1870 at Dalmellington, Single,
Stewart Guthrie, Joiner, and Margaret Gregg,
Stewart Guthrie, Father.

Alexander McBlane, 5, January 24, 1870 at Dalry, Single,
John McBlane, Engine Keeper, and Agnes Richmond,
John McBlane, Father.

John Quin, 11 months, January 25, 1870 at Dalry, Single,
Patrick Quin, Iron Miner, and Catherine Malloy,
Bridget McFarlane, Neighbour (X)

Mary Rebecca Brown, 4 months, January 25, 1870 at Dalry, Single,
James Brown, Iron Miner, and Mary Rebecca McBride,
James Brown, Father.

Margaret McFarlane, 4, February 25, 1870 at Dalry, Single,
Robert McFarlane, Miner, and Agnes Longridge,
Robert McFarlane, Father (X)

Mary Wilson, 29, February 24, 1870 at Dalry, Married to James Wilson, Innkeeper,
John Miller, Flesher, and Margaret Kirkwood (dec)
Robert Graham, Undertaker.

Eliza Small, 19 1/2, March 2, 1870 at Dalry, Single,
John Small, Blacksmith, and Janet Richmond (dec)
William Logan, Brother-in-law.


Torrance McQuiggan, 56, May 26, 1870 at Troon, Single, Dock Labourer,
Matthew McQuiggan, Linen Weaver (dec) and Mary Carle (?) (dec)
James McQuiggan, Brother (X)

George Muir, 20, June 3, 1870 at Troon, Single, Coal Agents Clerk,
David Muir, Sawer (dec) and Agnes Pettigrew,
Agnes Muir, Mother.

Hugh Auld, 68, June 7, 1870 at Troon, Stone Mason, Married to Jane Cunningham,
John Auld, Ploughman (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
James Wallace, Son-in-law.

William Campbell, 21 months, February 13, 1870 at Galston, Single, Illegitimate,
Isabella Campbell, Domestic Servant,
Isabella Campbell, Mother.

Andrew Richmond, 86, February 17, 1870 at Galston, Cotton Weaver, Widower of Mary Maxwell,
No parents listed.
James Richmond, Son.

Mary Wallace, 2 1/2, February 19, 1870 at Galston, Single,
Thomas Wallace, Labourer in a coalpit, and Mary Rigg,
Thomas Wallace, Father.

William Hart, 33, February 20, 1870 at Galston, Single,
Daniel Hart, Coal Miner (dec) and Sarah Whinnie (dec)
Alex McCulloch, Half-brother.

Janet Black, 85, February 20, 1870 at Galston, Widow of John Black, Farmer.
James Dunlop, Farmer (dec) and Marion Hamilton (dec)
Thomas Black, Son.

Helen Smith, 33, February 23, 1870 at Galston, Married to Alexander Smith, Cotton Weaver,
James Young, Cotton Weaver, and Janet Richmond (dec)
Alex Smith, Widower.

Jeanie Masterton, 6 months, May 29, 1870 at Galston, Single,
John Masterton, Cotton Weaver, and Janet Mason,
Hugh Mason, Grandfather.

Janet McLanachan, 85, May 30, 1870 at Galston, Widow of Hugh McLanachan, Woollen Weaver,
John McKerrow, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
John McLanachan, Son.

Maria McDonald, 57, May 31, 1870 at Galston, Married to John McDonald, Cotton Weaver,
John Bryden, Stone Mason (dec) and Elizabeth Clavary (?)
John McDonald, Widower.

Ann Green, 1 3/4, December 7, 1870 at Galston, Single,
William Green, Manager at a Colliery, and Isabella Angus,
William Green, Father.

James Richmond, 3 3/4, December 8, 1870 at Galston, Single,
Robert Richmond, Cotton Weaver, and Helen Smith,
Robert Richmond, Father.

Helen Shaw, 71, December 10, 1870 at Galston, Widow of John Shaw, Agricultural Labourer,
John Campbell, Farmer (dec) and Euphemia Boyle (dec),
James Shaw, Son.

William Barrowman, 10, January 29, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
William Barrowman, Farm Servant, and Agnes Moffat, Dress Maker,
John Moffat, Grandfather.

George Young, 12 hours, January 30, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single,
George Young, Coal Miner, and Mary Brown,
George Young, Father.

William Richmond, 8 months, January 30, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single,
George Richmond, Carpet Weaver, and Elizabeth Haddow,
George Richmond, Father.


Robert Watson, 1 month, February 4, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Watson, Carpet Weaver, and Sarah Christie,
Robert Watson, Father.

Mary Muir Humphrey, 9, February 4, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Humphrey, Spirit Dealer, and Mary McMuldroch,
John Watson, Brother-in-law.

William Hill, 18, February 6, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single, Can Maker,
Charles Hill, Wool Sorter, and Elizabeth Richmond (dec)
Charles Hill, Father (X).

Mary Davidson, 3 months, February 25, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single,
Daniel Davidson, Iron Moulder, and Elizabeth Calderwood,
Daniel Davidson, Father.

John Richmond, 33, February 25, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Bonnet Manufacturer, Married to Mary Douglas,
John Richmond, Warper (dec) and Elizabeth Ritchie (dec),
Peter Ritchie, Uncle.

William Burns, 3 weeks, February 26, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Hannah Burns, Bonnet Knitter,
Hannah Burns, Mother (X)

Mary Richmond, 23, June 28, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single, Biscuit Packer,
Robert Richmond, Venetian Weaver (dec) and Mary Rayburn,
John Richmond, Brother.

Jane Wallace, 55, June 30, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Married to James Wallace, Potato Merchant,
Andrew Shinnan, Gardener, and Janet Wilson (dec)
John Wallace, Son.

Elizabeth McQueston, 22, June 29, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Married to James McQueston, Wood Turner,
David Laurie, Engine Keeper (dec) and Mary Barr (dec)
James McQueston, Widower.

Matthew Mitchell, 84, September 19, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Farmer, Married to Janet Miller,
Alexander Mitchell, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
Alex Mitchell, Son.

Jane Campbell, 39, September 19, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Married to John Campbell, Currier,
John Miller, Farmer (dec) and Jane Robertson (dec)
John Campbell, Widower.

John Gracie, 1 3/4 hours, September 17, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single,
David Gracie, Labourer, and Mary Jane Tait,
David Gracie, Father.

George Richmond, 21, October 18, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single, Coach Builder,
George Richmond, Carpet Weaver, and Elizabeth Haddow,
George Richmond, Father.

Andrew Gass, 4, October 18, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Single,
John Gass, Joiner, and Ann Wyllie,
John Gass, Father.

Euphemia Wallace, 32, October 19, 1870 at Kilmarnock, Married to Robert Wallace, Bonnet Dresser,
John Hastie, Policeman (dec) and Hellen Brown (dec)
Margaret Shaw, Sister-in-law (X)

Barbara Owens, 30, April 2, 1870 at Crosshouse, Kilmaurs, Married to William Owens, Coal Miner,
John Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes Richmond,
William Owens, Husband.

James Robertson, 4 weeks, April 15, 1870 at Gatehead, Kilmaurs, Single,
James Robertson, Grocer, and Elizabeth Brown,
James Robertson, Father.

Robert Dale, 4 months, April 22, 1870 at Kirkton, Kilmaurs, Infant, Illegitimate,
Janet Dale, Domestic Servant,
Janet Dale, Mother.

Jean Gamble, 41, May 26, 1870 at Kilwinning, Married to Edward Gamble, Weaver,
James Richmond, Cotton Weaver, and Martha Skeoch (dec)
Edward Gamble, Widower.

James Spiers, 9, May 31, 1870 at Kilwinning, Single,
Josiah Spiers, Pit Labourer, and Agnes Fraser,
Josiah Spiers, Father (X)

William Shanks, 10, May 31, 1870 at Kilwinning, Single,
James Shanks, Ironwork Manager, and Margaret Smith,
James Shanks, Father.

James Stevenson, 59, October 2, 1870 at Kilwinning, Silk Weaver, Married to Jane Ralston,
James Stevenson, Farmer (or Tanner) (dec) and Elizabeth Miller (dec)
William Ralston, Brother-in-law.

James Richmond, 46, October 1, 1870 at Railway near Lugton Viaduct,
Unknown, Unknown,
F.C.Gross, Procurator Fiscal. (He was killed being struck by a railway engine)

Sarah Martin, 52, October 23, 1870 at Kilwinning, Married to James Martin, Hammerman,
William Charters, Bleacher (dec) and Mary Campbell (dec)
James Martin, Widower.

Catherine Scott, 5 months, December 15, 1870 at Kilwinning, Single,
Adam Scott, Coal Miner, and Janet Frew,
Adam Scott, Father.

Agnes Rodger, 20 months, December 20, 1870 at Kilwinning, Single,
William Rodger, Pit Oversman, and Agnes Richmond,
William Rodger, Father.

James McAuley, 69, December 20, 1870 at Kilwinning, Silk Weaver, Married to Janet Conn,
James McAuley, Baker (dec) and Susan Reid (dec)
John McAuley, Son.

Annie Gebbie, 2 years & 9 months, January 24, 1870 at Darvel, Single,
Nicol Gebbie, Muslin Weaver, and Jane Cleland,
Nicol Gebbie, Father.

James Richmond, 24, January 24, 1870 at Darvel, Single, Muslin Weaver,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Catherine Cochran,
James Richmond, Father.

Margaret Bryson, 5, January 25, 1870 at Darvel, Single,
William Bryson, Baker (Journeyman) and Jane Sharp,
William Bryson, Father.

James McInnes, 3 weeks, February 18, 1870 at Darvel, Single,
James McInnes, Muslin Weaver, and Elizabeth Wilson,
James McInnes, Father.

Robert Reid, 2 years & 11 months, February 20, 1870 at Darvel, Single,
John Reid, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Richmond,
John Reid, Father.

Mary Richmond, 83, February 19, 1870 at Newmilns, Widow of Hugh Richmond, Muslin Weaver,
Alexander Mathie (dec) and Mary Brown (dec)
Andrew Richmond, Occupier.

William Stirling, 4, April 20, 1870 at Darvel, Single,
Thomas Stirling, Chelsea Pensioner and Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Clues,
Thomas Stirling, Father.

Agnes Loudoun, 72, April 24, 1870 at Newmilns, Married to David Loudoun, Muslin Weaver,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Wylie (dec)
David Loudoun Widower.

George Connell, 1 year & 3 months, April 25, 1870 at Newmilns, Single,
John Connell, Muslin Weaver, and Bethia Smith,
John Connell, Father (X)

Lillias Campbell, 89, July 16, 1870 at Newmilns, Widow of John Campbell, Muslin Weaver.
John Donald, House Proprietor (dec) and May Mitchell (dec)
John Campbell, Son.

Thomas Smith, 70, July 10, 1870 at Newmilns, Single, Landed Proprietor,
William Smith, Landed Proprietor (dec) and Jean Rankin (dec)
William Smith, Nephew.

Jean Robb, 80, July 16, 1870 at Loudoun Kirk, Single,
William Robb, Farmer and Cart Wright (dec) and Jean Richmond (dec)
Alexander Robb, Brother.

Marion Jamieson, 2, July 22, 1870 at Darvel, Single,
John Jamieson, Muslin Weaver, and Christina McArthur,
John Jamieson, Father.

James Brown, 63, July 26, 1870 at Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Married to Helen Aird,
James Brown, Gardener (dec) and Helen Richmond (dec)
Alexander Brown, Son.

Agnes Williamson, 10 months, July 28, 1870 at Loudoun Rows, Single,
Samuel Williamson, Coal Miner, and Agnes Reid,
Samuel Williamson, Father.

Patrick Shanaghy, about 58, November 22, 1870 at Loudoun, General Labourer, Married to Ann McDowall, Parents not listed.
Patrick Shanaghy, Son.

Agnes Morton, 61, November 24, 1870 at Darvel, Widow of 1st James Richmond, 2nd George Morton, Muslin Weaver.
Robert Cleland, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Smith (dec)
James Richmond, Son.

Charles Currie, 8 months, November 26, 1870 at Loudoun, Single,
Adam Currie, Grocer, and Sarah Gray,
Adam Currie, Father.

Isabella Richmond Gilmour, 2, March 10, 1870 at Mauchline, Single,
William Gilmour, Surfaceman, and Jane Richmond,
William Gilmour, Father.

Alexander Boyd Davidson, 20, March 7, 1870 at Mauchline, Single, Clerk,
John Davidson, Box Manufacturer, and Mary Dalrymple (dec)
William Davidson, Brother.

Agnes Patrick, 82, March 12, 1870 at Mauchline, Widow of William Patrick, Shoemaker,
Archibald Freebairn, Shoemaker (dec) and Catherine Pollock (dec)
J. Adam Patrick, Son.

Jane Gilmour, 25, August 20, 1870 at Mauchline, Married to William Gilmour, Labourer,
John Richmond, Timekeeper (dec) and Jane McKenna,
William Gilmour, Husband.

John Boddan, 5 months, August 21, 1870 at Mauchline, Single,
James Boddan, Farm Servant, and Janet Allan,
James Boddan, Father.

John Richmond, 26, August 18, 1870 at Mauchline, Turner, Married to Jane Dickie,
John Richmond, Timekeeper (dec) and Jane McKenna,
Matthew Dickie, Father-in-law.

John Richmond Gibson, 23, April 3, 1870 at Mauchline, Single, Architect,
Richard Gibson, Merchant (dec) and Isabella Richmond,
David Gibson, Brother.

John Broom, 54, April 8, 1870 at Mauchline, Boxmaker, Married to Euphemia Cook,
William Broom, Weaver (dec) and Helen Gibson (dec)
John Broom, Son.

Janet Cunningham, 7, April 14, 1870 at Mauchline, Single,
Matthew Cunningham, Boxmaker, and Margaret Blair,
Margaret Cunningham, Mother.


James Meikle, 77, November 13, 1870 at Monkton, Farmer, Widower of Jane Johnston,
Gilbert Meikle, Tailor (Master) (dec) and Jane Galbraith (dec)
Andrew Meikle, Son.

Margaret Glover, 10, November 13, 1870 at Monkton, Single,
John Glover, Ploughman, and Margaret Gray,
John Glover, Father.

Jane McAllister, 5, November 25, 1870 at Monkton, Single, Illegitimate,
Margaret Reid, M.S. McAllister,
Margaret Reid, Mother (X)

Peter McCallum, 78, April 16, 1870 at Old Cumnock, Retired Gas Manager, Widower of Janet Sloan,
William McCallum (dec) and Jane Hodge (dec)
David Smith, Neighbour.

Rebecca Jamieson Richmond, 1 year & 9 months, April 25, 1870 at Old Cumnock, Single,
William Richmond, Shoemaker, and Margaret Kay,
William Richmond, Father.

Mary Harper Stillie, 2, April 28, 1870 at Old Cumnock, Single,
James Stillie, Miner, and Janet Templeton,
James Stillie, Father.

Grace Stirling Fowlds, about 20 months, February 10, 1870 at Hurlford, Single,
George Fowlds, Coal Miner, and Mary McMillan Hopes (?)
George Fowlds, Father.

Thomas Cuthbertson, 2 days, February 10, 1870 at Riccarton, Single,
Thomas Cuthbertson, Agricultural Labourer, and Elizabeth Richmond,
Hugh Cuthbertson, Grandfather.

James Horner, 9 months, February 14, 1870 at Hurlford, Single,
John Horner, Worker in Brickwork, and Margaret McCord,
John Horner, Father (X)

Janet McCrindle, about 84, March 18. 1870 at Hurlford, Widow of Andrew McCrindle, Coal Miner,
Alexander Richmond, supposed Labourer (dec) and Margaret Fulton
Cannot make out informant. (Note: I have a Jane Fulton/Alexander Richmond in my database)

Alexander Gallacher, 4, March 20, 1870 at Riccarton, Single,
Cristopher Gallacher, Coal Miner, and Annie Wilson,
John Gallacher, Brother.

John Reid, 7, March 19, 1870 at Riccarton, Single,
William Reid, Labourer in Foundry, and Mary Overend,
William Reid, Father (X)

Elizabeth Brown, 1 2/3, March 28, 1870 at Riccarton, Single,
Alexander Brown, Iron Moulder, and Marion Richmond,
Alexander Brown, Father (X)

Hugh Brown, about 6 weeks, April 10. 1870 at Riccarton, Single,
Robert Brown, Coal miner, and Margaret Wilson,
Robert Brown, Father.

Grace Currie, 16 1/2 months, April 4, 1870 at Hurlford, Single,
Charles Currie, Shopkeeper (Groceries) and Margaret Brown,
Charles Currie, Father.

Margaret Loggie, 20, July 17, 1870 at Hurlford, Married to John Loggie, Coal Miner,
John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Jean Pollock,
John Loggie, Husband (X)

William Merry, 50, July 22, 1870 at Riccarton, General Labourer, Married to Jean Walker,
William Merry, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Margaret Reid (dec)
Robert Merry, Brother.

Bridget McCann, 17, July 28, 1870 at Hurlford, Single, Steam Loom Weaver,
Daniel McCann, Furnaceman, and Margaret McCormick,
Daniel McCann, Father (X)

Hamilton Richmond, 70, November 27, 1870 at Monkton, Married to David Richmond, Ploughman,
David Lusk, Agricultural Labourer (dec) and Janet Manson (dec)
David Richmond, Widower.

Catherine Andrew, 13, December 7, 1870 at Monkton, Single,
Thomas Andrew, Farmer, and Jane McClelland,
Thomas Andrew, Father.

Henry Wright, 10 weeks, December 10, 1870 at Monkton, Single,
Henry Wright, Agricultural Labourer, and Laura O'Hara,
Henry Wright, Father.

James Orr, 39, November 27, 1870 at Hurlford, Coal Miner, Married to Jean Hill,
John Orr, Coal Miner (dec) and Jean Smith (dec)
James Orr, Son.

David Murray Young, 10, December 4, 1870 at Hurlford, Single,
David Young, Overseer of Colliery, and Jean Richmond,
David Young, Father.

Samuel Craig, 4 3/4, December 5, 1870 at Hurlford, Single,
James Craig, Coal Miner, and Margaret Aird,
James Craig, Father.

Mary Pollock Reid, 16 months, January 19, 1870 at Catrine, Single,
Alexander Reid, Blacksmith (dec) and Elizabeth Richmond,
Alexander Richmond, Grandfather.

Samuel Grier Massey, 5 weeks, January 26, 1870 at Catrine, Single,
Thomas Massey, Ironstone Miner, and Hannah Grier (dec)
Thomas Massey, Father.

Elizabeth Fulton, 75, January 25, 1870 at Catrine, Widow of Samuel Fulton, Mason's Labourer,
John Jamieson, Ploughman (dec) and Elizabeth Weir (dec)
Hugh - - erson, Cousin.

David Murdoch, 54, July 11, 1870 at Catrine, Wood Forester, Married to Catherine Buchanan Richmond,
Francis Murdoch, Farmer (dec) and Janet Nimmo (dec)
Adam Murdoch, Brother.

Mary Trainer, 25, July 13, 1870 at Catrine, Single, Mill Worker,
Patrick Trainer, Labourer (dec) and Sarah Davill (or Davitt)
Elizabeth Morrison, Neighbour (X)

Elizabeth Stevenson Hamilton, 7 months, July 14, 1870 at Catrine, Single,
Joseph Hamilton, Ironstone Miner, and Christina Moore,
Joseph Hamilton, Father.

Elizabeth Brown, 5, February 23, 1870 at Stewarton, Single,
William Brown, Grocer, and Mary Duncan,
William Brown, Father.

Mary Brown, 69, February 27, 1870 at Stewarton, Married to John Brown of Blacklawn,
William Kerr, Flesher (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
John Brown, Widower.

Robert Neilson, 62, February 26, 1870 at Stewarton, Spirit Dealer, Married to Janet Highet,
David Neilson, Spirit Dealer (dec) and Elizabeth Reid (dec)
Robert Neilson, Brother-in-law.

Margaret Richmond, 74, April 24, 1870 at Stewarton, Single, House Maid,
Robert Richmond, Tailor (dec) (Mothers name not known)
William Markland, Nephew.

Elizabeth Watt, 59, April 21, 1870 at Stewarton, Married to Alexander Watt, Farmer.
John Brown, Farmer (dec) and Mary Cuthbertson (dec)
Alexander Watt, Widower.

Alexander Forbes, 1, April 25, 1870 at Stewarton, Single,
Robert Forbes, Carter, and Mary McGlover (or McGlown)
Robert Forbes, Father (X).










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