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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1872 - Part 1

[Part 2]



Information transcribed from records by:-   Dale Cook [ ]  

note, cod = cause of death,   wit = witness,    ms  = maiden surname


WYLLIE, Elizabeth, widow of Robert Wyllie Newtown, Catrine died 8 Dec 1872,age 41 yrs dad: Alexander Lennox (farmer, deceased) mom: Elizabeth Lennox (ms Samson) cod gastric ulcer for 9 months wit: John Wyllie (son Hillhead of Sorn Castile) 

BROWN, Hugh single, died 25 Feb 1872 Ford st. Catrine age 5 yrs dad: Hugh Brown (ironstone Miner) mom: Margaret Brown (ms Moore) cod dropsy, wit Hugh Brown made his X  

BROWN, Andrew, single died 24 Nov 1872 Catrine age 4 months dad: Hugh Brown (collier) mom: Margaret Brown (ms Moore) cod convulsions 24 hours wit: Hugh Brown (father) made his X 

BROWN, David (cotton weaver) married to Jane Smith. died 18 Dec 1872 Wood St. Catrine age 44 yrs. dad: David Brown (cotton weaver, deceased) mom: Margaret 


WYLLIE, James married to Mary SLOAN, died 4 June 1872 Ochiltree 95 yrs old. dad: William Wyllie (farmer deceased) mom: Jean Wyllie (ms Timson) cod natural decay from old age, uncertain dementia. Wit: Robert Sloan (brother in law, farmer) 

WYLLIE, Jane, single Ochiltree died 19 April 1872 age 20 months, dad: Archibald Wyllie (carter) mom: Jean Wyllie (ms Glover) cod drowning wit Alexander Goldie (brother in law, Hurlford

WYLLIE, Mary, single, Ochiltree died 21 Feb 1872 age 5 weeks dad: Thomas Wyllie (millwright) mom: Mary Wyllie (ms Lamont) wit Thomas Wyllie (father) 

Old Cumnock  

ANDERSON, Agnes, single, died Jan 8, 1872 Barnhill Cumnock, age 1 yr 9 months. father- John ANDERSON (blacksmith) mother- Jane m.s. RIGGANS. cause- disease of Bowel. witness-John ANDERSON (father)

CRAWFORD, Alexander, weaver, single, died June 1, 1872, Townfoot, Cumnock, age 72 yrs. father- Hugh CRAWFORD (weaver, deceased) mother- Mary m.s. REID, deceased. cause- fever. witness- William CRAWFORD (brother)

CRAWFORD, Thomas, clothier, married to Agnes CRAWFORD, died Aug 2 1872. Square, Cumnock.age 55 yrs. father- Hugh CRAWFORD (tailer, deceased) mother- Agnes m.s. WALTERS, deceased. cause- dropsy, valvular disease of heart. witness- R.W. CRAWFORD (son)

HANNAH, Robert, single, died Dec 6, 1872, Glasnock Roadside. Cumnock. age 1 day. father- James HANNAH (ploughman) mother- Barbara m.s. MURRAY. cause- premature birth. witness- Hugh HANNAH (father)

ANDREW, Mary Ann, single, died May 31, 1872, ?Howie's Big Land, Hurlford. age 2 yrs. father-James ANDREW (coalminer) mother- Mary Ann m.s. HOLLAND. cause- bronchitis. witness- James ANDREW(father)

CRAWFORD, Janet, married to Hugh CRAWFORD, Labourer at engine works. died May 26, 1872 Riccarton, age 57 yrs. father- Gavin HAMILTON (grainmailler, deceased) mopther- Margaret LINDSAY, deceased. cause- cancer of uterus. witness- Hugh CRAWFORD (wodower)

SILLARS, Thomas, single, died May 6, 1872 Riccarton Rd, Hurlford. age 8 hrs. father- John SILLARS (coalminer) mother- Ann m.s. WALLACE. cause- premature birth. witness- Thomas SILLARS (father) made his X

WALLACE, George, single, died March 9 1872, Hurlford, age 4 months. father- Robert WALLACE (coalminer) mother- Agnes, previously CAMERON m.s. SMITH. cause- Tabes from birth. witness- Robert WALLACE (father)

WALLACE, James, single, died Dec 17, 1872, ?Rotland Row, Hurlford, age ~1yr. father- James WALLACE (furnace labourer) mother- Jane m.s. STEEL cause- Phthisis. witness- James WALLACE (father)

WALLACE, Margaret, married to John WALLACE (coalminer) died Sept 27, 1872. Old Hurford, age 35 yrs, father- Hugh BORLAND (carpet weaver, deceased) mother- Margaret m.s. CLARK, cause- disease of ankle joint. witness- John WALLACE (widower) made his X


DUNCAN, Mary (widow of Robert Duncan, carter) died 12 Nov 1872 ??gy St. Saltcoats age 87 yrs dad:-Crawford (farmer, deceased) mom: Lillias Crawford (ms-,deceased) cod fracture of neck of ? nine years. Old age generally. wit: Archd Duncan (son) 


WALLACE, Marion, formerly handsewer, single, died Dec 28, 1872, Chapel St. Catrine, age 68 yrs. father- James WALLACE (handloom weaver, deceased) mother- Agnes m.s. PATON. cause- fracture of neck of thigh bone. witness- John HODGE (nephew, Troon)


Reid, William (farmer, widower of Agnes Ingram) died 17 Jan 1872 at Tribbochburn, Stair. age 72 yrs. father- John Reid (farmer, deceased) mother- Jane m.s. Ronald, deceased. cause- Diabetes  mellities. witness- Hugh Ronald (second cousin, Mains.  Balmaghie, Castle Douglas) 

Reid, James (mineral Borer, married to Elizabeth McDowall) illegitimate, died 17 May, 1872 Drumdow Cottage. Stair. age 30 years. father James Reid (farmer, reputed father) mother- Mary Wilson (farmer's daughter) cause- pneumonia. witness- David McDowell (brother-in-law, Sandyknowe, Coylton) 

Wilson, Christina (single. illegitimate) died 27 June 1872 Drumdowdow Cottage, Stair. age 6 months. mother- Mary Wilson( farm servant) cause- Bronchitis. witness- Mary Wilson (Mother) made her X 

Gibson, Grace single, died 30 July 1872 Wyndford, Stair. age 6 years. father- James Gibson (farm labourer) mother- Janet m.s. McClymont, cause- Hydrocephalus. witness- James Gibson (father) 

Breckenridge, Mary, single, died 15 Sept 1872. Roadenloft, Stair. age 7 yrs. father- David Breckenridge (weaver) mother Margaret m.s. Mitchell, cause- Diptheria. witness- Alexander Stewart (neighbour) made his X 

Breckenridge, Jane, single, died 20 Sept 1872, Roadenloft, Stair, age 9 yrs. father- David Breckenridge (weaver) mother Margaret m.s. Mitchell, cause- Diptheria.witness- David Breckenridge (father)  

Kay, William (weaver and farmer) single, died 3 Dec 1872. age ~66 yrs. father- William Kay (weaver and farmer. deceased) mother- Helen m.s. Ramsay, deceased) cause- Diarhea. witness- James Ramsay (cousin & neighbour)


HIGGINS, John, joiner apprentice, single. died Jan 5 1872, 133 Ardeer Square, Stevenson. age 16 yrs 3 months. father- William HIGGINS ( mason's labourer) mother- Ann m.s. KIRK. cause- consumption. witness- William HIGGINS (father) made his X

FREW, grace, handloom weaver, single, died Jan 8 1872, Townhead St. Stevenson, age 17 yrs. father- David FREW (handloom weaver) mother- Jean m.s. FULTON (HUTTON?) cause- consumtion, witness- David FREW (father)

SCOTT, William, collier, married to Jane McNEIL. died Jan 6, 1872, New St. Stevenson. age 54 yrs. father- John SCOTT (collier, deceased) mother- Mary m.s. CUMMING, deceased. cause- Asthma. witness- Adam SCOTT (son, New St. Stevenson)

McKIE, James, single, died Jan 12, 1872, 8 Ardeer Square, Stevenson. age 11 yrs. father- Peter McKIE (furnacekeeper, Ironworks) mother- Sarah m.s.MULHOLLAND. cause- Hydrocephalus. witness- Peter McKIE (father)

LAMBIE, David, handloom weaver, married to Elizabeth SHAW, died Jan 21, 1872, Boglemart St. Stevenson, age 69 yrs, father- James LAMBIE (handloom weaver, deceased) mother- Jean m.s. NEILL, deceased, cause- Disease of heart. witness- George LAMBIE (son)

LAMBIE, Alexander, single, died Jan 30, 1872, Wilson' Land, New St. Stevenson, age 4 months, 18 days. father- Robert LAMBIE (collier) mother- Jane m.s. McKECHAN, cause- confluent smallpox, unvaccinated. witness- Robert LAMBIE (father)

McKIRDY, James, sawyer journeyman, married to Mary McKINNON. died Feb 7, 1872, Harbour St. Saltcoats. age 68 yrs, father- William McKIRDY (farmer, deceased) mother- Catherine m.s. McDONGALL, deceased. cause_ by injury to foot, running sores in foot 3 yrs. witness- Mary McKINNON (widow) made her X

WILSON, Agnes, single, died Feb 19, 1872 Boglemart St. Stevenson. age 20 days. father- Alexander Wilson (oversman, colliery) mother- Agnes m.s. LAMBIE, cause- confluent smallpox, unvaccinated. witness- Alexander WILSON (father)

SCOTT, Agnes, single, died Feb 21, 1872. Boglemart St, Stevenson. age 78 yrs. father- John SCOTT (oversman, collier, deceased) mother- Mary YOUNG, deceased) cause- Cerebra Spinal Disease, witness- John SCOTT (I think this said brother- in-law, which doesnt make sense, must check this)

FREW, Jean, single. died Feb 26, 1872, Bob's Close, Boglemart St. Stevenson. age 64 yrs. father- James FREW (Enginekeeper, deceased) mother- Janet m.s. WILLIAMSON, deceased.cause- Bronchitis.witness- Susan KIRK (nurse, Grange _)  made her X 

FREW, David, grocer, married to Jean RUSSELL, formerly to Marilyn BOYD. died Feb 20, 1872, Townhead St. Stevenson.age 68 yrs. father- John FREW (collier, deceased) mother- Jean m.s. MUIR, deceased. cause supposed heart disease. witness- Catherine BOYD (sister-in-law, Bogglemart St.  Stevenson)

CLYDESDALE, Elizabeth, single, domestic servant. died March 20, 1872, Ardeer Square, Stevenson. age 17 yrs, 10 months. father- Joseph CLYDESDALE (furnacekeeper, ironworks) mother- Carlotte m.s. HILL. cause- consumption. witness- Joseph CLYDESDALE (father) made his X

HAMILTON, James FULTON (HUTTON?),single, died March 26, 1872.Ardeer Square, Stevenson. age 1 yr,8 months. father- Adam HAMILTON (blacksmith journeyman) mother- Margaret m.s. FULTON (HUTTON?) cause- chronicbronchitis, witness- Adam HAMILTON (father)

DICK, Hugh White, single, died Mar 29, 1872, Schoolwell St. Stevenson. age 4 yrs, 3 months. father- Samuel DICK (collier) mother- Janet m.s. BEVERIDGE. cause- hooping cough. witness- Janet DICK (mother)

McCALL, John, single, died April 20, 1872, Ardeer Square, Stevenson. age 1 month. father- John McCALL (Engine keeper, coliery) mother- Jane m.s. HENDERSON, cause- Hooping cough. witness- John McCALL (father)

THOMSON, John, single, illegitimate, died April 24, 1872, Boglemart St. Stevenson. age 1 yr, 4 months. mother- Catherine McNAUGHT m.s. THOMSON, wife of Charles McNAUGHT (collier to whom she married Jan 1872) cause- congestion of kidneys, anasarca. witness- Catherine McNAUGHT (mother) made her X

KELSO, Elizabeth, Service, widow of Peter KELSO (cotton Manufacturer) died April 29, 1872. Parkend House, Saltcoats. age 65 yrs, father- William BROWN (land Proprieter, deceased) mother- Jane m.s. ERSKINE, deceased, cause- General Debility, fatal Syncop??, sudden failure of heart action. witness- Matthew SHOWN? (cousin, Braehead, Saltcoats)

DUNLOP, Isabella, handsewer muslin, pauper, single. died May 13, 1872 Bradshaw St, Saltcoats. age 73 yrs. father John DUNLOP (tailer, master, deceased) mother Mary m.s. KERR, deceased. cause- Old age and exhaustion. witness- Mary STIRRAT (niece, Bridgend Lane, Kilwinning)

McKINNON, John, custom weaver, pauper, widow of Mary TAYLOR. died May 10, 1872 Brown's Land, Kyleshill, Saltcoats, age 77 yrs. father Roger McKINNON  ( customer weaver, deceased) mother- Jane m.s. COOK, deceased. cause- Old age and general debility. witness- Jane McKINNON (daughter)

CAMPBELL, John, farm labourer, single died June 4, 1872 Boglemart St, Stevenson, age 50 yrs, father- Peter CAMPBELL (farmer. deceased) mother Marjory m.s. McTADE?, deceased. cause- disease of stomach. witness- James CAMPBELL (brother)

MILLER, Margaret Kilpatrick. single. died June 20, 1872, Boglemart St, Stevenson, age 15 weeks. father- Robert MILLER (riddsman colliery) mother- Agnes m.s. KILPATRICK. cause- Ulcer of bowel. witness- Robert MILLER (father) 

SCOTT, Hugh Sommerville. single, died June 21, 1872 Quay St. Saltcoats. age 9 monts, 23 days. father- Archibald SCOTT (saddler master) mother- Martha BOYD m.s. SOMMERVILLE cause- Diarrhea, effusion of water into brain. witness- Archibald SCOTT (father)

McMILLAN, Agnes, widow of Frances McMILLAN, handloom weaver. died June 30, 1872, 29 Ardeer Square, Stevenson. age 68 yrs. father- Robert HUNTER (collier, deceased) mother- Margaret m.s. HADDOW, deceased. cause- diseased heart. witness- George CAMERON (occupier)

THOMSON, Mary, widow of James THOMSON (shoemaker, master) died June 24, 1872, Quay St. Saltcoats, 86 yrs. father- Robert WRIGHT (distiller, deceased) mother Mary m.s. FULTON (HUTTON?), deceased. cause- infirmities of old age. witness- John THOMSON (son)

FREW, John, single, died June 29, 1872 Townhead St, Saltcoats. age 3 yrs. father- William FREW (handloom weaver) mother- Elizabeth LINDSAY m.s. FREW (possible error?) cause- effusion on the brain. witness- William FREW (father)

FREW, Robert, handloom weaver, single, died June 28, 1872, Townhead St. Stevenson. age 14 yrs, 9 months, father- David FREW (Handllom weaver) mother- Jean m.s. FULTON (HUTTON?) cause- consuption. witness- David FREW (father)

MURRAY, Elizabeth Jane, single, died June 25, 1872 Townhead St, Stevenson, age 10 yrs, 4 months. father- William MURRAY (farmer, deceased) mother- Georgina  m.s. SKEOCH, cause- Chronic Pneumonia, acute menengitis. witness- Grace MURRAY (sister)

KILPATRICK, George, drawer in coal pit, single, died July1, 1872, 8 Station Square, Stevenson, age 15 yrs, 10 months. father- George KILPATRICK (coal miner) mother- Cecilea m.s. KELSO, deceased. cause- hydrothorax. witness- George KILPATRICK (father)

SCOTT, Alexander, manager Fire Clay Works, married to Mary McGRAW, died July 6, 1872. The Mission Home, Kyleshill, Saltcoats, age 44 yrs. father- John SCOTT (farmer, deceased) mother Mary m.s. WILSON. cause- bursting of blood vessels, death instant. witness- William ? (inmate)

KELSO, James, pauper, formerly collier, married to Mary KILPATRICK, died July 7, 1872, Holly Cottage, Stevenson. age 55 yrs. father- Robert KELSO (collier, deceased) mother Mary m.s. BOYD, deceased. cause- asthma. witness- John KELSO (son)

McCONNACHIE, Margaret, single, died Aug 15, 1872, 91 Ardeer St. Stevenson. age 8 months. father- Robert McCONACHIE (furnace filler, ironworks) mother- Maria m.s. HAMILTON, cause- ? with diarrhea. witness-Maria McCONNACHIE (mother) made her X

McMILLAN, Janet, widow of James McMILLAM (farm labourer) died Sept 4, 1872, Townhead St, Stevenson. age 78 yrs. father- Andrew CLARK (farmer. deceased) mother- Janet m.s. BAILLIE, deceased. cause- Bronchitis. witness- Hugh LOGAN? (brother-in-law, Greenhead, Stevenson) 


BROWN, William Turk single died 22 Jan 1872 Stewarton ( here there is a place name I am guessing at as writing was difficult to read Lainghadittreal) age 7 months dad: Robert Brown (labourer) mom: Jane Brown (ms Reynolds) cod Gastritus 10 days, wit: Robert Brown made his X also Robert Sinclair witnessed  

BROWN, Jane, (bonnet goner?) single died 19 March 1872 age 26 yrs Darlington, Stewarton, dad; James Brown (bonnet dresser deceased) mom: Margaret Brown (ms ORR) cod Phthias Pulmojalis? for 6 months, wit: William Brown (uncle) 

BROWN, James, (farmer, widow of Margaret Brown) died 15 Sept 1872 HouseMuir?, Stewarton. age 78 yrs, dad Alexander Brown (mason, deceased) mom: Sophia Brown (ms Grieve, deceased) cod Apoplexy 2 days, wit: Andrew Brown (son) 

BORLAND, Jane Wylie Gilmour, single, died April 18, 1872 Lainshaw? St. Stewarton, age 2 yrs. father- Robert BORLAND (clothier) mother- Jane m.s. BAIRD. cause- Consumption. witness- Robert BORLAND (father)

WILSON, Thomas, single, died April 29, 1872 MAINSTREET,  Glasgow, age 6 yrs. father- William C. WILSON (painter) mother- Elira? m.s. DUNLOP cause- mesenteric disease. witness- W.C. WILSON (father)

MACKIE, Janet, shopwoman, single. died May 4, 1872 Stewarton. age 41 yrs. father- Thomsa MACKIE (Dyer, deceased) mother- Janet m.s. GEMMELL. cause- epilepsy. witness- Robert MACKIE (Brother)

THOMSON, Janet, illegitimate, bonnet ironer, single. died May 7, 1872 Lainshaw? St Stewarton, age 23 yrs. mother- Agnes THOMSON (washer woman) cause- consumption. witness- David Smith (an aquaintance)

WILSON, Thomas, single, died May 15, 1872, age 1 yr. father- John WILSON (painter) mother- Annie m.s. CRAIG. cause- acute bronchitis. witness- John WILSON (father)

WYLLIE, Margaret, widow of Robert Wyllie (labourer) died May 19, 1872, Miller Land, Stewarton. age 89 yrs. father- David Cunningham (weaver, deceased) mother- Margaret m.s. KERR, deceased. cause- old age. witness- James Fergusson ( acquaintance, 7 Brown St. Stewarton)

CALDERWOOD, Barbara, single, died June 2, 1872, Brown St. Stewarton. age 1 yr. father- John CALDERWOOD (bonnet dresser) mother- Mary m.s. SMITH. cause- gastric irritation. Hydrocephalus. witness- John CALDERWOOD (father)

ALLAN, William, single, died June 4, 1872,Stewarton, age 13 yrs. father- William ALLAN (joiner) mother- Ann WELSH. cause-Thyphoic fever. witness- William ALLAN (father)

MARSHALL, John Brown, single, died July 2, 1872. Avenue St. Stewarton. age 2 weeks. father- John MARSHALL (bonnet dresser) mother- Elizabeth m.s. BROWN. cause- malformation of Pylorus. witness- John BROWN (grandfather)

WILSON, Mary Low, single, died July 8, 1872, Stewarton. age 5 yrs. father- Andrew WILSON (miller) mother- Isabella m.s. TAYLOR. cause- debility from birth. witness- Andrew WILSON (father)

THOMAS, John, shoemaker, married to Janet FERGUSON, died August 27, 1872, Avenue St. Stewarton. age 46 yrs. father- John THOMAS (shoemaker, deceased) mother- Jane? m.s. MURRAY, deceased. cause- apoplexy. witness- Adam ? (an acquaintance)

McINTYRE, William, single, died Aug. 28, 1872, Stewarton, age 5 months. father- William McINTYRE ( labourer) mother- Jane m.s. GALBIN? .cause- Tubercular meningitis.. witness- William McINTYRE (father) made his X

NEILSON, John, single, died Sept 3, 1872,Stewarton, age 26 yrs, father- Robert NEILSON (farmer & auctioneer) mother- Margaret m.s. LORIMER. cause- bronchitis. witness- Robert NEILSON (father)

MUIR, Mary, domestic servant, single, died Aug 13, 1872, Darlington, Stewarton. age 91 yrs. father- John MUIR (customer weaver, deceased) mother- _____ m.s. BROWN, deceased. cause- old age. witness- Hugh GALT (nephew) made his X

PICKEN, Mary, single, died Sept 16, 1872, Townhead Stewarton, age 81 yrs. father- Alexander PICKEN (bonnet maker, deceased) mother- Mary m.s. CAMERON, deceased. cause- gastric irritation, bronchitis. witness- James PICKEN (nephew) made his X

MACKIE, Margaret, widow of Robert MACKIE (thatcher) died Sept 22, 1872,Stewarton, age 81 yrs. father- James DUNLOP (cattle dealer, deceased) mother- ___, deceased. cause- gastric irritation. witness- Robert MACKIE (son) made his X

WYLLIE, Agnes, widow of James WYLLIE (blacksmith) died Sept 20, 1872 Stewarton, age 76 yrs. father- John MITCHELL (handloom weaver, deceased) mother- Marion m.s. STEEL, deceased, cause- Chronic bronchitis. witness- James CURRIE (son-in-law) made his X

WILSON, Elizabeth NEIL, single, died Oct 27, 1872, Stewarton, age 3 yrs. father- Andrew WILSON (miller) mother- Isabella m.s. TAYLOR, cause- Pertussis. witness- Andrew WILSON (father)

SMITH, Margaret, married to John SMITH (customer weaver) died Nov 6 1872, Stewarton age 70 yrs. father- William COLE (sargeant 3rd Dragoon Guards, deceased) mother- Christina m.s. ROP, deceased. cause- heart disease. witness- John SMITH (widower)

MILLER, William, farmer, married to Agnes KENNEDY, died Nov 7, 1872,Stewarton. age 93 yrs. father- Hugh MILLER (farmer, deceased) mother- Marion m.s. WILSON deceased. cause- morbusknellis?. witness- Robert MILLER (SON)

CURRIE, James, bonnet dresser, single, died Dec 9, 1872, Dailry, Stewarton. age 28 yrs. father- Andrew CURRIE (bonnet dresser) mother- Marion m.s. BROWN, cause- irritation of stomach. witness- Andrew CURRIE (father) 

ANDREW, Mary, married to Edward ANDREW (coachman) died June 16, 1872, Strandhead, Stewarton. age 29 yrs. father- James PARKER (occupation looks like Pioneer?)mother- Jean m.s. _______. cause- congestion of brain. witness- Edward ANDREWS (wwidower)

YOUNG, Alexander, farm servant, single, died April 6, 1872, Quarryhouse, Stewarton. age 20 yrs. father- Robert YOUNG (labourer) mother- Martha m.s. NEILSON. cause- Phthisis. witness- Robert YOUNG (brother) 


BOYD, Thomas, single, died April 26, 1872. ? Straiton, age 1 day. father- Alexander BOYD ( Ploughman) mother- Margaret m.s. DAVIDSON. cause- ? at birth. witness- Alexander BOYD (father)

COCHRANE, John Thomson, single died Oct 27, 1872. Patna. age 10 months.father- David COCHRANE (coalminer) mother- Elizabeth m.s. THOMSON. cause- water in the head. witness- David COCHRANE (father)

HANNAH, Hugh, single died May 15, 1872. ? Straiton. age 10 weeks. father- John HANNAH (storeman) mother- Agnes m.s. HAY. cause- ? from birth. witness- John HANNAH (father)  note++ if this name is known could the contact the following as Hay is a name he is searching for. 


WALLACE, Elizabeth, married to Andrew WALLACE (farmer) died June 14, 1872 Hill house, age 55 yrs. father- John BOWMAN (farmer, deceased) mother- Elizabeth m.s. ALLISON, deceased. cause- Pneumonia. witness- Andrew WALLACE (husband)


Brown, Margaret, married to Thomas Brown (farmer) died 15 Nov 1872 at Whiskeyhall, Tarbolton age 66 yrs. dad: William Campbell (farmer, deceased) mom: Janet Campbell (ms Sawers, deceased) cod heart disease anasarea? wit Thomas Brown (widower) 

Hay, Thomas (farmer), married to Agnes Ness, died at Muiburn Tarbolton 4 Oct 1872 age 70 yrs dad: James Hay (road surface man, deceased) mom: Isabell Hay (ms Yuil, deceased) cod chronic cystitus several yrs. wit: Robert Hay (son) Thomas is an ancestor of mine 

Brown (ms Gilmour, deceased) cod Bronchitus 20 days, wit: David Millet (Inspector of Poor, Newton) 

McCALLUM, Duncan, gardener, single, died sept 2, 1872, Enterkine office. Tarbolton, age 22 yrs. father- Duncan McCALLUM (coachman) mother- Euphemea m.s. COCHRANE. cause- Phthisis Pulmonalis. witness- Duncan McCALLUM. 

CRAWFORD, John, shoemaker, single, died March 16, 1872. Montgomerie, Tarbolton. age 21 yrs. father- John CRAWFORD (post messenger_ mother- Agnes m.s. DUNLOP. cause- consumption. witness- John CRAWFORD (father)

PATERSON, Agnes. died Mar 20, 1872. Montgomer. Tarbolton. age 4 yrs. father- Robert PATERSON (coal miner) mother Helen M.S. ESDALE. cause- Croup. witness- Robert PATERSON (father)

 West Kilbride

GEMMELL, Lilias-widow of Robert Gemmell (labourer) West Kilbride. died 4 March 1872 age 76 yrs 9 months. dad: Charles Linse? Liuse (farmer, deceased) mom: Margaret Lives? (ms McCloy, deceased) cod old age fragilty, wit Charles Gemmell (son) 










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