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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1873


Transcribed by George McCaig 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


Jane Barbour Brodie, 16, July 31, 1873 at 16 Glasgow Lane, Ardrossan, Single,
Alexander Brodie, Ship Carpenter, and Nicholas Fleming Lusk,
Alexander Brodie, Father.

Hugh Templeton, 3 months, August 5, 1873 at
Foundry houses, Ardrossan, Single,
William Templeton, Foundry Timekeeper, and Janet Richmond,
William Templeton, Father.

James Lauder, 3, August 8, 1873 at
Montgomerie Lane, Ardrossan, Single,
James Lauder, Steamers Engineman, and Janet Gillespie,
James Lauder, Father.

Margaret Henderson, 34, April 3, 1873 at
District Asylum by Ayr,
Married to - - - - - - - -, No parents listed.
Jane Watson, House Maid.

William Smith, 1 (could be 7), April 7, 1873 at
Allison Street, Newton Ayr, Single,
John Smith, Ploughman, and Grace Richmond.
Grace Richmond or Smith, Mother.

Adam Hunter, 1, April 7, 1873 at
Main Street, Newton Ayr, Single,
William Hunter, Ship Carpenter, and Elizabeth Cook,
William Hunter, Father.

Janet Douglas, 80, April 18, 1873 at
8 Barns Terrace, Ayr, Widow of Robert Douglas, Parish Minister of Kilbarchan,
John Montieth, D.D. Minister of the Parish of Houston, and Anne Cunninghame (both deceased)
R. D. Murdoch, Grandson.

Mary Ann Connacher, 68, April 21, 1873 at
27 Barns Street, Ayr, Widow of Peter Connacher, Clerk Inland Revenue,
John Richmond, Tailor & Clothier (dec) and Mary Paton (dec)
Peter Connacher, Son.

Agnes Hamilton, 66, April 23, 1873 at
Halls  - - -, Newton Ayr, Married to John Hamilton, Cotton Weaver,
Archibald Picken, Shoemaker (dec) and Janet Armour (dec)
John Hamilton, Son.

Thomas Brown, 2, May 2, 1873 at
29 High Street, Ayr, Single,
James Brown, Tailor (Master) and Mary Clark,
James Brown, Father.

Andrew Alexander Hayslop, 11 months, May 2, 1873 at
River Street, St. Quivox, Single,
John Hayslop, Van Driver, and Catherine McClure,
John Hayslop, Father.

Jane Wallace, 53, May 2, 1873 at
6 Kyle Street, Ayr, Married to Charles Wallace, Cotton Weaver,
John McDowall, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Jane Richmond (dec)
Charles Wallace, Widower.

Margaret McGeachy Hoynes, 22 months, September 16, 1873 at
Whang St. Beith, Single,
Robert Hoynes, Iron Miner, and Catherine McMillan,
Robert Hoynes, Father.

Archibald Paton, 16 months, September 15, 1873 at
Whang Street, Beith, Single,
Archibald Paton, Shoemaker, and Isabella Young,
Archibald Paton, Father.

Annie Brownlie, 42, September 23, 1873 at
Bunswynd, Beith, Married to Thomas Brownlie, Agricultural Labourer,
James Murdoch, Farmer (dec) and Ann Richmond,
Thomas Brownlie, Widower.

Margaret Nichol, 75, March 14, 1873 at
Dalmellington, Widow of William Nichol, Land Steward,
David Welsh, Blacksmith (dec) and Janet Smith (dec)
Hugh Wight, Nephew.

William Henderson, 47, March 17, 1873 at
4 Barley Park Row, Dalmellington, Engine Keeper, Married to Janet Murdoch,
Thomas Henderson, Joiner (dec) and Jane Brachennoge (dec),
Thomas Henderson, Son.

Margaret Richmond, 11 months, March 19, 1873 at
65 Burnfoothill, Dalmellington, Single,
James Richmond, Ironstone Miner (dec), and Jeanie Gavins,
John Graham, (Relationship not noted)

James Richmond, 36. February 17, 1873 at
Auchingill, Dalry, Miner, Married to Jane Giffens (I have her as Givans)
John Richmond, Miner, and Jane Smith ((dec)
John Richmond, Brother.

Janet Dick, 55, February 19.1873 at
Bellstone, Dalry, Housekeeper, Widow of John Dick, Weaver,
John Jamieson, Sailor (dec) and Janet - -- - (dec)
William Barlow, Son-in-law.

William McCartney, 38, February 18, 1873 at
Crossroads, Dalry, Blacksmith, Single,
James McCartney, Blacksmith (dec) and Jean Burns,
Jane McCartney, Sister.

Mary Smith, 43, March 6, 1873 at
Church Lane, Galston, Married to Samuel Smith, Coal Miner,
Edward Moyle, Copper Miner ((dec) and Jane Prior (dec)
Samuel Smith, Son.

Hugh Orr, 8 months, March 6, 1873 at
Kilnknowe, Galston, Single, Illegitimate,
Agnes Orr, Cotton Weaver,
Agnes Orr, Mother (X)

Grace Richmond, 7 months, March 8, 1873 at
Blair Street, Galston, Single,
David Richmond, Coal Miner, and Annie Johnston,
David Richmond, Father.

Helen Gemmell, 34, March 18, 1873 at
Blair Street, Galston, Married to Robert Gemmell, Cotton Weaver,
Alexander Ballharry, Joiner (Master) (dec), and Elizabeth Thomson,
Robert Gemmel, Widower.

Margaret Richmond, 85, March 20, 1873 at
Titchfield Street, Galston, Widow of John Richmond, Coal Miner,
Robert Easton, Landed Proprietor (dec) and Margaret Hay, Domestic Servant (dec)
John Richmond, Son.

Thomas Stewart, 24 days, March 22, 1873 at
Brewland Street, Galston, Single,
Thomas Stewart, Justiceman at a Colliery, and Helen Ronald,
Thomas Stewart, Father.

George Steven, 47, April 28, 1873 at
Orchard Street, Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Janet Mair,
James Steven, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Margaret Findlay (dec)
George Steven, Uncle (X)

Martha Robertson Richmond
, 10 months, April 30, 1873 at
Titchfield Street, Galston, Single,
John Richmond, Coal Miner, and Mary Robertson,
John Richmond, Father.

Janet Muir, 2, May 4, 1873 at
Blair Street, Galston, Single,
James Muir, Carter, and Mary Morton,
James Muir, Father.

Sarah Houston Richmond, 21 months, July 16, 1873 at
Brown Steet, Greenholm, Galston, Single,
John Richmond, Cotton Weaver, and Jeanie McMillan,
John Richmond, Father.

John Cowan, 48, July 18, 1873 at
Knowehead, Galston, Coal Miner, Married to Elizabeth Docherty,
James Cowan, Labourer (dec) and Isabella Girvan (dec)
Alex Hamilton, Neighbour.

Robert Steel, 3 3/4, July 21, 1873 at
Stewarts Place, Greenholm Galston, Single,
John Steel, Cotton Weaver, and Agnes Morton,
John Steel, Father.

Grace Walker, 2 1/4, October 12, 1873 at
Nelson Street, Greenholm, Galston, Single,
Gavin Walker, Cotton Weaver, and Grace Wyllie,
Archibald King, Neighbour.

John Richmond, 30, October 12, 1873 at
Brown Street, Greenholm, Galston, Cotton Weaver, Married to Jane McMillan,
William Richmond, Cotton Weaver, and Margaret McLimond,
William Richmond, Father.

John Mitchell, 2 days, October 12, 1873 at
Henrietta Street, Galston, Single,
John Mitchell, Coal Miner, and Margaret Connell,
John Mitchell, Father.

Agnes Orr, 70, September 16, 1873 at
37 Bridgegate, Irvine, Single,
Hugh Orr, Sawyer (dec) and Janet Richmond (dec)
Hugh Orr, Brother.

Barbara Wright, 70, September 18, 1873 at
34 High Street, Irvine, Single,
John Wright, Timber Merchant (dec) and Jean Boyd (dec)
Thomas Wright, Brother.

Jessie Nisbet Manson, 10, September 16, 1873 at
Halfway, Parish of Dundonald, Single,
John Manson, Teacher (dec) and Margaret Clark, previously Manson, M.S. Smith,
William Clark, Father-in-law.

Archibald Watson, 11 months, October 21, 1873 at
93 High Street, Irvine, Single,
Andrew Watson, Labourer, and Margaret Gibby,
A. Watson, Father.

John Gibson Stirrat, 16 months, October 30, 1873 at
4 High Street, Irvine, Single,
David Stirrat, labourer, and Jane Percy,
David Stirrat, Father (X)

Jane Armour, 68, October 30, 1873 at
17 Townhead, Irvine, Married 1st to Robert Armour, Coal Miner, 2nd to David Armour, Coal Pit Oversman - Widow William Richmond, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Agnes Auld (dec)
James Reside, Half Brother.

Elizabeth Rowan, 72, November 1, 1873 at
12 Burns Street, Irvine, Widow of John Rowan, Cotton Weaver,
William Smith, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Margaret Richmond (dec)
William Rowan, Son.

John Porter, 71, October 31, 1873 at
Cunninghame Combination Poor House, A Pauper, Married,
Unknown to Informant, Hugh Lockhart, Governor.

Note: In a February 25 entry Alex Finlay was the Governor of CCPH, a March 13 entry the Governor was then Hugh Lockhart. It is interesting to note that the new governor filled in the parents of the deceased in many cases.

Elizabeth Morrison, 40, November 2, 1873 at
CCPH. A Pauper, Single.
James Morrison, Pensioner (dec) and Martha McDonald (dec)
Hugh Lockhart, Governor.

Robert Wales, 6 months, December 24, 1873 at
7 Seagate, Irvine, Single,
Robert Wales, Cotton Weaver, and Jane Richmond,
Robert Wales, Father (X)

Patrick Blair, 78, December 23, 1873 at
High Street, Irvine, Solicitor, Married to John ? Fairrie,
John Blair, Wright, (dec) and Elizabeth Green (dec)
Patrick Blair, Son, Sheriff Substitute, Maryfield, Inverness.

John Nelson Harris, 2 months, December 29, 1873 at
High Street, Irvine, Single,
John Harris, Engine Driver, and Mary Nelson,
John Harris, Father.

Agnes McKerivie McMahon, 5 months, January 1, 1873 at
5 Low Church Lane, Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas McMahon, Coal Miner, and Agnes McCan,
Thomas McMahon, Father.

John Paterson, 57, January 1, 1873 at
6 North Hamilton St., Kilmarnock, Venetian Weaver, Married to Margaret Brown,
John Paterson, Venetian Weaver (dec) and Margaret Ferguson (dec)
David Gault, Son-in-law.

George Chisholm, 50, January 2, 1873 at
18 Robertson Place, Kilmarnock, Single, Shoemaker,
John Chisholm, Shoemaker (dec) and Agnes McCrone (dec)
David Innes, Joiner.

Barbara Carson, 31, January 3, 1873 at
3 Portland Terrace, Kilmarnock, Wife of David Carson, House Painter,
John Armour, Grocer (dec) and Janet McGregor (dec)
David Carson, Widower.

Hugh Bain, 6 weeks, January 3, 1873 at
Cross, Kilmarnock, Single,
Joseph Bain, Coal Miner, and Mary Richmond,
Joseph Bain, Father (X)

William Stevenson, 36, January 5, 1873 at
13 New St. Kilmarnock, Collier, Married to Elizabeth Garven,
James Stevenson, Dyer (dec) and Mary Boyd (dec)
Elizabeth Stevenson or Garven, Widow (X)

Isabella Campbell, 67, September 12, 1873 at
17 Langland St. Kilmarnock, Single,
William Campbell, Rope Maker (dec) and Janet Richmond,
William Campbell, Brother.

Thomas Brown, 17 days, September 13, 1873 at
7 Landbed St., Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Brown, Pit Labourer, and Ann Handery (?),
Ann Brown, Mother (X)

Janet Findlay Porter, 17, September 15, 1873 at
11 Fowlds St., Kilmarnock, Single,
John Porter, Pointman (?) (dec) and Hannah Gemmill,
Hannah Porter, Mother (X)

James Richmond, 14, October 31, 1873 at
47 Grange St. Kilmarnock, Single,
George Richmond, Carpet Weaver, and Elizabeth Haddow,
George Richmond, Father.

Mary Paton, 84, November 2, 1873 at
16 Fultons Lane, Kilmarnock, Widow of Alexander Paton, Muslin Weaver,
- - - - Gordon, Schoolmaster (dec) and Unknown,
John Kenmuir, Son-in-law (X)

Mary Spence, 6 weeks, November 1, 1873 at
13 Morton Place, Kilmarnock, Single,
James Spence, Coal Miner, and Mary Lindsay,
James Spence, Father (X)


Robert Calderwood, 72, November 11, 1873 at
3 St. Marnock St., Kilmarnock, Carpet Weaver, Married to Janet Alexander,
Robert Calderwood, Carrier (dec) and Isabella Dykes (dec)
Robert Calderwood, Son.

Isabella Munro, 29, November 12, 1873 at
Hospital in Kilmarnock, Married to James Munro, Carpet Shoe Maker,
Peter Wyper, Coal Miner (dec) and Isabella Mathie (dec)
James Munro, Widower (X)

James Lennox, 59, November 14, 1873 at
5 Thomson St., Kilmarnock, Grocer, Married to Agnes Campbell,
John Lennox, Farmer (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
Matthew Lennox, Brother.

James Allan, 4 1/2, November 28, 1873 at
9 Morton Place, Kilmarnock, Single, Illegitimate,
Margaret Allan, Mill Worker,
James Allan, Grandfather.

Robert Richmond, 33, November 27, 1873 at
1 King St., Kilmarnock, Grocer, Married to Mary Humphrey,
Thomas Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Ann Law,
John McLintock, Brother-in-law.

Malcolm McGregor, 57, November 28, 1873 at
St. Marnock St., Kilmarnock, Calico Printer, Married to Jeanie Laughlan,
Malcolm McGregor, Calico Printer (dec) and Elizabeth White (dec)
Peter McGregor, Brother.

Joseph McIvor, 4, January 6, 1873 at
East Down, Kilwinning, Single,
Hugh McIvor, Coal Miner, and Sarah Kerr,
Hugh McIvor, Father (X)

Colin Shearer Haddow, 4, January 3, 1873 at
Lylestone Row, Kilwinning, Single,
Colin Shearer Haddow, Coal Miner, and Ann Orr Richmond,
A. Orr Haddow, Mother.

Christina Wilson, 3, January 7, 1873 at
East Down, Kilwinning, Single,
Andrew Wilson, Store Keeper, and Margaret Clark,
Andrew Wilson, Father.

John Knox, 82, January 16, 1873 at
Bridgend, Kilwinning, Grocer, Married to Margaret Smith,
James Knox, Silk Weaver (dec) and Jean Smith (dec)
John Knox, Son.

Mary Richmond Gamble, 3, January 15, 1873 at
Lane, Kilwinning, Single,
Edward Gamble, Silk Weaver, and Jean Richmond (dec)
Edward Gamble, Father.

Janet Cavenie, 85, January 18, 1873 at
Bridgend, Kilwinning, Widow of John Cavenie, Tailor & Clothier,
Neil Small, Joiner (dec) and Jean Kerr (dec)
Neil Small Cavenie, Son.

Eliza Richmond, 17, March 16, 1763 at
Gravle Cottage, Eglinton, Kilwinning, Single, Dressmaker,
John Richmond, Game Keeper, and Eliza McIntosh,
John Richmond, Father.

Mary Lynch, 77, March 20, 1873 at
Main Street, Kilwinning, Spirit Dealer, Widow of Thomas Lynch, Spirit Dealer,
Andrew Miller, Silk Weaver (dec) and Catherine Barclay (dec)
Andrew Lynch, Son.

Dougald McPhail, 25, March 21, 1873 at
Kilwinning, Single, Coal Miner,
William McPhail, Coal Miner (dec) and Jane Kerr,
James McPhail, Brother.

Mary Hopkins, 12 weeks, August 4, 1873 at
29 Brick Row, Ironworks, Kilwinning, Single, Illegitimate,
Annabella Hopkins, Domestic Servant,
Hugh Hopkins, Grandfather.

Robert Allison, 56, August 4, 1873 at
Abbey Gate St., Kilwinning, Coal Miner, Married to Mary Moles, formerly to Marion Anderson,
William Allison, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Jean Scott (dec)
William Allison, Son.

Thomas Richmond, 80, August 8, 1873 at
Dovecoat Lane, Kilwinning, Silk Weaver, Married to Jane Dunlop,
John Richmond, Tailor (dec) and Isabella Shedden (dec)
David Auld, Son-in-law

Robert Ralston, 4 years & 9 months, January 28, 1873 at
98 West Main St., Darvel, Single,
Robert Ralston, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Lawrie,
Robert Ralston, Father.

John Walker, 28, January 22, 1873 at
Back Street, Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Married to Euphemia Morton,
John Walker, Muslin Weaver, and Sarah Richmond (dec),
Richard Morton, Father-in-law.

Isobel Young, about 84, January 28, 1873 at
65 East Main St. Darvel, Widow of Thomas Young, Muslin Weaver,
Robert Aiton, Farmer (dec), and Elizabeth Craig (dec)
Robert Young, Son.

Robert Brown, 4 months, February 2, 1873 at
Newmilns, Single,
Andrew Brown, Muslin Weaver, and Jane Richmond,
Andrew Brown, Father.

Mary Jamieson, 1 year & 2 months, February 3, 1873 at
Ronald Coup Road, Darvel, Single,
Ninian Jamieson, Muslin Weaver, and Mary Aiton,
Ninian Jamieson, Father.

John Anderson, 49, February 9, 1873 at
Loudoun Byres, Mason (Journeyman), Married to Janet Shields,
Thomas Anderson, Muslin Weaver, and Elizabeth Morton (dec)
John Anderson, Son.

Janet Campbell Lochore, 16, June 20, 1873 at
Paterson Lane, Darvel, Single, Muslin Weaver,
George Lochore, Muslin Weaver, and Margaret Nairn,
George Lochore, Brother.

Annie Borland, 5, June 20, 1873 at
Ronald Coup Road, Darvel, Single,
William Barr Borland, Muslin Weaver, and Annie Hutchison,
W.B.Borland, Father.

Alexander Richmond, 88, June 23, 1873 at
West Main Street, Darvel, Muslin Weaver, Widower of Mary Young,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Mary Wylie (dec)
James Richmond, Son.

Matthew Brown, 4 months, November 7, 1873 at
Kilnholm Street, Newmilns, Single,
Matthew Brown, Muslin Weaver, and Jane Paton Howie,
Matthew Brown, Father.

John Richmond, 6 months, November 8, 1873 at
1 Back Street, Newmilns, Single,
Mathew Richmond, Muslin Weaver, and Agnes Weir,
Mathew Richmond, Father (X)

Jeanie McLimont, 1 year & 2 months, November 9, 1873 at
East Main Street, Darvel, Single,
David McLimont, Muslin Weaver, and Marion Ross,
David McLimont, Father (X)


Mary McCorkindale, 37, November 22, 1873 at
3 John Street, Loudoun Parish, Married to James McCorkindale, Coal Miner,
James Moody (dec) No mothers name given.
James McCorkindale, Widower.

Andrew Mackie, 64, November 25, 1873 at
5 Kilnholm St., Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Married to Margaret Cameron,
John Mackie, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Margaret Smith (dec)
John Mackie, Son.

Francis Findlay Richmond, 17, November 28, 1873 at
22 Main St., Newmilns, Single,
Francis Findlay Richmond, Draper, and Mary Gemmell,
F.F.Richmond, Father.

Robina King, 91, January 24, 1873 at
Mauchline, Widow of Hugh King, Weaver,
Robert Allan, Fisher (dec) and Helen Carr,
James Orr, Son.

John Crawford
, 6, February 4, 1873 at
Mauchline, Single,
Patricia Margaret Crawford, Domestic Servant,
William Crawford, Uncle.

James Gibb, 77, February 11, 1873 at
Mauchline, Merchant, Married to Ann Richmond,
James Gibb, Labourer (dec) and Jean Wilson (dec)
H.R.Gibb, Son.

David Richmond, 4, June 29, 1873 at
Kilhenzie, Maybole, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Ploughman, and Janet Wallace,
Andrew Richmond, Brother.

Stewart Gardiner, 70, July 2, 1873 at
Kilhenzie, Maybole, Shepherd, Married to Margaret Fergusson,
William Gardiner, Private, H.M.Army (dec) and Margaret Scott (dec)
John Gardiner, Son.

Joseph Sprott Murdoch, 3, July 1, 1873 at
Whitehall, Maybole, Single, Illegitimate,
Mary Murdoch, Farm Servant,
Mary Murdoch, Grandmother (X)

John Richmond, 8, August 1, 1873 at
Kilhenzie, Maybole, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Ploughman, and Janet Wallace,
Andrew Richmond, Brother.

James Colvin, 3 months, August 1, 1873 at
Kirkwynd, Maybole, Single,
Thomas Colvin, Labourer, and Abigail Wills,
Thomas Colvin, Father (X)

David McTurk, 74, August 4, 1873 at
Welltrees Street, Maybole, Master Grocer, Married to Margaret Stewart,
Hugh McTurk, Coal Miner (dec) and Ann Cameron (dec)
David Bryden, Nephew.

Hugh McGeachan, 79, May 31, 1873 at
Townfoot, Cumnock, Shoemaker (Master) Widower of Sarah Wyllie,
Hugh McGeachan, Shoemaker (dec) and Agnes Perry (dec)
Douglas McGeachan, Son.

Catharine Sharp, 35, June 5, 1873 at
Burnwelltrees, Single, Domestic Servant,
Matthew Sharp, Farmer (dec) and Ann Howat,
Matthew Sharp, Brother.

Margaret Richmond, 39, June 17, 1873 at
Glaisnock St. Cumnock, Married to William Richmond, Shoemaker,
William Kay, Joiner (dec) and Margaret Clark,
William Richmond, Widower.

Jane Hancock, 1, August 29, 1873 at
Glengyron Row, Cumnock,  Single,
James Hancock, Iron Miner, and Helen Deeble,
James Hancock, Father.

Annie Paterson Ballantine
, 1 year & 3 months, August 31, 1873 at
Glaisnock St. Cumnock, Single,
Duncan McLean Ballantine, Bookseller, and Mary Paterson,
D.McL. Ballantine, Father.

Catharine Richmond
, 35, September 9, 1873 at
Hill, Cumnock, Single,
James Richmond, Farmer, and Margaret Sillars,
James Richmond, Father.

Margaret Richmond, 6, December 15, 1873 at
Kilnholm Place, Cumnock, Single,
Robert Richmond, Weaver, and Mary Bryden,
Robert Richmond, Father.

Abigail Shields, 57, December 4, 1873 at
Square, Cumnock, Married to David Shields, Ironmonger,
John Stewart, Grocer (dec) and Agnes Wilson (dec)
David Shields, Widower.

Isabella Hardy, 5 weeks, December 17, 1873 at
Barrhill, Cumnock, Single, Illegitimate,
James Rae, Collier, and Jessie Hardy, Farm Servant,
James Rae, Father.

Alexander Cunningham Wilson, 4 5/6, October 15, 1873 at
Craigie Road, Riccarton, Single,
John Wilson, Coal Miner, and Margaret Cunningham,
John Wilson, Father.

Andrew Richmond, 3 1/2, October 20, 1873 at
Academy St. Riccarton, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Engine Fitter, and Janet Craig,
Andrew Richmond, Father.

Alexander Draper, 17, October 20, 1873 at
Treesbanks, Gatehouse, Coal Miner, Single,
Alexander Draper, General Labourer, and Martha Miller Stewart Jamieson,
Alexander Draper, Father (X)

William Merrey, 3 months, December 26, 1873 at
Sornhill, Single,
James Merrey, Ploughman, and Margaret Kerr,
James Merrey, Father.

Margaret McCartney Richmond, 2 5/6, December 24, 1873 at
Academy Street, Riccarton, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Engineer, and Janet Craig,
Andrew Richmond, Father

Janet Patrick, 58, June 1, 1873 at Townhead of
Fareshaw, Stewarton, Married to James Patrick, Farmer,
James Lindsay, Farmer (dec) and Janet Williamson (dec)
James Patrick, Widower.

Agnes Markland, 53, May 31, 1873 at
Townhead, Stewarton, Widow of James Markland, Shoemaker,
Robert Richmond, Tailor (dec) and Jean Stevenson (dec)
William Markland, Son.

Jeanie Gillies, 8, May 29, 1873 at
Holm Street, Stewarton, Single,
Robert Gillies, Mason, and Jeanie Hall,
Andrew Gillies, Uncle.

James Lees, 64, March 5, 1873 at
61 Montgomerie St. Tarbolton, Master Shoemaker, Married to Ann Strawhorn, Formerly Married to Jane Lucas,
John Lees, Shoemaker (dec) and Ann Wilson (dec)
William Lees, Son.

Agnes Livingston, 13 days, March 7, 1873 at
61 Annbank, Tarbolton, Single,
James Livingston, Engine Keeper, and Janet Gibson,
James Livingston, Father.

Marjory McWhirter, March 14, 1873 at
Weston, Tarbolton, Single,
James McWhirter, Mason, and Marjory Richmond (dec),
Peter McWhirter, Brother.

Eliza Speirs, 13 years nearly, April 26, 1873 at
Meadowfoot, West Kilbride, Single,
Robert Speirs, Steamboat Fireman, and Elizabeth Richmond,
Elizabeth Speirs, Mother.

John Wilson, 86 yrs. and 7 months, May 3, 1873 at
West Kilbride, Late Miller, Married to Ann Ritchie,
Thomas Wilson, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Woodside (dec)
Janet Ritchie, Daughter.

John Montgomery, 14, May 10, 1873 at
West Kilbride, Engineer, Single, Illegitimate,
Margaret Glass, Dairy Maid,
John Glass, Uncle.









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