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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1874


Transcribed by George McCaig 


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)


Helen Cumming Kennedy, 10 minutes, November 25, 1874 at 262 High St. Ayr, Single,
Robert Hugh Cumming, Grocer, and Jane Cumming Dalrymple,
Robert Hugh Kennedy, Father.

Agnes Richmond, 45, November 30, 1874 at
Green St. Newton Ayr, Married to John Richmond, Engine Driver, Daniel Robb, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Margaret Fergusson (dec),
John Richmond, Widower.

John Murdoch, 4 months, December 1, 1874 at
Weaver St., Newton Ayr, Single, Illegitimate,
Isabella Murdoch, Pauper (Imbecile)
Elizabeth Poole, Nurse (X)

James Fulton, 44, March 12, 1874 at
Ladywalk, Bargany, Dailly, Coachman and Gardener, Married to Janet McGowan,
James Fulton, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)
Alexander Fulton, Son.

Martha Kennedy, 89, March 24, 1874 at
Drumwhien, Widow of Andrew Kennedy, Farmer,
James Nicol, Woollen Weaver (dec) and Janet Nicol (dec) (M.S.)
Andrew Hannah, Nephew.

Catherine Wason, 29, March 31, 1874 at
Heather Row, Dailly, Married to Thomas Wason, Coal Miner,
John Hendrie, Ploughman (dec) and Mary Gibson,
Thomas Wason, Husband.

James Brown, 48, December 31, 1873 at
Liffnock Row, Galston, Coal Miner, Married to Jane Buchanan,
Thomas Brown, Coal Miner (dec) and Elizabeth McDonald (dec)
David Brown, Son.

James Wyper, 3 3/4, January 8, 1874 at
Oldmanse Close, Galston, Single,
Thomas Wyper, Coal Miner, and Elizabeth Richmond,
Thomas Wyper, Father.

Martha Brown Owens, 5 days, January 10, 1874 at
Gauchalland Row, Galston, Single,
George Owens, Coal Miner, and Agnes Brown,
George Owen, Father.

Elizabeth Brown, 76, February 6, 1874 at
Barr St. Galston, Widow of John Brown, Blanket Manufacturer.
Hugh Richmond, Woollen Manufacturer (dec) and Margaret Dykes (dec)
Hugh Brown, Son.

Helen McCallum, 86, February 6, 1874 at
Ironwork Square, Galston,. Widow of Duncan McCallum, Cotton Weaver,
James Brown, Ploughman (dec) and Helen Armour (dec)
James McCallum, Son (X)

Janet Miller, 4, February 8, 1874 at
Orchard St., Galston, Single,
Mary Miller, Cotton Winder,
James Richmond, Occupier.

Hugh Brown, 33, March 31, 1874 at
Barr St., Galston, Blanket Manufacturer, Widower of Jean Brown,
John Brown, Blanket Manufacturer (dec) and Elizabeth Richmond (dec)
John Brown, Brother.

David Stevenson, 17 1/2, March 31, 1874 at
Ladyyard, Galston, Single, Coal Miner,
William Stevenson, Coal Miner, and Catherine Beveridge,
Catherine Stevenson, Mother (X).

John Logg, 62, April 3, 1874 at
Titchfield St., Galston, Cotton Weaver, Widower of - - - - Jennie,
William Logg, Labourer (dec) and Barbara McLauchlin (dec)
William Logg, Son.

Ellen Wright, 18 days, June 5, 1874 at
Burntwood Mains, Galston, Single,
Peter Wright, Farmer, and Marion Taylor,
Peter Wright, Father.

Helen Young, 86, June 7, 1874 at
Priestland, Galston, Single, Formerly a Domestic Servant,
Hugh Young, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Russell (dec)
Mary Jamieson, (No relationship given)

Agnes Carlisle Mary Richmond, 4 weeks, June 12, 1874 at
Barr St. Galston, Single,
Hugh Richmond, Woollen Manufacturer, and Allison McCartney,
Hugh Richmond, Father.

Annas Howat, 72, December 15, 1874 at
Bridge St., Galston, Widow of James Howat, Labourer,
James Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Steel (dec)
G.W.Howat, Son.

William Brown, 77, December 16, 1874 at
Loanhead, Galston, Farmer, Married to Agnes Jamieson,
John Brown, Farmer (dec) and Jane Bryson (dec)
William Brown, Son.

Mary Wilson, 2 months, December 19, 1874 at
Titchfield St., Galston, Single,
Adam Wilson, Coal Miner, and Jessie Black,
Adam Wilson, Father.

Archibald McAlpine, 16, March 6, 1874 at
Ladywell, Girvan, Single, Engineer (Apprentice)
John McAlpine, Dairyman, and Janet Richmond,
John McAlpine, Father.

Daniel Kilt, 50, January 7, 1874 at
Heylie's Lodgings, Girvan, Hawker, Married to - - - - - - -
Daniel Kilt, Hawker (dec) and (no mother's name given)
Charles Hughes, Occupier.

Sarah Young, 49, March 10, 1874 at
Montgomerie St., Girvan, Widow of Matthew Young, Parochial Schoolmaster,
John Tebbet, Farmer (dec) and Catherine Jarvis (dec)
John M. Young, Son.


Unnamed McKane, 6 days, December 22, 1874 at
9 High St. Irvine, Single,
James McKane, Labourer, and Margaret Caldwell,
James McKane, Father (X)

Quintin Richmond, 26, December 22, 1874 at
High St. Irvine, Single, Railway Labourer,
Alexander Richmond, Ploughman (dec) and Margaret McBlane,
Elizabeth Law, Sister (X)

John Crawford, 66, December 16, 1874 at
Cuninghame Combination Poor House, Pauper, Cork Cutter, Married to - - - - -,
John Crawford, (dec) and Mary Ann Crawford (M.S.) (dec)
Hugh Lockhart, Governor.

Alexander Fyfe Richmond, 5 months, April 26, 1874 at
Townhead, Kilbirnie, Single,
James Richmond, Iron Miner (dec) and Jane Gavin,
Jane Richmond, Mother (X)

Jeanie Hamilton, 27, May 6, 1874 at
Cochran St.., Kilbirnie, Married to David Hamilton, Flax Dresser,
John Law, Iron Miner, and Margaret Orr,
David Hamilton, Widower.

Jessie Howard, 1, May 11, 1874 at
Glengarnock, Kilbirnie, Single,
James Howard, Furnace Keeper, and Margaret Neil,
James Howard, Father.

James Kirk, 28, January 13, 1874 at
12 Croft St., Kilmarnock, Railway Guard, Married to Margaret Carswell,
George Kirk, Farm Servant, and Mary Cowan,
Margaret Kirk, Widow.

Marion McLintock, 38, January 13, 1874 at
11 Waterside, Kilmarnock, Wife of John McLintock, Carpet Weaver, Thomas Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Ann Law,
John McLintock, Widower.

William Heron Ronaldson, 19, January 13, 1874 at
8 Clark St. Kilmarnock, Single, Hair Dresser.
Francis Ronaldson, Stone Mason (dec) and Ann Campbell Heron,
William Heron, Uncle.

William Haynes, 34, February 20, 1874 at
24 Mill Lane, Kilmarnock, Single, Machinist,
William Haynes, (dec) and Mary Simpson,
John Dunning (?), Friend.

James Richmond, 41, February 21, 1874 at
29 Bentinck St., Kilmarnock, Sledgeman, Married to Mary Ann McLean,
Andrew Richmond, Cow Feeder, and Mary Young,
James Aird, Lodger.

Elizabeth Logan, 73, February 23, 1874 at
45 High St., Kilmarnock, Widow of James Logan, Shoemaker,
John Laughland, Bonnet Manufacturer (dec) and Elizabeth McLean (dec)
James Laughland, Brother.

Catherine Michael, 50, March 21, 1874 at
Cholera Hospital, Kilmarnock, Married to William Michael, Labourer,
John Robertson, Customer Weaver (dec) and Flora Sillars,
William Michael, Widower.

Mary Mackie, 5 weeks, March 23, 1874 at
41 Boyd St., Kilmarnock, Single,
Thomas Mackie, Tinsmith, and Mary Ann Boyle,
Thomas Mackie, Father.

Margaret Barnes, 15 months, March 23, 1874 at
5 Robertson Place, Kilmarnock, Single,
John Barnes, Calico Printer, and Mary Richmond,
John Barnes, Father.

Robert Shaw, 17, April 4, 1874 at
12 Park St. Kilmarnock, Single, Joiner,
James Shaw, Carter (dec) and Jane Gemmill,
John Murray, Friend.

William Richmond, 48, April 6, 1874 at
West George St. Lane, Kilmarnock, Labourer, Married to Elizabeth Grier,
Ninian Richmond, Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Sayers (dec)
John Richmond, Nephew.

John Brown, 14 days, April 7, 1874 at
4 Low Glencairn St., Kilmarnock, Single, Twin,
Francis Brown, Coal Miner, and Margaret Dixon,
Francis Brown, Father (X)

Thomas Hendrie, 75 yrs, and 6 months, April 12, 1874 at
14 East Netherton St. Kilmarnock, Late Sexton, Widower of Christina Cumming,
Parents unknown,
James Dickie, Grandson.

Andrew McLean, 65, April 14, 1874 at
113 Titchfield St., Kilmarnock, Tweed Manufacturer, Widower of Robina Boyd,
Adam McLean, Tweed Manufacturer, and Janet Fraser,
Andrew McLean, Grandson.

Robert Messer, 2 weeks, April 15, 1874 at
40 Fore St. Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Messer, Coal Miner, and Ann Richmond,
Robert Messer, Father. (X)

Margaret Smith, 19, June 19, 1874 at
15 Soulis St.., Kilmarnock, Married to Hugh Smith, Baker.
John Brown, Flesher, and Janet Owens,
Hugh Smith, Widower.

Robert McLelland, 3 1/2, June 22, 1874 at
18 Clark St. Kilmarnock, Single,
Archibald McLelland, Pig Iron Dealer, and Elizabeth Smith,
A. McLelland, Father.

Lizzie Richmond, 28, June 22, 1874 at
1 Robertson Place, Kilmarnock, Married to Andrew Richmond,Confectioner,
James Walker, Carpet Weaver (dec) and Mary Ferguson (dec)
Andrew Richmond, Widower.

John Laurie Cringan, 15 mos., August 14, 1874 at
6 Titchfield St. Kilmarnock, Single,
William Cringan, Umbrella Maker, and Janet Douglas,
William Cringan, Father.

Agnes Lang, 78, August 14, 1874 at
9 East Netherton, Kilmarnock, Married to Alexander Lang, Carpet Weaver, John Richmond, Light Weaver (dec) and Janet Hunter (dec)
Matthew Beattie, Nephew.

Robert Drinnan, 1, August 14, 1874 at
15 Langlands St., Kilmarnock, Single,
Robert Drinnan, Railway Guard, and Elizabeth McGill,
Robert Drinnan, Father.

Jean Hendrie, 84, September 5, 1874 at
34 Bank St. Kilmarnock, Farm Servant, Pauper, Illegitimate, Single,
John Hendrie, Farmer (dec) and Mary Wyllie, Farm Servant (dec)
- - - Barclay, Occupier.

Stewart Armour, 70, September 5, 1874 at
40 Dean St. Kilmarnock, Carpet Weaver, Widower of 1st Margaret Chambers, 2nd Agnes Dalziel, Married to Mary Young,
John Armour, Bonnet Manufacturer, (dec) and Margaret Craig (dec)
Mary Young, Widow (X)

George Richmond, 3 mos., September 5, 1874 at
20 Nelson St., Kilmarnock, Single,
Andrew Richmond, Confectioner, and Lizzy Walker (dec)
Andrew Richmond, Father.

Marion Kennedy, 82, November 22, 1874 at
Laigh Holms, Kilmarnock, Widow of John Kennedy, Coal Miner,
John Richmond, Cow Feeder (dec) and Elizabeth Dunlop (dec)
Agnes Kennedy, Daughter (X)

Mary Brown, 9, November 26, 1874 at
7 Sandbed St., Kilmarnock, Single,
John Brown, Agricultural Labourer, and Ann Mitchell,
John Brown, Father (X)

Hugh Barr, 19, November 26, 1874 at
2 New St. Kilmarnock, Single, Bonnet Dresser,
William Barr, Coal Miner, and Agnes Richmond,
William Barr, Father.

William Wilson Brown, 17, January 1, 1874 at
North Woodhill, Kilmaurs, Single, Farm Servant,
James Brown, Forester (dec) and Marion Findlay (dec)
John Brown, Brother.

- - - McMillan, 43, January 12, 1874 at
Kilmaurs, Farmer, Married to Jane Smith,
George McMillan, Farmer (dec) and Margaret - - - - (dec)
- - - - McMillan, Brother.

Janet Findlay, 63, January 12, 1874 at
Annanhill Lodge, Kilmaurs, Gate Keeper, Widow of Alexander Findlay, Coal Miner,
James Richmond, Coal Miner (dec) and Agnes Brown (dec)
Thomas Findlay, Son.

James Lawson, 47, January 14, 1874 at
Eglinton Fireclay Work Coalpit, Kilwinning, Coalpit Ovensman, Married to Janet McQueen,
Peter Lawson, Baker (dec) and Elizabeth Wilson (dec)
Thomas Lawson, Son.

Isabella Connanchie, 3, January 21, 1874 at
Bridgend, Kilwinning, Single,
James Connanchie, Coal Miner, and Isabella Connanchie, formerly Richmond, M.S. Walker,
James Connanchie, Father (X)

Helen Young, 69, January 19, 1874 at
Crossbrae, Kilwinning, Widow of William Young, Grocer,
Neil Small, Joiner (dec) and Jean Kerr (dec)
Hamilton Young, Son.

Mary White, 59, August 28, 1874 at
Crossbrae, Kilwinning, Inn Keeper, Widow of John White, Inn Keeper,
William White, Farmer (dec) and Janet Crawford (dec)
John Barclay, Son.

Jane Richmond, 78, August 28, 1874 at
DoveCot Lane, Kilwinning, Widow of Thomas Richmond, Silk Weaver,
William Dunlop, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Betty Greig (dec)
David Auld, Son-in-law.

James Miller, 13 hours, August 30, 1874 at
Fergushill, Kilwinning, Single,
John Miller, Coal Miner, and Margaret Reid,
John Miller, Father.

Christina Morton, 17 yrs. and 11 months, May 28, 1874 at
West Main Street, Darvel, Single, Muslin Weaver,
Hugh Morton, Muslin Weaver, and Janet Muir,
Hugh Morton, Father.

James Richmond, 32, May 29, 1874 at
Hastings Square, Darvel, Muslin Weaver, Married to Agnes Brown,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Agnes Morton, previously Richmond, M.S. Cleland (dec)
John Thomson, Cousin.

Robert Campbell, 66, June 7, 1874 at
Kilnholm St. Newmilns, Muslin Weaver, Married to Isabella Brown,
John Campbell, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Agnes Wilson (dec)
- - - - - - Son-in-law.

Hugh Morton, 80, August 16, 1874 at
89 Main St., Newmilns, Farmer, Married to Agnes Mair,
John Morton, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Isobel Nicol (dec)
Hugh Morton, Son.

Mary Scade, 7 yrs. and 8 mos., August 23, 1874 at
93 East Main St. Darvel, Single,
James Scade, General Labourer, and Christina Bruce,
James Scade, Father (X)

Janet Richmond, 79, August 24, 1874 at
103 West Main St., Darvel, Widow of James Richmond, Muslin Weaver,
Michael Carnduff, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Janet Carnduff (M.S.) (dec)
John - - - -, Son-in-law

Mary Laughland, 4 yrs. and 9 mos., October 10, 1874 at
Newmilns, Single,
William Laughland, Joiner (Journeyman) and Barbara Innes,
William Laughland, Father.

Hugh Lawson, 1 yr & 4 mos., October 15, 1874 at
Main Street, Newmilns, Single,
James Lawson, Slater, and Jane Lawson, previously Morton, M.S. Steel,
James Lawson, Father.

Robert Connell, 70, October 15, 1874 at
West Main St. Darvel, Muslin Weaver, Widower of Margaret Richmond,
James Connell, Barber (dec) and Jean Brown (dec)
Matthew Connell, Nephew.

Agnes Duncan, 13 days, November 27, 1874 at
Kilnholm St., Newmilns, Single,
Andrew Duncan, Muslin Weaver and Jane Morton,
Andrew Duncan, Father.

Ellen McGeachie, 35, November 29, 1874 at
Greenside, Newmilns, usual residence, 395 Gallowgate, Glasgow, Married to Thomas McGeachie, Wine Store Porter,
Mathew Gillespie, Woollen Weaver (dec) and Agnes Dick Kinnear, previously Gillespie, M.S. Warden,
Thomas McGeachie, Widower.

James Mair, 59, November 30, 1874 at
East Main St., Darvel, Muslin Weaver, Married to Jean Cochrane,
Gavin Mair, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Elizabeth Anderson,
James Richmond, Brother-in-law.

Dalrymple Guthrie, 50, May 25, 1874 at
Mauchline, Single, (Cannot make out trade)
George Guthrie, Gardener (dec), not mothers name given.
William Lambie, Occupier.

Janet Bryce Wilson, 4 mos, May 22, 1874 at
- - - Terrace, Mauchline, Single,
Robert Wilson, Fancywood Worker, and Christina Maxwell,
Robert Wilson, Father.

Mathew Richmond, 77, May 24, 1874 at
Langland, Mauchline, Farmer, Married to Janet Wyllie,
Mathew Richmond, Farmer (dec) and Christina Speirs (dec)
James Richmond, Son.

John Mitchell, 85, November 4, 1874 at
Mauchline, Farmer, Married to Elizabeth Parker,
Alexander Mitchell, Proprietor (dec) and Agnes Richmond (dec)
William Mitchell, Son.

Elizabeth Morton, 81, November 9, 1874 at
Burnside, Mauchline, Widow of Hugh Morton, Weaver,
James Logan, Shoemaker (dec) and Agnes Kirkland (dec)
Hugh Morton, Son.

James Walker, 61, November 9, 1874 at
Mauchline, Inn Keeper, Married to Mary Cuthbert,
James Walker, Farmer (dec)) and Mary Galbraith,
William Walker, Son.

Mary McQuater, 68, January 8, 1874 at
Greenside, Maybole, Widow of Thomas McQuater, Tailor,
Robert White, Weaving Agent (dec) and Helen McLure (dec)
Alex McQuater, Son.

John Cuthbert, 83, January 11, 1874 at
Mason Row, Maybole, Weaver, Widower of Margaret Harvie,
Elias Cuthbert, Shoemaker (dec) No mother listed,
Robert Renfrew, Son-in-law.

Robert Easdale, 5 mos., January 22, 1874 at
Maybole, Single,
Robert Easdale, Ploughman, and Jane Peterson,
Robert Easdale, Father.

Alexander Watson, 24, March 13, 1874 at Old College,
Maybole, Journeyman Shoemaker, Married to Helen Bone,
John Nelson Watson, Weaver (dec) and Janet Boyd,
Alex Bone, Brother-in-law.

Barbara Richmond, 24, March 14, 1874 at
Maybole, Pauper, formerly Farm Servant, Single,
James Richmond, Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Richmond M.S. (dec)
John Anderson, Inspector of Poor.

Helen Strachan, 27, March 22, 1874 at
Maybole, Single, Woollen Weaver,
David Strachan, Weaver, and Jane McGarvie,
David Strachan, Father.

David Maclure, 50, March 5, 1874 at
Newyards, Maybole, Spirit Dealer, Widower of Jane Parks, Formerly married to Isabella Kirkland,
John Maclure, Farmer (dec) and Janet Girvan (dec)
Hugh Ramsay, Cousin.

William Richmond, 2 weeks, March 7, 1874 at
Craigfire, Maybole, Single, Illegitimate,
Barbara Richmond, Farm Servant,
Allan Wilson, Acquaintance.

William Caddis, 34, May 27, 1874 at
Riccarton, Carter, Married to Margaret Aitken,
John Caddis, Cotton Weaver, and Jean Gillespie,
John Caddis, Brother.

Jane Reid, 17, June 1, 1874 at
Riccarton, Single, Bonnet Knitter,
Robert Reid, Cotton Weaver (dec) and Elizabeth Ewings,
Thomas Cargill, Brother-in-law.

Margaret Black, 6, June 2, 1874 at
Hurlford, Riccarton, Single,
George Black, Coal Miner, and Margaret Richmond,
George Black, Father.

John Connor, 3 yrs. & 7 mos., March 9, 1874 at
Schoolwell St., Stevenston, Single, Illegitimate,
Catherine Connor, Worker in Chemical Work,
Catherine Connor, Mother (X)

William Erskine, 46, March 27, 1874 at
Canal St. Saltcoats, Handloom Weaver, Married to Mary McNeil,
William Erskine, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Janet Dunlop (dec)
Adams Erskine, Brother.

John Goudie, 54, March 27, 1874 at
Quay St., Saltcoats, Spirit Dealer, Married to Jane Richmond,
James Goudie, Coal Miner (dec) and Ann Smith Stoker (dec)
James Hamilton, Son-in-law.

Joseph Farrell, 3 mos., February 10, 1874 at
14 Back St., Kilmarnock, single,
Patrick Farrell, Coal Miner, and Agnes McKaig,
Patrick Farrell, Father (X) (I copied this one as Agnes may be my great aunt)

David Ramage, 34, February 10, 1874 at
87 Bonniston Square, Kilmarnock, Engine Driver, Married to Margaret Currie,
James Ramage, Labourer (dec) and Ann Steel,
Robert Aird, Brother-in-law.

James Burnet, 1 mos., February 12, 1874 at
8 Langlands St. Kilmarnock, Single,
James Burnet, Brass Moulder, and Margaret Gibson,
Isabella Burnet, Grandmother (X)

An observation. There were still a great many deaths attributed to Phthisis (Tuberculosis) and it's variation of descriptions, Consumption, etc. Also, in January - March in Kilmarnock there were a great number of deaths from Small Pox. It was interesting to note that the death registers also noted if the deceased had, or had not, be inoculated against the disease.








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