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  Some Ayrshire Deaths 1892 - 95


Transcribed by George McCaig   gmccaig@sympatico.ca


Info as follows:
Name, age, date and
place of death, Marital status, trade (if any)
Informant - will note if illiterate (signed with X)



 David McMillan, 2, May 5, 1893 at Overton, Single,
Robert McMillan, Coal Miner, and Maria Cree,
Robert McMillan, Father.

John Kerr, 59, May 5, 1893 at
Dreghorn, Coal Miner, Widower of Elizabeth Lennon,
Edward Kerr, Pit Sinker (dec) and Jane Irvine (dec)
John Strachan, Son-in-law (X)

Ann Cockburn
, 81, May 5, 1893 at
Dreghorn., Widow of Lawrence Cockburn, Blacksmith,
John Richmond, Cabinetmaker (dec) and Elizabeth Morris (dec)
William Cockburn, Son.

Agnes Todd, 2, July 13,. 1893 at
Riccarton, Single,
Alexander Todd, General Labourer, and Barbara Baillie,
Alexander Todd, Father.

John Barclay, 11 weeks, July 14, 1893 at
Kilmarnock, Single,
George Barclay, Engine Fitter (Journeyman) and Agnes Currie Lindsay (dec)
Alexandria Norton, Aunt.

Elizabeth Stewart, 79, July 14, 1893 at
Kilmarnock, Widow of Robert Stewart, Handloom Weaver,
Andrew Richmond, Handloom Weaver (dec) and Mary Maxwell (dec)
David Robertson, Grandson.

Elizabeth Hamilton, 83, January 15, 1895 at
Mauchline, Married to John Hamilton, Labourer,
James Weir, Farmer ((dec) and Agnes Kirkland (dec)
John Hamilton, Widower.

Elizabeth Richmond, 82, January 26, 1895 at
Mauchline, Widow of David Richmond, Ploughman,
George Crawford, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Guthrie (dec)
A Crawford, Brother.

Margaret Arthur, 80, January 28, 1895 at
Mauchline, Widow of John Arthur, Farmer,
Alexander Gebbie, Farmer (dec) and Margaret McHoul (dec)
Ninian Gebbie, Brother.

Mary Harper, 92, December 25, 1895 at
Muirkirk, Widow of David Harper, Nailer,
James Johnstone, Weaver (dec) and Margaret Dalziel (dec)
Agnes Richmond, Great Grand-niece.

Mary Richmond, 82, December 29, 1895 at
Muirkirk, Housewife, Widow of Andrew Richmond, Coal Miner,
William Hodge, Labourer (dec) and Mary Gibson (dec)
Andrew Richmond, Son.

John Carson, 92, February 14, 1895 at
Maybole, General Labourer, Widower of Jane Craig,
Thomas Carson, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth Little (dec)
William Irving, Grandson.

Janet Wilson, 80, February 17, 1895 at
Maybole, Pauper, Widow of Allan Wilson, Joiner,
Samuel McMillan (dec) and Jane Mitchell,
(Cannot make out signature - Governor of Poorhouse)

Thomas Richmond, 81, February 17, 1895 at
Maybole, Carpet Weaver, Widower of Jane Dunn,
James Richmond, Muslin Weaver (dec) and Marion Wilson (dec)
A. Richmond, Son.







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