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Contained in this section is an ever growing list of Surnames and their family connections with Ayrshire. This is proving to be extremely useful for connecting many descendants together.  Each surname page, as well as the various descendant trees, will have a search link which will search the whole website for any reference to it throughout the site (in census data etc.) These free resources will allow you to save both time and free up money in your personal budget for your genealogy project.

This is often a good starting point to find likely Ayrshire Ancestors. Many researchers have already linked up with other living relatives through common connections found here. 

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Search here for all references to a particular Surname throughout this site  




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Surname Profiler Website

Search what the distribution of a Surname was and is now

Most Popular Babies Surnames in Scotland

  British Phone Books 1880-1984

  British Army World War One records are now online at Ancestry.co.uk

Search for your ancestor who was involved in WW1

Check out Sue Lund's Great Website containing thousands of Scottish Births, Deaths and Marriage Records.


Familysearch Records

The Pedigree Resource File indexes individual records with events, parent information and submitter information.

 As more site visitors contribute their information, this mega-database grows. Recently has had a wesite revamp and now much better.           


Rootsweb Surname Metasearch 

RootsWeb Meta Search


Rootsweb Surname Search

The site that surname-indexes participating genealogy Web sites, including those managed by CCHelper


This website will tell you where Personal Names are thought to have originated, what they originally meant and what variations you have to consider when searching in genealogical databases and old records.


Scottish First Names

This site is dedicated to First Names with Scottish roots. It includes Scottish names from traditional Gaelic to modern Scots. If you're looking for the perfect name for your baby, dog, character in your novel or anything else

Traditional Gaelic Names

Here are some traditional Gaelic names. All of them have Gaelic or ancient Celtic roots. Most of them have a long history and many of them are from myth and legend. The approximate pronunciations are included, but remember that Gaelic pronunciations are very different from English pronunciations. The phonetic spellings listed are rough approximations



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The   www.BBC.co.uk    website has themed collections of family
photos with stories. You can search the gallery by keyword.

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If you would like a new Surname added with your descendant tree or information, or would like to add new information to any of the above Surnames then please contact webmaster - address below






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