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name is derived from the Gaelic 'Coire' - a ravine



The villages of Corrie and Sannox lie to the north of Brodick, close to the shore, nestling beneath the raised beaches where once the sea pounded against the 100ft cliffs. Today only the cottages of High Corrie huddle together on top of the raised beaches. Two hundred years ago there were dozens of cottages, clachans and farmsteads on land where today only a few sheep and deer graze. Above Corrie there is a Neolithic chambered cairn. Relics of the bronze age are the Round cairn at North Glen Sannox, and the Standing Stones in front of Sannox House and beside the Congregational Church at Sannox. The timber laced fort (An Cnap) at Mid sannox, above the Blue Rock, and the vitrified Fort at North Glen Sannox are evidence oh inhabitance in the Iron Age. Evidence of the viking era is in the name of the village Sand-vik the sandy bay, still one of the loveliest sandy bays on the island. The earliest mention of a building in Corrie is in 1449 when Corrie Farm was a run-rig farm lying on the hill between South High Corrie and Achaidh Farm.









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