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Derived from the Gaelic - Killmhuir i.e. St Mary's



Lagg Inn Kilmorie Village Hall Church and churchyard Torrylin Creamery
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Kilmorie lies at the southern end of the island and stretches from Craigdhu on the east to Corriecravie on the west. The main road linking the villages of East and West Bennan, Shannochie, Lagg and Sliddery. Two burns run down to the coast -  the Lagg and the Sliddery the later coming down through the beautiful Glen Scorridale. Ossian's Mound at Caluchaig Farm is reputed to be the burial ground of Ossian the poet and son of Finn. The longest and loveliest stretch of sand on the island is to be found on this stretch of coast.

In 1357 the patronage of the Parish of Kilmorie was granted to Sir John Mentieth, Lord of Arran. I connection with this is mention of a chapel at Kilmorie. The remains of the pre-Reformation Chapel have disappeared, but it is thought to have existed about 300 metres up the side of the Sliddery burn from the bridge. Below this is a pool which is called the Churchyard Pool. The Chapel itself was called St Mary's. The manse at Kilmorie was built about 1690 and was originally roofed with thatch. Believed to be the oldest inhabited manse in Scotland.

The Lagg Inn has quite a historical past and part of it dates back to 1791. There was also a distillery at Lagg around 1800.

The Creamery at Torrylin was built in 1946 and visited by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with other members of the Royal Family in 1947. It is used solely for the manufacture of Cheese.

The Village hall was built in 1934 just up the hill from Lagg.

Near Corriecravie there is the Torr a' Chaisteil Dun. This is a dun or fort from the later Iron Age about 2000 years ago.






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