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The Ancient Blue Stones


Ancient 'stress-relief' stones pull-in the tourists



People from around the world are travelling to a village in South Ayrshire to experience the healing power of two ancient stones.

The graveyard of the ruined Covenanters Church in Old Dailly is home of the ancient Blue Stones. According to folklore, the stones offer a cure for stress and anxiety.

The stones, also called Charter or Sanctuary Stones, have just gone on public display in the remains of the ancient church.

Paul Torrance, a local councillor told the Ayrshire Post: "The removal of stress, anxieties, even headaches is being put down to the power of the stones. We've even had stories of wishes coming true after touching a Blue Stone.

"It has been quite remarkable. In the past, despite considerable history associated with both Old Dailly Church and the graveyard, there was little public or tourist interest.

"Any traveller who had heard of the graveyard had probably driven past before realising they were anywhere near it.

"Locals believe there is something mystic about the stones. Old Dailly Church and the graveyard is now firmly on the map for visitors travelling on the route between Crosshill and Girvan."









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