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THE AYRSHIRE EMIGRANTS OF 1854 - From Girvan Harbour

The Port Phillip Herald, June 9th, 1859 - Advertisement, Page 3

Transcribed and contributed by Christine Randall [rrandall1@vtown.com.au]

Actual ad. in paper

In the year 1854 ninety-four persons (whose names are given below) emigrated from Girvan, in Ayrshire, to the colony of Victoria by the ship, Queen of the East. They were enabled  so to do by means of the Family Colonial Emigration Society (of which Mr Parker was secretary), and the necessary funds were provided by Miss Burdett Coutts through that society.  Each of the emigrants undertook to repay the sum advanced to him or her.

It is requested that any of the emigrants who have repaid the money advanced to them, or any part of it, will give the following information:-

      What they have repaid?

      Where they repaid it?

      To whom they repaid it?

And further those who have made no repayment and are now in improved circumstances, are earnestly requested to now fulfil their engagement.  They are reminded that the money was advanced with the intention that on its repayment it should again be employed for emigration purposes, and in extending to others of their fellow countrymen benefits similar to those which they themselves have received. Any information relating to these emigrants may be communicated to P. B. FRANKLYN, Esq. Melbourne, or  WILLIAM JAMES FARRER Solicitor to Miss Burdett Coutts 66? Lincolnís Inn Fields, London, 15th January , 1859

The names and ages of the persons assisted.     

Name  &  Age

SMYTH, William  33

SMYTH, Eliza  29

SMYTH, Margaret  9

WEIR, Joseph  41

WEIR, Mary  22

WEIR, William  18

WEIR, Marion infant

WEIR, Joseph   15

WEIR, Samuel  4

WHITE, Lewis  40

WHITE, Ann   36

WHITE, William 17

WHITE, Ann  15

WHITE, Sarah  12

WHITE, John   9

WHITE, Mary   5

WHITE, Elizabeth   3

WHITE, James   infant

PATTERSON, William  23

PATTERSON, Isabella   33

PATTERSON, Jean   12

PATTERSON, Margaret  11

PATTERSON, William    9

PATTERSON, Robert    -

PATTERSON, James     4


PATTERSON, Isabella  infant

MCMILLAN, James    7

MCMILLAN, David    3 or 5

STRONG, Robert     34

STRONG, Isabella    26

MCALPINE, William   29?

MCALPINE, Elizabeth  28?

MCALPINE, Agnes       --

MCALPINE, Archibald  --

MCALPINE, Elizabeth  infant

McGOODWIN, Arthur  24

McKINLAY, John  40

DOGHARTY, John  28

SIMPSON, Hugh  22

CLARK, John  38

CLARK, Ellen  38

CLARK, Jane  15

CLARK, Janet  13

CLARK, Mary 11

CLARK, Margaret  5

CLARK, Ellen 3

CLARK, Robert 2

CLARK, John infant  

BANN, Robert 30

BANN, Elizabeth 30

BANN, Thomas 7

BANN, Margaret  infant.

WHITE, James  30

WHITE, Ann 22

WHITE, Susannah ?  12

WHITE, Agnes  8?

WHITE, John  7

WHITE, George  5

WHITE, Ann  infant.

WALLACE, William  25

WALLACE, Mary   27

WALLACE, David  --

LAVEY, James  43

LAVEY, Isabella,matron  42

LAVEY, John -

LAVEY, Robert -

LAVEY, David 11

LAVEY, Hugh  8?

McMILLAN, Joseph  46

McMILLAN, Janet 36

McMILLAN, William 17

McMILLAN, Robert 15

McMILLAN, John  3?

McMILLAN, Eleanor  illegible.

PATON, Sarah  27 

PATON, Isabella  24.

GORDON , Elizabeth  22

WILSON, Ellen  23

WILSON, Mary  20

HARNER, Hugh, schoolmaster   45

HARNER, Agnes  44

HARNER, Hugh  22

HARNER, Thomas  14

HARNER, Robert 12

HARNER, Marion 8?.

CAMPBELL, Alexander  15

DIXON, Edward  34

DIXON, Margaret 23

DIXON, Isaac  1?

DIXON, Maria -

DIXON, Mary -

DIXON, Helen -

DIXON, James  infant







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