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1841 1851 1861 Census Maybole

Some extracts [ mainly LOGAN ] Many thanks to Brian Logan for transcribing these

[1851]  [1861]


Address, Given Surname, Age, Occupation, Place of Birth

Note CHLW is Cotton Hand Loom Weaver.

Quarry Hill

William Cadden 60 CHLW Ireland
Jane Cadden 42 CHLW Ireland
Margaret Cadden 19 CHLW Ayrshire
Robert Cadden 16 CHLW Ayrshire
William Cadden 13 CHLW Ayrshire
John Cadden 11 Ayrshire
Samuel Cadden 8 Ayrshire

Quarry Glen

James Logan 50 CHLW Ireland
Isabella Kelly 25 CHLW Ireland
Mary Logan 20 CHLW Ireland
Hannah Logan 14 CHLW Ireland
Isaac Logan 10 Ayrshire
John Kelly 6 Ayrshire
John Corbett 2 Ayrshire
Janet Kelly 55 Ireland

Back Vennel

William Boyd 50 CHLW Ireland
Isabella Logan 85 Ind Ayrshire
Jane Kelly 15 F.S. Ayrshire
James Boyd 20 CHLW Ayrshire
Jane Boyd 20 CHLW Ayrshire
Jane Boyd 2 Ayrshire


Henry Logan 30 Dyer Ayrshire
Jannet Logan 30 Ayrshire
John Logan 7 Ayrshire
Jannet Logan 6 Ayrshire
Thomas Logan 4 Ayrshire
Agnes Logan 1 Ayrshire
John Robertson 60 Gardner N
Jannet Robertson 60 Ayrshire

Weavers Vennel

Francis Logan 25 CHLW Ireland
Mary Logan 25 Ireland
Agnes Logan 10 Ayrshire
Robert Logan 7 Ayrshire
Andrew Logan 5 Ayrshire
John Logan 2 Ayrshire
William Logan 1 Ayrshire

Welltrees St

John Logan 25 CHLW Ayrshire
Margaret Logan 30 Wife Ayrshire
William Logan 7 Ayrshire
Margaret Logan 1 Ayrshire

Welltrees Sq

Henry Logan 30 CHLW Ireland
Elizabeth Logan 25 Wife Ireland
Rebecca Logan 5 Ayrshire
Elizabeth Logan 2 Ayrshire
William Logan 1 Ayrshire

Mason Row

Elizabeth Logan 70 Ireland


John Kilpatrick 60 Pauper Ireland

Bullock L..ans

William Logan 55 CHLW Ireland
Catherine Logan 40 Ireland
Matthew Logan 14 Ayrshire
Archibald Logan 4 Ayrshire


Hannah Logan 4 Y
(With Edward and Mary Toll, both born Ireland)


Agnes Logan 45 Ind Ayrshire
Elizabeth Logan 10 Ayrshire

Trees ?

John Logan 35 Ag Lab Ayrshire

Kirkland Hill

Charles Logan 75 Ag Lab Ayrshire
Agnes Logan 35 Ayrshire
Robert Logan 40 Ag Lab Ayrshire
Ann Logan 38 Ayrshire
James Logan 12 Ayrshire
Sarah Logan 10 Ayrshire
William Logan 8 Ayrshire
Robert Logan 6 Ayrshire
Margaret Logan 4 Ayrshire
John Logan 1 Ayrshire


John Logan 45 Farmer Ireland
Agnes Logan 50 Ayrshire
William Logan 13 Ayrshire
John McFedries 5 Ayrshire
Margaret Creely 15 F. S. Ayrshire
John McAlister 55 Trav Merchant Ireland


Jean Logan 16 Y
(With John and Marion Craig)

Largs Farm

David Logan 35 Farmer Ayrshire
Agnes Logan 65
Sarah Logan 15

Newark Mains Stable

Francis Logan 15 Ayrshire
(With James and Janet Niell)

From Summary
946 Houses, 1341 Families
3431 Males, 3586 Females, 7071 Total


Address Given Name Surname Rel'ship Status Age Occupation Place of Birth


John Logan H M 39 Farmer (114 Acres) Maybole
Ann Logan W M 25 Kilis...aig
Agnes Logan 3 Maybole
Ann Logan 2 Maybole
James Andrew F in L M 68 Ag. Foreman Dundonald
Ann Andrew M in L M 68 Empl. in house
Helen Andrew S in L M 27 Housemaid


Margaret Logan Serv. 10 Household servant Maybole

.... Farm House

John Logan Serv. Un 58 Farm Lab (Deaf & Dumb) Maybole
(With Eaglesham Family)

Ladyland St

John McIlpatrick Head Marr 52 Lab. Drainer Ireland
Helen McIlpatrick Wife Marr 49 Cotton Winder Ireland
James McIlpatrick Son Unm 21 Lab. Drainer Ireland
Jane McIlpatrick Dau Unm 18 Server Ireland
Maryann McIlpatrick D 16 Cotton HLW Ireland
Hugh McIlpatrick S 14 Cotton HLW Ireland
Sarah McIlpatrick D 11 Cotton Winder Ireland
William John McIlpatrick S 9 Scholar Ireland
John Logan Lodger Unm 19 Lab. Drainer Ireland
William McAllister Lodger Unm 21 Lab. Drainer Ireland
John Stenson Lodger Unm 22 Lab. Drainer Ireland


John Logan H M 58 Farmer (75 Acres) Ireland
Agnes Logan W M 66


Robert Logan H M 50 Coachman & Ploughman Kirkmichael
Ann Logan W M 48 Kirkoswald
Jane Logan D Un 21 Dressmaker Maybole
Sarah Logan D 19 House Serv. Maybole
Robert Logan S 18 Grocer App. Maybole
Margaret Logan D 15 Scholar Maybole
John Logan S 13 Scholar Maybole
Ann Logan D 10 Scholar Maybole

71 Main St

Suzanne Logan Serv. Un 17 Gen. Serv. Straiton
(With John & Jane Gray)


84 Main St

Janet Logan Serv. Un 15 House Serv. Kirkmichael
(With Gilbert & Margaret Gray)


Weavers Vennel

Peter Logan Lodger 18 Cotton HLW Kirkmichael
(With John Gemmell)

? St

Andrew Logan Lodger 27 Cotton HLW Maybole
(With James & Elizabeth Bell)

Ballany ?

Mary Logan Head Un 38 Muslin Ornamenter Colmo....
William Mach S 7 Ballant....
Janet Develin D 2 Maybole

Bog? or Brae?

James Logan H M 62 Cotton HLW Ireland
Hannah Logan D Un 23 Cotton HLW Ireland
John Kelly G'son 13 Cotton HLW Maybole
John Corbett G'son 10 Cotton HLW Maybole

Bog? or Brae?

Margaret Logan H Widow 41 Pauper, Cotton HLW Saltcoats
William Logan S 15 Scholar Maybole
Matthew Logan S 8 Scholar Maybole
Andrew Logan S 5 Scholar Maybole
Janet Logan D 3 Scholar Maybole

Foot of Churchyard

Elizabeth Kilpatrick Lodger Un 23 Muslin Ornamenter Irvine


Agnes Logan Lodger Un 20 Cotton HLW Stranraer
(With Matthew & Sarah Collins)


Henry Logan H M 45 Dyer Kirkmichael
Janet Logan W M 46 Glasgow
John Logan S 18 Shoemaker Girvan
Thomas Logan S 13 Maybole
Agnes Logan D 10 Maybole
Margaret Logan D 8 Maybole
Robert Logan S 5 Maybole
Janet Robertson M in L 73 Maybole


Address Given Name Surname Rel'ship Status Age Occupation Place of Birth

District 1

93 Main St

W John Logan Lodger Un 28 Shoemaker Girvan
(With James & Jane Lawrie - Shoemaker)

District 3

11 Kirkwynd

Mary A Brisbane H M 30 Muslin Flowerer Maybole
David Brisbane S 3 Maybole
John Brisbane S 1 Maybole

39 Kirkport

Thomas Logan H M 24 Woolen Dyer Maybole
Jane Logan W 26 Maybole
Henry Logan S 3
John Logan S 2

54 Kirkport

Henry Logan H M 54 Woolen Dyer Kirkmichael
Jennet Logan W 55 Glasgow
Robert Logan S 14 Scholar Maybole
Hugh Logan S 9 Maybole
Jennet Robertson M in L 83 Maybole

District 4

88 Coral Glen

John Logan H M 29 Railway Lab. Ireland
Jane Logan W 33 Ireland
Helen Logan D 7 Maybole
Andrew Logan S 5 Maybole
John Logan S 1 Maybole

93 Coral Glen

John Cadden H M 30 Cotton Weaver Girvan
Margaret Cadden W 27 Maybole
Jane Cadden 8 Maybole
Margaret Cadden 5 Maybole
Ann Cadden 1 Maybole

120 Quarry Hill

Robert Cadden H M 37 Cotton Weaver Maybole
Ruth Cadden W 36 Ireland
William Cadden 10 Scholar Maybole
Robert Cadden 4 Maybole
James Cadden 16 days Maybole
James Logan F in L 75 Cotton Weaver Ireland

District 6

1 Welltrees

St John Kilpatrick H M 60 Ag. Lab. Ireland
Helen Kilpatrick W 58 Ireland
William J Kilpatrick 19 Ireland
James Logan G Son 9 Visitor Maybole

92 Mason Row

Margaret Logan H Widow 58 Cotton Winder Saltcoats
Matthew Logan S 18 Shoemaker Maybole
Andrew Logan S 16 App. Shoemaker Maybole
Janet Logan D 14

District 9

6 Deansmill

Mary Logan H Un 48 Ag. Lab. Colmonel
Jessie Logan D 12 Maybole
Matthew Logan S 8 Maybole

28 Burnerooks Lower

John Logan H M 67 Farmer - 57 Acres Ireland
Agnes Logan W 73 Colmonel
Alexander McFedries G Son 14 Scholar Maybole
William Logan H M 33 Ploughman Maybole
Agnes Logan W 36 Creetown
James Logan 8 Scholar Canada
John Logan 6 Canada

District 14

22 Kirklandhill

James Brisbane H M 64 Farmer - 101 Acres Berth
Ann Brisbane W 66
Thomas Brisbane S Un 27 Lochwinnoch

District 16

72 Largs

John Logan H M 50 Farmer - 96 Acres Maybole
Annie Logan W 36 Dundonald
Agness Logan D 14 Scholar Maybole
Annie Logan D 12 Scholar Maybole
John Logan D 8
James Andrew F in L Symington

District 17

62 Auchendrane Cottage

Margaret Logan H Widow 55 Weeder Coylton



Coylton - 5 miles ESE Ayr, 10 miles NE Maybole
Dundonald & Symington - 10 miles N Ayr
Lochwinnoch - 25 miles N Ayr, 10 miles E Largs
Colmonel - 10 miles S Girvan
Girvan - 10 miles SW Maybole
Saltcoats - 28 miles N Maybole
Creetown - On S coast @ Wigtown, 35 miles sse Girvan








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