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Saltcoats Historical Timeline

The town is partly in the Parish of Stevenston and partly in the Parish of Ardrossan.


1660 Saltcoats had only about 4 houses.
1686 Harbour constructed. Today's harbour may incorporate masonry from the pierhead constructed by Robert Cunninghame.
1744 Ardrossan Parish Church relocated here from Stanley Clachan in Ardrossan. It remained as the Ardrossan Parish Church until 1908. It is now the North Ayrshire Museum.
1775 - 1790 64 vessels from 20 - 220 tons, average 110 tons were built at the Saltcoats Shipyards.

Rope Works, Salt Works and Brewery.


1788 Distillery built and operating.


1793 Saltcoats had approx 400 houses. There were 3 Shipbuilding Yards in operation.

Unprecedented growth and prosperity enjoyed by the people of Saltcoats. Upwards of 40 boats belong to the port, some are fishing vessels but most are employed in the coal trade with Ireland. Betsy Miller (1792-1864) is the best known of Saltcoats' sea captains.


1805 Custom House built on the pier. (still there today)


1810-1820 Hamilton Street built.
1820 Saltcoats had over 600 houses, and a population of 3413. 1950 in Ardrossan Parish and 1463 in Stevenston Parish. At least 3000 of which were tenants of Lord Eglinton.

Now only Ship repairs carried out at the shipyards, employing approx 20 people.

Harbour had 2 permanent fishing boats with another 15 - 20 at herring time.

1825 Town Hall in Countess Street built


1843 Free Church built.
1856 St Mary's Catholic Church built.


1863 Congregational Church built.
1876 Argyle Primary School built. Stunning red sandstone in a flamboyant French Gothic Manner. (Building still exists as a school)


1888 Mission Coast Home built.


1894 The Railway Station built.
1900 Windy Ha'  pub built.
1907 St Cuthbert's South Beach Church built
1914 Harbour reconstructed.
1988 Harbour reconstructed.







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