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Robert Brown's Collection of Old Saltcoats Photographs

This is a few of many photographs taken by Andrew Brown, his son Robert (R.V. Brown) and his son also Robert. Andrew Brown set up a studio in Hamilton Street just before 1900 which was sold in 1912 to make way for the LaScala Cinema. Robert opened the studios in Manse Street in 1920 after returning from the first world war where he served in the Royal Flying Corps as a photographer. He traded as R.V. Brown. 

The panoramic photograph above measures 12" by 3 1/4" and was taken on a No.4 Panoram Kodak Camera produced in 1899. The camera covered the exceptionally wide angle of 142 degrees.


Saltcoats Gasworks was situated in Union Street. The coal used was delivered by rail to a siding in Manse Street then taken over the brae by horse and cart to the gasworks.


This German Airship was photographed over the Erskine Church in the 1930s. Before flying over Saltcoats it had circled above Ardeer Factory possibly taking photographs.

Model Yacht Pond

Saltcoats had a model yacht club with very enthusiastic members. The Big Pond was used by the club and the yachts were stored in a room at the old Beach Pavilion.


Saltcoats 1st Fire Brigade. Taken before the first world war.  

Trips round the bay with a difference. This aircraft was used to take people on a short flight round the area before WWII.

The Skating Rink

Photograph taken after it's opening in 1910. It was used for roller skating. It was later sold and became Pringles Garage.



The Outdoor Tidal Seawater Swimming Pool

The opening ceremony



Empire Day

at the Public School

1908 or 1909

Saluting the Flag

A busy day on the beach in the 1940s. The entertainers, the Westfield Hotel and the Old Bathing Station can also be seen.   Charabancs waiting outside the   LaScala Cinema in Hamilton Street


Ardrossan Accies


Raise Street


Weaver's houses on left







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